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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home-Chapter 114 Suicidal (Part2)

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Chapter 114 Suicidal

Thank God the bastard didn’t lock the door, Li Yundong thought as he slowly opened the door of President Cao’s office. Once there was a large enough gap, he poked his head into the office.

Xiao Zhang—Miss Ponytail—was accurate in her description. The sofa set and the coffee table were the first thing he saw. Wang Yong and the two presidents were nowhere to be seen, which meant they must both be at the long end of the L-shape. Probably somewhere at President Cao’s desk…

Li Yundong turned back around to face the girls. “Okay… Remember the plan?”

The girls gave him grim nods.

“Whatever you do, do not touch the red button. And make sure you spread out to cover more area. That will increase the chances of one of you grabbing it.”

The girls nodded again.

Satisfied, Li Yundong opened the door wider and went into the office first. The girls went in one by one after him. The floor inside the office was carpeted, so he didn’t have to worry about the clicking of the girls’ heels. President Cao probably preferred a quiet environment. Li Yundong walked in front and stopped at the bend of the L-shape. Peeking out from the corner, he saw Wang Yong standing in front of a huge executive desk, on top of which lay a black duffel bag. The bag was filled with cash and Wang Yong was counting the cash with his left hand. His right hand hung at his side with the detonator tightly clutched in it. True to her promise, President Yin stood on Wang Yong’s right side. Where’s President Cao…? President Cao was sitting behind the desk, so she was partially blocked from view by Wang Yong’s body.

Li Yundong clutched the stapler tighter and turned back around. Xiao Zhang and the other six girls were all looking at him expectantly, waiting for his instructions.

Li Yundong waved them over, then pointed at sofa set. “Three of you hide behind the long sofa,” Li Yundong whispered. “The rest of you be on standby.”

The girls nodded.

Li Yundong peeked around the wall again to make sure that Wang Yong’s back was still to them. Then, he turned back around to give the girls the go-ahead. Xiao Zhang and two other girls sneaked out and hid behind the long sofa. “You guys are the backup, got it?” Li Yundong whispered to the rest of the girls. “Just grab the damn thing if it’s close to you.”

Li Yundong stepped quietly around the corner and slinked over towards the cabinet lining one side of the office. The cabinet should provide him enough cover if Wang Yong suddenly turned around to look over his shoulder. President Yin had already spotted him, but she didn’t do anything to give his presence away. From the cabinet, Li Yundong glanced towards the sofa and saw no signs of the girls, which meant that they were all well-concealed. Li Yundong peeked out from the edge of the cabinet and dropped into a crouch. He tested the weight of the stapler in his palm, and then mobilized his Qi to his right arm.

Li Yundong activated his telescopic vision and zoomed in on the back of Wang Yong’s right elbow. The ulnar nerve. Hitting that spot would cause Wang Yong to loosen his grip for sure, but the problem was that it was a difficult target to hit. Should he go for a simpler target such as the head, or the back? Or should he trust Su Chan’s claim that the Renyuan Jindan had enhanced his hand-eye coordination and reflexes? In the end, he decided to stick with the original plan to go for the ulnar nerve. Calmness washed over Li Yundong. You can do this…

He activated Xianjue and predicted 5 seconds into the future just to make sure that Wang Yong didn’t make any unexpected movements. A second later, Li Yundong cocked his hand back and hurled the stapler at Wang Yong.

There was a loud yelp.

The detonator dropped to the floor. President Yin reacted instantly and kicked the detonator, causing it to roll towards the sofa set. All seven girls ran out from their hiding places and scrambled for the detonator. Wang Yong ran after the detonator too, but he was too late. One of the girls had gotten to it first.

“No!!!!” Wang Yong lunged for the girl with the detonator, but Li Yundong was quicker; he pounced and grabbed Wang Yong by the throat with one hand. “Secure the detonator!” Li Yundong yelled as he dragged Wang Yong towards the balcony.

Li Yundong crossed the balcony’s threshold and headed for the railing. The railing trembled when Li Yundong slammed Wang Yong’s back against it.

“Don’t move!!” Li Yundong growled. Then, he began to rip the vest off Wang Yong’s body, taking extra care not to touch any of the explosives attached to it. Seconds later, the vest was off. Li Yundong shoved Wang Yong aside and stepped towards the railing. He had to dispose of the vest just to be safe. Leaning against the railing, Li Yundong scanned the ground floor desperately. Where… where… where…

He spotted the company’s swimming pool on the ground floor. The swimming pool was unoccupied, which made sense since it was still office hours. Without further ado, he flung the vest downwards and watched it fall until he heard a loud splash. The vest floated on the pool’s surface.

Li Yundong turned away from the railing and glared at Wang Yong, who looked completely crushed. “Stay there…” Li Yundong pointed a finger at him. “I’ll deal with you later.”

Li Yundong walked back into the office. “Where’s the detonator?”

One girl raised her hand. Li Yundong nodded, then turned towards President Yin. “I’ve dropped the bomb into the swimming pool downstairs. The pool is unoccupied and the water might soften the blast if the bomb goes off.”

President Yin sighed in relief, then nodded. “Good work.”

Suddenly, there was a commotion at the door. Seconds later, Shen Hui and several uniformed security guards appeared inside the office.

“Oh my God, couz!” Shen Hui’s shrill voice rang out. “What happened?”

President Yin waved her off. “It’s all over now.” President Yin shot Li Yundong a glance. Was there a hint of awe in her eyes? Before Li Yundong could read any further into it, he was interrupted by a series of gasps and shrieks.

“Oh my God! What is he doing!” Xiao Zhang shouted, pointing towards the balcony.

Li Yundong whipped his head around. “Son of a bitch!” he yelled, his legs already moving.

Wang Yong was now sitting astride the railing, looking down towards the ground floor. Li Yundong charged towards the balcony. But by the time Li Yundong cleared the balcony’s threshold, Wang Yong’s body was slowly tipping over the railing. Knowing that he only had a split second to act, Li Yundong did the first thing that came to mind.

He leaped.

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