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Returning From the Fire Chapters 6-10

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Chapter 6 Xu Rui’er’s Difficult

There was a moment of gloom in Gu Yusheng’s eyes, but he still let go of her and turned to look at Xu Rui’er, who was rushing over.

Xu Rui’er did not say anything. She raised her hand and was about to slap Gu Yusheng. Though she was already prepared, she was still a step behind Gu Yusheng.

Gu Yusheng held Xu Rui’er’s hand and smiled. He seemed to be drunk and sober. “What are you doing?”

His tone was light, but Xu Rui’er and Qu Yanyan could feel the danger inside.

Xu Rui’er was obviously shocked by the scene just now. Seeing that he was still helping Qu Yanyan, she shouted angrily with red eyes, “It should be me who asked you why! Your fiancee is me. You are holding another woman in such a hidden place. Why are you asking me?”

Her voice attracted the attention of passers-by. After a while, the door of the bathroom was full of people. Especially when some people saw that the heroine was Qu Yanyan, they immediately picked up their phones and began to shoot.

Gu Yusheng was very unhappy with Xu Rui’er’s behavior, but he still patiently explained, “Just now, because of her high heels, I slipped. I happened to pass by. As a gentleman, shouldn’t I help you?”

Qu Yanyan glanced at his side face and thought that he was really good at lying.

However, after hiding it from her for more than ten years, she did not find such a deep hatred for the Qu family. It could be seen how shrewd this person was.

Xu Rui’er didn’t believe Gu Yusheng’s words at all. She struggled to get rid of his grip. She grabbed Qu Yanyan’s hand and said in a resentful tone, “Is she the woman of Zong Zhengyu? I’ll let him see how you hook up with my fiance today! Come out with me!”

Pulling Qu Yanyan out of the bathroom, Xu Rui’er came to the center of the banquet. After looking around, she shouted, “Emperor Yu! Come out and see your woman. She seduced my fiance in the bathroom and hugged him! You are on the prairie!”

Everyone looked over and even gathered around.

Qu Yanyan pursed her lips and did not speak. Facing the discussion of the crowd, she also looked calm.

For some unknown reason, she was not too flustered about these matters after following Zong Zhengyu.

Some people felt at ease when they were born.

Gu Yusheng quickly caught up with her and pulled Xu Rui’er away. He suppressed his anger and said calmly, “How long do you want to last?”

Xu Rui’er looked at him with red eyes and said in a tearful voice, “You just can’t forget whether she is dead or not? But she is dead…”

“Shut up!” Gu Yusheng cut her off immediately. Anger had already formed on his face.

The commotion here was so loud that even Zong Jue, who was resting upstairs, could hear the gossip.

He came down from the second floor leisurely. As soon as he appeared at the banquet scene, many people consciously made way for him.

Xu Rui’er saw him and immediately said sarcastically, “Your woman seduced my fiance. Look at how green you are!”

Imperial Concubine Yu looked at Qu Yanyan, who looked calm.

With a scornful smile, Zong Zhengyu came to Qu Yanyan’s side and glanced at Xu Rui’er. “I’m afraid it’s you above the pasture. According to the facts, it’s more practical for Gu Yusheng to fall in love with you.”

Xu Rui’er was so excited that her face turned red. For a moment, she didn’t know how to refute.

Gu Yusheng’s face was extremely ugly, but he didn’t dare to go against the Imperial Clan.

Zong Zhengyu didn’t like to argue with women because of his upbringing. But if the other party was a man, he wouldn’t be so generous.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and took her into his arms. He pretended to be gentle and said, “We’re full. Let’s go back.”

Qu Yanyan nodded and hugged his arm. She said in a soft voice, “Have you slept well?”

“Not bad. But you, what did you gain tonight?” Imperial Concubine Yu squinted at her and asked in a serious tone like a leader.

“Not bad, thank you.” Qu Yanyan looked up at him with curved eyebrows.

Because of the wine, her face was already red. Now she looked so sincere, which made the imperial court officials happy.

“You should know that I don’t like words of thanks.” Raising his eyebrows, he said in a relaxed tone.

Qu Yanyan curled her lips and couldn’t help complaining. She really wanted to take advantage of him all the time.

At the moment when they were whispering to each other, Xia Nuo caught up with them. Then she stood in front of Zong Zhengyu and said with a generous face, “Mr. Zong Zheng, I’m Xia Nuo, and I’m a friend of Yanyan.”

Qu Yanyan thought to herself that this Xia Nuo was indeed trying to build a good relationship with the Imperial Clan.

“Is that so?” Zong Zheng was uninterested.

Logically speaking, Xia Nuo was doing a lot of work. She had a standard oval face and big eyes.

In a TV series she performed last time, her beauty had been spread abroad, and her friends abroad praised her for her gorgeous appearance.

The attitude of Zong Zhengyu made Xia Nuo a little frustrated, but she still didn’t give up. She continued, “We are talking about a movie here. I don’t know if Mr. Zong Zheng is interested in it. The movie is the work of an expert online. It’s very interesting.”

“Not interested.” Without thinking, Zong Zhengyu rejected her invitation.

Xia Nuo looked at Qu Yanyan, obviously asking her to persuade her.

Qu Yanyan pursed her lips. Remembering that she would need Xia Nuo’s help in the future, she was about to persuade her when she heard Zong Zhengyu continue, “I’m tired. I want to go back… to sleep.”

The last three words were deliberately ambiguous. He glanced at Xia Nuo intentionally or unintentionally.

Xia Nuo seemed to have understood and gave an awkward smile. She swept her gaze over Qu Yanyan. There was a lot of information in her eyes, but it turned into a smile in the end. “Then I look forward to our next chance to cooperate.”

Zong Zhengyu nodded slightly and was too lazy to say anything.

Holding Qu Yanyan in his arms, he couldn’t help mocking her. “Do you know what that woman wants to do?”

Qu Yanyan thought, “Didn’t I just want to talk to you?” But of course, she didn’t dare to answer him like that.

“I don’t know. I think she’s fine.” Pretending to be innocent, Qu Yanyan smiled.

The veins on Zong Zhengyu’s forehead twitched. He stopped and pulled Qu Yanyan to face him. He lifted her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

“That woman wants to make fun of you, and you still push me to that woman?” Squinting his eyes, he said in a dangerous tone.

Qu Yanyan was slightly stunned. Was he too immersed in acting?

“Little pet, don’t think so much. You should understand why I am with you. I think I should do more meaningful things while you are still yearning for my young body.” Squinting her eyes, Qu Yanyan smiled cunningly.

Upon hearing that, Zong Zhengyu exerted more force into his hands.

He lifted her chin higher and moved closer to her with a cold face. He said word by word, “Say it again?”

Qu Yanyan felt so painful that her cheeks were numb. She opened her mouth and found that she couldn’t speak properly, so she simply shut up.

“I’ve told you. There are some things that you and I know very well. But if you take them out and tell me, you’re looking for trouble!” His beautiful eyes were full of coldness. After he finished speaking, he loosened his jaw and held her up by the waist.

“Do you think I’m not obedient tonight?” Qu Yanyan stretched her chin, lay in his arms, and asked gently.

“Shut up!” Zong Zhengyu didn’t want to hear her words for the time being.

Chapter 7 He’s the Only One

Qu Yanyan pursed her lips and put her arms around his neck. She said with guilt, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said something you don’t like to hear.”

“I told you to shut up.” The Imperial Clan’s governor lowered his eyes and said coldly.

Qu Yanyan was scared by him and did not dare to speak for a while.

Zong Zhengyu knew that Qu Yanyan came with him for revenge, but he only listened to such words once. If he repeated them again, he would feel that Qu Yanyan was full of scheming, no matter what she said.

At first, he didn’t care about it, but now he hated it.

As soon as they got on the car, Zong Zhengyu pressed her down on the car seat. The driver was very smart and put down the soundproof.

Because of her bad mood, the Imperial Clan’s governor was extremely gentle. Qu Yanyan felt that this was the most uncomfortable time. When she was hurt by him, she cried and begged for mercy. “I won’t make you unhappy… oh…”

Before she could finish her words, Zong Zhengyu pinched her chin and kissed her hard on the lips.

Zong Zhengyu was born to be proud and aloof. He knew that he was being used, but he would hate being used by others.

She hated the feeling of being used.

Qu Yanyan cried so hard that tears welled up in her eyes, but she still held him tightly.

Being tortured all over, she fell asleep in the arms of Zong Zhengyu.

Qu Yanyan, who had fallen into a nightmare, was very sad. Her dream was full of fire. She once again experienced the burning smell all over her body. It was horrible and painful. She woke up from her dream and found that she had entered a house.

The darkness made her even more terrifying. She clutched her body tightly and let out a helpless cry in the darkness.

Suddenly, the light in the room was turned on. Zong Jue, who was lying beside her, opened the quilt and said unhappily, “Are you going to sleep at night?”

When Qu Yanyan heard his voice, she suddenly came to her senses. Yes, she… she was still alive, and she had recovered.

She took a deep breath and said with her forehead covered with cold sweat, “Sleep.”

After that, she realized that her face was full of tears.

Zong Zhengyu squinted at her and found the tears on her face. His sleepiness disappeared in an instant. He sat up and pulled her into his arms.

“I’m here,” he said in a low voice as he patted her back seductively.

Qu Yanyan hugged him tightly. The feeling of having a blind date with her skin made her uneasy.

She took a deep breath and whispered, “I’m sorry, I had a nightmare…”

Zong Zhengyu didn’t say anything. He couldn’t feel it, but… he knew that losing his loved ones was not a good feeling.

When Zong Zhengyu was in the fire, he couldn’t understand how he felt when he knew he would die and how desperate his whole family would be if he survived.

But when she was afraid, he could tell her that she was not alone.

“Qu Yanyan, the person who survived from the fire is called reborn from the fire. Rebirth is a new life. No matter what you do, you must forget your most vulnerable self in order to do what you want.” Holding her in a low voice to comfort him, Zong Zhengyu’s tone was indifferent.

There was no movement from the person in his arms. Imperial Concubine couldn’t help but push her away. However, she didn’t know when she had fallen asleep…

Looking at the soft Qu Yanyan, he smiled dotingly and then lay down with her in his arms.

He pulled the quilt over them and hugged her tightly.

It had to be said that it was really a soft thing to sleep with someone.

Qu Yanyan didn’t sleep well. She kept repeating the dream of a big fire, and the pain in her dream was shown on her face.

The Imperial Clan’s governor had guarded her for more than half of the night before she gradually calmed down.

Zong Zhengyu remembered that Qu Yanyan was only 22 years old this year. She had graduated from college for a year and was much younger than him. In his eyes, she was just a little girl.

The person in his arms held his neck tightly and was deeply doted on by Zong Zhengyu. Suddenly, Qu Yanyan whispered, “Zong Zhengyu… save me…”

When Zong Zhengyu heard this, he suddenly remembered the first time he saw her.

He was the only one in her world.

Early in the morning, when she arrived at the office, Zong Zhengyu threw a stack of documents to her.

“Look at it yourself,” said Zong Zhengyu indifferently. He took off his coat and sat in front of his office. He had to deal with things every day, so he had no time to deal with Qu Yanyan.

Qu Yanyan came to the sofa with a document and sat down. Then she opened it and read it carefully.

It was only after she opened it that she found out that these were the documents registered by the studio and some certificates. There was also a contract below.

Qu Yanyan’s heart immediately sped up. She quickly realized that this was the request she had made to the Imperial Family. She did not expect him to finish it so quickly.

The requirements of the contract were that she must make more than three million yuan a year.

For Zong Zhengyu, three million yuan a year was not enough for him to make a profit. Qu Yanyan couldn’t help but think, wasn’t his request for her too low?

After reading, she looked up at Zong Zhengyu and looked at him with a smile.

Zong Zhengyu noticed that she was looking at him and pretended not to know.

The two men secretly competed. In the end, Zong Zhengyu was defeated.

He raised his head to look at Qu Yanyan, who was shaking with laughter on the sofa. He frowned and said unhappily, “What are you looking at?”

“Look at you,” Qu Yanyan answered with a smile.

“You didn’t look at it when I told you to look at it. You’re dressed well now. What are you looking at?” Zong Zhengyu put his hands on the table with an expensive pen in his beautiful right hand.

“You…” Qu Yanyan blushed at his words.

“Can’t I just put on my clothes and be a reserved and restrained Prince Charming? Why do I have to say those dirty words?”

Imperial Concubine’s lips curled into a smile. In terms of thick skin, Qu Yanyan was still inferior.

“Xu Rui’er has made you unhappy twice. Why didn’t you teach her a lesson?” Qu Yanyan wanted to ask him last night, but he was unhappy last night, so she had no chance to tell him.

“Not everyone is qualified to be taken care of by me. That’s what you should do. I’m not interested,” said Zong Zhengyu as he continued to read the documents.

If it weren’t for Qu Yanyan, Xu Rui’er wouldn’t have met him.

“If I don’t teach you a lesson, it seems that I’m sorry for your cultivation.” She looked down at the document in her hand and said in a casual tone, but unconsciously, her tone became much colder.

“You can’t take care of it. It’s not that I’m sorry for my training. I didn’t teach you anything,” Zong Zhengyu replied, his lips twitching.

Qu Yanyan was stunned for a moment. She looked up at the man who lowered his head and carefully read the documents for a long time. Suddenly, she smiled.

Yes, I’m sorry for my parents’ training.

“I’m so lucky to meet you.” Looking up at the ceiling, Qu Yanyan sighed with emotion.

Every word he said had a certain truth to her.

Zong Zhengyu did not answer her, but his ears were a little hot.

Why did this woman suddenly become so emotional?

The news of the establishment of Yi Sheng’s studio quickly leaked out. Zong Zhengyu gave her a few well-known celebrities to manage, and even gave her a sum of money to talk about film and television and bring those stars out.

Chapter 8 Looking for You

After choosing the script for the whole morning, she felt dizzy.

In the past, she had chosen someone to do it. She could ask someone to do it, but now she had to do it herself.

Seeing that she was sitting on the sofa, holding a few scripts to compare with them for the whole morning without any results, Zong Zhengyu finally couldn’t hold back his anger and said, “Give it to me.”

Upon hearing this, Qu Yanyan immediately turned to look at him and asked in surprise, “Do you choose for me?”

“Give it to me. How did you run a studio in the past?” Zong Zhengyu looked suspicious.

Qu Yanyan scratched her head. In fact, she had just started out, and her father only asked her to practice. She did not really touch these things.

After giving the script to Zong Zhengyu, Qu Yanyan stood on one side with an expectant look.

Zong Zhengyu glanced at her. She pursed her lips but still approached him.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms. He pressed down on Qu Yanyan and sat on his lap. Then, he rubbed her waist while reading the script.

I love her so much.

After watching for a while, Zong Zhengyu threw down the script and raised his hand to press his forehead.

“Where did you find the script?” Qu Yanyan, who was sitting in his arms, asked with a headache. His tone was indifferent.

“I got it from your company.” Qu Yanyan said. The director had mentioned a few good scripts.

Zong Zhengyu was a little shocked. How could his company shoot such a bad movie?

He had not been in charge of the company’s filming for several years… As long as he could make money.

“Now it’s a popular novel, but because of the investigation problem, you can choose to shoot a conscience drama. The money I give you is enough for you to sign a good book and get the right to film and television, right?” Zong Zhengyu thought for a moment and gave her advice seriously.

Qu Yanyan blinked and found that his suggestion was really good.

“Then I’ll go!” As she spoke, she was about to slip away from Zong Zhengyu’s embrace. However, before she could do anything, she was caught even tighter by him.

“Where’s the reward?” Looking up at her, Zong Zhengyu asked proudly.

Qu Yanyan licked her lips and then hooked her arms around his neck. She lowered her head and kissed his lips.

She clumsily bit his lips and kissed them seriously.

Zong Zheng enjoyed it and responded gently.

The kiss was a little out of breath, so Qu Yanyan let go of him and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Go ahead.” Zong Zhengyu was in a good mood and his tone softened.

Qu Yanyan jumped down from his body and slipped out.

For the sake of the script, Qu Yanyan had been busy for many days and finally made an appointment with a great author.

After lunch, Qu Yanyan told Zong Zhengyu that she wanted to see the author in the afternoon, so she was ready to go out.

As soon as she opened the door of the office, she almost bumped into Gu Yusheng’s arms.

After taking a few steps back, she pretended to be surprised and said, “Mr. Gu.”

Gu Yusheng, who was still standing at the door and knocking, nodded and said with a bright smile, “I want to talk to you about something. Do you have time?”

Upon hearing his words, Zong Zhengyu, who was reading a document in the office, immediately said in a displeased tone, “I don’t have time!”

Qu Yanyan looked at Gu Yusheng apologetically and said, “Sorry, I have other things to do. Next time.”

“I don’t have time next time!” Zong Zhengyu continued, his tone full of dissatisfaction.

Gu Yusheng was unhappy, but he still smiled gracefully and said, “I want to talk to you about the property of the Qu family. Your family left in a hurry, and the property under your name has not been dealt with yet.”

Hearing this, Qu Yanyan was a little surprised.

He actually took the initiative to talk to him about it. After their family was on fire, the Qu Enterprise Entertainment Company was bought, and the money was divided into several shareholders. Of course, all the resources accumulated by the Qu Group had fallen into the hands of Gu Yusheng, who had a share of the profit.

Zong Zhengyu stopped what he was doing, got up, and sat down on the sofa. His beautiful eyes were full of coldness as he looked at Gu Yusheng, who was standing by the door.

Gu Yusheng walked past Qu Yanyan and looked at him with a faint smile. “Mr. Zongzheng, may I ask if I can come in?”

Zong Zhengyu didn’t say anything, but looked at Gu Yusheng coldly.

He was waiting for Qu Yanyan’s answer.

However, the reason why Gu Yusheng had come this time must be that he had a purpose.

Zong Zhengyu guessed that Gu Yusheng must have suspected that Qu Yanyan was not Qu Yisheng.

After a moment of silence, Qu Yanyan said, “I have nothing to do with the Qu family. Although my surname is Qu, they didn’t treat me as their daughter. I’m not interested in this property.”

Gu Yusheng looked into her eyes with a puzzled look on his face. “But I think you have a good relationship with your sister. I think she also hopes that you can take this.”

Hearing that, Zong Zhengyu sneered.

Gu Yusheng was a little angry, but he still waited patiently for Qu Yanyan’s answer.

“My sister treats me well, but she loves you more. So, I believe that she will choose you to take this. I know your background. I think you need this more than me.” Looking up at Gu Yusheng, Qu Yanyan’s tone was gentle.

Gu Yusheng’s hands, which were placed by his side, suddenly tightened a little.

The look of disdain in the Imperial Clan’s eyes could not be more obvious.

“I hope you can consider it. Since you are busy, I will go back first.” He was still gentle. After saying that, he turned around and left.

Qu Yanyan looked at his clenched hands, and her eyes were full of coldness.

Seeing her standing at the door without moving for a while, Zong Zhengyu took the lead to say, “You have to watch out for this person. If he suspects you, he will try his best to prove his guess. Once it is confirmed, he will attack you again to save his life.”

Upon hearing this, Qu Yanyan turned to look at him and said with a smile, “You will protect me.”

Her words were firm and full of trust.

Zong Zhengyu leaned against the sofa and stared at her with his beautiful eyes for a long while before he smiled and said, “Yes.”

“Then I’ll go back to my work.” After that, she raised her hand and threw him a flying kiss, which was extremely charming.

Zong Zhengyu stuck out his tongue and licked his lips gently. He smiled and said, “I won’t spare you tonight.”

Qu Yanyan came to the elevator with her bag. When the elevator door was closed, her smile slowly disappeared.

Zong Zhengyu didn’t know much about Gu Yusheng, but she knew him well.

Gu Yusheng’s parents both had an accident because of the company’s disputes, leaving him alone.

When Qu Yanyan’s father heard the news and saw how pitiful Gu Yusheng was, he adopted him.

That incident had caused Gu Yusheng to close himself for a long time. However, because of Qu Yanyan, he slowly returned to normal.

Qu Yanyan could not understand why Gu Yusheng had treated them like this. Or perhaps, the matter regarding Gu Yusheng’s parents had something to do with their family?

Leaning against the elevator, Qu Yanyan took a deep breath.

If that was the case, Gu Yusheng should have guessed that she was Qu Yanyan the first time he saw her. He was getting closer and closer to her now, but he was constantly testing her.

Chapter 9 You Are Not Qu Yisheng

As Zong Zhengyu said, once he had evidence, he would definitely kill her.

But now that she mentioned Gu Yusheng’s family background, Gu Yusheng would not let her off so easily.

The corners of Qu Yanyan’s mouth curled into a smile. She thought, “It’s better to deal with me. Otherwise, how can I find evidence to prove that he is a murderer?”

Qu Yanyan thought that she had gone to the most luxurious cafe in the city, but she was a little nervous when she saw a person sitting at the reserved table.

The man had his back to her in a white casual suit. He looked a little handsome.

However, according to Qu Yanyan’s previous experience, most of the figures were relatively handsome, and most of them were not very good-looking.

Moreover, she thought that writing was so boring every day, and she was urged to make it worse every day. Moreover, it was reversed day and night, and only a few artists had human forms.

With this in mind, she walked to the opposite side and was about to sit down when she was shocked by the handsome man with gold threads in front of her.

Sure enough, I can’t analyze it blindly…

“Qu Yisheng?” The man holding the coffee asked directly when he saw her.

Qu Yanyan nodded and then reached out to him. “Hello, Master You.”

You Si, a god-like player, was very popular on the Internet. He was a frequent visitor on the list. The news on the Internet said that his annual income was more than 50 million.

Yousi held her hand. Her white and slender hands were warm, and her fingers were clean. She looked particularly comfortable.

After she was released, Qu Yanyan sat down and quietly looked at the handsome man who was drinking coffee.

His facial features were tough, and his facial lines were like carvings, but he had the temperament of a scholar.

“Well, did you read the contract I sent you?” After looking at it, Qu Yanyan asked Yousi in a gentle tone.

Hearing this, You Si lowered his eyes and slowly sipped his coffee. He nodded slightly and said in a cold tone, “I have never heard of your studio.”

When Qu Yanyan heard his words, she couldn’t help but think in her heart that he was indeed a home man who wrote books, although his appearance, dressing, and temperament were not the standard of a home man.

“My studio is newly established, but it’s related to Zong Zhengyu’s company. So I hope you can sell me the rights of the novel’s film and television,” Qu Yanyan replied honestly.

Yousi fell silent and slowly drank his coffee. He seemed to be considering or in a daze.

It wasn’t until he finished drinking the coffee that he looked up at Qu Yanyan.

During this period, Qu Yanyan did not speak but waited quietly.

“I’ll go to your company with the contract tomorrow.” After saying this in a calm and indifferent tone, he stood up.

Qu Yanyan was a little surprised. “Do I have to think about it like this?”

In fact, the money Qu Yanyan gave him was not very high, but he promised that he would definitely record the play to his best extent. During this period, he could go to the scene to guide him.

No one understood the characters’ feelings in the book better than the author.

“I’ll treat you to coffee. Thank you, Master You.” Then she stood up and said in an excited voice.

He didn’t expect that his first business deal would be done!

Yousi glanced at her and then said with a cold face, “The bill has been paid.”

Upon hearing this, Qu Yanyan immediately scratched her cheeks in embarrassment. “Then next time you come to my studio, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Yousi nodded. He didn’t linger for long before leaving.

Returning to Zong Zhengyu’s company, Qu Yanyan checked Yousi’s identity and background and found that he was not an ordinary home man.

Yousi was born in a literary family, and his parents were all capable. His father, in particular, had produced a lot of literary works. Unfortunately, he gave birth to a son who betrayed his country and wrote online novels…

Seeing this, Qu Yanyan couldn’t help laughing.

Sitting not far away, looking at her, Zong Zhengyu couldn’t help but grin when he saw her staring at the computer. “Why are you smiling so foolishly?”

Upon hearing that, Qu Yanyan turned to look at Zong Zhengyu and said with a smile, “I met someone who looked like you.”

Hearing this, Zong Zhengyu frowned and said unhappily, “No one will be like me. Do you remember?”

Qu Yanyan thought, “This man is really arrogant. He can’t say a word.”

Yousi came to the company the next day. He was received by Qu Yanyan.

As soon as he came in, the Imperial Clan’s governor glanced at him and snorted scornfully. He lowered his head and continued to do his own things.

When Yousi heard the soft snort of Zong Zhengyu, he ignored him and turned to look at Qu Yanyan, who was making tea enthusiastically.

Standing at the door, he looked at Qu Yanyan for a long time and said, “You are not Qu Yisheng.”

Qu Yanyan, who was washing tea leaves, paused and looked at Yousi at the same time as Zong Zhengyu.

Yousi was still wearing gold-rimmed glasses, but his calm eyes were full of penetrating power that could see through people’s hearts. He stared straight at Qu Yanyan.

“Are you here to sign the contract or to investigate other people’s background?” Zong Zhengyu stood up, narrowed his eyes, and said in a dangerous voice.

“Of course I’m here to sign the contract. But just in case, I need to know the real identity of the person who signed the contract with me.” Yousi looked at Zong Zhengyu without showing any weakness, and his tone was still cold.

“Master You seems to misunderstand me.” Putting down the tea leaves, Qu Yanyan asked Yousi with a smile.

“I don’t know if you misunderstand me, but if you want to sign my book, you must write your real name on the contract.” Yousi raised his hand and pushed his gold-rimmed glasses, staring straight at Qu Yanyan’s face.

Yousi wrote books about psychological crimes, and some experts in this field once commented on his books. Some of the plots about psychology in his books were very well- managed, and even once suspected that he was written by a professional.

Qu Yanyan didn’t know why he suspected her, but if he was professional in this field, he might be seen through if he lied.

But if she didn’t lie… the contract she signed today would become a hindrance to revenge.

It was not that Zong Zhengyu didn’t notice her hesitation. She wanted to get the right to film and television in Yousi novel, but she didn’t want to expose her identity.

Even though Gu Yusheng was suspicious of her now, without any evidence, she and Gu Yusheng could always maintain the surface. Some things would be done more smoothly. But once this appearance was exposed, Gu Yusheng would be 100% on his guard against her. In that case, it would be too difficult for her to take revenge.

After a moment of silence, Qu Yanyan suddenly smiled and said, “I am Qu Yisheng. If you don’t believe me, then I won’t sign the contract.”

Yousi was a little surprised. Through the gold-rimmed glasses, he looked at the Qu Yanyan with his deep eyes, but he pursed his lips and said nothing.

Seeing that he was more disappointed than her, Qu Yanyan smiled and said, “Although I don’t know why you said that, you still don’t trust me. In this case, there is no need to cooperate.”

She would always find the second good book, but if she signed it, it would be hard to accept it.

“You don’t know? Qu Yisheng, do you really not know?” You Si, whose lips were tight, suddenly opened his mouth and said angrily. His eyes were full of hatred.

Qu Yanyan frowned. According to what he said, she seemed to have done something unpleasant to him?

Chapter 10 Jealous

Qu Yanyan stared at the angry You Si. She frowned and did not know how to deal with You Si. She could only perfunctoryly say, “I don’t know what you are talking about, but I am Qu Yisheng. Since you don’t want to believe me, you can leave here. Our cooperation is over.”

Yousi looked at him with pursed lips. His eyes were deep, and he looked a little scary without saying a word.

After being stared at by You Si for a long time, she only felt cold all over. She was a little guilty, so she didn’t dare to look at You Si too much. She could only look away from him.

But when You Si saw Qu Yanyan’s behavior, he felt guilty. He sneered coldly, “Since you think you are Qu Yisheng, why are you so guilty? You don’t even dare to look at me.”

Qu Yanyan took a step back and her hands, which were hanging beside her, tightened slightly. For a moment, she didn’t know what to say and could only be forced to look at Yousi.

You Si approached Qu Yanyan, and his eyes gradually darkened, as if he wanted to see through her. There seemed to be blue veins on his face, and he felt that he could swallow her in the next second.

Qu Yanyan really felt the amazing anger of You Si. She was now guessing that maybe what Qu Yisheng had done in the past made You Si so angry.

You Si’s inexplicable anger and his obviously abnormal expression made the Imperial Clan’s governor feel that something was amiss. You Si probably had something to do with the Qu family.

She calmed down, stood still, and stared at You Si with her cold eyes. You Si slowly walked to Qu Yanyan step by step. When she was about to say something, a hand directly stopped You Si.

Feeling the familiar breath, Qu Yanyan immediately turned to look at Zong Jue. He nodded to Qu Yanyan, and then reached out to take her into his arms.

Seeing this scene, You Si’s eyes darkened.

“Zong Zhengyu…” Qu Yanyan exclaimed. The rest of her words were all pointed at her red lips and swallowed.

Qu Yanyan suddenly quieted down. She pursed her lips and said nothing, looking at Zong Zhengyu.

Zong Zhengyu looked at You Si. His face darkened, and his voice was a little angry. “Mr. You, you scared Yi Sheng. Since you don’t want to cooperate, you don’t have to refuse it in this way.”

“Is it because I don’t want to cooperate? Miss Qu, if you don’t feel guilty, why don’t you tell me her real identity?” Yousi looked at Qu Yanyan coldly, and his slightly raised lips were full of sarcasm.

Qu Yanyan pursed her lips and said nothing.

Zong Zhengyu held Qu Yanyan’s body tightly. After a moment of silence, he said to You Si, “Mr. You, you have no evidence. We can think that you are slandering Yi Sheng. Well, Mr. You, let’s end our conversation. Take care. I won’t see you off.”

In the face of Zong Zhengyu’s order to expel guests, You Si only glanced at Qu Yanyan and then turned to leave.

The remaining Qu Yanyan was still scared. You Si’s eyes made her feel cold all over. She stared at the door of the office and could not speak for a long time.

Looking at the woman in his arms, Zong Zhengyu touched her head and asked, “What’s wrong? Do you feel a little uncomfortable? Do you want to have a rest?”

Qu Yanyan shook her head and looked out of the window. On the street below, Yousi was riding a boat and leaving. She said slowly, “It’s okay. I was just wondering who this Yousi is and why he could see through my identity…”

Zong Zhengyu followed Qu Yanyan’s gaze and also saw You Si. He frowned slightly and forced Qu Yanyan’s head to come over. He said in a low voice, “Don’t look at other men.”

When Qu Yanyan heard Zong Jue’s unhappy words, she immediately smiled and rubbed it sensibly. She said in a flattering tone, “Alright, alright. I won’t look at it. I just find it strange. Don’t be jealous.”

Zong Zhengyu gave Qu Yanyan a cold glance and sneered. “How could I be jealous? And that kind of man doesn’t deserve my jealousy. Qu Yanyan, I’m just telling you that you’re my woman. Don’t look at other men casually, or you’ll suffer.”

Qu Yanyan shook his arm in an ingratiating manner, which made him feel much better. Holding Qu Yanyan in his arms, he sat on the chair, forcing her to sit on his body with her legs separated.

This posture was extremely ambiguous. Qu Yanyan couldn’t help but tighten her legs. She wanted to get up in a hurry, but was stopped by Zong Zhengyu. She couldn’t move at all.

“Zong Zhengyu!” Qu Yan was anxious.

He laughed in a low voice, hugged the Qu Yanyan tightly, and then patted her head to comfort her. He said with a smile, “Don’t move, or I won’t be able to control myself.”

Qu Yanyan didn’t dare to move at all. She could only obediently stay in the arms of Zong Zhengyu. He curled his lips and said, “Yousi, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m here.”

The words of Zong Zhengyu made Qu Yanyan feel more at ease. She put her arms around his neck and smiled. “Okay.”

“When you go back later, go and see if there are any other books with great potential. As for the cooperation with Yousi, put it aside for the time being.” Zong Zhengyu gave a very critical suggestion.

Qu Yanyan tilted her head, thought about it seriously, and nodded. “Okay, I’ll go back first. I won’t disturb you.”

Imperial Concubine Yu agreed and left with Qu Yanyan for a long time.

After she left, Zong Zhengyu immediately picked up the phone beside her and dialed a number.

But after waiting for a long time, he picked up the phone. “President?”

“I want you to investigate someone for me.” Zong Zhengyu’s eyes were half closed, and there was a dangerous light in them. His voice seemed to have become weird.

“Who is it that is worthy of the president’s investigation?” The person on the other side chuckled and seemed to be unable to help but ask.

Zong Zhengyu frowned and said impatiently, “Yousi, there’s a very popular author on the Internet. Please check him out for me.”

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll check it out immediately. I’ll call you as soon as there’s any news.” When the people on the other side heard that Zong Zhengyu seemed to be angry, they immediately answered him seriously.

Zong Zhengyu hummed in agreement, but he seemed to have thought of something and added, “Go and check if he has anything to do with the Qu family.”

The man hurriedly agreed. Zong Zhengyu gave him a few more words of advice before hanging up the phone. However, his doubts about Yousi grew deeper and deeper. He always felt that Yousi’s attitude toward Qu Yanyan today was very strange.


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