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Author: Ri Yue Xiao



Description: “Empress, would you like to buy a pair of seductive black silk stockings. I promise you will look radiantly beautiful and His Majesty will be unwilling to go to court.” “Princess, these are the recently launched new cosmetics. They will enable you to bid farewell to the dark skin color and be more gorgeous than all beauties in the party. Are you tempted?” Traveling into the ancient imperial palace and possessing a powerful phone App, Xia Nanyan aimed to earn enough money to go back home and break the space-time to return to the modern society. However, — “Your Highness, now that we have slept together, please let me take responsibility for you.” “How?” The Prince Charming said in a lazy and sexy tone. “I’m responsible for earning money to support the family and you are responsible for remaining beautiful!”

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