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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 9 The Beauty’s Treat

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Chapter 9 The Beauty’s Treat

“There’s nothing serious about your condition now. You can pay me 20 dollars for the treatment,” said Bi Yuntao to the heavily made-up woman as she regained consciousness while extending out his palm toward her.

Everyone present rolled their eyes, but Lin Xue’s look was full of surprise. She hurriedly stepped forward to grab hold of the call girl and examined her condition.

“You… how did you do it?” she hurriedly asked.

“Just like that! Didn’t you see everything?” replied Bi Yuntao as he opened his palms.

“Uncle Zhang, do we still have to apprehend this person?” asked the young cop, somewhat doubtful.

Uncle Zhang lowered his head and remained deep in thought. Now, even he could not completely understand the entire situation unfolding before them. The two women were from the Lin Clan Medical Hall and its close ties with many powerful people in Jiangnan City. Obviously, it would not be easy to find fault with them, and as for the young man and the call girl, well, nothing had happened between them.

“Forget it. Let’s fall out!” he said.

“I’m not ok with this, Uncle Zhang! He… he even spanked me!” Fang Jingruo huffed while pointing at Bi Yuntao, looking as if she wanted to devour him alive.

Bi Yuntao’s thick eyebrows arched as he replied, “What? Are you still trying to hold me back? Let me tell you; your ass is not big enough to bear sons for me. I don’t want you!”

Fang Jingruo’s eyes were wide open with anger as if they would spit fire at any moment. The other two cops were frightened – even though she was very beautiful, she was well-known in the force for her hair-trigger temper. They were sure that it was highly likely this man would not survive the day.

What followed next, however, made everyone feel confused. Fang Jingruo walked forward, stopped before Bi Yuntao and smiled sweetly at him, saying, “That’s right! Indeed, I want you to take responsibility. Don’t you find me pretty?”

Lin Xue and Jing Er looked confused; they could not understand what was going on.

“Er… if there’s nothing further, we’ll make a move! There are still many patients waiting for us to treat them!” Jing Er said while throwing Lin Xue a glance. The latter immediately understood what her sister was getting at.

Uncle Zhang nodded to show the two women that they could leave if they wished. Jing Er and Lin Xue then climbed the stairs back down to the reception area.

Bi Yuntao took the serious measure of Fang Jingruo before nodding again. “You’re very beautiful, but you can’t produce sons,” he said.

Fang Jingruo had to forcibly control her anger. “After humiliating me like this today, I’ll not let the matter rest so easily. Leave me your number if you dare!” she said directly to him.

Bi Yuntao did not have much choice in the matter and left his phone number with her.

Fang Jingruo left with her two colleagues immediately after receiving Bi Yuntao’s mobile number. Of course, they chased away the call girl before they departed from the hotel.

Seeing the huge mess his room was in, Bi Yuntao felt his head beginning to ache. “What happened?” he thought.

He woke up early the next morning and excitedly walked up to the female owner of the hotel, intending to ask her for the address of the Medical Center of Longevity.

Her reply, however, nearly caused him to lash out at her physically in anger.

“This city is so huge, how would I know where the medical center has shifted to?” she replied nonchalantly.

Bi Yuntao touched his head. He seemed to have heard the driver from last night saying exactly the same thing!

He did not have any other choice but to start all over again in his quest of finding the Medical Center of Longevity.

Just as Bi Yuntao stepped out of the hotel, suddenly, an extremely beautiful woman appeared from the corner of the street.

She was about 20 or so, and she had a perfect pear-shaped figure. Her eyes were bright and soulful and her lips looked soft and slightly pouty. Her thin eyebrows were not touched up in any way, but there was something lovely about them. All in all, she possessed all of the uniqueness of oriental beauty, and was extremely lovely to look at!

She wore a simple, pale blue pair of jeans and a long sleeved red shirt with checkers. The sleeves of her shirt were rolled up, exposing her exquisite, white arms. “There’s only one word to describe her – beautiful!” thought Bi Yuntao.

He was completely in a daze; the girl looked as if she was a fairy who had walked out of a painting. Furthermore, she was walking toward him with a grin!

Bi Yuntao coughed and hurriedly perked himself up, his back becoming ramrod straight. Even if they were just going to pass by each other, he felt the need to leave a cool impression on the woman.

“Hey! Let’s go for a meal together!” said the beautiful woman with a smile.

Bi Yuntao had the feeling that he had seen her somewhere before and noticed that her smile looked very unnatural- as if she was forcing herself.

He stared blankly before hurriedly looking around his sides. “There’s no one else! Could it be… could it be that this beauty is asking to have a meal with me?

“This… are you speaking to me?” Bi Yuntao asked shyly.

“Let’s go! It’ll be my treat!” the beauty said. She grabbed hold of Bi Yuntao’s shirt sleeves, dragging him forward along with her, giving him a shock. “Whoever you are! We don’t know each other, so why are you treating me to a meal? Don’t think that I can be easily cheated just because I’m from the countryside! I just chased away that woman and the other two charlatans…” he said frantically.

Her black hair swayed as she turned to reply him coldly, “Don’t you remember me? You even hit me last night!”

What?” thought Bi Yuntao before it hit him. The girl before him was slowly beginning to fit the image of somebody else in his memory.

“Oh! You! You’re the female cop whom I spanked last night!” he immediately exclaimed.

His shout drew the attention of many passers-by, causing them to turn back to sneak a peek at both of them as they walked past.

Fang Jingruo wished there was a hole in the ground for her to hide in. “Lower down your voice; the matter is still not over! Also, my name is Fang Jingruo. If you ever dare to say that I’m the ‘female cop you spanked’ again, I’ll immediately turn hostile!” she hurriedly said while brandishing her small fists at him.

“Alright! On account that you’re going to treat me, I’ll forget about what happened last night. Let’s go!” Bi Yuntao said, immediately nodding.

Fang Jingruo was gritting her teeth in anger at this point but immediately suppressed her emotions from showing forcibly. If it were not for the fact that she needed his help, she would have fought with him the moment she saw him, much less treat him to a meal.

She brought Bi Yuntao before an elegantly furnished restaurant which looked very yuppie-like.

Bi Yuntao shook his head after taking a look at the posh looking restaurant, saying, “Officer Fang, I’ll really forget about what happened last night. I’m afraid that this restaurant will be a little costly; we’ll just make do with a smaller one.”

Upon hearing his request, Fang Jingruo’s impression of Bi Yuntao turned slightly better. “This guy’s trying to help me save money; seems like he’s not too bad!” she thought.

Fang Jingruo gritted her teeth and waved the sleeves of her shirt. “Don’t be long-winded; we’ll just go in to get something to eat,” she said.

A waiter immediately appeared after they entered the restaurant, bringing them to a table before passing a menu respectfully to Fang Jingruo.

She handed the menu over to Bi Yuntao, hinting that he should order.

“My goodness! The food on the pictures are really tempting, but they’re not cheap at all!” Bi Yuntao thought as he looked at the menu. He did not manage to find any dish that would cost less than 50 dollars.

“You… you pick the dishes! I’m fine with anything,” said Bi Yuntao.

Even though Bi Yuntao was still angry with her, he could not figure out her real personality yet and thought it would be best to play it safe.

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