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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 8 Stepping Forward to the Rescue

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Chapter 8 Stepping Forward to the Rescue

“Hey! Are you trying to use force?” Bi Yuntao exclaimed. He was stubborn in this way and immediately used the same tactic by trying to grab hold of Fang Jingruo’s left leg. It succeeded, and he jerked downwards after he got a grip on it.

“Bap!” Fang Jingruo’s entire body fell onto the bad and even bounced a few times from the impact.

She grimaced in pain; the beds of this particular hotel were not too comfortable in nature. Her ‘twin peaks,’ especially, were being pressed very uncomfortably onto the bed.

Just as she was getting ready to get up, someone pressed her back down onto the bed unexpectedly.

“Do you still want another go?” asked Bi Yuntao proudly as he pressed his body onto Fang Jingruo’s.

“You… just you wait! I… I’ll kill you!” Fang Jingruo shouted angrily. She had never been bullied in this manner ever in her life before, and she felt that it was especially disgusting to have a man who had just been intimate with a call girl on top of her.

“What? Are you still looking for trouble?” Bi Yuntao asked. Before Fang Jingruo could reply, he had spanked her perky buttocks once, and it was so fleshy that it rippled from the force of his palm.

She could feel a burning pain on her buttocks and immediately knew what he had done. It made her feel ashamed and enraged at the same time – she wished she could have dug a hole to hide herself now.

Seeing that the cop did not speak, Bi Yuntao thought that he had used too much force previously and began to spank her again with considerably lesser strength.

“Bap bap bap bap bap!” a rhythmic, happy tune sounded in the small hotel.

“You better be honest!” said the other two cops as they escorted Jing Er and her sister toward room 204.

“Officer, I’ve already told you that both of us are innocent,” said the long legged beauty. She could not figure out what was going on at all.

The slightly younger cop standing at the right replied, “I say, both of you ladies are so beautiful. Why are you guys learning such tricks to cheat people out of money instead of something good? You don’t have to speak anymore. Come with us to the police station later.”

When they arrived at the room and saw what was going on, the sisters and police officers were all stunned.

They saw a man pressing on Fang Jingruo’s body, and he was repeatedly spanking her!

“What are you doing? What are you doing? Get down now,” ordered the middle-aged cop. He was shocked out of his wits and hurriedly stepped forward to drag Bi Yuntao off the female officer.

“Comrade Police Officer, you’ve arrived in the nick of time. This officer laid a hand on me without any warning or reason upon seeing me. You’ve to get to the bottom of this!” said Bi Yuntao with an innocent look on his face.

Fang Jingruo was gritting her teeth in pain and slowly got up from the bed. Once she was up, however, she immediately charged toward Bi Yuntao again.

“I’ll beat you to death today!” she exclaimed as she clawed at Bi Yuntao.

“Oh no! What happened to her?” Jing Er exclaimed in shock as she pointed to the heavily made up woman on the floor. She had slumped to the ground and was unconscious!

Everyone’s gaze was immediately drawn toward her, and the younger cop went forward to check if she was alright. Fang Jingruo glared fiercely at Bi Yuntao before running up toward the woman as well.

“What is it, Uncle Zhang?” asked Fang Jingruo.

“It’s not looking good! She’s convulsing!” replied the cop who was known as ‘Uncle Zhang’, his expression turning serious. It looked like the woman was in critical condition and may even die!

Fang Jingruo was extremely anxious and hurriedly fished out her mobile phone to call up headquarters.

Bi Yuntao had wanted to step forward to examine the woman, but he did not expect the long legged beauty to be quicker than him. “Let me take a look! I’m a doctor,” she said.

“You? Are you really a doctor?” asked Fang Jingruo somewhat incredulously. The girl was of comparable beauty to her, but she looked too young to be a doctor. “At most, she’s just a nurse,” the cop thought.

The long legged beauty did not reply but instead fished out a work permit from her purse and handed it over to Fang Jingruo. The cop’s petite mouth closed slightly upon seeing it, and she looked at the beauty full of surprise. “You… you’re from the Lin Clan Medical Hall!” she exclaimed.

The long legged beauty did not reply Fang Jingruo, and instead she stepped forward to examine the heavily made up woman. Bi Yuntao was extremely confused, however, and went up to take a look for himself. Upon seeing the words ‘Lin Xue’ on the beauty’s work permit, he immediately asked, “What’s the Lin Clan Medical Hall?”

Fang Jingruo was still fuming from the spanking she had just received from Bi Yuntao, and was still considering to drag him back to the station for a good one later. As such, there was no way she was going to speak to him, and she gave him a fierce glare instead.

“Humph! To think you’ve never heard of the Lin Clan Medical Hall; you’re indeed a country bumpkin! I’ll tell you! Our medical hall is reputed in Jiangnan City, and has the most influence in it!” said Jing Er haughtily as she looked at Bi Yuntao.

Something stirred within Bi Yuntao after he saw that nobody present refuted her claim. “So, these two ladies are my counterparts! But why have they been following me non-stop for these few days? I don’t know whether they know the way to the Medical Center of Longevity? However, it looks like they’ll not tell me even if they do,” he thought, eventually deciding that he should not ask them.

Lin Xue lifted the call girl’s arm off the floor and observed her pupils, the look on her face turning increasingly serious.

“She has epilepsy and even minor heart-related problems. Just now, she received too much shock and coincidentally her epilepsy was triggered. Now that these two issues have arisen, we have to send her to the hospital immediately for proper medication. Otherwise, she could die.”

“I’ve already called for an ambulance, it’s coming right now!” replied Fang Jingruo hurriedly.

Bi Yuntao had been observing from a corner, and his eyebrows were furrowed together now. “Seems like this woman’s condition is much serious that I thought. If she’s not treated properly, she could die,” he thought.

“Let me through! I’ll save her life!” he exclaimed, shoving the others out of his way like a raging bull, before arriving at the spot where the call girl lay. He then started to examine her.

“Go away, don’t cause trouble! You’ll have a lot to answer for if she dies!” Fang Jingruo said. She was getting worried and immediately stepped forward to hold Bi Yuntao back from doing anything to the woman, before signaling to her colleagues to cuff him up.

Lin Xue, however, laughed softly and stopped her. “Don’t apprehend him first, officer. We’re waiting for the ambulance anyway; I want to see how he plans to save her.”

Fang Jingruo stopped upon hearing the request, her gaze falling on the doctor. It was filled with a strange energy, and no one knew what she was thinking about.

“Elder Sister, this person is overestimating his capabilities. How is he going to save her, when he doesn’t have any medicine!” said Jing Er derisively.

Lin Xue did not speak further, her gaze fixed on Bi Yuntao. She was extremely curious too as to how he planned to help revive the call girl.

What followed stunned everyone present. They saw Bi Yuntao pull out a needle from the corner of his shirt, place it in his mouth and coat it with his saliva, before lightly pricking the temple of the heavily made up woman with it.

“What the hell is going on here?” asked Jing Er, surprised.

Everyone was shocked by Bi Yuntao’s unique treatment method, and luckily the needle in his hand was no larger than a toothpick. Otherwise, none of them would have allowed him to use it freely on the call girl!

After pricking the woman’s temple once, Bi Yuntao drew out another needle from the inner chest pocket of his shirt and coated it with saliva in the same manner before pricking her right temple as well. The woman, who had been unconscious all this while, jerked a little before returning to her motionless state.

“Doctor Lin, he won’t kill her by doing that, right?” asked Fang Jingruo. Lin Xue, however, was also in a state of confusion. She had roughly deduced that Bi Yuntao was using the legendary technique known as acupuncture, but his methods were somewhat too rudimentary!

Where did he keep those needles? They’re not even gold needles,” Lin Xue thought. What made her speechless was that Bi Yuntao had sanitized them using his own saliva, and she thought that it was extremely disgusting.

They then saw Bi Yuntao lift his palm before slapping it hard on the skull of the call girl. After a while, she regained consciousness.

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