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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 7 Beating Him at His Own Game

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Chapter 7 Beating Him at His Own Game

Bi Yuntao felt his entire self relax considerably as he walked around his hotel room. “How many days has it been since I’ve been sleeping under the stars? 40 dollars for this is money well spent!” he thought.

“Bam bam bam!”

There were a series of knocks on his door.

Bi Yuntao felt a tingling suspicion. “It’s long past midnight, who’s knocking on my door at this hour! Could it be the lady boss?” he thought.

He opened the door to see who was there and was he pleasantly surprised. A woman wearing a figure hugging mini-skirt was reclining against the doorway.  She had a perky behind and about one-third of the snowy white skin of her chest was showing. “Oh my, that cleavage!” thought Bi Yuntao as he felt a reaction going on at the lower half of his body.

Even though the woman looked ordinary, her dressing was visually overpowering for most men. Bi Yuntao himself felt as though his entire soul was sucked over toward her.

Just at this moment, he noticed two familiar figures pass by quickly the passage way on the corridor near his room.

Aren’t these two the women that have been following me around? They’re really persistent.” Bi Yuntao thought.

“Why aren’t you letting me in? Do you want to do it at the doorway?” asked the garishly dressed woman as she pushed her bosom forward slightly, nearing tearing the cloth covering it in the process.

Bi Yuntao was still trying to piece everything together but still allowed her in. At the same time, his eyes were staring fixedly and intently upon the enticing parts of the woman’s body, and he had to force down his saliva.

The woman looked Bi Yuntao over after entering his room and was extremely pleased with the young and handsome man. “Such a young buck is bound to have a lot of energy!” she thought to herself.

“Hi, boss. I’ve already showered, how about you? Do you want to take one?” the garishly dressed woman said with a seductive smile. She also shot him a foxy look, as though she wanted his entire soul.

Bi Yuntao trembled violently and hurriedly nodded, replying, “Yes, I want to, I want to! Whoever you are, make yourself at home!” He then wormed into the toilet.

At the same time, Jing Er reported the illegal activity going on in Bi Yuntao’s room after making sure that the woman had entered. “Elder Sis, I think what we’re doing isn’t quite right,” she said somewhat worriedly after ending the call.

“What’s not right about it! It’s not as if we’re not planning on rescuing him later,” replied the long-legged beauty softly. Both of them were squatting at the junction of the corridor.

Moving back to Bi Yuntao. As the cool water from the shower ran over his body, he felt the restlessness coursing through his entire body moments ago subside.

At the same time, he cursed loudly.

To think that these women want to blackmail me when I’m in a compromising with the call girl later! I’m not dumb! If it weren’t’ for my sharp eyes, I’d have ended up being cheated of all my remaining cash!

Something in Bi Yuntao’s mind clicked instantly when he caught sight of the familiar figures of the two women who had been following him around when he was speaking to the call girl. “The three of them must be in cahoots! Those two women are finally going to strike now!” he thought.

Immediately, an idea came to Bi Yuntao’s mind and he dialed a three-digit number.

“Hi, I want to report a case. I’ve met with a potential incident of blackmail!” Bi Yuntao described directly.

Three cops sat in the police cruiser traveling toward the hotel, and the one driving was a female cop of an extremely good figure – even her loose-fitting uniform could not completely conceal her amazing curves.

“Senior Fang, there’s something not quite right with this!” said the slightly older male cop, who was sitting beside her, suspiciously.

The young cop sitting at the back hung up before adding in, “That’s right. Our superiors have passed on another case being reported at the same location to us. One says a man is hiring a call girl, while another says that he’s going to be blackmailed. Even I am getting confused by this.”

Fang Jingruo’s neat eyebrows knitted slightly and her petite mouth opened a little. “Don’t be so bothered by that. We’ll know when we arrive,” she said.

After arriving at the scene, she instructed her colleagues to follow her as she climbed the stairs of the hotel noisily. The mature woman who was deep in sleep at this moment was instantly jolted out of her slumber.

“They just want to catch him in action, was it necessary to call the cops here?” grumbled the woman before turning over and returning to sleep.

“I’ll go in. You two check the surroundings to see if there are any suspicious characters around!” Fang Jingruo instructed her colleagues after arriving at room 204.

As for the other two women, they were still hiding at the junction of the corridor at this moment! They were waiting to watch how the cops would put on the show of apprehending the man who had used the services of a call girl and tried to counsel her, but little did they expect two of the cops to walk over toward them.

“We’ll just chit cat, why are you touching me? I say, you’re a weird one, aren’t you? What do you want to do besides sleep at this hour?” Bi Yuntao could be heard saying as he hurriedly pulled his trousers back up.

“Why are you so long winded? You obviously want to hold me back longer! Time is money for me, and I haven’t the spare time to be wasted here with you,” replied the garishly dressed woman, beginning to get angry. “This man wants to chat with me after showering, isn’t he trying to pull a fast one on me?” she thought.


The door was kicked in quickly, and the two who were ‘fighting’ in it were stunned. The woman, upon seeing the intruder, immediately covered up her face.

“Police! Don’t move! We’re on an anti-vice raid! Follow my instructions and move over the corner of the wall!” exclaimed Fang Jingruo. Seeing the scene in front of her, the cop was confused. “What happened here? Seems like this man really hired a call girl,” she thought.

Bi Yuntao stared blankly. The female cop in front of him was very beautiful, and her figure was many times better than that of the call girl. But what kind of situation was he in now?

“Hi! You’ve come at the right time, female comrade,” he said as he slowly got up, finally managing to pull his trousers back up as he intended to.

A look of disgust flashed in Fang Jingruo’s eyes, and she pointed her fingers at Bi Yuntao’s head. “I told you to stop moving and squat at the corner of the wall!” she exclaimed sternly.


“Cut your bullshit and follow as I say!”

“Do you want me to stop moving or squat down at the corner of the wall?” grumbled Bi Yuntao.

It was the first time Fang Jingruo had encountered such an uncooperative suspect, and immediately she lifted her beautiful leg, intending to stomp viciously on Bi Yuntao.

“What! A cop assaulting a civilian?” exclaimed Bi Yuntao. He did not hesitate and immediately turned sideways to dodge the kick. At the same time, his right arm shot out and very quickly grabbed hold of the ankles of the cop.

The call girl, who was squatting obediently at the corner of the wall, had lost her wits from fright. “This man even dares to lay a hand on the cops! This is bad!” she thought.

Fang Jingruo’s big, round eyes were wide open as if she was enraged and shocked by the fact that Bi Yuntao would dare move against her.  He was gripping her arm with much force, however, and no matter how hard she tried, she could not wring his arm away.

“I’m warning you now; you’re assaulting an officer of the law! Release my leg immediately!” she exclaimed, managing to maintain a calm expression even though she had already lost her wits long ago.

Upon further consideration, Bi Yuntao thought that her request was reasonable – who knows, he could have been mistaken and the cop had meant to help him. As such, he let the leg of the beautiful officer down.

However, he never expected for the other leg of the cop to come flying toward his handsome face once he had let go of her right leg and it hit the floor.

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