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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 6 Set Up

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Chapter 6 Set Up

  ”We’re at the Medical Center of Longevity already?” asked Bi Yuntao as he observed his surroundings. “There’s isn’t any medical hall anywhere!” he thought.

  ”Oh! We’re already here. The medical center, however, shifted away two years ago, and this place has been taken over by a hotel. Exactly where, you’ll have to find out from the boss of the hotel,” replied the stubbly man.

  ”Aren’t you defrauding me? You have to bring me wherever the Medical Center of Longevity has shifted to,” said Bi Yuntao, refusing to get off the car.

  ”Sigh, little brother. This city is so big, how would I know where the Medical Center of Longevity has shifted to? I’ve already done you a favor by giving you a lead. Now pay up!”

  Even though Bi Yuntao was enraged, he had arrived at the same reasoning as the man. He had been searching for the medical hall for a few days without so much as a sign of it, and a small lead was better than nothing. As such, he paid up and walked into the hotel.

  Sitting at the reception desk of the hotel was a well dressed and heavily made up mature woman. Her breasts were outrageously half exposed and looked snowy white and full, causing Bi Yuntao to feel extremely excited.

  ”Hi! Are you looking for a room, little brother?” asked the mature woman as she walked out from behind the counter and grabbed hold of Bi Yuntao’s arm warmly, her massive breasts continually rubbing against his body. “The people of this city are very inviting!” he thought.

  ”No, no. I’m here to find out about a place. Do you know the way to the Medical Center of Longevity?” Bi Yuntao asked as he waved his hands hurriedly.

  The woman’s expression turned less warm considerably and she let go of Bi Yuntao’s arm. “I don’t know!” she replied coldly.

  ”What time is it now? It’ll be extremely unsafe for you to be going out so late in the night. For your own safety, you should spend the night here. Then, I’ll tell you the address of the Medical Center of Longevity.”

  ”What? I’ll have to spend one night here first?” Bi Yuntao’s mind was spinning now. “Goodness! One night here’ll cost me 40 dollars,” he thought, as he saw the going rates for the hotel.

  ”Forget it. I’ll have to give all I’ve got to find the Medical Center!” he decided. Out of the 100 dollars he had spent much effort to earn, he had spent five dollars on food, 20 dollars on transport, and now, he reluctantly had to spend another 40.

  ”Alright, I’ll stay, I’ll stay! Don’t be lying to me, lady boss. You’ll have to tell me the address of the Medical Center of Longevity tomorrow,” Bi Yuntao said while gritting his teeth.

  Upon seeing that Bi Yuntao wanted to spend the night in her hotel, the woman’s face quickly brightened up again. “Little brother, how could we lie to you, when we’re looking to maintain relationships with our customers? Right, do you wish for other services? 100 dollars for a quick session, and 300 dollars for an overnight session. Our ladies are all wonderful,” she said warmly.

  ”What kind of service would warrant such amount of money?” Bi Yuntao thought, his face turning red. “I wonder if I can do it myself. If I can, I’ll be settled for life!

  ”I’ll find out what it exactly is after I’ve become rich!” Bi Yuntao concluded. He did not have the money to enjoy such services at the moment.

  ”No need, no need for that! I’ll just be staying the night here!”

  Seeing Bi Yuntao’s face turning pale then red, the woman thought that he was being shy. As such, she thought that the best way to go about handling the situation was not to be too direct; she decided to act more flexibly and would find another way to entice him later on – by calling up his room, for example.

  ”What’s your name?” the woman asked during the registration process.

  ”Bi Yuntao.”


  ”Bi Yuntao!” he repeated.

  The mature woman understood; she did not press him for identification. After all, some people wanted to leave no trace behind when they did certain things. She then assigned a room for the youth.

  ”I’ve never seen such an inexperienced man before. To think that he said his name was Condom! (Note: In Mandarin, the pronunciation of the word ‘condom’ is very similar to the main character’s name) Isn’t this an obvious sign that he wants some ‘special service’?” muttered the woman to herself as she walked down the stairs, returning to the reception desk.


  ”Elder sister, this person will be spending the night here. Do we have to stay here too?” Jing Er asked the long legged beauty sitting beside her in a luxurious racing car.

  The beauty did not expect Bi Yuntao to be staying in such a rundown hotel and was very sure that she would be getting lice all over her body if she did so as well.

  ”Don’t be hasty. I’ve thought of a way to let this man surrender; when that happens, our task will be completed and we can return back earlier,” replied the long legged beauty.

  Jing Er pouted angrily upon hearing her words. However, she had no other choice but to remain seated in the car while her sister thought of a plan.

  After a while, a provocatively and garishly dressed woman walked into the hotel. She greeted the mature woman before proceeding up the stairs.

  ”My god! Did he request for a call girl?” Jing Er exclaimed upon seeing the woman enter the hotel, lightly covering her small mouth with her hands.

  The long legged beauty had also caught sight of the woman and wore an obvious look of disgust on her face. That said, she still decided to stay on and accomplish her task, for the betterment of her medical hall.

  ”That’s it! Come down with me, Jing Er!” the beauty said, as she exited the car in a flurry and dashed into the small hotel. Jing Er had no choice but to follow suit.

  The mature woman was instinctively surprised when she saw the two beauties rush inside her hotel. She had wanted to speak, but was quickly hushed by the actions of the long legged beauty.

  ”Slap!” She slammed a few red notes on the reception desk. “I’ll ask the questions. Which room is that man who just entered staying in?”


  ”Is that woman a… you know what?” asked the beauty somewhat uneasily.

  The older woman suddenly broke into laughter and nodded slightly.

  After receiving the clarification she needed, the long legged beauty removed her high heels and went up the stairs. Jing Er did likewise.

  The mature woman kept the money in an experienced fashion before reclining back in her chair and continuing to narrow her eyes. She had experienced many similar encounters before, and most frequently it was wives or girlfriends catching their partners in the act.

  ”What are you doing, elder sister?” asked Jing Er, perplexed.

  The long legged beauty revealed a somewhat cheeky and sinister smile as she replied. “Jing Er, tell me. If we call in the cops to nab him and then bail him out, all without his knowledge that we’re behind it, do you think this man will follow us wholeheartedly?”

  Jing Er was speechless; only her elder sister could have come up with such a devious plan.

  Immediately, the long legged beauty called a number that was three digits long.

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