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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 3 The Beauty has Turned Dark

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“No problem, no problem. You can take all of them if you want. There are five pills here. You can have them for 4000 dollars!”

The woman laughed and passed 1000 dollars to the man. She received one pill in return before disappearing into the crowd, leaving the couple somewhat puzzled.

Not long after, the beautiful woman appeared in an ordinary restaurant and sat down before another lady who was even prettier. The latter wore a set of pale blue clothes of an office lady and the hemline of her skirt was of some length, but there was no way it could cover both of her long, stunning legs. Her dressing was extremely ordinary, but due to her beautiful features and amazing figure, coupled with her long, stunning legs, it became somewhat extraordinary.

“Elder sister, I’ve brought the pill back. Look!” said the younger woman as she passed the pill in her hand to the long legged beauty.

She received the pill from the other girl and placed it near her exquisitely shaped nose, taking a light sniff at it, a tinge of surprise soon appearing on her face.

“We’ve followed this young doctor for two days. What do you want to do exactly, elder sister?” asked Jing Er as she looked at the long legged beauty sitting in front of her while pouring herself a glass of water.

The beauty laughed before replying, “Jing Er, how could you be so impatient! In my opinion, this young doctor is not as simple as he seems. Take this pill for example! There are nine types of medicinal ingredients mixed in it, and all of them are of the yin type. There’s even poisonous elements from a scorpion in it.”

Jing Er nearly failed to swallow all of her water. “What! Does this fellow want to kill his patients? How does this help with male fertility?” she asked, a surprised expression on her face.

The long legged beauty shook her head, a faint grin on the corner of her lips. “However, as they’ve been mixed together at a special ratio which neutralized the poison within the ingredients, someone with a weak kidney will be able to trigger the yang qi inside his body immediately after consuming a pill. It’s even more effective than some famous sex drive boosting medications,” she said, a look of admiration appearing on her face.

“Eh! Look, elder sister, who’s that?” said Jing Er as she pointed toward a country bumpkin-like young man, her expression filled with surprise.

The man was Bi Yuntao himself!

He pouted upon reading the menu passed over to him by the waiter. “Goodness! A simple bowl of wanton noodles actually costs 30 dollars. Isn’t this daylight robbery?” he thought.

At first, Bi Yuntao had planned to leave, but his stomach, which was continuously growling, protested. Left with no choice, he decided on a bowl of wanton noodles.

The process of waiting for his food to be served was extremely boring. Bi Yuntao turned his gaze toward the other guests around him, and in a split second, he noticed two familiar figures – the two beautiful women!

Something clicked within Bi Yuntao and he focused his thoughts. The two of them had been following him for a while now, and yet they thought he had not noticed it. “Damn! They’re not thinking of robbing and murdering me, right?” he thought.

Even though both of them are of considerable beauty, and one of them possess long legs I covet, as well as a chest that is nearly making her buttons burst, but… if they are after my money, I’ll protect it with my life!”

He gathered himself and continued to take measure of everyone in the restaurant. When he left the mountains, his father had told him to focus on experiencing the many walks of life in the city. “How can I do that? By observing and participating more, of course!” he thought.

With this principle in mind, Bi Yuntao continued to observe all the people in the restaurant.

“Why have you turned dark?” the man asked softly.

“When did I become dark?” retorted the woman, a tinge of anger in her voice.

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