Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 13 Whoever Said Chinese Medicine Practitioners are Incapable

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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 13 Whoever Said Chinese Medicine Practitioners are Incapable

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Chapter 13 Whoever Said Chinese Medicine Practitioners are Incapable

Bi Yuntao was immediately enlightened upon hearing that. He had never thought that the Medical Center of Longevity and the Lin Family Medical hall were the same; this meant that he had made contact with its people a while ago.

First Lin Xue then Jing Er’s face appeared in Bi Yuntao’s mind. Instantly, a silly grin showed on his expression.

How would those two beauties look when they see me again?” he thought.

Bi Yuntao left to look for a car which would bring him to the Lin Family Medical Hall after he got its address from Fang Jingruo.

After getting in the cab, the driver pulled Bi Yuntao closer without even having spoken to him.

The cab pulled to a stop beside an alley after 40 minutes. It looked ancient but extremely elegant.

“Young brother, the Lin Family Medical Hall is right at the center of this alley. Don’t blame me for being long-winded, but let me tell you, the consultation fee there is not cheap. Also, they don’t handle simple illnesses or medical problems. If there’s nothing seriously wrong with you, I suggest you go to a hospital,” said the driver.

Bi Yuntao was secretly relieved. Luckily, he was not here for medical consultation; this was a place for rich people to come for treatment.

Bi Yuntao was really penniless after handing over what was left of his money to the cab driver. Luckily, he had finally found the Lin Family Medical Hall.

According to his father, the owner of the medical hall would give him a meal if he told him who he was.

“Hey! Give way, the dummy in front!” the piercing voice of a woman suddenly rang out from behind him. Bi Yuntao turned around to see an extremely beautiful and fashionable woman stick her head out of a red car. She was already pretty, but had put on too much makeup.

Bi Yuntao acted as if he had not heard her and walked forward slowly.

“Don’t you understand human speech? I told you to scram!” the woman continued to speak in an impolite fashion.

Bi Yuntao continued walking forward, still acting as if he had not heard her at all.

The woman in the luxury car gritted her teeth in anger and unexpectedly moved the car forward- it was rolling toward Bi Yuntao.

Even though Bi Yuntao was walking forward, he was paying attention to what was going on behind him. He immediately got a big shock upon hearing the car rumbling into action and hurriedly dashed sideways.

“F*** you, you dumb woman! Are you trying to kill me?” he began shouting.

Bi Yuntao felt that the woman had been too rude; first, she had called him dumb and then accused him of not understanding human speech. Even though he had been taught proper manners since a young age, Bi Yuntao could not help but voice his displeasure.

The woman stopped the car and immediately got out, her curvaceous figure appearing before Bi Yuntao.

She glared viciously at Bi Yuntao before walking into the Lin Family Medical Hall.

There was no way he could avoid clashing with her now. “Looks like I’m going to fight with this woman!” he thought.

Bi Yuntao began walking again and walked into the medical hall. He decided that he would ask the owner of the hall to chase that woman out when they met later.

His father had given the owner of the Lin Family Medical Hall in the past, and he was personally taught by his father himself. Bi Yuntao felt that the owner of this medical hall would have to accede to his request, based on these facts.

After walking into the medical hall, Bi Yuntao realized that there was no one at all in the courtyard.

Some noises came from within the medical hall.

“What are you thinking? My husband was knocked down by a car, but you still decided to bring him into this Chinese medicine place. I’ll not let you off easily if anything happens to him!”

Bi Yuntao heard the voice of the same woman who had nearly run him over just as he stepped through the doors of the medical hall. She was giving an honest-looking middle-aged man a dressing down!

The man did not even dare to breathe after being berated. Instead, he replied softly, “The Lin Family Medical Hall is the best medical facility in Jiangnan City and very close to the scene of the accident. It’s because of this that I brought Mr. Qian here.”

“Humph! I don’t care what name this place is known as. If they can’t fix my husband, I’ll get my dad to bulldoze this entire building down! And you, don’t even think about being able to drive for my husband again!”

At this point, many people had rushed into the medical hall, but Bi Yuntao was not interested in the commotion. As he walked in, he noticed that there were already dozens of people crowding inside.

In the center of the hall was an old man who looked about 60 or so years of age. He had a long beard, and his wizened wrist was probing the body of the man in front of him, completely oblivious to the woman’s threatening behavior.

Bi Yuntao’s eyes lit up as he spotted a woman’s figure amongst the crowd.

Jing Er was standing behind the old man, her small face red from worry.

The old man retracted his palm and let out a long sigh before stroking his beard and saying, “Ms. Duan, your husband is suffering from multiple fractures and his organs have already shifted. We have to transfer him to a larger hospital immediately.”

The woman was about to explode with rage when she heard what the old man said, but still suppressed her anger before replying him, “After taking so long to look at him, you’re telling me he needs to be transferred now?”

“Fine fine fine!” she said, beginning to laugh not out of joy but rather from extreme rage. “You’re telling me I need to transfer him? Isn’t this the best Chinese medical hall in Jiangnan City? Where do you want me to transfer him?”

The man looked somewhat awkward and immediately replied to her. “The owner is not in currently, and I don’t have complete confidence in performing the medical procedure. As such…” he began to say.

“Tell me directly where to bring him!” Miss Duan screamed.

“I think he needs to be transferred to a large hospital in the capital,” said the old man slowly.

The woman flew into an uncontrolled rage and pointed at the elder’s nose with trembling fingers. “Capital, you say? Do you know that we’re in Jiangnan City now? We’re thousands of miles away from the capital, yet you dare say he has to go there?”

The woman drew out her phone in anger and called some person; no one knew who it was.

“This medical hall doesn’t deserve its reputation! To think they could suggest transferring a patient in critical condition across such a large distance. I’m afraid that man will die before he gets there,” said a patient softly.

“That’s right. I think Chinese medicine is alright for nursing someone’s health, but when it comes to critical illnesses, one still has to turn to Western medicine,” someone else said.

“Yeah, the fees here are so high, but the skills of its staff are nothing spectacular. I won’t be coming here again.”

Miss Duan began berating the old man again after hanging up. “All you Chinese medicine practitioners are just but a bunch of useless fools. I think you aren’t worthy of your reputation,” she said.

“Who says Chinese medicine is not effective!” said Bi Yuntao as he squeezed his way to the front of the crowd. He was indifferent toward other things that they had said, but felt displeased when they criticized his profession and had directly stepped out to confront these people.

Jing Er was taken completely by surprise when she saw Bi Yuntao. “Wasn’t this person the man from the hotel last night? Why has he come here?” she thought.

“Alright! To think that I didn’t pursue the matter just now, but here you are, courting trouble on your own accord!” said Miss Duan as she glared viciously at Bi Yuntao, looking extremely angry.

“I didn’t step out to talk about that. I’m asking you why you think Chinese medicine is not effective,” Bi Yuntao said with a slight grin.

The woman laughed coldly and began to speak. “It’s just not effective! I can’t be bothered to debate you on this. Scram!”

Bi Yuntao did not bother himself with her and squatted down to take a look at the victim’s condition.

“What are you doing! You won’t be able to answer for it if anything happens to my husband!” Miss Duan said immediately.

On the other hand, Jing Er was feeling extremely nervous as she observed from the side; if anything happened to the patient, the reputation of the Lin Family Medical Hall would be washed down the drain.

Suddenly, an idea sprang to Jing Er’s mind and she hurriedly went up to the old man’s ear, whispering to him.

“This is a little risky! He’s so young; I think he’s not up to it,” said the elder as he shook his head profusely.

Jing Er gritted her teeth together. “We can only depend on him now; furthermore, he doesn’t represent the Lin Family Medical Hall. If anything happens, we won’t be liable,” she said.

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