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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 12 A New Turn

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Chapter 12 A New Turn

The middle-aged doctor looked at her wrist, his face turning a little grim after that.

“Isn’t it just a little green? This young girl’s body is too cold, and it impeded her blood flow. There’s nothing worth mentioning here. Don’t think that you can act smart with me just because you have some medical skills. I can’t be bothered to talk to you.”

Fang Jingruos’ uncle added, “That’s right, Doctor Lin came here from the city to treat Lingling, not to answer your queries. How did you get to befriend such a person who doesn’t know when to give in, Jingruo?”

Bi Yuntao smiled and replied nonchalantly, “You, doctor, I’m afraid, are a quack. You’ll just be causing harm to yourself and others if you continue like this.”

Bi Yuntao’s accusation was serious, and the middle-aged doctor’s expression immediately turned nasty upon hearing it. He slammed his palm on the table and said angrily, “Young man, I can coach you if you need advice on your medical techniques, but I definitely cannot agree if you want to insult mine!”

The expression of his assistant changed as well, and he wanted to grab hold of Bi Yuntao’s lapel but did not expect the youth to counter his move by grabbing his wrist and twisting it backward.

“Argh! My hand!” the assistant screamed continuously after pain hit him.

Fang Jingruo’s aunt panicked immediately after seeing a fight break out between them and hurriedly tried to calm the situation down. “Words are just words, don’t actually fight! Jingruo, what sort of friend is this? How could he use force after failing to convince others?”

Fang Jingruo did not know how best to handle the situation and could only walk up to Bi Yuntao and hold him back. “You… why can’t you behave? If you can’t cure my sister, wouldn’t it be extremely disgraceful for us?” she said softly.

Bi Yuntao smiled slightly and walked up to Lingling, before pressing lightly on the Yang Chi acupuncture point on her wrist.

“Big brother, it hurts!” Lingling’s brows immediately furrowed as she felt the pain from the pressure on her wrist. Everyone else had also turned his or her attention to the young girl and Bi Yuntao.

“It’s fine; it won’t hurt after a while. Bear with me first,” Bi Yuntao said.

Lingling nodded her head obediently, and before long she felt a warmth radiate from the spot Bi Yuntao was pressing on, and it was soon darting throughout her body.

“Humph! What trickery. Mr. Wang, I don’t have the time to be wasting on this person here. I’ll take my leave,” the middle-aged doctor said to Fang Jingruo’s uncle.

A cloud of steam appeared above Lingling’s head at this moment, and beads of sweat appeared unexpectedly on her face. She let out a long breath of air and began to smile sweetly.

“How do you feel?” asked Bi Yuntao with a smile.

Lingling nodded profusely, her small face filled with unbridled joy. “I feel much better! My body feels warm; it’s so good!”

Fang Jingruo’s uncle exchanged a glance with his wife. “Who would have thought that this person would actually have some skill?” they thought.

Fang Jingruo immediately went up to hug Lingling while observing her from head to toe. “Lingling, don’t lie to me. Are you really better?” she asked, pleasantly surprised.

Lingling nodded happily and looked gratefully at the unsophisticated looking big brother before her.

The middle-aged doctor looked at Bi Yuntao, the sullenness gone from his face. Yet, he still brushed his sleeves vehemently and turned to walk out of Fang Jingruo’s flat. For reasons unknown, Fang Jingruo’s uncle and aunt ran out after him, saying that they wanted to send him off.

Fang Jingruo looked at Bi Yuntao in surprise and immediately began chasing him for answers. “How did you do that? Is my sister really cured?”

Bi Yuntao laughed and replied, “Lingling’s condition was not complicated, to begin with. She only has a natural fear of cold, which is a common sickness. In fact, many women suffer from it, only to a lesser extent than Lingling.”

“Then… why would you ask about that?” Fang Jingruo asked, her expression a little shy.

“Are you talking about her period?” asked Bi Yuntao with a mischevious look. He waited for Fang Jingruo to nod before offering his explanation, “It’s because of Lingling’s natural aversion to cold that delayed her first menstrual cycle for so long. These two symptoms act to complicate each other, resulting in the severity of her problem.”

Fang Jingruo was immediately enlightened upon hearing his explanation and began nodding. “So, you went into my sister’s room to see if she had her period?” she took the initiative to ask.

Bi Yuntao nodded in agreement but his eyebrows began to furrow immediately after; there was something that he was still suspicious about. “These symptoms are not complicated, so why did that doctor diagnose her as having the chills? I think it’s right to suspect him,” he said.

Upon hearing this, how could Fang Jingruo still not understand that she could have possibly been tricked? She began to grit her teeth, her knuckles popping from the force that she was clenching her small fists with. “What a charlatan! How dare he try to trick me? I’ll finish you off, you quack!”

“So, big brother, am I already fine? Can I go back to school?” asked Lingling fearfully.

“Of course you can. I’ll give you a prescription for Chinese medicine; let your sister buy some herbs for you. You’ll be alright after taking them for two days, but of course, it’ll take a fortnight of constant consumption to nurse you back to complete recovery,” Bi Yuntao replied as he touched Lingling’s small head.

“That’s great! I can finally go to school!” Lingling exclaimed, her mood having turned joyous.

Bi Yuntao felt that his prescription would act as a way of paying Fang Jingruo back for the meal. Just as he was about to leave, the cop grabbed hold of him.

“You haven’t collected your fee!” she said hurriedly.

“There’s no need. I still have things to do!” Bi Yuntao replied indifferently.

A look of approval flashed across Fang Jingruo’s face. “This small-time doctor from the countryside does know a little about behaving!” she thought. “Right, you… you’re called Bi… something, right?” she said.

“What Bi something? Listen up; I’m called Bi Yuntao,” he said, before telling her how to write his name.

After speaking, Bi Yuntao walked coolly down the stairs.

Fang Jingruo was not someone who did not know how to repay the kindness. She immediately wanted to run out and tell Bi Yuntao to stop; she could not rest at ease without knowing that she had paid him back sufficiently.

Not long after she dashed out, however, Bi Yuntao had turned back on his own accord. “Officer Fang, you’re from the police, aren’t you?” he asked, grinning.

Fang Jingruo nodded. “Yes! But don’t think that I’ll cover for you. Even though you cured my sister, it was you who said you didn’t want a fee. At most, I won’t hold it against you for hitting my… you know what.”

Bi Yuntao was speechless. “Why does this beautiful chick keep bringing that up? Didn’t she lay a hand on me first?” he thought.

“I’ll just be asking you for directions; after all, you’re from the police station and must know more than ordinary folk about the way around these parts. Do you know how I can get to the Medical Center of Longevity?”

“What?” Fang Jingruo blurted, wearing a look of surprise. “You’re not planning on getting revenge, right?” she then asked.

“What revenge? I do not quarrel with the Medical Center of Longevity and have never been there before. What vengeance would I want to wreck on them?” said Bi Yuntao, equally confused.

“The two pretty girls from last night were from the Medical Center of Longevity. Oh! I know- you must still be thinking about them!” replied Fang Jingruo.

She gave him a knowing smile before continuing, “I say, you’re also strange. They’ve tricked you so badly, how could you still be turning to them? Don’t you have a backbone?” she asked.

Bi Yuntao’s eyes were wide open at this point. “What? Did you just say that those two chicks are from the Medical Center of Longevity? Aren’t they from that Lin Family Medical Hall?” he continued asking.

Fang Jingruo laughed as she shook her head. “They were previously known as the Medical Center of Longevity. But, you know, the word ‘Longevity’ can have a huge impact on one’s perception; it could make someone feel that the medical hall could help grant him or her immortality. As such, the government of Jiangnan City gave the order for it to change its name,” she explained.

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