Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 10 There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 10 There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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Chapter 10 There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Fang Jingruo ordered a few dishes off the menu, and after a short wait, the waiter served all of them. Bi Yuntao immediately tucked in hungrily.

The dishes were all empty after about 20 minutes. Fang Jingruo had not eaten much of them, but Bi Yuntao could not be blamed; they were simply too delicious!

He stole a few glances on purpose as Fang Jingruo went to pay for the meal. “Goodness, she took out four red notes! At my home, you could buy half of a whole pig with that amount of money,” he thought.

“Tell me! What did you find me for? I don’t believe you treated me to a meal as a form of apology for last night,” he said lazily while picking his teeth after they left the restaurant.

Fang Jingruo suppressed her urge to rain blows on him and forced a smile out of herself. “Seems like you’re not dumb! I do really have something that needs your help doing- I hope you can come to check on a patient with me,” she said.

“Patient? What patient?” Bi Yuntao asked suspiciously.

“Let’s talk on the way there! I parked an electric motorcycle in front over there,” Fang Jingruo replied.

Bi Yuntao went with her. They drew quite a number of stares as they walked to her motorcycle; after all, anyone would feel that it was unjustified for such an unsophisticated looking young man to be walking beside such an amazingly beautiful woman!

“Her symptoms are very strange. No one knows if she suffered some damage when she was in her mother’s womb- she was frail since birth. We’ve brought her to see many doctors, but none of them have been able to find the root cause of her sickness, and we’ve spent quite a large sum of money on them. I’m looking for your help after seeing your unique treatment method yesterday. Don’t worry though; if you can’t cure her, I won’t blame you,” said Fang Jingruo as they walked.

Bi Yuntao pouted a little.  “What happens if I manage to cure her?” he asked curiously. After all, there were not many illnesses that he could not cure.

“We’ll talk about that after you’ve actually done it!” Fang Jingruo replied as she rolled her eyes at him, before taking out her keys and starting up the electric motorcycle by the side of the road.

Bi Yuntao was not shy. He sat down directly on the back of the motorcycle and hugged onto Fang Jingruo tightly.

“Hey, don’t hug me so tightly!” she exclaimed, her face instantly turning red; she had never been hugged by a man before!

Bi Yuntao did not ease up, however. “I’ve never sat on such a bike before! It’s safer if I hug you tighter,” he said.

Fang Jingruo was speechless, but she had no choice and could only allow Bi Yuntao to continue to hug her. She then drove the motorcycle onto the road.

After a while, they had dismounted from the motorcycle and she brought Bi Yuntao up a small alley which was surrounded with depressing looking houses made of cement.

Fang Jingruo continued to bring him up a flight of stairs.

Bi Yuntao followed behind her, and he had to stop himself from salivating as he observed her firm, round rear bouncing about as they ascended the stairs. “You don’t say. Even though this woman’s behind is not that big, they’re incredibly perky. Who knows, she may be even able to give birth to a healthy baby boy!” he thought.

“How much higher up do we have to go?” he asked; Fang Jingruo had already brought him up about six flight of stairs.

“We’re reaching soon. You’ll have to examine her closely for me? If you can cure my younger sister, I’ll…”

“Be my wife?” Bi Yuntao immediately finished the sentence for her. After careful consideration, he felt that the cop was not too bad, and he would be able to accept her as his wife.

Fang Jingruo’s face turned red as she hurriedly replied, “Stop trying to get what you can’t. Furthermore, you might not be able to treat my sister. I don’t know how many doctors my aunt has found for her, but none of them were able to cure her.”

When they finally stopped before a door, Fang Jingruo did not immediately enter but stared at the huge pile of shoes in front of it.

“My aunt must be here. Let’s go in!” she said.

The person who opened the door was indeed Fang Jingruo’s stepmother. She was a middle-aged woman and was a little plump and short.

“You’re finally back, Jing Ruo! Your uncle found a doctor; he specially went into the city to look for him, and now he’s here to treat your sister! I’m sure he’ll able to finally cure Lingling!”

Her aunt was full of smiles, as if Jingruo’s sister had already been cured.

The cop forced a bitter smile out of her lips but did not speak further.

“Who’s this?” her aunt asked suspiciously upon noticing Bi Yuntao for the first time; he had been standing behind Fang Jingruo all this while.

“Aunty, let us in first! He’s my friend,” Fang Jingruo replied hurriedly.

After entering the flat, Bi Yuntao immediately noticed that it was full of people. Fang Jingruo went up to a middle-aged man with sharp features, respectfully addressing him as ‘uncle.’

He nodded slightly and did not speak much; his gaze fixed on the doctor seated beside the table. The physician was wearing a big white shirt and looked about 30 or so years of age; he did not look old. There was an assistant by his side who was carrying a medicine case with him.

The physician was taking the pulse of his victim; she was a teenage girl about 16 years of age. Bi Yuntao observed her closely and noticed that she was already very pretty even at such a young age. He was sure that she would grow up to be an amazing beauty like her elder sister.

Except for the fact that she had a pale complexion and her lips were slightly grey in color. She was trembling uncontrollably and looked like she was extremely afraid of the cold.

The room turned extremely quiet as everyone’s gaze was fixed on the physician. He looked very comical as his brows furrowed and relaxed, causing Fang Jingruo to gradually clench her fists more tightly.

Bi Yuntao, however, was still observing her sister closely. It was already August, but the young girl was wearing many layers of clothing and still looked like she felt extremely cold. “There must be something wrong with her body!” he thought.

“Hai!” sighed the doctor loudly; Bi Yuntao noticed that Fang Jingruo clearly froze for a second as she heard him. “Your sister’s condition is not looking very good,” the physician continued.

“Elaborate, Doctor Lin!” said Fang Jingruo’s uncle as he bowed a little, presenting himself very respectfully to the doctor.

“The chill has gone deep into this little girl’s body, I believe there was some irregular movement during her mother’s pregnancy!” he said after shaking his head.

Fang Jingruo’s expression changed and continued to press the doctor for answers, “How did you know, doctor? Is there any way to save my sister? I’ll pay any amount of money!”

As she concluded her sentence, Fang Jingruo had already begun to sound a little weepy and looked extremely pitiful.

“This… that’ll be a little hard to do!” said Doctor Lin somewhat uncomfortably.

Fang Jingruo’s uncle hurriedly stuffed a bunch of red notes into Doctor Lin’s shirt pocket. “Doctor Lin, take a look- my niece has suffered and worn herself out after so many years of trying to cure her sister. Help her, please!” he said with a flattering smile.

The doctor attempted to refuse the payment for a few times before accepting it uneasily. “Your sister’s condition is due to the fact that she has a natural aversion to cold. There’s already no way of treating her, but I’ve heard from friends lately that there’s a sort of medicine that can treat this kind of illness in Mei Lijian. If you guys bring her there for treatment, you might be able to cure this young girl,” he sayed with a sigh, after stroking his small beard.

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