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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 4 Dark? I’m Not Dark!

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Chapter 4 Dark? I’m Not Dark!

The exchange between the youthful couple sitting beside Bi Yuntao attracted his attention. As he looked carefully, he thought that the woman’s complexion looked perfectly fine and was not dark at all!

“You still deny that you’ve turned dark! You’ve become so dark since returning from your backpacking trip. Don’t you have anything you want to tell me?” asked the man sternly in a very low tone.

The woman was a little irritated and replied loudly. “I mean it when I say I haven’t turned dark. Why are you being so unreasonable?”

The woman’s voice was not soft, and instantly, the gaze of everyone in the restaurant was diverted to the couple. Even so, many of them wore a pertubed look on their faces, and some of them were trying very hard to control their laughter.

Bi Yuntao shook his head helplessly. “The ways of the city are indeed complicated. The people here even have to come up with such a pathetic lie to initiate a break up. Is this woman dark? Not at all!” he thought.

He confirmed that she was not dark in the least bit after taking another look at her.

Bi Yuntao began to eat his noodles slowly; what went on between the couple was none of his business. “You don’t say, this bowl of wanton noodles really tastes not too bad. There even seems to be lobster meat in the wanton. That said, it’s still a tad expensive,” he thought. He waved his hand to summon a waiter when there was only a little food left in his bowl.

“What’s this!” exclaimed Bi Yuntao angrily as he smacked the table top, his expression full of rage.

The waitress was a woman who was only slightly over 20 years of age. She was shocked by Bi Yuntao’s actions and hurriedly asked, “What happened, Sir?”

“What happened? That’s exactly what I want to ask you. Take a look for yourself!” Bi Yuntao said as he pointed to a long strand of hair in his bowl; it was only noticeable upon scrutiny.

“Speak! How do you want to settle this!” said Bi Yuntao with a long face.

It was the first time the waitress had encountered such a situation, and she hurriedly apologized. “I’m sorry, really sorry, Sir. I promise this won’t happen again.”

“Sorry?” replied Bi Yuntao as he spoke even more loudly. “Does a ‘sorry’ solve everything in this big city? If that’s the case, I can stop going to work, simply apologize to my boss and he’ll accept it. I’ll also not have to pay for this bowl of noodles, and if you chase after me, I’ll just say ‘sorry’ to you. Say, is this what you mean?”

The waitress nodded muddle-headedly before shaking her head again. “Sir, are you planning to not pay for your noodles then?” she hurriedly asked.

Bi Yuntao had originally planned to nod, but on account that he quite liked the taste of the noodles, he decided that he should pay a token sum for it.

“Are you insulting me? Do I look like I’m a freeloader? I’ve ate a little of my noodles, but I won’t be willing to pay for the full amount. Here, this is payment for your noodles!” Bi Yuntao said before passing the waitress three dollars and taking his leave in style.

Jing Er looked at Bi Yuntao’s figure fading away, her gaze filled with despise. “Elder sister, this person has too little morals! I clearly saw him taking a strand of hair from the woman sitting beside him,” she said.

The long legged beauty’s brow was also slightly furrowed. “I originally thought that we should get him into our medical hall, as his medical skills seems to be of a certain standard. His character, however…” she thought.

After consideration, the long legged beauty still decided to accomplish her goal. “Over these two days, I’ve realized that this person’s medical skills are indeed good. Worse case scenario, we’ll give him a high pay in future to discourage corruption!

“Come, let’s follow after him!”

“Elder sister, do you still wish to bring in such a character to our medical hall?”

“Stop spouting rubbish and let’s go!”

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