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Miracle-working Doctor-Chapter 1 Due to a Weak Kidney?

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Chapter 1 Due to a Weak Kidney?

Translator: Cai Zonghe Editor: Cai Zhonghe

The neon lights of the city were always lit up before nightfall, as if to signify its difference from the villages. The emotions of Bi Yuntao, however, were experiencing huge upheaval, as he gazed at the lights and then the endless stream of vehicles; it made him feel out of place.

“Damn! To think how… how much money will be used to keep so many lights running! It’s such a shame, a shame I say!”

Bi Yuntao’s home was situated on a huge, isolated mountain, and electricity was scarce there. Normally, his father would only allow him to use a gas lamp for light. As such, as he looked at the city’s skyline, he felt that it was an extreme waste to be using so many lights at once.

Forget it! These things are not mine, and I’m not the one paying for them, right?” thought Bi Yuntao; it made his feel a little better. He resumed lifting of his panels and began to shout, “Treatment of illnesses! Treatment of illnesses! A young, miraculous doctor from the countryside is here, and I guarantee that I’ll be able to cure hundreds of different illnesses! I specialize in the treatment of weak kidneys, erectile dysfunction, menstrual irregularites, headaches, brain fever, impotence and infertility! I guarantee that once you take my medicine you’ll be cured!”

Bi Yuntao had picked up the intonation of his sales pitch from a young salesman in his village. Quickly enough, his unique accent drew a number of people to stop and see what he had to promote.

A woman slightly older than 40 pushed her way to the front, her cheeks peach red. “Can you really cure someone of infertility?” she asked.

Bi Yuntao took measure of the woman and shook his head before replying, “It’s not that I want to point these facts out, big sister, but you have good circulation and white teeth, plus you possess a plump figure. The key point is that you have a big pelvis, and from one look, I can tell that you’re good for child bearing. If you can’t have any, it’s definitely because your man is impotent. If you’ll let me have a go, I guarantee that you’ll have a big, healthy baby.”

“I’ll dice you up, you scum!” exclaimed someone at this moment. A skinny man rushed out from behind, giving Bi Yuntao a huge shock. He hurriedly kept his panels as he had spent five dollars and a good deal of begging to get them from the opposite fortune-telling stall – he could not afford to ruin them now.

He man pointed at Bi Yuntao’s nose as he scolded, “You bastard! How dare you say I’m impotent?  And you even want to have a go at my wife? I think you’re tired of living today!” he shouted, wanting to dash forward to fight Bi Yuntao at the same time.

Luckily, the crowd that had gathered around helped Bi Yuntao to grab hold of the man as they saw that he was a clean-looking young man and seemed as though he would not harm any living being.

“What do you think you’re doing! Look at you – you’re pale and your skin is rough. Your scalp is oily and the lower half of your body is unsteady. Furthermore, there’s a stench rushing toward me when you speak. These are all obviously the signs of a weak kidney. Every midnight, you feel your lower abdomen vaguely hurting and even find your scalp extremely oily, right?”

The man had originally wanted to fight Bi Yuntao to the death, but his slowly relaxed his clenched fists as he heard Bi Yuntao continue his speech. Finally, he looked at his wife in surprise, as if the youth had been spot on. The man then angrily shook his sleeves before leaving the scene.

Quite a number of the surrounding crowd left in spite after their source of entertainment was gone. The woman, however, came forward again, saying to Bi Yuntao, “This… young man, can you really cure impotence? How do you think you can cure my man!”

“What? You still want to cure him? Your man has already left. Isn’t he not suffering from a weak kidney?” asked Bi Yuntao loudly in return, suddenly drawing the attention of a large number of people again.

Bi Yuntao could not figure out the thought process of these city dwellers. “Obviously, he has a weak kidney, but he refuses to admit the fact. How could he try to hide something like that from a doctor?” he thought.

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