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Magic Doctor Chapters 41-50

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Chapter 41 A Showdown

“You must be joking!” Chen Hao didn’t hesitate and sat down in the chair in front of He Ya. Then he picked up a glass of red wine and drank it.

“Little sister?” He Ya was stunned. Since she was sensible, no one had dared to call her that. Even her relatives dared not to speak to her or communicate with her. Chen Hao was indeed the first person who dared to call her that.

When the surrounding thugs heard this, they all snorted at once. Then they moved in unison and were about to rush toward Chen Hao.

However, as soon as He Ya raised her hand, the group of people also stopped. However, their eyes still did not calm down. They still stared at Chen Hao with anger, as if once Chen Hao did something out of line, these people would immediately rush up and tear him to pieces.

Chen Hao did not pay attention to this. After taking a sip of red wine, he frowned and stuck out his tongue.

It was not that he had never drunk wine before. On the contrary, when he was five years old, he began to steal the wine from his master. It could be said that he had been used to drinking wine for a long time.

However, this kind of red wine was worth tens of thousands of yuan on the market. Compared with Chen Hao’s master’s wine, it was simply incomparable. Although Chen Hao’s master’s wine was not a famous wine, it was brewed by various herbs. Not to mention the taste was excellent, even drinking it would have a great impact on the human body. Chen Hao had been drinking since he was five years old. Not only did he not drink bad wine, but the more he drank, the more healthy he became.

Therefore, Chen Hao, who was used to drinking that kind of good wine, would naturally feel uncomfortable if he drank this red wine now.

“What’s wrong? Is it not delicious?” He Ya covered her mouth and smiled. Before Chen Hao came, He Ya thought that this negotiation would be very difficult and there might be another fight in the middle. Unexpectedly, when Chen Hao came, the atmosphere was not as tense as He Ya thought.

Chen Hao shook his head. “Your wine is too bad. It’s a pity that I didn’t bring my master’s wine. Otherwise, you would know what good wine is!” Chen Hao sighed and put the wine glass back on the table. “But it doesn’t matter. I can also make it. When I find the materials in the future, I will make some. Although my master didn’t make it so good, it’s not too far away. At least it’s better than yours!”

Looking at Chen Hao’s serious face, He Ya couldn’t help laughing. He Ya really thought that this Chen Hao was too interesting. Obviously, he came to negotiate, and he was not nervous at all in the face of such a group of people. Instead, he was seriously talking about how to drink wine with her. This was not the reaction of an ordinary person at all. If she didn’t know that Chen Hao was really powerful, He Ya would doubt that he was not a fool.

“Your home is made of wine?” He Ya didn’t care. Since the atmosphere was so relaxed, she naturally wouldn’t be too nervous. He Ya leaned back on the sofa, and her enchanting curves were immediately revealed.

Chen Hao, who was sitting opposite He Ya, naturally saw everything. Fortunately, Chen Hao had been facing Ye Ningxue and Tang Shirou every day. He had seen all kinds of attractive curves. Otherwise, he would have been a little moved.

“No! My family is a doctor. The best doctor in the world is my master. I am the second best doctor in the world.” Chen Hao said.

As soon as Chen Hao said this, He Ya almost spat out the wine in her mouth. There was no other way. Chen Hao’s words were really destructive. He Ya had never seen anyone praise her like this. Looking at Chen Hao’s serious expression, He Ya couldn’t help murmuring in her heart, “Shame on you!”

“Well, it’s time to get down to business!” He Ya also calmed down. After all, they still needed to talk about business. Although she got along well with Chen Hao in such a short time, she knew very well that the purpose of calling Chen Hao this time was to solve the problem between Chen Hao and the Green Cloud Gang.

Chen Hao shook his head again. “Sister, I don’t think there’s anything to talk about. First of all, it’s not my fault. It’s your people who came to make trouble for me first. I’m just doing self-defense. Of course, I’m a magnanimous person. I don’t need you to apologize or anything. As long as your people don’t come to me to make trouble in the future, I won’t do anything!”

He Ya was stunned again. In her heart, she wondered if Chen Hao was really here to negotiate instead of to find trouble. Why did Chen Hao always look like he had the upper hand? Didn’t he know that he had been surrounded by a group of people?

However, what He Ya didn’t know was that Chen Hao really didn’t know that he was surrounded. The so-called encirclement was that a group of enemies blocked all his paths and put him in a desperate situation. But for Chen Hao, this group of people didn’t deserve to be his enemies at all, let alone put Chen Hao in a desperate situation. In this case, how could he be surrounded? As long as Chen Hao was willing, even if this group of people came together, they couldn’t stop Chen Hao for half a minute. Moreover, He Ya was right in front of him. If Chen Hao took action, He Ya would probably have died many times.

“Boy! You are so arrogant!” Before He Ya could say anything, the hatchet man on the side was unhappy. Since Chen Hao came here, he had always been like a father in the world. He didn’t take them seriously at all. This had already made this group of people unhappy. If He Ya hadn’t been stopping him all the time, they would have rushed up and killed Chen Hao.

Hearing the words of his men, He Ya waved her hand with a smile, indicating for the others to calm down. Then she said, “I heard that you are very good at fighting?”

“It’s okay, but my master is more powerful. As for you guys… I’m not targeting anyone. All of you can’t beat me!” Chen Hao said as he swept his eyes over He Ya’s group of thugs. There was no trace of fear in his eyes.

Swoosh… A group of thugs immediately stood up and rolled up their sleeves, ready to rush over and teach Chen Hao a lesson.

He Ya was also a little angry. Originally, she thought that Chen Hao was easy to play, but Chen Hao’s words made He Ya directly feel disgusted. After all, in her opinion, Chen Hao was really too much. He was too pretentious and annoying.

However, she still tried her best to suppress her temper. After so many years of practice and status, she understood that it was really unnecessary to fight with such a person. It was the most practical thing to slap him in the face with strength.

“In that case, you can fight with me. As long as you win, this matter will be written off. If you can’t, then apologize to us. That’s enough!” He Ya said coldly. Her tone was not as good as it was at the beginning.

Hearing this, Chen Hao glanced at He Ya and then attacked.

Chen Hao’s figure flashed. When He Ya reacted, Chen Hao was no longer in front of He Ya. When He Ya was shocked, she suddenly felt a hand on her neck, which was holding her neck. He Ya was sure that as long as the owner of this hand was willing, her neck would be crushed in the next second.

“Don’t question me. If I wanted to kill you, you would have died many times. If I said that you couldn’t beat me, I wouldn’t. Let alone this group, even if there were another group, it would only increase the casualties!” Chen Hao’s voice came from behind He Ya…

Chapter 42 Conquer

When He Ya said that Chen Hao wanted to fight with her, all the thugs present laughed.

It could be said that He Ya was just a woman, but none of the thugs present could beat her in one-on-one.

It was no longer the first time for them to be He Ya’s men. They had been beaten by He Ya many times. He Ya once told them that if anyone could defeat her, she would sleep with him for a night. Not to mention that no one dared to do that, none of them could beat He Ya.

Therefore, when He Ya said that she wanted to fight with Chen Hao one-on-one, the group of people laughed. Even before Chen Hao started to fight, they had already predicted the result. In the eyes of these thugs, even if they, who had been specially trained and were as strong as bulls, were no match for He Ya, let alone Chen Hao, who had thin arms and legs!

However, the result was beyond everyone’s expectation. Including He Ya, when Chen Hao’s voice came from behind her and Chen Hao’s hand was already on her neck, He Ya knew that she had lost.

“How… how could you be so fast?” He Ya asked in confusion. This was beyond the speed that an ordinary person could have. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, He Ya wouldn’t have believed that someone could reach this speed.

He Ya completely believed what Chen Hao had just said. Now that she thought about it, she felt scared and felt ridiculous about her ignorance. Originally, she thought that she had always been sure of victory, but Chen Hao did not take her seriously at all! Now she realized that it was not because Chen Hao was arrogant, but because they were really not worthy of being Chen Hao’s opponents.

The group of thugs were also stunned. Some people’s mocking and disdainful expressions had not completely disappeared. Everyone just stared at Chen Hao in the blink of an eye and came to He Ya’s back. Although Chen Hao did not use any powerful moves, they knew how big the gap between themselves and Chen Hao was with this move. This was probably something that they could not achieve even if they trained for a lifetime.

“No wonder… no wonder he dared to go there alone…” Someone sighed, feeling a sense of powerlessness.

“In the martial arts world, speed is the only thing that cannot be broken. Speed is the most important thing… The ancients never deceive me!” Someone said in an ancient language, although not many of the men present could understand it.

Chen Hao let He Ya go, and then slowly walked out of the door. He then said faintly, “From now on, the grievances between me and the Green Cloud Gang will be written off. If you continue to overestimating yourselves and come to fight, don’t blame me for not giving you face!”

After saying this, Chen Hao was about to walk out of the door when the door was suddenly kicked open rudely.

Then a group of people rushed in at the same time.

The people outside the door saw the group of thugs in the hall at a glance. They were obviously stunned. However, when they saw that Chen Hao was safe and sound, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Soon after, this group of people directly surrounded Chen Hao and stared at the group of people from the Green Cloud Gang with vigilance.

“Chen Hao! Are you alright?” Ye Ningxue’s voice rang out. Then, Chen Hao saw Ye Ningxue running over from behind the crowd. Her beautiful little face was filled with worry.

Chen Hao couldn’t help but feel touched. He and Ye Ningxue didn’t know each other for a long time, but during this period of time, a lot of things had happened between the two of them, and their relationship had become unclear. Such a person, who had known each other for less than half a year, could be so worried about his own safety, which made Chen Hao, who had been dependent on his master since he was a child, very moved.

“Don’t worry, Sister Ning Xue. I’m fine!” Chen Hao grinned.

Seeing that Chen Hao was fine, Ye Ningxue heaved a sigh of relief.

At that time, when she came back from her grandfather’s place, she went back to her father’s villa to look for Chen Hao. However, she found that her father and several excited men in the villa had no trace of Chen Hao. After some inquiries, the servants did not know where Chen Hao had gone.

This time, the smart Ye Ningxue immediately felt that something was wrong. She knew that Chen Hao would not leave alone without informing her, unless something happened.

Ye Ningxue then hurriedly told her father about this matter. Ye Yunlong naturally cared about it very much. He was joking. Putting aside the fact that Chen Hao had cured his hidden disease for many years, Chen Hao’s medical skills alone were enough to protect him with all his strength.

Therefore, Ye Yunlong used the power of the Ye Family and soon found out where Chen Hao was. Then, he sent out the elite troops of the Ye Family.

This was the group of people surrounding Chen Hao and the others, confronting the Green Cloud Gang’s thugs.

The Green Cloud Gang secretly trained their elite thugs, and the Ye Family naturally had this strength. In this society, sometimes many things could not be solved on the surface. This group of people was a big force. Big groups used them to secretly solve the problems. Under normal circumstances, they would not use them easily, nor would they put them on the surface. After all, it was a society ruled by law. No matter how strong an enterprise was, it could not be a match for the country.

Therefore, they still had to do what they should do on the surface. But now, the Ye Family actually sent out this group of people for Chen Hao. It could be seen how much the Ye Family valued Chen Hao.

At the same time, this was also the most tense contact between the Ye Family and the Green Cloud Group in the past few years. If there was anything that could not be handled properly, it was very likely that it would cause two major enterprises and two local forces to fight for it. Once the two sides fought to the death, the economy of Cangyun City would decline a lot.

“Ye Ningxue? The daughter of the Ye family? I didn’t expect that you would send out this group of people for a man!” He Ya was not nervous, but was a little shocked by Ye Ningxue’s appearance. Then she looked at Chen Hao. “This is really a good man. His strength is ridiculously strong. No wonder you, Ye Ningxue, care so much! This makes me suddenly want to conquer him more!”

Hearing this, Ye Ningxue immediately frowned. This was a battle between women. Although it looked calm on the surface, only those who understood could feel the horror in it.

“Then give it a try!” After Ye Ningxue finished speaking, she pulled Chen Hao and walked out. The group of Ye Family’s thugs naturally followed.

After all the members of the Ye Family left, the hatchet men of the Green Cloud Gang came forward and said to He Ya, “Miss, do you want to fight?”

However, He Ya smiled and shook her head. “No need. There’s no need to fight to the death. But that guy is quite interesting!”

Hearing this, the thug’s face suddenly became playful. “Miss, you said before that whoever can beat you can sleep with him for one night. But today this guy…”

“You… ask for a beating! Today’s sparring partner is yours!”

“Please spare my life, First Miss!”

Then, a scream came from the basement of the Green Cloud Gang’s building. When the man came out, his face had been beaten like a pig’s head. It was estimated that even his mother could not recognize him…

Chapter 43 The Hospital’s Rescue Center

After a day of confrontation with the Green Cloud Gang, Chen Hao was much more relaxed. It seemed that one day, the Green Cloud Group had seen through Chen Hao’s strength.

At present, everyone in the Green Cloud Group knew about Chen Hao’s existence. The chairman of the Green Cloud Group, the gang leader of the Green Cloud Gang, and He Ya’s father had personally given the order, which showed that they could not have any conflict with Chen Hao in the future. They had completely treated Chen Hao as a guest.

After that, they spent more than a week quietly.

On this day, Chen Hao followed Ye Ningxue to the jewelry store as usual. However, when it was almost noon, a Bentley suddenly drove over quickly.

It was normal for luxury cars to appear in these places. In Ye Ningxue’s jewelry shop, there would be all kinds of rich people coming over one day.

But this time, the people who came were slightly different.

A young man ran down from the Bentley in a hurry. Yes, he ran down and almost fell.

This young man seemed to be a little older than Chen Hao. He ran straight to Chen Hao. Seeing the young man in a hurry, Chen Hao frowned, and then subconsciously pulled Ye Ningxue behind him.

There was no other way. It was not Chen Hao’s fault that he was so vigilant, because there were really many people who came to plot against Chen Hao or Ye Ningxue before. Chen Hao had completely gone against the killer organization before. He had destroyed one of the other party’s strongholds. Chen Hao was also worried that the people of that organization would come for revenge.

“Song Zeming?” However, after seeing who it was, Ye Ningxue first asked in confusion.

“You know him?” Chen Hao breathed a sigh of relief. It was good that it was not a killer. He was really worried about a self-detonation attack.

“Eldest Young Master of the Song family, why are you here today?” Ye Ningxue was puzzled.

The Song family that Ye Ningxue mentioned was a family in Cangyun City. Although its power was not as big as the Ye family’s, it was still a business partner of the Ye family. Moreover, most of the members of the Song family were in the army and could be regarded as a well-established force.

“Little magic doctor! Little magic doctor! Please save my father!” When Song Zeming approached, he directly shouted.

“Save your father?” Chen Hao was confused. Ye Ningxue was also confused and did not know what had happened.

Song Zeming stood still, took a few breaths, and then said in a panic, “Little magic doctor, it’s like this. My father suddenly fainted this morning, and now he has been sent to the hospital for rescue… But… but the hospital has no way to cure my father’s symptoms… It has even issued a notice of critical illness. Uncle Ye asked me to ask you to come over. Little magic doctor, you must save my father. No matter what reward you want, as long as it’s something my Song family can do, I will give it to you!”

Looking at the anxiety and panic in Song Zeming’s eyes, Chen Hao temporarily figured out what had happened, but there was a new doubt in his heart. According to Song Zeming, his father fainted, but after he was sent to the hospital, he was given the notice of critical illness. It seemed that the matter was not as simple as falling ill.

“Let’s go! Lead the way!” Chen Hao said. No matter why Song Zeming’s father fell ill, as long as Chen Hao arrived there, he would naturally be able to figure it out. Moreover, Ye Ningxue had just said that the Song family and the Ye family were partners. If they helped the Song family, they would owe the Ye family a favor. As the son-in-law of the Ye family, Chen Hao still had to help them.

Seeing that Chen Hao had agreed, Song Zeming thanked him repeatedly. Then he invited Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue to the Bentley, and then quickly left the jewelry store.

It could be seen that Song Zeming was still very anxious at this time. He was driving a Bentley in the city, and he didn’t care about any traffic rules at all. Of course, with the Song family’s power in the military, the police wouldn’t make things difficult for them.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the gate of the First People’s Hospital in Cangyun City. It was the largest and most well-equipped hospital in Cangyun City. It could be seen how many patients there were in ordinary times from the busy hospital.

Led by Song Zeming, Chen Hao and the others went straight to the VIP ward in the hospital. These wards were specially prepared for the big shots in Cangyun City.

At present, in the ward, several doctors were surrounding the hospital bed. The man on the bed was completely helpless. There were also several big shots in Cangyun City standing aside, including Ye Yunlong and others.

When they saw Chen Hao arrive, Ye Yunlong and the rest’s tightly knitted brows immediately relaxed. They deeply agreed with Chen Hao’s medical skills. They clearly understood that if Chen Hao was unable to cure Song Tianlin, Song Tianlin would undoubtedly die.

Chen Hao had become their last hope.

In the face of everyone’s expectant eyes, Chen Hao went straight to the bed. When he saw Song Tianlin on the bed, he frowned.

Everyone’s heart tightened when they saw Chen Hao’s expression.

“How about Xiao Chen? Can you save him?” Ye Yunlong asked tentatively.

“Who did he come into contact with today?” Chen Hao did not answer Ye Yunlong’s question. Instead, he raised his own question.

“Father is talking business with a few foreign people today. After coming out of the restaurant, he fainted directly!” Song Zeming quickly replied.

Chen Hao nodded and took out a few silver needles. “There’s something wrong with those foreigners. They poisoned your father. If possible, send someone to arrest them first!”

All the people present took a deep breath. It turned out that they had been poisoned. This result was really unexpected. This kind of poison that could cause people to be poisoned was really terrible.

Chen Hao looked at Song Tianlin and activated his X-ray vision at the same time. At this time, Chen Hao immediately saw a black gas flowing from between Song Tianlin’s eyebrows to various parts of his body, and then quickly destroyed Song Tianlin’s organs. This kind of black gas could not be detected with the naked eye, because it had already touched upon the Cultivation World. In fact, it was a kind of strange poison in the Cultivation World. Its name was Broken Soul Shang. Just from its name, one could tell how powerful this poison was.

However, just as Chen Hao was about to give Song Tianlin treatment, an extremely unfriendly voice sounded beside him.

“Who are you? Do you have a Physician’s Qualification Certificate? Don’t you know nothing about how to cure people? Are you responsible for the death of people? And you are poisoned? Just tell me, you can tell at a glance that none of our high-tech equipment can detect anything?”

When Chen Hao heard this, he immediately raised his head and looked over. He found that the speaker was a man of similar age as him. At this time, the man was staring at Chen Hao with an unhappy face. He was wearing a white coat. It seemed that he should be a doctor…

Chapter 44 A Slap on the Face

Looking at the young doctor in front of him, Chen Hao was sure that he didn’t know him at all. Although he had provoked many people in the past few days when he came to Cangyun City, Chen Hao was sure that he had no contact with this person at all.

“What are you looking at? I’m a doctor from the First People’s Hospital, majoring in the Jingdu Medical College. I’m Mr. Song Tiannan’s attending physician. What’s your background? You dared to lay your hands on my patient without my permission. Do you want to die or do you want to die?” The person who spoke was called Xiang Zhinan, who was indeed a top student of Jingdu Medical College. Jingdu Medical College was a very famous medical school in the whole of China. Anyone who could enter and graduate from Jingdu Medical College could be admitted into any big hospital in China.

Therefore, although Xiang Zhinan was a little arrogant, he was able to graduate from Jingdu Hospital, which showed that he was more or less capable.

It was also because Xiang Zhinan was a student who had just graduated from Jingdu Medical College. Because his father was the director of the First People’s Hospital, he directly came here to work. However, because he had just returned, he did not understand many situations in Cangyun City, such as Ye Yunlong and others. For Xiang Zhinan, he did not know them and only knew that they were big shots.

On the contrary, Xiang Zhinan had some impression of Chen Hao. Because some time ago, the reputation of Chen Hao’s miracle doctor had spread, and the Internet had been spreading the miracle that he could cure heart disease. However, Xiang Zhinan did not believe what was said in the video at all. After all, it violated the knowledge he had learned over the years.

“You should be the Chen Hao in the video that was spread online, right?” Seeing that Chen Hao did not speak, Xiang Zhinan immediately became proud, and then said aggressively, “I think you are a charlatan. What can cure heart disease? Can you brag more?”

After that, Xiang Zhinan turned to look at Ye Yunlong and the others. “I say, you so-called rich people are all upstarts with good brains. Don’t believe anything on the Internet. Believe in the level of doctors like us. If we can’t save them, then it’s useless for others to come, let alone this kind of quack. He even took out silver needles. Do you still want to cure this patient with traditional Chinese medicine?”

Chen Hao didn’t react, but Ye Yunlong and the others frowned. All of them were influential figures in Cangyun City, but now they were said to be brainless by Xiang Xinnan. Was he looking for death, or was he really brainless?

“Oh! Listen to you? You’ve been torturing my father for the whole morning, and you’ve given him a notice of critical illness. According to you, my father will die without a doubt, right?” Song Zeming couldn’t help but speak. This was because Xiang Zhinan’s words were too harsh. After all, according to their diagnosis and treatment, he had already sentenced Song Tianlin to death. And now he also prevented Chen Hao from treating Song Tianlin, which meant that Song Tianlin would die without a doubt. This was naturally unacceptable to Song Zeming.

“This…” Xiang Zhinan was immediately stunned. He also knew that his words earlier were a little overboard. Hence, he had nothing to say for a moment.

“Get out of my way! If something happens, you don’t have to take responsibility. I think you are quacks!” Song Zeming directly stepped forward and pulled Zhinan away. Then he said respectfully to Chen Hao, “Little magic doctor, please save my father. We still trust your medical skills!”

Chen Hao nodded. Chen Hao would not pay much attention to people like Xiang Zhi Nan. A person like Xiang Zhi Nan, who possessed a little knowledge, would feel superior and thought that everyone was inferior to him. Chen Hao would not place them in his heart at all. After all, no matter what, this kind of person was merely a complete idiot.

Seeing that he had been pulled away by Song Zeming, Xiang Zhinan’s face suddenly darkened. However, he could do nothing about it. After all, his family already said so. Could he continue to make trouble?

However, he was not convinced and did not leave immediately. Instead, he stood in the back and said coldly, “I would like to see how you, a quack, will cure him to death!”

Chen Hao ignored everything around him and began to concentrate on dealing with the poison in Song Tianlin.

As they had said before, Song Tianlin was the strange poison of the Cultivation World that could destroy one’s soul. Even ordinary cultivators would be helpless against this poison. In the end, they could only watch them die of gradual weakness. Fortunately, Song Zeming found Chen Hao at the first time. Otherwise, even a Daluo Golden Immortal could not save Song Tianlin in half an hour.

Under the observation of his X-ray vision, Chen Hao could clearly see the situation in Song Tianlin’s body. At this moment, in Song Tianlin’s dantian, Chen Hao could clearly see a small ball made of black air spinning rapidly. At the same time, a continuous stream of black air gushed out from it. If it was a cultivator, after being poisoned, he could use his own Primordial Qi to suppress the black ball, so as to slow down the speed of the black air, but it would also cause his strength to be greatly reduced.

Song Tianlin wasn’t a Cultivator, so he couldn’t suppress the black sphere. He would die soon. For example, if he were a Cultivator, he wouldn’t have died so quickly even if he were a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

After seeing clearly Song Tianlin’s acupuncture points, Chen Hao quickly put the needles in his hand. The few silver needles in his hand quickly fell down, sealed several meridians in Song Tianlin’s dantian, and temporarily blocked the black air in his dantian.

Then, Chen Hao took out a few more golden needles. Normally, they did not need golden needles. However, Song Tianlin had been deeply poisoned, so he could not be saved without the golden needles. At the same time, Chen Hao also transferred True Energy into Song Tianlin’s body to repair his destroyed internal organs.

Next, Chen Hao used a dazzling technique. Everyone present was shocked. Under this kind of operation speed, he still needed to keep the needle on the exact acupuncture point. The difficulty was self-evident.

After a period of treatment, Chen Hao finally withdrew his hand. At the same time, he exhaled a mouthful of turbid air. If one were to take a closer look, one would be able to see a few drops of perspiration seeping out from Chen Hao’s forehead. It seemed that this treatment was not easy for Chen Hao.

Seeing this, the crowd was about to cheer, but the heart rate instrument next to the hospital bed suddenly made a long sound.

All the faces of these people changed, and Song Zeming’s face was ashen.

However, Xiang Zhinan suddenly burst into laughter and shouted at the same time, “What did I say? You’re dead now! A quack is a quack. You upstarts! Do you have time to make up for your brain?”

Chen Hao did not react at all. The next moment, he directly slapped on Song Tianlin’s Dantian.


Song Tianlin spat out a mouthful of black blood, then sat up on the bed and coughed. But even so, his pale face had gradually turned ruddy, and his heart rate had recovered. It could be seen that Song Tianlin’s heartbeat was very strong.

Xiang Zhinan, who was standing to the side, was dumbfounded…

Chapter 45 The Behind

Xiang Xinnan looked at Song Tianlin, who had recovered. Although he looked very weak now, he was much better than how he looked like when he was dying in the hospital bed.

Just when Song Tianlin’s heartbeat stopped, he was still laughing wildly. But now, Song Tianlin was sitting on the hospital bed coughing. There was no doubt that Song Tianlin had been cured by Chen Hao.

“… This… this is impossible!” Xiang Zhinan took a few steps back in horror. When they were treating Song Tianlin, they found that Song Tianlin’s internal organs were quickly failing, and he had no way to suppress them with all kinds of advanced drugs. According to their calculations, Song Tianlin would definitely die in six hours.

And just now, Song Tianlin’s heartbeat stopped directly. It was not that the doctor had never seen such a thing. If he wanted to stop his heartbeat to recover, he had to use the power source to do an electric shock rescue. But Chen Hao was useless. He just patted Song Tianlin’s Dantian again, and Song Tianlin’s heartbeat recovered.

All sorts of deeds had completely overturned Xiang Zhinan’s understanding and knowledge that he had learned over the years. What made him feel more ashamed was that he was still boasting that Song Tianlin would die, and finally, he laughed out loud. If this matter was spread out, the reputation of the First People’s Hospital, including his own reputation, would be damaged. Even if his father was the director of the First People’s Hospital, he would not be able to protect him.

“We definitely can’t let this matter spread out!” This thought flashed through Xiang Zhinan’s mind at once. He looked at Ye Yunlong and the others who were present. “These people are just a few upstarts. As long as Dad shows up and gives them some money, they will definitely be able to suppress this matter!”

Thinking of this, Xiang Zhinan immediately gave a little nurse next to him a look and asked her to find her father immediately.

“Dad! Dad, how are you feeling now?” Seeing that his father had recovered, Song Zeming was also very happy and hurried forward to hold Song Tianlin.

After coughing for a while, Song Tianlin’s face became ruddy. He took a deep breath and then nodded. “Little magic doctor, thank you for your treatment this time. If you can get anything from the Song family in the future, just tell me. What the Song family can do, we will do our best to help you!”

Song Tianlin’s last consciousness recovered. He knew that Chen Hao saved him, so he was very grateful to Chen Hao.

“Mr. Song, you’re too kind. A doctor should be kind. I’m a doctor. I should save you!” Chen Hao replied. Chen Hao did not value the reward that Song Tianlin had mentioned, but everyone present knew that in the future, as long as Chen Hao said something, the Song family would take care of him.

“You guys, don’t tell anyone about what happened here today, or else…” At this time, Xiang Zhinan opened his mouth to break the happy atmosphere between the crowd.

Upon hearing Xiang Zhinan’s words, all the big shots present immediately frowned, especially Ye Yunlong. As the head of the Ye family, Ye Yunlong was usually respected by others no matter where he went. But now, he was threatened by Xiang Zhinan. If it weren’t for the fact that he was in a hurry to go out this time and didn’t bring his bodyguards with him, he would have been thrown out by the bodyguards.

Seeing them looking at him with displeasure, Xiang Zhinan was not afraid. He continued, “You upstarts want money, don’t you? As long as you keep your mouth shut and don’t reveal what happened today, I will give you one million yuan!”

Chen Hao coldly laughed in his heart when he heard these words. He could already imagine that the final result of Xiang Zhi Nan would be like this. He did not even need to intervene. These furious big fellows would likely be able to tear him apart.

“What’s wrong? Do you think it’s too little?” Xiang Zhinan frowned immediately. Seeing that these people still looked unfriendly, although he was still very unhappy, he began to say, “Then everyone has two million yuan, this is already a very high price. Don’t think about making a big deal out of it. Do you know who I am? My father is the director of the First People’s Hospital, and has a good relationship with the Ye Family. It’s rare to provoke me, and you will all be in trouble!”

Chen Hao almost burst out laughing when he heard this. Even Ye Yunlong had a strange expression on his face. Someone had used the Ye family to suppress him, the head of the Ye family. It was hard to believe that someone would be so stupid.

As soon as Xiang Zhinan finished speaking, the door of the ward was suddenly opened. He looked back and found that it was his father, the director of the First People’s Hospital, coming over to him.

“Dad, you’re finally here. These upstarts who don’t know what’s good for them…” Xiang Zhinan was about to complain to him, but before he could finish his words, he was slapped in the face by him.

“Idiot!” Xiang lost his temper. Xiang Zhinan’s voice was so loud that he could hear it clearly outside.

Xiang Zhinan was also stunned by this slap. He stood rooted to the ground and did not know what had happened. Originally, he thought that as long as his father came, he could solve everything easily. Who would have thought that he would be slapped by his father! It should be known that his father had never slapped him since he was a child.

“Mr. Ye, Mr. Song, I’m sorry! It’s my son’s fault. I will definitely give you an explanation!” Xiang Zhiyuan said quickly.

Ye Yunlong was no longer as angry as he was at the beginning. On the contrary, he looked at Xiang Yicheng with a smile. However, a person with a smile was far more difficult to deal with than an angry person. Because you couldn’t tell whether he was really happy or angry under this smile.

“Xiang Zhiyuan, you’ve taught a good son!” Ye Yunlong narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.

When he heard Ye Yunlong’s words, he knew that it was not so easy to solve this problem. He quickly pulled Zhinan to the front.

“Hurry up and kneel down and apologize to Mr. Ye! This is the head of the Ye Family!” Xiang Zhiyuan scolded.

This time, only then did Xiang Zhinan know what kind of existence he had provoked. He didn’t have to urge Zhicheng to kneel down to the ground. He knew how fierce the Ye family was. Now that he had offended Ye Yunlong, losing his future was a small matter. If he was not careful, he would lose his life.

Ye Yunlong looked at Chen Hao, asking for his opinion.

Seeing this scene, the despair in Xiang Zhinan’s heart grew even stronger. From the look in Ye Yunlong’s eyes, he could tell that Ye Yunlong respected Chen Hao very much. When he thought back to how he had ridiculed Chen Hao earlier, Xiang Zhinan couldn’t help but shiver.

“Just deal with it yourself,” Chen Hao said indifferently. He really didn’t care about this matter. In his eyes, Xiang Zhinan was just an insignificant person. Chen Hao didn’t take it seriously at all. He was like a dog barking at him. Was he going to be angry with a dog?

Ye Yunlong nodded and then looked at Xiang Yicheng, who hurriedly said that he would handle this matter well. Ye Yunlong waved his hand and asked the doctors to leave the ward.

During this period, Song Zeming’s phone rang. After the call was connected, Song Zeming’s expression changed. After hanging up the phone, he looked up at Chen Hao and said, “Little magic doctor, our people have caught the foreigner who poisoned him. Do you want to go and have a look?”

“Huh?” Chen Hao was a little shocked. He didn’t expect that he could catch that person. But it was better to go and have a look. After all, in Chen Hao’s opinion, there must be some shady secret behind this matter. And the strange poison like the Soul-Breaking promise appeared in the mortal world, and it was used on ordinary people. This made him, a disciple of a medical family, feel that it was necessary to investigate it. After all, this kind of poison had not appeared for many years…

Chapter 46 The Gathering of Cultivators

The residence of the Song family in Cangyun City was in the military region. Even if Ye Yunlong came here, he would not dare to be too presumptuous, because the army, to a certain extent, had already represented the country and touched the national market.

Although the Ye family was so lively in Cangyun City and had the wind and rain, as well as the power to cover the sky, Ye Yunlong knew that no matter what he did, he had to be within the bottom line of the country. Otherwise, at the level of the country, the Ye family was just a slightly larger ant.

It was also because Ye Yunlong was able to control the country’s bottom line well, that the Ye family was able to manage Cangyun City in disguise for so many years without getting hurt.

Now Chen Hao was in this military area. Most of the members of the Song family were from the military. Song Zeming’s grandfather was the old commander of this military area, while Song Zeming’s second uncle was the current commander. It could be imagined how much the Song family had the right to speak in this military area.

After learning that Song Tianlin had been poisoned, Song Zeming’s second uncle immediately mobilized a large number of troops, carrying out a full-body search in Cangyun City. In the end, he caught someone who had contacted Song Tianlin before. As for the other people, they were already missing. But now there were still troops guarding various passes in Cangyun City. It was only a matter of time before he caught the others.

Chen Hao followed Song Zeming to the place where the foreigner was imprisoned.

This man was a European and American white man. Now he was handcuffed on the chair, and his face was already bruised. It seemed that there was a more intense battle when he was arrested.

After seeing this person, the first thing Chen Hao did was to activate his X-ray vision and look at his Dantian. He found that this foreigner was just an ordinary mortal, not a practitioner. Otherwise, there would be True Energy gathering in his Dantian.

“No wonder you can catch him!” Chen Hao was relieved. After all, if this white man was a practitioner, he would not have been caught by these people. However, there was a new problem that followed. The poison like the Soul-Breaking broken sword must have been refined by a cultivator. But this white man was not a cultivator. Did they have the support of other cultivators behind them?

“Where did he come from?” Chen Hao asked.

Chen Hao was speaking Chinese, of course. He didn’t know how to use English. However, Song Zeming immediately gave a look to a person next to him, and the person immediately translated this sentence into fluent English.

“Ah… Chinese, I can understand Chinese!” Unexpectedly, the white man answered Chen Hao’s question in Chinese. Although it sounded a little awkward, it could still be understood.

“Who is supporting you behind you? Who gave you that kind of poison?” Chen Hao continued to ask. Since the other party knew Chinese, it would be much easier.

Chen Hao was quite curious about the origin of this broken soul. In the Taoist temple, he had heard about this kind of strange poison from his master. There was also a method to refine and cure this kind of poison in the Heavenly Physician’s Internal Canon. According to Chen Hao’s master, there were only a few people in the world who could refine this kind of poison, including the two of them.

However, only the two of them were able to neutralize the poison. Back then, this poison was too against the harmony of heaven and the threat it posed was too great. It caused everyone who knew how to refine this poison to suffer the wrath of the entire Cultivation World. In the end, these people who knew how to refine this poison would either establish a Soul Contract or swear that they would not be able to use this poison in the future. They would not be able to spread the formula, or they would be killed by many experts.

At that time, because Chen Hao and the others could not only refine this kind of poison, but could also detoxify it. In addition, they were all miracle-working doctors with excellent medical skills, so they finally avoided the fate of being attacked.

But now, this kind of poison appeared again and was used on people. This time, it was Chen Hao who happened to know that this poison had appeared. Before Chen Hao found out that someone used this poison, how many people died because of it… This was unknown.

Therefore, Chen Hao wanted to know where this white man got his soul broken soul. This was the responsibility of every Orthodox cultivator, and it was also what he, as a doctor, had to do.

“Hahaha! You humble mortal, you don’t deserve to know the existence of the Holy Master!” Hearing Chen Hao’s question, the white man suddenly laughed wildly.

“Holy Master?” Chen Hao frowned. It seemed that this so-called Holy Master was the one who gave these white people the soul-Breaking spirit. Looking at the white man’s address to him, he could guess that it was probably some cult.

“You humble mortals, how can you compare with the immortal Holy Masters? This world is guilty, and everyone is guilty. As long as you seek refuge and worship the Holy Masters, you can get redemption!” The white man suddenly went crazy. “I won’t say anything. I’m not afraid of death. Just kill me! After I die, the Holy Masters will definitely come to guide my soul. At that time, I will be reborn, achieve immortality, and leave this sinful world!”

Hearing these words, Chen Hao frowned slightly. It seemed that this white man had already been refreshed by that so-called saint master. It was likely that he could not get anything from him.

On the contrary, the saint master aroused Chen Hao’s interest. It seemed that this so-called saint master was a foreign cultivator, and the broken soul was a poison that only the cultivators in the Huaxia system could come into contact with. How could this so-called saint master, a foreign cultivator, refine such a poison?

“Could it be that someone leaked out the formula of this poison?” Chen Hao was puzzled. However, this white man’s state made the clue come to an end. If he wanted to continue to investigate, he could only wait until he caught other people to see if there were any other clues.

Chen Hao said to Song Zeming, “When you catch other cultivators, please punish me. The poison Mr. Ye got this time is not simple. I’m worried that there is some conspiracy in it. You must find it out!”

Naturally, Song Zeming nodded repeatedly in agreement. Not to mention that Chen Hao said there was some conspiracy in it, even if Chen Hao said that this poison could cause the end of the world, Song Zeming would believe it. After all, after what happened this morning, Song Zeming was very impressed with Chen Hao.

Since there was no point in staying here, Chen Hao naturally asked Song Zeming to send him back.

It was still the cool Bentley. Song Zeming was in a good mood now. When he was driving, he was still chatting with Chen Hao. Chen Hao answered without saying a word. But the next moment, Chen Hao suddenly felt goosebumps all over his body, and a sense of crisis appeared in his heart…

Chapter 47 Killing You

Originally, Song Zeming was driving on the road, chatting with Chen Hao at a good time.

Chen Hao’s expression changed in an instant. A sense of danger rose from within his heart. This was the first time that such a strong sense of danger had appeared since he had arrived in Cang Yun City. The imminent danger had already reached the point where it could threaten his life.

“Get down!” Chen Hao immediately shouted.

Song Zeming did not know what had happened, but he had no time to know. Chen Hao pressed Song Zeming directly on the steering wheel and opened his right hand to the outside of the car.

The True Energy in his body was madly flowing out. Chen Hao had not been so desperate for many years. It was all because Song Zeming was beside him now. If it was only Chen Hao himself, he could have dealt with it easily. But now he had to take care of Song Zeming, so Chen Hao had to burst out his greatest ability.

One ball of True Energy after another was released from Chen Hao’s palm. Chen Hao’s current cultivation was only at the Qi Refining Realm. The True Energy was released out of thin air, and it was too difficult for Chen Hao to form a shape outside his body.

In the next moment, Chen Hao’s right hand directly cracked. Because his meridian was not strong enough to support such a strong output of True Energy, his flesh and blood burst open, and blood splashed out.

However, the effect of Chen Hao’s desperate fight was obvious. He could see that there was a layer of True Energy light curtain on the right side of Chen Hao and Song Zeming. With True Energy as a defense, it had reached the most powerful level of defense in the world. Unless there was someone whose realm was higher than Chen Hao’s, no one could break this layer of defense, unless he used a nuclear bomb.


In less than three seconds, there was a violent explosion in this place. The flames rose, and a mushroom cloud slowly rose.

This was not over yet. Then, two more tanks rushed over, followed by two fierce sounds.

“Hahaha! This kid is finally finished! Three anti- Needless of Chaos, no matter how powerful he is, I’m afraid he can’t hold on any longer!” In the distance, a bald white man laughed arrogantly.

“Enough, Morton! This time, your actions are in the vicinity of the military region. In a moment, the army will arrive! Retreat quickly! I don’t know if Big Brother will be angry with your actions!” The one who spoke was a black man with a large burn scar on his face.

“F*ck, you coward! If those Huaxia soldiers dare to come here, then let them have a taste of the power of the anti- Needles tank cannon! As for the boss, if we kill this guy, the boss may even reward us! Why would he scold us? We haven’t killed people for a long time. Huaxia is a trouble, and the Middle East is more interesting!” Morton was still unsatisfied.

“Hurry up and retreat. I don’t want to die!” Fei Ma’s brows furrowed tightly. This Morton was too arrogant. Even he couldn’t stand it anymore. He had removed the terror of Chinese soldiers. If there was a chance to avoid a frontal confrontation, he would definitely choose not to face it.

Seeing that Ferry was angry, Morton also shrank his neck. The two of them quickly got in the car and quickly left.

As for the military region, although Song Zeming had been out for a period of time, such a violent explosion still reached the military region. Therefore, the people in the military region immediately organized themselves, and a group of people rushed over.

After all, they were in the military region, where there were some important figures. They must do a good job in surrounding military affairs. Now, no matter what kind of big explosion happened outside, they must go and check it out in person.

In the raging fire, a burst of purple light suddenly shot out, which startled the soldiers who were observing around.

Then, a figure jumped out of the flames. The soldiers were shocked. They quickly turned their guns and aimed at the person who jumped out of the flames.

But when they saw that person clearly, they were completely stunned.

Of course, it was Chen Hao who jumped out of the flames. On Chen Hao’s back was Song Zeming who fainted in shock.

“Young Master Song!” A captain recognized Song Zeming. Although at this time, Song Zeming’s handsome hairstyle had been burned completely in shock, and his clothes were very tattered, and his face was also black, the captain could still vaguely recognize him.

Compared with Song Zeming, Chen Hao was much better. Although the clothes on Chen Hao’s body had been completely burned, at least his hair had not been burned.

“Mr. Chen! What happened here!” The captain immediately realized that something was wrong. He quickly winked and several armed soldiers immediately surrounded them. At the same time, they looked around vigilantly.

“We found an attack!” Chen Hao said.

The captain immediately took a deep breath. Originally, he thought that Song Zeming’s car had self-destructed, but now Chen Hao’s words made him realize that someone had used a lethal weapon against them.

“Send the intelligence back immediately and report it to the center. The whole city is on alert!” The captain shouted to his subordinates.

The situation was indeed very serious. It was unimaginable for Huaxia to have someone outside the military to use anti- Needles equipment on the family members of the military. This kind of large-scale lethal weapon was rarely seen in Huaxia, but now it appeared and was used to attack the people, which was enough to attract their attention.

Needless to say, Cangyun City was directly guarded by the whole city. In order to hunt down those foreigners who had been poisoned, they had already used the police force to search the whole city. However, in the limelight, such a thing happened. It was simply challenging the bottom line of the Huaxia government.

Later, Song Zeming was sent back to the military region by Chen Hao. With Chen Hao there, Song Zeming didn’t even need to go to the hospital. Originally, under Chen Hao’s protection, Song Zeming didn’t suffer much harm. It was just because he was knocked out by the blast wave, and then there were some skin trauma. Chen Hao treated him, and he was cured in a few moves.

Not long after, Ye Ningxue and Ye Yunlong immediately followed Song Tianlin back to the military region.

“Chen Hao! How are you?” Ye Ningxue rushed to Chen Hao’s side. When she saw the bandage wrapped around Chen Hao’s right hand, her heart ached.

“It’s okay. It’s just because I released too much True Energy that my meridians are broken. I can recover after resting for a few days!” Chen Hao smiled slightly. If other practitioners’ meridians were broken, it would take a lot of effort to repair them. However, this kind of thing was not difficult for Chen Hao. He just needed to rest for a few days.

Compared to the injuries on his right hand, Chen Hao was more concerned about those who had attacked him. He knew that he needed to act this time around and eliminate them…

Chapter 48 The Special Forces of Celestial Empire

“Sister Ning Xue, you can stay in the military area with Uncle Ye for the next two days!” Chen Hao suddenly said to Ye Ningxue.

“Ah?” Ye Ningxue was confused. She did not understand why Chen Hao would suddenly say that.

Chen Hao raised his head and looked at Ye Ningxue, his eyes full of worry. “This attack must be aimed at me. I suspect that it was done by the previous killer organization. I guess the military will start a search and arrest operation soon. The military and I will take action together. We must catch them this time!”

There was also a reason why he thought so. This time, his opponent’s behavior had made Chen Hao nervous. If it weren’t for his strong reaction, he might have been killed by this attack by now. Although he was a cultivator, Chen Hao’s realm had not yet reached the level of being able to resist the anti- absolutely tank cannon, unless he had broken through to the Gold Core Realm.

However, even though Chen Hao had broken through to the Gold Core stage, he couldn’t stay by Ye Ningxue, Ye Yunlong, and the others’ side every day. Those killers were likely to attack Ye Ningxue and the others. Chen Hao could barely resist the anti- Needles tank cannon, but Ye Ningxue, Ye Yunlong, and the others couldn’t. If they encountered such an attack, they would definitely die.

Therefore, the top priority was to clean up all the members of the assassin organization in Cangyun City as soon as possible. Otherwise, those who were related to Chen Hao would be in danger all the time.

“Brother Chen, do you also want to take action with us?” The chief of the military region was also here. When he heard this, he immediately became excited.

The chief had already heard from several soldiers present that Chen Hao had rushed out of the fire and was able to escape from the anti- Needles tank without being seriously injured. After reaching his rank, he could already get to know some things about the Cultivation World, so he reacted immediately and knew that Chen Hao might be those mysterious cultivators.

Therefore, when he heard that Chen Hao was going to take action with them, he was naturally very happy. It was not only because he could see the mysterious cultivator’s means, but also because he was more confident in this action.

Chen Hao nodded in response to the military officer. This time, it involved the safety of Ye Ningxue and the others. Chen Hao couldn’t ignore it. He didn’t want to regret it until something happened.

“We have to wait a little longer!” At this time, a middle-aged man came in from the door.

Seeing this, the military chief immediately stood straight and saluted.

The person who entered was Song Zeming’s second uncle, the chief of the military region, Song Tianyang.

“Brother, how is Zeming?” Song Tianyang immediately asked Song Tianlin as soon as he entered the door. Song Tianyang had no children, so he treated Song Zeming like his own son at that time. Now that Song Zeming was attacked, he was naturally very angry.

“Thanks to the Little Miracle-working Doctor, otherwise, Zeming would have died this time!” Song Tianlin replied.

Naturally, Song Tianyang hurriedly thanked Chen Hao.

Chen Hao immediately shook his head. “You don’t have to thank me. These people came for me, but because they were with me, Brother Zeming was implicated. I should save him!”

Song Tianyang nodded and continued, “Brother Chen, you’re a cultivator, aren’t you? It’s great that you’re involved in this operation, but we still have to wait for some people.”

“Are you waiting for some people?”

As soon as Chen Hao finished speaking, a loud roar came from the square outside.

“They are coming!” Song Tianyang smiled.

Everyone immediately went out together. Chen Hao looked up and saw a super science fiction plane slowly descending from the air.

“That’s the most elite special forces in our country. The team members are completely made up of cultivators. Although there are not many people in this army, their individual combat capability is definitely the best among all the troops in our country.” As he said this, Song Tianyang was full of pride.

Hearing this, Chen Hao couldn’t help paying attention to it. These people who came down from the fighter jets were all cultivators. It was necessary to be powerful. Only the power of the country could gather so many cultivators in the domain of the Cultivation World!

After the plane stopped, five people immediately got off the plane. There were three men and two women. It seemed that they did not all go out, but only a few people came.

“Chief Song!” The leader of the five people seemed to be the captain of these five people, and he looked older than the other four people.

Chen Hao’s gaze swept over these five people. At the same time, he extended his mind to sense the realm of these five people.

It turned out that among these five people, except for the captain, the strength of the others had reached the Qi Refining Realm. The lowest level was at the middle stage of Qi Refining, while the captain had reached the Gold Core Realm.

Originally, Chen Hao could not see the cultivation of a cultivator in the Gold Core Realm with his Qi-refining Realm cultivation. However, he used his X-ray vision and saw a golden True Energy Pill floating in the captain’s Dantian. Only then did he know his realm.

These five people were also very sensitive. They immediately found that Chen Hao was observing them. Immediately, five people looked over at the same time.

“Hey, he is also a cultivator! Is he a rogue cultivator?” The captain immediately asked in confusion.

However, when the five of them were observing Chen Hao, they could only sense the fluctuation of True Energy on Chen Hao’s body. However, they did not know Chen Hao’s specific realm. In addition, Chen Hao suppressed the fluctuation of True Energy, so they subconsciously thought that Chen Hao was just a cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage.

“Oh! Meng, let me introduce you. This is Chen Hao, the Little Miracle-working Doctor Chen. He has excellent medical skills. He will also take action with us this time.”

“Divine doctor? Ha, a cultivator in the Foundation Realm can only play with him in front of ordinary people. How dare he call himself a divine doctor?” One of the two girls said.

Chen Hao looked at the girl and found that she was also very beautiful. Her realm was the lowest among the five people. She was in the middle stage of Qi Refining. Seeing Chen Hao looking at her, the girl was not afraid. She just stared straight at Chen Hao.

“Little Yu! Why are you so rude!” Captain Meng Zhongtian scolded the girl. Although he could feel that Chen Hao’s True Energy fluctuation was very weak, Meng Zhongtian had seen more things than the other four people. He knew very well that he could not judge a cultivator’s realm with only True Energy fluctuation. Moreover, he had a feeling that he could not see through Chen Hao, so Meng Zhongtian also valued Chen Hao very much.

“Brother Chen, please forgive me. This sister is young and has a bad temper!” Meng Zhongtian apologized to Chen Hao and introduced the other four to Chen Hao.

The people in this team were captain Meng Zhongtian and two other men. The one who looked elegant was called Shi Yifeng. The other was a strong man named Gong Ying. The other two girls, the one who had just ridiculed Chen Hao, was called Wu Tongyu. The other one was a cold goddess. Her appearance was slightly worse than Ye Ningxue’s, but after putting on the military uniform, she looked a little valiant and heroic. Her name was Liu Yun.

Chen Hao naturally introduced himself to them. Then they got on a military plane and left the military area with the fully armed army…

Chapter 49 A Domineering Come

After sitting in the same car as the five special forces team, Captain Meng Zhongtian told Chen Hao something.

Through Meng Zhongtian’s introduction, Chen Hao finally understood why these people would come to Cangyun City to participate in the military’s operation this time.

After all, people like them used to carry out all kinds of very dangerous tasks abroad. For example, in theory, this mission should not have been used by them.

“Among the killers who came to Cangyun City this time, they came from a world-famous killer organization, the Dark Night Underworld God!” Meng Zhongtian revealed such a message to Chen Hao.

According to Meng Zhongtian’s introduction, Chen Hao knew that there were a lot of members in the so-called Dark Night Underworld Killer Organization. However, their main target was not Huaxia, but the Middle East. In these places where the war was going on, whether it was about the assassination of military commanders or government personnel, most of them were involved.

This time, their appearance in Huaxia immediately aroused the government’s attention. After all, once this killer organization appeared, it meant that there would be turmoil in that place. In order to avoid such a situation, the government of Huaxia had to kill the other party’s conspiracy before it was ready. So this time they sent Meng Zhongtian and the other two people.

Since some foreign cultivators from their organization might be among the leaders of the Dark Night Underworld God who came to China this time, they also specially sent Meng Zhongtian, an expert in the Gold Core Realm, to watch over them in case of accidents.

“Brother Chen, I really admire your courage to stand out at such a dangerous moment.” Meng Zhongtian said. He was also a cultivator, so he knew that as a cultivator, he didn’t value ordinary people so much.

Some cultivators would not care even if they saw an ordinary person die in front of them, because the decline of the Cultivation World in the past thousand years and the rarity of cultivators had made the Cultivation World completely separate from the ordinary world. It also gave rise to the pride of looking down on ordinary people. In the eyes of some powerful cultivators, the lives of ordinary people were no longer important.

“Captain Meng, you flatter me!” Chen Hao replied. However, before he could finish his words, he was immediately interrupted by Wu Tongyu.

“Captain, you really think too highly of him. He’s just a rogue cultivator whose cultivation is lower than ours. It’s fine as long as he doesn’t drag us down in this operation. I really don’t understand why you agreed to let him come with us!” Wu Tongtong puffed her cheeks and said angrily, looking a little cute.

Meng Zhongtian also shook his head helplessly. Obviously, he also had a headache about this jumping rain. “Well, Xiaoyu, how high do you think your realm is? You’d better think about how to find those killers in the vast crowd later rather than compare them!”

When she heard this, she stuck out her tongue at Meng Zhongtian. After which, she glared at Chen Hao. She raised her small fist and waved it. After which, she leaned against Liu Yun and whispered to him. From time to time, she would turn her head and glance at Chen Hao. It seemed that she was speaking ill of Chen Hao.

Chen Hao also smiled helplessly. He did not really care about Wu Tong Yu’s words.

The car sped all the way and soon arrived at the center of Cangyun City.

The center of the city had been set up by the army, and it had temporarily become the temporary headquarters. Because they did not know where the killers were, and there was still a distance between the military region and the city. In order to achieve the fastest emergency, they had to set up camp in the center of the city.

Although the military and Cangyun municipal government had not made it clear about the operation this time, they just asked the citizens to stay away from school as much as possible. The school had stopped classes. The citizens felt the unusual atmosphere and became nervous. Now Cangyun City was no longer as prosperous as before, and the whole city was full of tension.

Chen Hao and the others went downstairs to a tent in the headquarters. Seeing that everyone in the tent was nervously adjusting various equipment, Chen Hao felt confused.

Although he said that he wanted to participate in the operation, Chen Hao did not know where they were at all.

“Do we need to find them by using other means?” Chen Hao was not very clear about these things. “It would be great if my master was here. He must find these people. It is not difficult to find them!”

While Chen Hao and the others were nervously searching for these killers, there were more than a dozen people standing in a dark room.

This room was not small. It was still very spacious for more than a dozen people to come in together, but among these people, there was another woman sitting in a chair.

The woman wore a feather mask, as if she was going to a fake ball, which made it hard for others to see her face clearly. However, through the half of her face, they could guess that the woman should be very beautiful.

“Mudon, you did a good thing this time!” The woman spoke in English, seemingly blaming him, but her tone was so calm.

However, these people all knew that this woman was already angry.

Morton was now covered in sweat, and his body was trembling. He was a killer who had killed countless people, yet he was so terrified that he was trembling. This was truly hard to believe, but everyone present felt that this was normal. They all knew exactly how terrifying this woman was.

Morton was now regretting it. He regretted that he hadn’t listened to Ferry at the beginning, why he couldn’t help himself and why he had to kill that guy with him. Now because of his actions, Cangyun City was in chaos. Their plan had completely failed. Even if they could escape from the encirclement of the Huaxia Army, their organization’s follow-up development in Huaxia had completely gone bankrupt.

“B-Boss, I’m sorry, I…I was wrong!” After saying that, he knelt down on the ground and even cried. When he thought of how much he had caused the loss to the organization, he was done for.

“Oh? You’re wrong?” The corners of the woman’s mouth lifted slightly. She was smiling, but the people around her felt scared. “Then you have to pay the price!”

As she spoke, the fake-faced woman waved her hand towards intentionally. Instantly, a wisp of green mist shot out from the center of the woman’s palm, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the space between her brows.

In the next second, he suddenly opened his eyes wide, and his eyes were bloodshot. He raised his head and opened his mouth wide, but there was no sound at all.

At the same time, the people around could see that his skin was quickly drying up. He was originally a strong man, but soon he became a skinny man.

Dong… With a muffled sound, he fell to the ground. At this time, he had lost his vitality.

At this time, the fake-faced woman waved her hand again. Immediately, a ball of green fog came out of Morton’s body and rushed toward the woman. If you looked carefully, you could see that the green fog was actually a pile of bugs!

The people around quickly avoided them, for fear of being touched by these insects.

“F*ck!” The woman turned to look at F*ck.

Ferry was so scared that he cried and knelt down on the ground, begging for mercy.

“Humph! A bunch of good-for-nothings. Although it’s not your suggestion this time, you’re also wrong. Let’s settle your accounts later. Let’s see how to deal with these soldiers of Celestial Empire and the organization called Qilin…”

Chapter 50 The Special Cultivation System

“Captain Meng, where can these instruments locate those killers?” Seeing that Meng Zhongtian and others were still holding these instruments, Chen Hao could not help asking. Although he had read a lot of books, he had never seen these instruments.

Meng Zhongtian nodded. “Brother Chen, it’s normal that you don’t know these things. This is the latest true essence detection device developed by our Qilin organization. It can capture the true essence fluctuations emitted by the human body. I have asked some soldiers to set them up everywhere in Cangyun City. As long as several true essence waves are detected there, we can find out where they are!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Hao couldn’t help but be shocked. Cultivators could easily sense something like true essence, but ordinary people couldn’t. But now, the person who invented this instrument could make the device detect the existence of true essence. It could be said that he had accomplished something unheard of. Maybe in the future, the person who invented this instrument could even study the method of using ordinary people to sense true essence. In this way, everyone could become a cultivator!

Although there was still a long way to go before the human body could sense the true essence from the instrument, and it also needed to overcome many difficulties, it was still possible.

Since Meng Zhongtian had a way to find the enemy, Chen Hao didn’t bother. He simply sat on the chair and began to adjust his state. This time Meng Zhongtian, a cultivator at the Gold Core stage, had come. It could be imagined that there must be cultivators of the same level among the enemies. Chen Hao had to adjust himself to the peak state to avoid unexpected situations.

Half an hour later, the instrument suddenly emitted a harsh sound. Meng Zhongtian and the others immediately stood up and were ready to move.

Chen Hao knew that they had found their traces, so he quickly followed Meng Zhongtian and others to get on the plane.

“There is a very strong fluctuation of True Energy in the other side. I guess he has reached the Gold-stage!” Meng Zhongtian said seriously. Then Meng Zhongtian began to arrange the strategy. However, when he heard Chen Hao’s words, he found that they did not include himself in it.

“What about me?” Chen Hao asked.

“Take good care of yourself. Don’t drag us down!” She said to Chen Hao.

However, Meng Zhongtian said to Chen Hao alone, “Brother Chen, the five of us have been carrying out missions together for many years. We already have a good tacit understanding with each other. Therefore, we didn’t count you in this strategy to prevent the tacit understanding between us from being broken. But if something happens later, I hope you can help us!”

Chen Hao naturally nodded in agreement. It was good that he did not arrange tasks for himself, and it would be much more convenient for him to move freely.

The plane sped all the way and soon reached its destination.

It turned out to be in a big iron shed. As a cultivator, the other side was willing to surrender to such a place. It could be imagined how big their plan was. Fortunately, they found it in time this time, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

“The Qilin army of Celestial Empire, I’ve heard a lot about it. Today, I see that you really live up to your reputation. You can find out where we are so soon!” As soon as Chen Hao and others got out of the cars, they heard the fluent Chinese from the gate of the big iron shed.

The crowd looked over and found that it was a woman with a mask who was speaking, followed by more than a dozen people.

However, most of these killers were ordinary killers. Including this woman with a mask, there were only seven of them. Among them, the lowest was at the peak of the Foundation Building Realm. In terms of combat capability, there was not much difference between them.

“A cultivator of the British system?” After seeing the other party, Meng Zhongtian said this sentence.

The so-called cultivators in the Chinese system were cultivators who practiced in the Chinese cultivation system. Of course, foreigners did not call themselves cultivators, which was just what Huaxia said.

In this world, there were a total of several cultivation systems, such as the cultivation system of China in Asia, the cultivation system of Europe in the Middle East, the cultivation system in the Middle East, the cultivation system in the Middle East, the Ao system in the Middle East, the Egypt system in the Middle East, and the cultivation system in the Middle East in the Middle East. These six systems were spread all over the world, and basically, the cultivators in the corresponding regions practiced in the corresponding system.

The masked woman and others seemed to be Europeans, so Meng Zhongtian guessed that they might be cultivators from the cultivation system of the Middle East.

“Haha, it’s said that your cultivation system is the best among all the systems. Today, let’s see which one is better, your system or our system!” The masked woman said, and then she signaled with her eyes. The six people behind her rushed toward Meng Zhongtian and others.

As for those ordinary killers, they could do nothing in such a battle. They could only stand in the back and watch the battle.

Wu Tongyu and the others immediately stepped forward to fight the enemy, but Meng Zhongtian didn’t move. He could see that the masked woman’s realm was the highest, and she had reached the Gold Core Realm. The two of them had to restrict each other’s actions. Otherwise, once a cultivator in the Gold Core Realm interfered in the battle, a cultivator in the Qi Refining Realm couldn’t fight at all, so the two of them were the key to decide the direction of the battle.

However, Chen Hao frowned as he looked at the masked woman and the others. Due to the Heavenly Doctor’s True Energy, his ability to sense things was stronger than Meng Zhongtian and the others. Therefore, Chen Hao could faintly sense that there was still a fluctuation of the Gold Core Realm in this place. Moreover, it was not emitted by this masked woman. However, Chen Hao activated his X-ray vision and did not see anything.

This made Chen Hao very confused. However, seeing that the two sides had begun to fight, Chen Hao had no time to think too much and quickly joined the battle.

“You liar doctor! What are you doing here!” Wu Tongyu suddenly shouted.

Chen Hao was speechless. What else could he do here? Of course, he had to protect Wu Tong, who was only in the middle stage of Qi Refining Realm.

“Hurry up and deal with that Foundation Building Realm cultivator. Don’t tell me you can’t even beat a mid-stage Foundation Building Realm cultivator, right?” Said Wu Tongyu with a look of disdain.

“You still have the mood to talk so much in a fight with the enemy? Do you want to die?” While speaking, Chen Hao suddenly slapped out a white cultivator to resolve the attack of Wu Tongtong. Chen Hao could see that this Wu Tongtong had the least combat experience. Otherwise, she would not have come here to help her.

Seeing this, she blushed and snorted angrily. Then she focused on her opponent and said, “I’ll show you skills that you rogue cultivators have never learned!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she could see a purple light blooming on her body. A purple light appeared behind her, and a powerful aura immediately emanated from her body…

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