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Chapter 11 The Last Line

Looking at Zhang Hengzhi, who was lying on the side of the road twitching, Chen Hao clapped his hands easily, but he still looked like he was not satisfied.

“The guy with kidney deficiency can’t be beaten. It’s just a warm-up, but I can’t bear it. It’s worse than a wild boar in the mountain!” After that, Chen Hao swaggered back to the jewelry shop.

The tragic Zhang Hengzhi had been beaten like a pig’s head. He probably couldn’t even recognize his mother when he went home like this.

What made Zhang Hengzhi even more upset was that he had become the target of the onlookers. These people took out their mobile phones, took photos or recorded them. Some of them even had a faster number of people, and added a B-list to Zhang Hengzhi. These photos were quickly uploaded to the Internet. In the forum of Cangyun City, Zhang Heng’s circle instantly became an online celebrity.

Although Zhang Hengzhi used to be a little famous in Cangyun City with his identity, it was only limited to the business circle. As for ordinary people, who would recognize Zhang Hengzhi? But with this incident, Zhang Hengzhi became famous. But now, Zhang Hengzhi hoped that all the netizens could not recognize him. Unfortunately, the netizens were so powerful that they soon showed Zhang Hengzhi to others. Then various ghostly videos appeared one after another.

Of course, as one of the people involved, Chen Hao was naturally paid attention to. The reason why people were so fascinated by the video of Zhang Hengzhi’s beating was mostly because of Chen Hao’s powerful skills in the video. Even those who didn’t know martial arts could see Chen Hao’s strength. It could be seen how powerful Chen Hao was.

However, it was unknown whether Chen Hao did it on purpose or not. Most of the videos were about his back, which added some mystery to Chen Hao and made everyone guess Chen Hao’s real identity.

These were all the latter words.

When Chen Hao finished Zhang Hengzhi and returned to the jewelry shop, he happened to see Ye Ningxue looking at him with a stunned face. Chen Hao didn’t know Zhang Hengzhi’s identity, but Ye Ningxue and some shop assistants in the jewelry shop knew it well. Although it was really satisfying to see the annoying Zhang Hengzhi being beaten by Chen Hao, when they thought of Zhang Hengzhi’s identity, they couldn’t help worrying about Chen Hao.

“Chen Hao! Hurry up and run! You can’t afford to offend Zhang Hengzhi. If you beat him like this now, he will definitely come to revenge on you. You should hide now and wait until you are out of the limelight!” The kind-hearted Liu Xin quickly walked to Chen Hao and reminded him in a low voice.

Chen Hao shook his head with a smile. “Don’t worry, Liu Xin. He can’t do anything to me. I can deal with him with one hand. I’m not afraid of him!” Chen Hao said. What he said was true, but it sounded like bragging. After all, it was like an ant could defeat an elephant with one hand. How could they believe such a thing?

Chen Hao did have such an ability, but no one believed it.

Looking at Chen Hao’s carefree look, Liu Xin couldn’t help feeling angry. When she was about to say something more, Ye Ningxue spoke.

“Alright, I’ll settle this matter. All of you should go back to work!” Ye Ningxue said helplessly. No matter what, it was all because of her. No matter from the perspective of a boss or a friend, she had to help Chen Hao.

Since Ye Ningxue had spoken, no one could say anything else. They were secretly guessing the relationship between Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue.

After that, the jewelry store was restored to order. Chen Hao did not care about how Zhang Hengzhi left in the end. As for the so-called revenge of Zhang Hengzhi, Chen Hao did not care about it at all.

When they got off work, they didn’t see Zhang Hengzhi’s revenge. Instead, they waited for Tang Shirou.

As soon as the hot-tempered policewoman stepped into the jewelry shop, she glared at Chen Hao. However, when she looked at Chen Hao, she couldn’t help but think of what had happened this morning and couldn’t help blushing again.

“Hey! Big cow!” Chen Hao raised his hand and greeted. Hearing this, Tang Shirou’s face instantly darkened.

“Who are you calling the big cow?” Tang Shirou slammed the table angrily and roared, which directly attracted the attention of the people around her.

Tang Shirou was so angry that her hands were on the table. A pair of round circles in front of her were violently undulating because of anger. Even the tight police uniform could not restrain her. Chen Hao called her big cow. Tang Shirou was worthy of such a title.

“All right, Shirou!” Ye Ningxue walked down and looked at Chen Hao and Tang Shirou, who met each other the moment they met. Ye Ningxue could not help but feel a headache again. “Let’s go, let’s go eat! I’m starving!”

Tang Shirou had no choice but to give up after hearing Ye Ningxue’s words. However, her eyes were still glaring at Chen Hao, as if she wanted to swallow him alive. Chen Hao once again suspected that she was a goblin.

The three of them got into Ye Ningxue’s car and drove toward the restaurant.

“It’s settled. You can move out tonight. This meal can be regarded as a farewell!” Tang Shi said in a tone full of resentment.

“I know, I know!” Chen Hao smiled and agreed. This did not really matter.

However, just as he nodded, Chen Hao inadvertently glanced at the rearview mirror, and then his face became a little serious.

Ye Ningxue, who was careful, noticed the change in Chen Hao’s expression and said apologetically, “What’s wrong, Chen Hao? Are you angry?”

Chen Hao did not answer Ye Ningxue’s question directly. Instead, he turned his head and looked behind him. At the same time, he activated his X-ray vision.

The three cars behind him were directly seen through, and some of them were seen by Chen Hao.

“This fellow actually followed us!” Chen Hao muttered.

Yes, there were more than a dozen people in the cars behind, and there were a pile of steel pipes. Among these people, there was Zhang Hengzhi.

These cars followed Ye Ningxue as soon as she left the jewelry shop. At that time, Chen Hao did not pay attention to them. But after crossing several streets, Chen Hao noticed that these cars were following them.

“Someone is following us?” Tang Shirou also realized it, and then her face became serious. It had to be said that when Tang Shirou became serious, she even looked a little heroic.

“It’s just a small fish. Don’t worry.” Chen Hao waved his hand with ease. At first, he thought it was someone, but when he saw Zhang Heng, he relaxed.

However, Ye Ningxue frowned. She then took the phone in her hand, as if she was about to contact someone.

The distance between the restaurant and the jewelry shop was not far. Soon, Ye Ningxue heard the parking lot of the restaurant. Zhang Hengzhi and the others naturally followed in.

In the car, Ye Ningxue had planned to ask Chen Hao not to go out first, but before she could say anything, Chen Hao had already opened the car door and went to meet Zhang Hengzhi in person…

Chapter 12 The Strange Man in the Police

“This boy…” Seeing that Chen Hao did not avoid him, but walked toward him, Zhang Hengzhi, who was sitting in the car, suddenly had a bad feeling.

However, looking at the dozen fierce hatchet men around him, Zhang Heng calmed down a little when he thought that they were all hired from the biggest gang in Cangyun City and were all fierce characters in the underworld.

“Get out of the car!” Zhang Hengzhi shouted. With his order, the doors of several cars around opened quickly, and then more than a dozen thugs rushed out of the cars.

The originally quiet parking lot suddenly became lively. The security guards of the restaurant naturally noticed this situation, but when they saw that Zhang Heng’s group didn’t seem to be good people, these ordinary security guards understood. They were afraid that some childe was teaching them a lesson. For this kind of thing, they just pretended not to see it.

Seeing more than a dozen people surround him in an instant, Chen Hao remained calm.

“Kid, do you still remember me?” Zhang Hengzhi walked out from behind the thugs. There were several band-aids on his face. Although he was much better, the bruises on his face were still there.

“So it’s you!” Chen Hao had long known that Zhang Hengzhi had called him here, but he was still very cooperative and made a surprised look.

Zhang Hengzhi’s heart was filled with joy at Chen Hao’s reaction. However, before he could enjoy himself, Chen Hao’s next words had directly beaten him until he was badly injured.

“Mister trash can, could it be that you have suffered a few more times after being beaten by me today? I think that you have put in a lot of effort. You know that you are not strong enough to beat me alone. You have even called so many sandbags to loosen my muscles and bones!” Chen Hao’s eyes swept around him as he spoke. Chen Hao was completely unconcerned about these so called thugs.

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, these thugs were enraged before Zhang Heng could say anything.

In the past, when they went out to do business, they would beat others half to death and beg for mercy. But now in the eyes of Chen Hao, these thugs became punching bags for him. For those violent thugs, they felt as uncomfortable as feeding them flies.

“Boy! Do you know that the person who said this to us last time is already two meters tall?” A thug stared at Chen Hao fiercely and said. At the same time, he began to look around Chen Hao, thinking about which part of Chen Hao should be interrupted first.

“Don’t talk nonsense with him! Go ahead and beat him hard as long as he can’t be killed!” Zhang Hengzhi roared. Just now, he was called “Sir of the trash can” by Chen Hao, which reminded him of the incident that he was beaten half dead by Chen Hao and thrown into the trash can in front of the jewelry shop.

For people like Zhang Hengzhi, the most important thing was the so-called dignity and face. However, today, the so-called face of Zhang Heng had been trampled on by Chen Hao, which made Zhang Hengzhi hate Chen Hao to the core.

After receiving Zhang Hengzhi’s order, these hatchet men, who were itching to fight, immediately took action. They grabbed the steel pipes in their hands tightly and then rushed toward Chen Hao.

At this time, Ye Ningxue and Tang Shirou, who were still in the car, were very anxious. Originally, according to Ye Ningxue’s plan, she wanted to stay in the car for a while and wait for the person she called to arrive. However, before she could say anything, Chen Hao had already opened the door and walked out. At this time, he was going to fight with the other party. Looking at the dozen people opposite her, she knew that they were trained. They were holding steel pipes in their hands. So many people surrounded and beat Chen Hao together. They had to beat Chen Hao badly!

Tang Shirou was also very anxious at the moment. Although she began to quarrel with Chen Hao as soon as she saw him, looking like an enemy, Tang Shirou was also anxious when she saw that Chen Hao might be beaten into a vegetable. Seeing that those people had taken action, Tang Shirou couldn’t help but run out of Ye Ningxue’s car.

After Tang Shirou left Ye Ningxue’s car, she immediately pulled out her gun from her waist and shouted, “Don’t move! Police!”

After Tang Shirou’s shout, the dozen or so people Zhang Hengzhi called over were stunned. The momentum that they were about to attack also stopped.

The police actually appeared and held guns. Although they were in the underworld and had done many illegal things, they did it in secret. On the surface, they couldn’t go against the police, so these people were in trouble at this time. On one hand, they were the employer Zhang Hengzhi, and on the other, they were the police. They were hesitating about what to do.

“Humph! Mind your own business.” Zhang Hengzhi snorted. “Beat her. So what if she’s a policeman? If she dares to stop me, I’ll beat her as well! I’ll take responsibility if something happens!”

With Zhang Hengzhi’s words, these thugs were relieved. They knew Zhang Hengzhi’s identity very well. In Cangyun City, it was not an exaggeration to say that Zhang Hengzhi’s power covered the sky. As long as he was in Cangyun City, no police could do anything to him.

So these thugs rushed to Chen Hao again and completely ignored Tang Shirou.

Tang Shirou was shocked. She had never encountered such a situation. Although she knew that the rich second generation officials bullied people with their power, it was the first time that she had encountered someone who dared to be so presumptuous in front of the police and ignored the law.

However, Chen Hao frowned slightly at this time, because he had activated his X-ray vision just now to observe the movements of these ten or so hatchet men. The moment Tang Shi appeared, Chen Hao noticed that a hatchet man suddenly became excited. Although this hatchet man was trying to hide his emotions, he could not hide it from Chen Hao’s X-ray vision.

Even under the observation of his X-ray vision, Chen Hao found that the hatchet man, who had suddenly become strange, was also wearing a small pistol!

Gun, this kind of thing was strictly prohibited in Huaxia. Although these thugs came out to fight, they didn’t use guns. The heads of these dozen hatchet men didn’t have guns, but they found guns on this less conspicuous man. Thinking about it carefully, it seemed that this guy with guns was not simple.

Chen Hao observed the attacks of this group of thugs while observing the strange fighter’s movements. Sure enough, Chen Hao found that something was wrong.

Although the hatchet man with strange movements seemed to be rushing at Chen Hao, Chen Hao found that his attention was more on Tang Shirou through his X-ray vision. In other words, the target of the hatchet man was actually Tang Shirou, and he was very likely to use a gun!

“The big cow is in danger!” Chen Hao raised his eyebrows and immediately rushed straight to Tang Shirou.

At this moment, the hatchet man with a strange movement also took out the miniature pistol from his back…

Chapter 13 Tang Shirou’s Enemy

“Oh no!” Seeing that the thug had taken out the miniature pistol from behind his waist, Chen Hao’s heart suddenly sank.

Although Tang Shirou also held a gun in her hand and the muzzle had always been pointed at these people, the situation at the scene was far beyond Tang Shirou’s expectation. Originally, she thought it was just a fight, but she didn’t expect that even a gun could be used.

Without thinking too much, a faint white fog immediately rose from Chen Hao’s body. However, everyone’s attention was not on this, so they did not notice it at all. Moreover, even if they did discover it, no one would pay attention to this mysterious white fog.

The white fog that emerged from Chen Hao’s body was actually the manifestation of Chen Hao’s “Heavenly Physician’s Internal Canon” to the extreme. Because he was currently only in the Qi Refining Realm and could not release his True Qi. Therefore, when he ran the cultivation method with all his strength, the Heaven and Earth could produce a little white fog, which was already the limit.

Chen Hao, whose strength had been raised to the peak, looked at the movement of the hatchet man with a gun and suddenly felt very slow. In fact, time was still passing by at a normal speed. However, Chen Hao’s ability to capture the scene and his reaction ability to the brain had been improved very quickly, so the movement of the hatchet man was as slow as a snail in Chen Hao’s eyes.

Chen Hao took advantage of this opportunity to swiftly charge forward. His current speed had already exceeded the limits of an ordinary person. In the eyes of others, Chen Hao appeared to have merely shook his body a little. After which, he appeared in front of the person with a gun for some unknown reason. After which, he directly kicked out and struck the person’s chest.

The sound of bones cracking like beans was heard. The hatchet man flew out directly. At the same time, his chest had been deeply sunken. No one knew how many ribs Chen Hao had broken.

Dong! With a muffled sound, the hatchet man was kicked to the ground. Chen Hao slowly withdrew his foot and glanced at the other ten or so hatchet men.

These thugs were frightened by Chen Hao’s stare. They shrank their necks and even retreated quickly, worrying that they would end up like their brother if they retreated too late.

In fact, for these thugs, they were also very surprised. Although they had done a lot of immoral things and often helped people to fight, they never carried guns. This was the strict rule of their leaders, so even the small leaders of these thugs did not know that their subordinates were carrying guns!

Of course, they were even more shocked by Chen Hao’s skills. Forget about anything else, just from Chen Hao’s kick, they could tell that even if more than ten of them were to attack him together, it was likely that they would not be Chen Hao’s match. Instead, they would be killed by Chen Hao instead.

Therefore, when Chen Hao glared at them, these hatchet men who were full of arrogance just now instantly became cowards. Their arrogant attitude had long disappeared.

“Get lost!” Chen Hao said in a low voice.

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, the group of thugs cried bitterly in their hearts. They still bowed and thanked Chen Hao, and then followed him one by one. They ran faster than rabbits.

As for the hatchet man who was kicked down by Chen Hao, no one dared to care about him at all, because after Chen Hao finished his words, he went straight to the hatchet man.

The hatchet man was seriously injured. He was still spitting out blood from his mouth, and his pupils were enlarged. It was estimated that his broken ribs had pierced many of his organs.

“He… he is not going to die… Chen Hao, you… you killed someone?” Tang Shirou had also recovered at this time. Then she rushed to Chen Hao’s side. When she saw the thug who was kicked away by Chen Hao, she was shocked.

After all, Tang Shirou was a policeman. Although when she saw the thug take out a pistol to shoot her, she knew that the thug’s background was absolutely not clean, it was still somewhat unacceptable for her to kill him without permission.

“Don’t worry!” Chen Hao didn’t care at all. He stretched out his right hand and quickly tapped several acupuncture points on the hatchet man’s body. The technique was very mysterious and fast. Even Tang Shirou couldn’t tell what Chen Hao had done.

However, if it were a knowledgeable cultivator present, he would definitely be shocked to say the three words “Soul Sealing Finger” when he saw Chen Hao’s technique.

The so-called Soul Sealing Finger, as its name implied, sealed a person’s soul, whether it was the soul of a living person or the soul of a dying person.

Chen Hao used the Soul-sealing Finger to lock the soul of the hatchet man in his body. This guy could not die in a short time.

“Tell me! Who are you? Why are you targeting this big cow? If I remember correctly, your target should be me!” Chen Hao said in a deep voice. Although he usually looked kind and easy to talk to, once Chen Hao became serious, he felt like he had changed. His temperament, aura, and even his habit of speaking would change.

“Ahem… Now that things have come to this, I have nothing to hide. Hehe, this woman should be Tang Shirou!” With Chen Hao’s help, the thug had barely managed to hold his breath. At this time, he was struggling to open his eyes. Staring at Tang Shirou, he said, “The reason why I targeted her like this is that my father, Tang Anguo, personally arrested my younger brother and sent him to court. I want to let this old guy, Tang Anguo, also experience the pain of losing his loved ones!”

“That’s it?” Chen Hao’s face was calm. Although it was the first time for him to walk out of the mountains, he had read a lot of ancient books. This kind of thing had happened since ancient times when the criminal’s relatives hated the government because of being arrested. For such a person, Chen Hao could only say, “You deserve to die. What you did and what you did must be related!”

At this time, the hatchet man suddenly laughed wildly. “Come on! Give me a quick death! Kill me or do whatever you want!”

“I won’t kill you. As long as I’m here, you won’t die for the time being.” After saying this, Chen Hao ignored this guy and looked at Tang Shirou.

Tang Shirou’s expression was a little complicated, but she still called the police directly. After five minutes, there were two police cars. An ambulance drove over and then took the thug away.

As for what happened next, Chen Hao had no interest in paying attention to it. After briefly explaining the situation, Chen Hao followed Ye Ningxue and Tang Shirou into the restaurant.

However, Ye Ningxue and Tang Shirou’s expressions were a bit strange. This was because when they saw the silly Chen Hao, it was really difficult for them to connect him with the cold-faced Chen Hao who had just kicked him away.

After many discussions, the two women finally reached a conclusion…

Chen Hao’s heart was very dark!

Chapter 14 Thank You

At the dining table, Tang Shirou looked at Chen Hao, who was having a big meal. For the first time, she felt that her world outlook had been refreshed.

“Is this guy… reincarnated from a hungry ghost?” Tang Shi opened her mouth and stared at Chen Hao in surprise. Looking at the dozen empty bowls in front of Chen Hao, she couldn’t believe what she had seen if she hadn’t pinched her beautiful legs and confirmed that she was not dreaming.

Chen Hao had surprised her too much…

“Why don’t you eat?” Chen Hao raised his head, which was rare for him. He was still chewing on the meat in his mouth and said vaguely.

Ye Ningxue, who had already eaten with Chen Hao once, was fine. She was not as shocked as Tang Shirou.

“It’s okay. I don’t eat much. Is it enough for you? How many more?” Ye Ningxue said.

“Give me more!” Tang Shirou made an incredulous voice. “Are you a pig in your previous life? I’ll call you a good-for-nothing in the future! I really doubt whether you’ve had enough since you were a child…”

Upon hearing Tang Shirou’s words, tears welled up in Chen Hao’s eyes…

“I’ve lived in the Taoist temple since I was a child. I depended on my master for survival. The mountain is high and the road is long. There are few incense in the Taoist temple, so I don’t eat much. I also competed with my master for food. I got big from childhood… I really didn’t eat enough, until I met Sister Ning Xue…” Chen Hao said in a tearful voice. He almost didn’t stand on the stage. Otherwise, he would be a member of the worse competition.

“Er… Well, forget what I said!” Tang Shirou was speechless and had to lower her head to grab a bite of rice. But soon she raised her head again and stared at Chen Hao again. Her face suddenly turned red.

Tang Shirou opened her mouth and seemed to want to say something, but she couldn’t make a sound. After a long time, she gritted her teeth and whispered, “Why don’t you stop moving out and live in the villa in the future?”

There was a reason why Tang Shirou changed her mind and refused to let Chen Hao move out. The biggest reason was that Chen Hao saved Tang Shirou from the man with a gun when he was dealing with the thugs Zhang Hengzhi called.

At that time, Tang Shirou was very clear about it. If Chen Hao had not shown his great power at the critical moment and used his powerful skills to subdue the criminal, she would have been a cold corpse by now.

Humans were not plants. How could they be ruthless? It was impossible to say no gratitude to be saved by Chen Hao. That was why Tang Shirou changed her mind and said those words.

“Hmm? Big cow, what did you say?” Chen Hao tried hard to swallow the rice in his mouth before continuing to speak. Tang Shirou’s voice was so low that he really didn’t hear it.

“…” Tang Shirou immediately glared at Chen Hao and then continued, “I said you don’t need to move out. You can live in the villa in the future. Don’t think too much. I just want you to teach me because you are good at martial arts!”

“Really? That’s great!” It was Ye Ningxue who said these words. Hearing Tang Shirou’s words, she was so excited that she exclaimed, which really shocked Chen Hao and Tang Shirou.

In the face of Tang Shirou’s confused eyes, Ye Ningxue also smiled awkwardly and did not explain. She just smiled and drank juice.

Chen Hao was very happy to know that he didn’t have to move out. After all, compared with the outside world, Ye Ningxue’s family was indeed better. Not to mention anything else, even the bed was more comfortable than the outside.

If Chen Hao’s idea was known to other men, they might be angry and want to knock out Chen Hao and then replace him. Living with two beautiful women, the first thing Chen Hao thought of was that the bed was more comfortable. This bed was not the key! Beautiful women! Beautiful women were the key!

However, Chen Hao said that the first thing he thought of was indeed the bed.

After dinner, the three of them returned home together.

The security guard at the gate of the villa area looked at the two beautiful women on both sides of Chen Hao and immediately wailed in his heart. He had worked here for a long time, so he naturally knew Tang Shi, Ye Ningxue, and even knew that they were single.

But now, these two beautiful women brought a man home at the same time. No matter what kind of relationship they had, even if it was in the eyes of the security guard, it had something to do with them.

Looking at Chen Hao’s appearance, it was not very beautiful. The security guard even thought that he was more beautiful than Chen Hao, but why did these two beautiful women choose Chen Hao instead of him?

The security guard roared at the injustice of heaven. Unfortunately, no matter how he roared, Chen Hao, Ye Ning, Xue, and Tang Shirou had already returned to the door of the house, and then opened the door and walked into the house together.

After returning home, the first thing the beauty had to do was to rush to take a shower. Chen Hao did not care. Instead, he returned to his room, sat cross-legged on the bed, and began to run the Genuine Qi in his body.

This was the first time he had used all his strength since he came to Cangyun City. Although his opponent was very weak, he could defeat him with just one kick. However, he could force Chen Hao to completely unseal his cultivation, which meant that he was no longer simple.

“On the surface, I don’t seem to have many rivals in Cangyun City. However, with the help of modern technology, many ordinary people can still find opportunities to hurt me. It seems that modern cities are not so simple!” Chen Hao frowned and thought.

Then, Chen Hao ran the Internal Canon of Heavenly Medicine and began to inhale and exhale the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. At this moment, Chen Hao suddenly found something amazing.

There seemed to be a special energy in the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi!

When Chen Hao first came to Cangyun City, he almost didn’t use any True Qi. Although he had used his True Qi to heal himself before, the True Qi he used was relatively less than this battle.

Therefore, when Chen Hao refined the Spiritual Qi to restore his Genuine Qi, he found that there was a little bit of hope in the Spiritual Qi in this city. Although it was not Spiritual Qi, it could get more Genuine Qi than Spiritual Qi by refining it.

Previously, Chen Hao had consumed little True Qi and recovered very quickly, so he did not notice it. But now that he had refined the Spiritual Qi, he immediately discovered it.

Chen Hao quickly stopped refining and stared at the new Genuine Qi flow in his body carefully. It gathered with the Genuine Qi cluster in his Dantian. After nothing unusual happened, Chen Hao opened his eyes.

“It seems that this modern city is not simple… Or it can be said that Cangyun City is not simple. The reason why my master asked me to come here may be that he has other intentions…” Chen Hao thought to himself, but he could not figure out why…

Chapter 15 A Girl’s Friend

The whole night was silent. The next morning, after eating the breakfast bought by Ye Ningxue, Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue went to the jewelry store together, while Tang Shirou went to work on her own. Although Tang Shirou was only a policeman, if she thought that this woman had no money, she would make a mistake. How could Ye Ningxue’s best friend have no background?

Besides, Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue came to the jewelry shop together, which naturally attracted the attention of many shop assistants in the jewelry shop.

Every time they saw Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue getting out of the same car, these people couldn’t help but guess the relationship between Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue. However, neither of them took the initiative to say it. No matter how curious they were, they didn’t dare to ask.

“Sister Liu Xin, what happened to you today?” Chen Hao, who came to the jewelry store, saw Liu Xin’s abnormal expression at a glance.

At this time, Liu Xin’s face was a little pale, and she seemed to be in pain. She was still holding her lower abdomen with one hand and sitting in the chair at the counter, but she was a little restless.

“I’m fine!” Liu Xin forced a smile, but the smile was uglier than bitterness.

This attracted Ye Ningxue’s attention.

“What’s wrong, Xiaoliu? Are you feeling unwell? Why don’t you go home and rest for a few days?” Ye Ningxue looked at Liu Xin carefully for a moment and roughly understood what was wrong with Liu Xin.

There was no other way. They were both women, so Ye Ningxue naturally knew that every normal girl had a few days of suffering every month. However, some girls were more violent, while others were not.

Therefore, Ye Ningxue knew at a glance that Liu Xin was her relative who came to visit her again.

But we didn’t know our Chen Hao’s shoes! Although Chen Hao’s Chinese medicine skills were very good and it was easy for him to read, he could only see the pain in Liu Xin’s belly. It was not very comfortable, but he didn’t know the most serious problem. Therefore, in the heart of a doctor, Chen Hao’s shoes naturally needed to be asked with concern.

“Sister Liu Xin, if you have any discomfort, you can tell me. I don’t dare to say that my medical skills are the best in the world, but there must be one second one. I will help you with the treatment. I guarantee that there will be no problem!” Chen Hao said with a serious face. Of course, he was telling the truth. In Chen Hao’s view, the best in the world was his master. His cultivation was not as high as his master’s, so it was normal that he could only be the second best in the world.

However, it was not normal for others to hear it. Now in the whole world, which doctor dared to say that his medical skills were second in the world? In modern society, medical equipment was the most important thing. Doctors were just an individual person. Of course, this was the idea of ordinary people’s society, and it was not suitable for Chen Hao, who was like an independent existence.

“Thank you! But I’m really fine.” Liu Xin forced a smile, but her eyes were already a little impatient. “Brothers, we all know that women are not very good-tempered in the past few days. Now Chen Hao is so persistent with Liu Xin, she will naturally be angry.”

Even Ye Ningxue couldn’t stand it anymore and said, “Well, Chen Hao, don’t get involved. Go, go, don’t hinder Xiaoliu’s rest.”

“Sister Ning Xue! I can really treat her!” Chen Hao frowned and was a little angry. His master once said that he could look down on them, but he couldn’t look down on their medical skills. The descendant of the inner Canon of the heavenly doctor must be a miracle doctor. He couldn’t allow his medical skills to be questioned.

With this, Chen Hao directly grabbed Liu Xin’s arm and began to feel her pulse. Liu Xin was shocked and wanted to struggle, but how could her strength compare with Chen Hao’s? No matter how Liu Xin struggled, she could not break free.

“I’m wondering why you’re acting like this!” A male shop assistant in the jewelry shop spoke. This male shop assistant was still rather good-looking. When he first came to work in the jewelry shop, he had once dreamed of pursuing Ye Ningxue, but in the end, he was rejected. Fortunately, Ye Ningxue was magnanimous and kind-hearted, so he did not expel him.

However, in the male clerk’s heart, she still had some thoughts about Ye Ningxue. In the past two days, she saw Chen Hao getting out of the same car as Ye Ningxue, and Chen Hao called her sister Ning Xue so intimately, which naturally made the male clerk deeply jealous. He had long wanted to find trouble with Chen Hao, but he had never had a chance. Now seeing Chen Hao forcibly holding Liu Xin’s hand, the male clerk immediately rushed over as if she had been injected with chicken blood.

“F*ck you!” The male clerk roared and then directly slapped Chen Hao’s arm.

However, how could this male clerk be a match for Chen Hao? Chen Hao directly raised his left hand and grabbed the female clerk’s arm quickly. Then, he directly threw her away and then glared at the male clerk.

Feeling the murderous look in Chen Hao’s eyes, the male clerk immediately gave in. She did not dare to go forward again, but she still said unwillingly, “What are you so arrogant about? You are just a fucking security guard. What’s the use of strength? Scum is rubbish! I don’t believe that you can have any medical skills! I think you just want to take advantage of Liu Xin. You are a scum in society!”

The male clerk’s scolding was very harsh. Chen Hao had no grudge against him. His scolding made many people in the shop uncomfortable. Even Ye Ningxue frowned and took a deep look at the male clerk. There was some hostility in her eyes.

However, Chen Hao didn’t care too much. When doctors practiced medicine, they had to be quiet. After all, it was not easy to diagnose a patient. A slight mistake might kill the patient. The male clerk came to disturb Chen Hao, which made Chen Hao very unhappy.

After feeling Liu Xin’s pulse, Chen Hao also understood Liu Xin’s problem. It was just because of the pain caused by Gong Han.

“It’s just a small problem!” Chen Hao smiled and then took out a silver needle to prick several acupuncture points on Liu Xin’s hand. At the same time, he also injected some True Qi into Liu Xin’s body.

Liu Xin suddenly felt a burst of warmth in her lower abdomen, and then the pain gradually disappeared, and soon the pain disappeared.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore!” Liu Xin exclaimed in surprise.

Hearing Liu Xin’s voice, everyone in the jewelry store was shocked, especially the women in the jewelry store.

It should be noted that most of the female employees in this shop were female employees. As long as it was a woman, she would more or less have a little cervical disease. When these girls who were troubled by the consumeal disease saw that Chen Hao had such a magical method, their eyes were shining. They couldn’t wait to rush up and help Chen Hao.

However, Chen Hao took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote down a prescription. He handed it to Liu Xin and said, “Sister Liu Xin, go grab the medicine according to this prescription and boil it for three days. There won’t be such a problem in the future!”

Liu Xin accepted it happily. Although she didn’t know a lot of medicine in the prescription, it didn’t matter. She had been troubled by this problem for a long time. Now that it was solved by Chen Hao in a few moves, she was naturally very happy.

Then, the girls in the jewelry store went crazy. All of them ran over to help Chen Hao with his illness. Finally, they lined up.

The male clerk, who had begun to mock Chen Hao, had a dark expression on her face. This scene was as though he had been slapped in the face again.

Chapter 16 The Examination

One day, Chen Hao spent the whole day treating the girls in the jewelry shop.

The fast- series life in modern cities more or less made these girls have some minor problems, but now after Chen Hao’s treatment, these minor problems were all solved.

Seeing that it was already noon, Ye Ningxue walked out of the office and came to Chen Hao’s table.

“Let’s go, Chen Hao. Let’s have lunch together!” Ye Ningxue said.

Chen Hao nodded in agreement and left the jewelry shop with Ye Ningxue.

After entering Ye Ningxue’s car, Ye Ningxue did not drive immediately.

“What’s wrong, Sister Ning?” Chen Hao asked in confusion. He turned his head and saw that Ye Ningxue was blushing. She seemed to want to say something, but she was too embarrassed to say it and did not dare to look directly at Chen Hao.

After making up her mind, Ye Ningxue took a deep breath, blushed, lowered her head and said in a low voice, “Chen Hao, can… Can you also help me with my illness?”

It turned out that Ye Ningxue had seen how Chen Hao treated those shop assistants in the jewelry shop today. They were both girls. Ye Ningxue had wanted Chen Hao to see her for a long time, but she was too embarrassed to say anything. Now that they were alone in the car, Ye Ningxue said her request.

Chen Hao smiled. “I thought it was a big deal. No problem!”

As he spoke, Chen Hao grabbed Ye Ningxue’s thin hand and began to feel her pulse.

Ye Ningxue’s skin was really good. Even Chen Hao, a wooden head, couldn’t help but be moved the moment he touched Ye Ningxue’s small hand.

Not to mention Ye Ningxue herself. She had never been touched by another man since she was a child. Now, as soon as she was grabbed by Chen Hao, her already flushed face became redder. She could only whisper in her heart that Chen Hao was just a doctor. She hoped that she would not be so embarrassed mentally.

Very quickly, Chen Hao managed to detect some of Ye Ningxue’s minor problems. However, through his earlier investigation, Chen Hao discovered that Ye Ningxue seemed to have some more serious symptoms.

“Sister Ningxue!” Chen Hao said with a frown. He could only find some minor problems with some of Ye Ningxue’s examinations. As for some of the more serious ones, he needed to cooperate with the tools to do more detailed examinations.

Seeing the seriousness on Chen Hao’s face, Ye Ningxue shivered and asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Is there any problem?”

Chen Hao shook his head and said, “I need to examine Sister Ning’s body more carefully in order to find out her condition. I just found that she seemed to have a hidden disease!”

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, Ye Ningxue’s face instantly turned pale. She was very clear about Chen Hao’s medical skills. She had seen it more than once. Now she trusted Chen Hao’s medical skills very much. Since Chen Hao said there was something wrong, Ye Ningxue would not doubt it.

“Then… what should we do? What kind of hidden illness will it be? Is it serious?” Ye Ningxue seemed to be in a trance, which made people feel sorry for her.

Seeing Ye Ningxue like this, Chen Hao reached out to hold her shoulder and gave her a comforting smile. “Don’t worry, Sister Ningxue. Have you forgotten who I am? I am the second best magic doctor in the world. With me here, no matter what kind of hidden illness you have, I can help you cure it! Even if I can’t, I can take you back and ask my master to help you. He is the best magic doctor in the world!”

Hearing these words, Ye Ningxue’s tightly knitted brows slowly relaxed, and her heart gradually relaxed.

“Thank you, Chen Hao! Then let’s go back tonight… Can you check it for me?” Ye Ningxue said, but when she finished, she found that her words were very ambiguous, so she couldn’t help blushing again.

She stole a glance at Chen Hao, only to find that he didn’t seem to have any reaction. She breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, but there was a little disappointment.

Then, the two of them had lunch together. After eating, Ye Ningxue did not return to the jewelry shop. Instead, she headed for the raw stone shop in the Jade Cloud Pavilion.

The largest supply of jade in Ye Ningxue’s jewelry shop was from the raw gemstone shop of the Jade Cloud Pavilion. After all, this was the largest raw gemstone shop in Cangyun City. Not only Ye Ningxue’s jewelry shop, but many jewelry shops in Cangyun City were buying raw jade gemstones here.

Back then, Ye Ningxue had only asked Chen Hao to stay behind. She had even given him a position of a 100,000 monthly security guard. She had been interested in the ability of Chen Hao to choose the raw stones. This afternoon, Ye Ningxue had not planned to go to the jewelry shop, but came here to buy a batch of raw stones.

“Chen Hao, I’ll need your help later!” Ye Ningxue said.

Chen Hao naturally agreed. With X-ray vision, it was a piece of cake for him to choose raw stones. Moreover, in the two days that he worked as a security guard in the jewelry shop, Chen Hao had read many jewelry introduction books. He already had a deep understanding of jade knowledge. Therefore, this selection of raw stones was even simpler for Chen Hao.

Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue were filled with joy, but the boss of the Jade Cloud Pavilion was not.

Ever since Chen Hao had picked up a lot of valuable raw stones from here last time, Sun Haoyu hated Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue to the core. He had already recorded Ye Ningxue’s license plate number. Therefore, when Ye Ningxue’s car drove into the parking lot of the Bi Yun Pavilion, the employees of the Bi Yun Pavilion had already reported this to Sun Haoyu.


In the office, Sun Haoyu smashed the cup on the table into pieces. The employee who came to report the situation and Sun Haoyu’s secret skill stood in front of him. He lowered his head and did not dare to speak, for fear that he would get into trouble.

“They’ve gone too far!” Sun Eterni was so angry that the fat on his face was shaking. “How dare they! These two people dare to come again! Ye Ningxue, that b*tch, she must have made a lot of money the last time she went back. I’m afraid she will go to Area A this time!”

As soon as Sun Haoyu finished speaking, another employee rushed into his office.

“Boss! Boss, bad news! The couple is heading for Area A!” The employee said in a panic.


Sun Eterni slammed the table hard. He had already predicted that he would suffer a bloody loss today.

“Let’s go! I want to know how to deal with this guy! I’ll see what kind of tricks he used! Damn it!” Sun Haoyu was so angry that he had no choice but to go and see it in person. After all, they couldn’t drive him out. He didn’t steal or rob him of his normal purchase, but he suffered a great loss.

A group of shop assistants immediately followed Sun Eterni, and a group of people walked toward the original market area A…

Chapter 17 A Big Bet

“Hey! Little brother! You are here again!”

As soon as Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue stepped into the Jade Cloud Pavilion, someone greeted them, and he looked very enthusiastic. Chen Hao looked around and confirmed that he didn’t know this person. He couldn’t help but feel very confused.

“Little brother, maybe you don’t remember us, but we all remember you!” That person was a middle-aged man in his fifties. Looking at his oily face, he must have been in the Jade Cloud Pavilion many times. He was probably a little rich. After all, few people could show up in the Jade Cloud Pavilion. Chen Hao was an exception.

“You… know me?” Chen Hao was confused.

The middle-aged man quickly nodded. “Little brother, one day, you will show off your power in the Jade Cloud Pavilion. We all remember the story of choosing high-grade raw stones. One day after you leave, we will follow you and pick some raw stones. The probability of opening jade is much higher than before, so everyone misses your kindness!”

This was indeed the case. Last time when Chen Hao selected the raw stones, there were some raw stones that Chen Hao did not like and did not choose. However, there was indeed jade among them. These onlookers who followed Chen Hao had sharp eyes and noticed Chen Hao’s action, so they chose the raw jade stones that Chen Hao did not like. Chen Hao was eating meat and drinking soup, which made them make a lot of money.

After all, those raw stones might not be attractive to Chen Hao, but for them, they were rare.

“So that’s how it is!” Chen Hao was relieved after hearing this explanation, but it didn’t matter. He didn’t like those raw stones. Since these people were willing to take them, he would give them them. Chen Hao wouldn’t think much of it.

“Little brother, where are we going to pick the raw stones today? Would you like to go to the A area to have a look?” The middle-aged man urged. Normally, they would not go to the A area to pick the raw stones. Although the raw stones in the A area could produce better jade, the boss of the Jade Cloud Pavilion was not a fool. If they wanted to pick jade in the A area, if they did not have some ability, they would lose everything.

But today was different. Seeing Chen Hao, the stone-gambling master, coming, they naturally had the confidence to go to Area A. They even believed that as long as Chen Hao took action, there would be no raw stone area in the Jade Cloud Pavilion that he couldn’t go to, and the fact was true.

Chen Hao really wanted to go to Area A. After communicating with Ye Ningxue for a while and getting Ye Ningxue’s permission, Chen Hao followed her to Area A. Along with them, there was a large group of people following them. They all came here because of Chen Hao’s name. Even if they couldn’t afford it, it was very good to see Chen Hao, a stone gambling master, gambling on stones.

The layout of Area A was very different from that of other areas. There were not so many raw stones here compared with the outside world. Some expensive raw stones were even specially placed in a certain area. There were even decorations. The price of each raw stone was even more amazing. Some raw stones could only be bought by ordinary people who worked hard for a lifetime.

Originally, Area A was relatively quiet. There were very few people who came here to choose raw stones. But today, after Chen Hao entered here, a large group of people suddenly poured in and almost surrounded the area A. The few people who were originally in Area A were shocked and did not know what had happened. However, after some investigation, everyone knew that the legendary stone gambling sage Chen Hao had appeared here. For a while, everyone stopped and looked around to see how Chen Hao would choose the raw stones next.

However, before Chen Hao started, a voice came from the distance.

“A rare guest! I didn’t expect that there would be a distinguished guest here today!” It was Sun Haoyu who spoke. When he learned that Chen Hao was going to choose the raw stones in Area A, he immediately rushed over with a group of people, hoping to stop Chen Hao from choosing the raw stones here.

“Boss Sun? What’s so important that you need to come here?” Ye Ningxue asked. Chen Hao didn’t know Sun Haoyu, but she did. After all, Ye’s Jewelry Shop and the Jade Cloud Pavilion also cooperated.

“Hahaha! I’ve heard that the legendary stone-gambling master has come to me. I’m going to meet him. Little brother, how should I address you?” Sun Haoyu said. He went straight to Chen Hao and stared at his eyes, which showed the dignity of a superior.

If an ordinary person encountered such a situation, he would be so scared that he would not be able to speak. However, it was obvious that he had underestimated Chen Hao to use this method to deal with him.

“My name is Chen Hao. Boss Sun, please give me some advice!” Chen Hao smiled at Sun Haoyu. Although he did not know much about the ways of the world, he could still tell the good and evil of the enemy and himself. As soon as Sun Haoyu came out, he put pressure on him. Chen Hao knew that he was not kind, so he directly put Sun Haoyu in the ranks of the enemies.

“Brother Chen Hao, what a good name. Brother Chen Hao, it’s our first time meeting. Why don’t you come to my place and have a few drinks? Let’s talk? What do you think?” Sun Haoyu was a little surprised that Chen Hao was not affected by him, but it didn’t matter. The main purpose of his visit this time was to stop Chen Hao from gambling on stones. In this case, as long as he took Chen Hao away, his purpose this time was successful.


“Thank you for your kindness, Boss Sun. But I don’t drink wine, and I don’t like to talk with strangers. My purpose this time is to choose the raw stones. I don’t think Boss Sun will interfere with my business, right?” Chen Hao said with a smile. His words completely made Sun Haoyu miscalculated.

What kind of person was he? How could he run a store like the Jade Cloud Pavilion in Cangyun City? How could he not have the ability to do so? In both the underworld and the underworld, he had to buy Sun Haoyu’s face. But now, he was rejected by Chen Hao when he invited Chen Hao. It could be imagined how embarrassed Sun Haoyu was now.

At this moment, although Sun Haoyu was extremely angry in his heart, he still kept a smile on the surface.

Originally, Sun Haoyu didn’t intend to become enemies with Chen Hao. As the owner of a stone gambling house, he naturally knew how important Chen Hao’s ability was to the stone gambling industry. At first, he wanted to “be at peace” with Chen Hao and let Chen Hao be his own use. But now Chen Hao didn’t appreciate it, so Sun Haoyu had to use his last resort.

Sun Eterni looked at Chen Hao and suddenly raised his voice, saying, “Chen Hao, you must be joking. I’m a businessman, how can I not buy things for customers? But I see that you like gambling on stones so much, and you are also known as a stone gambling sage. Coincidentally, I have a friend who is proficient in gambling on stones recently. How about we make a bet?”

“Oh? How do you want to gamble?” Chen Hao was interested. He had X-ray vision, so it was not difficult for him to choose raw stones. He was even bored. Now that he had fun, he naturally did not mind playing with Sun Haoyu. As for the so-called friend who was proficient in gambling on stones, Chen Hao did not care at all. With X-ray vision, who could be his opponent in gambling on stones?

“Let’s bet on the raw stones. If you win, I’ll give you a 50% discount for all your orders today. If you lose, you won’t step into the Jade Cloud Pavilion in the future and destroy your hands. What do you think?” Sun Eterni said.

The crowd burst into an uproar. This was a huge gamble…

Chapter 18 The Master on Stone

If he won, he would get a 50% discount. If he lost, not only would he be unable to enter the Jade Cloud Pavilion in the future, but he would also be crippled.

This kind of condition was unfair to an ordinary person. But for Chen Hao, he would definitely win.

Therefore, Chen Hao did not hesitate and immediately agreed to Sun Haoyu’s bet.

The crowd was in an uproar again. The first time was because of Sun Haoyu’s bet, and the second time was because Chen Hao agreed to it without hesitation. Could it be that in Chen Hao’s heart, he was sure that he would win? After all, a pair of hands could not be exchanged no matter how much money it cost!

Ye Ningxue also frowned. She subconsciously held Chen Hao’s arm tightly and signaled with her eyes that Chen Hao didn’t have to do this.

However, Chen Hao only gave Ye Ningxue a smile.

Seeing that Chen Hao had made up his mind to gamble with Sun Haoyu, Ye Ningxue was helpless. However, she took the opportunity to make a phone call to the outside and began to call someone. Ye Ningxue had made up her mind that if Chen Hao lost the bet, no matter what method she used, she would not let Chen Hao get hurt.

Besides, Chen Hao had been staring at Sun Haoyu with a smile since he agreed to Sun Haoyu’s bet. Since he could make such a bet, Chen Hao already knew that the conflict between the two sides had been very deep. Although he did not know how he had provoked Sun Haoyu’s hatred, he was not afraid of this guy.

“Brother Chen Hao is so bold!” Sun Eternal sneered. He had run the Jade Cloud Pavilion for many years, so he naturally knew some people. He had some means to make such a bet because he thought that he could beat Chen Hao. Sun Eterni gave an order to his subordinates, and then they quickly left.

After a while, an old gentleman immediately followed Sun Haoyu’s subordinate out of the back.

“Come, come, come. We, Old Wen, have been gambling on stones for many years, but we don’t dare to call ourselves Sacred Master. Today, I want to see which person is so arrogant that he dares to call himself a Sacred Master!”

As soon as the old man, who called himself Elder Wen, opened his mouth, he attracted the attention of many people. After seeing Elder Wen’s true appearance, everyone understood why Sun Eterni made such a bet.

“Who is this old man?” Some newcomers did not know Mr. Wen and asked.

“You don’t even know about this old man? This is the well-known Elder Wen of the Stone-gambling World. It is said that he has studied raw gemstones for more than fifty years, and over fifty years of stone gambling experience. Just think about it and you’ll know how powerful he is!” Someone answered.

“I can’t believe he can invite Elder Wen. It seems that Sun Haoyu is determined to get it! Chen Hao is in danger this time!” Someone was worried about Chen Hao.

Of course, there were also people who tried to add insult to injury to Chen Hao. “Who does Chen Hao think he is? He dares to call himself a saint master. Now that Mr. Wen has come out, I think he doesn’t need to gamble anymore. He’d better get rid of his hands and leave in disgrace, or beg Boss Sun for mercy. Maybe Boss Sun will let him go.”

Listening to the discussions of the people around him, Sun Eterni felt very happy. After all, as Elder Wen came out, everyone, whether it was himself or Chen Hao, or kept neutral, thought more highly of Elder Wen. They did not hold much hope for Chen Hao.

Sun Haoyu glanced at Chen Hao, wanting to see the panic on Chen Hao’s face.

However, on Chen Hao’s face, Sun Haoyu could only see a calm expression. Chen Hao continued to maintain that smile. He did not show the slightest reaction to the so-called Elder Wen.

“This…” Sun Eterni was a little shocked, but soon he thought that Chen Hao was pretending to be calm. “This guy is stubborn, but it doesn’t matter. When the result of the stone gambling with Old Wen comes out, he will have no time to cry!”

If Chen Hao knew what Sun Haoyu was thinking at the moment, he would be speechless. The people around him had heard the so-called Old Wen’s discussion, but it didn’t matter. As long as he didn’t use the same X-ray vision, Chen Hao wouldn’t be afraid of losing. He really didn’t have any emotional fluctuations in his heart, instead of pretending to be calm.

At this moment, Elder Wen had already walked up to Sun Eternal. Naturally, Sun Eternal quickly greeted Elder Wen politely. After all, people like Elder Wen were highly respected in the stone gambling world.

After Old Wen responded to Sun Haoyu, he looked at Chen Hao. When he saw that Chen Hao was actually a young man, the disdain on his face became more intense.

“I thought you were somebody, but you’re just a kid. When I was gambling on stones, I’m afraid you were still playing with mud! Today, I’ll prove to you that the title of a stone-gambling master is not something that can be obtained by luck!” Elder Wen said coldly.

In fact, Chen Hao also felt a little speechless in his heart. After all, from beginning to end, he found that the focus of this Elder Wen’s attention had always been on the name of the stone gambling master. However, Chen Hao had never said that he had this title. The reason why he was called the stone gambling master was that he was forced by someone. Chen Hao had never said that this person was lying in his home and was in trouble!

However, it didn’t matter. This time, his purpose was to make Sun Haoyu suffer a lot. After all, since the other party tried his best not to let him live a good life, then he certainly couldn’t let him live a good life.

“The world now belongs to us young people. I think it’s better for you to go home and rest at your age. In addition, compared with gambling on stones, my real ability is medical skills. A doctor should be kind. I’d like to persuade you that you are not well. You’d better rest more and don’t get angry. Otherwise, you may choke someday!” Although Chen Hao usually looked very gentle and quiet, he didn’t hesitate to argue with him. This sentence directly made Elder Wen angry.

For an old man like Elder Wen, he had made a lot of money and had a high social status. What he valued most now was his life. After all, the older he was, the more afraid he was of death. And now Chen Hao said that Elder Wen was dying. How could Elder Wen not be angry when he heard such words?

However, he did not know that what Chen Hao said was the truth. Just now, Chen Hao had observed Elder Wen’s internal organs through his X-ray vision and found that most of his organs were dying. This was a sign that the human body had reached the limit of its life. Even the appearance of a Daluo Golden Immortal could not reverse the situation.

Unfortunately, how could Elder Wen believe Chen Hao’s words?

“Kid with a sharp tongue, it’s useless to say more. I hope you don’t cry and beg for mercy later! Let’s start gambling on stones!” Old Wen said angrily, and then went straight to the raw gemstone area, and everyone’s eyes also quickly followed him…

Chapter 19 Let’s Bet

Elder Wen did not intend to say anything more to Chen Hao. He went straight into the raw gemstone area.

Everyone’s eyes naturally followed him. As the saying goes, the insider knows the way and the outsider knows the way. These people, regardless of whether they could understand the way that Old Wen chose the raw stones, were all focused on watching. Not to mention anything else, just witnessing today’s gamble was enough for them to brag for a year.

Chen Hao didn’t care. Since Elder Wen wanted to bet, he could choose one. Chen Hao didn’t care. Besides, it was not without benefits to let Elder Wen choose the raw stones first. It just so happened that Chen Hao could see what kind of jade Elder Wen could choose, so that Chen Hao could take out an even more expensive jade when he went to choose.

Elder Wen walked into the raw gemstone area, took out a flashlight from his pocket, and began to knock on the stones he liked.

Many people who had some experience in studying raw stones immediately felt brilliant as soon as they saw Elder Wen’s method. Although they also used this method when they were selecting raw stones, they could directly distinguish the difference between masters and rookies by carefully observing some subtle ways. Although they only watched Elder Wen picking raw stones and didn’t get Elder Wen’s personal guidance, many people still felt a lot and learned a lot from the selection of raw stones.

However, Chen Hao did not care about this at all. When Elder Wen was picking out the raw stones, Chen Hao had already activated his X-ray vision to observe every piece of the raw stones that Elder Wen had selected.

It had to be said that Elder Wen did have some skills. Under Chen Hao’s observation, he could see that every piece of the raw stone that Elder Wen liked had a valuable jade. With such an ability, Elder Wen could say that he did not need to worry about material things in his life. It was easy for him to earn money for someone like him.

About half an hour later, Old Wen walked to Chen Hao with a stone in his hand with a proud look.

Elder Wen indeed had good taste. Although the raw stone he chose looked ordinary, he could see that there were subtle traces of various jade on the stone skin. If it were a newcomer, he would probably miss the raw stone directly. Only those who had reached a certain realm and had some experience could see the extraordinaryness of this raw stone.

“As expected of Elder Wen! I feel that I have won half of the stone you chose!” Sun Eterni hurried to Elder Wen’s side and said.

Old Wen smiled and nodded. He even glanced at Chen Hao from the corner of his eyes. In the end, he discovered that Chen Hao’s expression was still the same as before.

Among the people around, those subordinates of Sun Haoyu and those who didn’t like Chen Hao immediately flattered and flattered Elder Wen. In their words, Chen Hao had become a loser and was no match for Elder Wen. The reason why he still kept this expression was that he was deliberately mystifying.

Elder Wen was very pleased with the flattery of these people. When he heard these words, his face became even more proud. He turned his head and stared at Chen Hao, saying, “It’s your turn. Go pick the raw stones!”

Chen Hao didn’t care and went straight to the raw gemstone area.

With a sweep of his X-ray vision, all the raw stones in the raw gemstone area had been seen through by Chen Hao.

Just now, Elder Wen chose a piece of jade of glass type. This kind of jade was very precious. Although there were many good things in the raw stones in the Jade Cloud Pavilion’s area A, it was enough to show that Elder Wen was really good at martial arts since he could take out a piece of jade of glass type from many raw stones.

Seeing that Chen Hao began to choose the raw stones, everyone’s eyes naturally followed him.

For the first time, the people who saw Chen Hao pick up the raw stones thought that Chen Hao would also take out a small flashlight and take a look at it like an old man and knock on it. However, Chen Hao walked in like a person and went straight to a raw stone. Then he didn’t even look at it. Without hesitation, he picked up the raw stone directly.

“This…” Seeing Chen Hao’s casual action, some people didn’t know what to say for a while.

Elder Wen was also paying attention to Chen Hao. When he saw that Chen Hao had selected the raw stone, Elder Wen immediately snorted, and then deliberately raised his voice and said, “I thought you would also have some ability. Now it seems that I overestimated you. If I remember correctly, the raw stone you chose is still the one I just saw!”

Upon hearing this, everyone immediately burst into an uproar. The raw stones that Chen Hao had selected were actually left behind by Elder Wen!

“I think this kid doesn’t have any skills at all. Now he is using Elder Wen to pick out the remaining raw stones, so that he won’t lose too badly later. What a bullshit stone-gambling master! I think he is a charlatan!” Someone sneered at Chen Hao, and then many people agreed.

As for those who originally thought highly of Chen Hao, when they saw Chen Hao so casually pick out a piece of raw stone and take out the remaining ones from Elder Wen, they didn’t know what to do with Chen Hao.

Only a small number of people still believed in something. For example, Ye Ningxue. Some people also said something similar, “The rest may not be bad. Maybe Mr. Wen has misjudged!” Such words were too few, after all, and they were soon covered by the ridicule of the crowd.

Chen Hao didn’t care. He knew better than anyone else that the jade in this raw stone that he chose was indeed of the glass type. It was indeed picked by Elder Wen, but the size of the jade was one-third larger than the one that Elder Wen picked out.

Chen Hao was too lazy to look at other jades. After all, if he opened the X-ray Vision for too long, it would cause a great burden to his spirit. Therefore, since he could win against Elder Wen with this raw stone, why did Chen Hao have to choose so many!

“Yes, this is the raw stone you just picked!” Chen Hao admitted generously.

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, Elder Wen smiled disdainfully again. Then he directly walked to the stone-cutting master and asked him to cut the raw stone.

The crowd immediately quieted down and stared at the stone-cutting master with their eyes wide open. The stone skin of the stone-cutting master was ground little by little.

This stone-cutting master was also an old master. Under his skillful technique, the stone skin quickly fell, and soon the whole jade was exposed.

“It’s actually a glass type, such a large piece of glass type!” Everyone cried out in alarm.

“I think Chen Hao should just admit defeat. Such a large piece of glass type, what is he going to compete with?” Someone replied.

Ye Ningxue clenched her fists tightly, and her beautiful little face was full of nervousness.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was extremely relaxed. He walked over, also handing the stone cutting master over.

The stone began again, and the stone skin fell off. Soon, the jade in it was exposed.

“It’s also a glass type!” Someone with sharp eyes exclaimed.

“Humph! What’s so strange about the glass type? This is what Elder Wen picked out. In fact, Elder Wen is really awesome. He even picked out the glass type. Later, I will buy all the glass type that Elder Wen picked out! Maybe I can get a few pieces of the glass type!” Some people showed disdain for Chen Hao’s raw stone, and even flattered Elder Wen.

However, when the whole raw stone was cut open and the whole jade was exposed, everyone, including Elder Wen and Sun Haoyu, were speechless…

Chapter 20 Come Again If You Don’t Accept It

“Is… is this true?!” murmured Sun Eternal. He rubbed his eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing.

Elder Wen’s face was also very dark. He had never been so dark before. He had been in the raw gemstone industry for more than 50 years. Today was his most embarrassing day.

Those onlookers who had been mocking Chen Hao were not much better off. It seemed that they had confirmed the old saying. The more they danced, the more miserable they died. Just now, these people were mocking Chen Hao. Now, as soon as the result came out, they couldn’t wait to swallow what they had just said.

On the other hand, Chen Hao remained calm and composed, as if everything that had happened around him had nothing to do with him.

The reason why Chen Hao’s raw stone could cause so many people to be shocked when it was opened was that the jade that Chen Hao’s raw stone opened was actually one-third bigger than the jade that Elder Wen opened.

What was even more unbelievable was that Chen Hao’s jade was the one that was left by Elder Wen just now. Chen Hao didn’t even need to say much. This result alone showed that Chen Hao’s stone gambling ability was completely above Elder Wen’s.

“Hahaha! I knew Brother Chen Hao wouldn’t lose. He already knew that he would definitely win this raw stone in his hand. Although Elder Wen had seen this raw stone before, he didn’t take it seriously. It means that little brother Chen Hao’s ability is completely stronger than Elder Wen’s! Brother Chen Hao deserves the title of the stone master!” Someone shouted. Although Elder Wen had some status in society, not everyone dared to provoke him. For some people, Elder Wen was just a small potato. For example, the person who spoke now did not care about Elder Wen’s face at all.

“Saint bet on stones! Master bet stones!” Under the encouragement of the person who spoke just now, the people who supported Chen Hao began to shout in unison at this time. The Jade Cloud Pavilion suddenly became noisy, and Sun Eternal and Elder Wen’s faces suddenly became even more ugly.

“Enough!” Elder Wen roared. Although this old man looked to be in his 70s or 80s, he could still make such a vigorous voice. It seemed that he had enjoyed himself well these years, and his body was still strong. “Chen Hao! Do you dare to gamble with me again?”

That’s right. Elder Wen decided to gamble with Chen Hao again. He knew that if he didn’t win Chen Hao today, his 50 years of struggling reputation in the raw gemstone world would be destroyed. If someone else used the remaining stones he picked to win him, once this kind of story was spread, Elder Wen would probably become the laughingstock of everyone in the future.

Moreover, Elder Wen still had the last bit of unwillingness and disbelief in his heart. He thought that Chen Hao was just lucky to have defeated him. He was lucky. Therefore, Elder Wen decided to compete with Chen Hao again no matter what.

Elder Wen gritted his teeth and stared at Chen Hao as he said, “Let’s bet again. If you win, I’ll give you another 50 million in addition to the bet that Sun Haoyu gave you before. If you lose, we’ll do it according to our previous agreement. What do you say?”

Chen Hao shrugged his shoulders indifferently. For him, there was no pressure at all on gambling with Elder Wen. There was no suspense at all. But since someone was so eager to give him money, there was no reason not to accept it.

Therefore, Chen Hao directly agreed to Elder Wen’s bet.

Hearing that Elder Wen was going to bet with Chen Hao again, everyone immediately burst into an uproar. Those who supported Chen Hao now had more confidence, and their voices gradually became louder.

Those who did not support Chen Hao had suffered a great loss just now, but now they still forced themselves to continue to mock him. They said that Chen Hao relied on luck and luck. Of course, they could only rely on this reason to deceive themselves.

Chen Hao didn’t take it seriously. He turned to look at Elder Wen, only to find that he was also looking at him. He didn’t intend to choose the raw stone first.

“Is this old fellow worried that I will continue to choose what remains of him?” Chen Hao immediately understood Elder Wen’s thoughts. However, it did not matter. He even had the thought of getting rid of this old fellow.

Chen Hao walked straight into the raw gemstone area. As Chen Hao began to choose the raw stones, everyone present immediately quieted down and held their breath, for fear of missing one of Chen Hao’s details.

On the other hand, Chen Hao didn’t make any movements. He activated his X-ray vision and saw all the stones along the way.

A moment later, Chen Hao’s eyebrows suddenly jumped. He held a raw stone and looked at it for a moment. Then he put it down and picked up another ugly raw stone next to him.

Seeing Chen Hao’s action, Elder Wen’s heart was already beating wildly. His originally gloomy face even showed an excited expression.

Elder Wen’s eyes were sharp. At a glance, he could see that the raw stone in Chen Hao’s arms was a piece of stone skin that had been cut open. Although it had been cut open, due to the quality of the original jade, it still looked like a precious jade, even if it was a piece of stone skin that had been cut open.

Seeing that Chen Hao had selected the raw stone, Elder Wen did not say anything but went straight to pick up the raw stone that Chen Hao had just seen.

Everyone was stunned. They didn’t understand what was wrong with Elder Wen and Chen Hao today. They were all picking out the remaining stones. Was this a popular way of gambling on stones?

Others might not know, but Elder Wen was very clear in his heart. He was sure that Chen Hao’s raw stone did not have any jade, so he chose a raw stone indifferently. Even if it was just a bean type, it could completely surpass Chen Hao’s.

Chen Hao was still calm. He came to the stone-cutting master, followed by Elder Wen.

“Elder, please!” Chen Hao said. It didn’t matter if it was Elder Wen. The current him had changed the haze, as if he had seen the light of victory.

Therefore, Elder Wen directly handed the raw stone in his hand to the stone-cutting master. The stone-cutting master quickly moved, and the stone skin fell one after another. Everyone widened their eyes and waited for the final result.

However, after all the stone skin was shaved, there was still no jade in Elder Wen’s raw stone.

It was empty!

The faces of the people on Elder Hong Wen’s side immediately darkened. For so many years, Elder Wen had been gambling in the Stone-gambling World, but he had picked a raw stone that had nothing… No one would believe it if it was revealed!

However, the truth was right in front of them, and they had to believe it. Elder Wen’s face was also very ugly. He didn’t expect that fifty years later, he would have another Void Stone.

However, he looked at Chen Hao. In his heart, he was sure that Chen Hao’s raw stone was also empty. This gamble ended in a draw!

Chen Hao smiled and then handed the raw stone to the stone-cutting master.

The stone-cutting master quickly put his knife down. As soon as the first knife came down, the jade was exposed…


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