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Chapter 31 Capture

Ever since someone had been dealing with him and Ye Ningxue in the past two days, Chen Hao had been on the alert. Moreover, after meeting Ye Zhengfei, he knew that he was not the only cultivator in Cangyun City. If he was not on guard, he might not even know how he died one day.

Therefore, after Chen Hao returned to the villa tonight, he immediately spread his perception to the entire villa. Although it had some influence on the inhaling and exhaling True Energy, it was much safer.

However, to Chen Hao’s surprise, someone really snuck into the villa.

“It seems that he still has some skills!” Chen Hao thought. From the other party’s breathing frequency and way of walking, Chen Hao could feel that this person was definitely not ordinary.

This person’s breathing was very light, and his footsteps were very light. For ordinary people, it could be said that he was silent. However, Chen Hao’s perception was many times stronger than that of ordinary people, so in Chen Hao’s perception, this person was very obvious.

The other party should have entered the villa through the window. Although Chen Hao did not understand how he had opened the closed window, it did not matter. Because Chen Hao had already sensed that this person was not a cultivator, but a trained person.

Such people were more than enough to deal with ordinary people, but they were not worth mentioning in front of cultivators. Since they were not cultivators, it was easy to deal with them.

Chen Hao got up and opened the door.

The person who came was surely the Edwards sent by the killer organization that Sun Eterni contacted.

Seeing Chen Hao’s door suddenly open, Edward was obviously shocked. After all, he thought that everyone in the villa had fallen asleep. He didn’t expect Chen Hao to open the door.

However, Edward was well trained and reacted quickly. He quickly came to his senses and pounced on Chen Hao at once.

Edward didn’t simply charge over. He was holding a sharp dagger in his hand, but the dagger was still black. This color wasn’t the original color of the dagger; it looked more like it had been coated with poison.

Before he came to carry out the mission, he had received orders from his superiors that he could directly kill anyone in the villa without leaving anyone alive. Therefore, in order to prevent Chen Hao from shouting and alerting others, he wanted to kill Chen Hao directly.

At this moment, Chen Hao suddenly felt a sense of crisis. He knew that this sense of crisis came from the dagger in Edward’s hand. To be more exact, it was the lethal poison on the dagger. He didn’t know how these people developed this poison, but it could threaten cultivators.

Chen Hao didn’t dare to be careless. If he was accidentally stabbed by this dagger, even if it scratched a little, it might lead to unexpected consequences.

However, Chen Hao was not afraid. Although the dagger in Edward’s hand was very dangerous, in Chen Hao’s eyes, Edward’s speed was too slow. Unless Chen Hao was careless, he couldn’t hurt Chen Hao at all.

Chen Hao lifted his foot and kicked Edward out.

Chen Hao’s kick was not light. With this kick, Edward’s ribs were directly broken. The broken ribs pierced into his lungs, which made him feel unbearable pain. Moreover, he knocked down a lot of furniture and made a sound.

Ye Ningxue, who was on the second floor, was awakened. She did not know what had happened and immediately ran out.

“What’s wrong with Chen Hao?” Ye Ningxue asked nervously. Then, she saw Edward, who was lying on the ground with a dagger in his hand. Her face instantly turned pale. Seeing this situation, she was smart enough to understand that he might be here to assassinate her and Chen Hao.

Edward had also noticed Ye Ningxue at this time. Just now, Chen Hao’s kick had seriously injured him. Edward knew in an instant that the intelligence was wrong. This young man was definitely not simple. He was no match for him at all!

Originally, he thought that he would definitely die this time. But when he saw Ye Ningxue, he suddenly knew that his chance had come. He had no chance of winning against Chen Hao. The only thing he could do now was to quickly control Ye Ningxue and threaten Chen Hao as a hostage.

Therefore, he gritted his teeth and endured the pain caused by his injuries. He took a deep breath and charged straight at Ye Ningxue.

Although Ye Ningxue was still on the stairs on the second floor, Edward was in the living room on the first floor. There was a distance between them.

However, this sort of distance was nothing more than a split second for a trained assassin like Edward. Even though he was injured and couldn’t unleash his full power, it was still many times faster than that of an ordinary person.

But as soon as he ran two steps, he suddenly felt that all the parts below his right knee had lost consciousness, as if he had never been below his right knee.

While he wasn’t lying on the ground, Edward hurriedly lowered his head to take a look. He saw that a tiny silver needle had pierced into his right knee. It was precisely because of this silver needle that Edward’s right leg lost consciousness.

Dong! Edward fell heavily to the ground. He struggled to his feet, but before he could stand up, he felt that his neck had been gripped tightly by a hand.

Edward looked up and found that Chen Hao was already like a ghost. He didn’t know when he came to him.

“This person…” Edward’s pupils rapidly contracted. Only now did he realize what a terrifying figure he had encountered.

Among ordinary humans, Edward’s speed and reaction were already excellent, but he didn’t notice Chen Hao’s movement just now. He didn’t even know anything about Edward, who was close to him.

“You… are very strong!” Edward said with difficulty, because now Chen Hao was pinching his neck. “We made a mistake and underestimated you. But it doesn’t matter. I’m just the weakest among us. Next, you will be endlessly harassed by us. Maybe you can escape from our assassination, but your family and friends… It’s hard to say! Haha… Ahem!”

Edward laughed wildly, then suddenly bit something in his mouth.

Seeing this, Chen Hao smiled disdainfully. “Do you still want to die in front of me?” Chen Hao directly injected his True Energy into the yeten Wen body. “Don’t think that Chen Hao’s True Energy is definitely good for the human body. It’s a mixture of medicine and poison. When a large amount of True Energy is injected into a certain place, ordinary people can’t bear it.”

Thus, Edward immediately spat out a mouthful of pitch-black blood. The reason why it was pitch-black was because of the poison he had wanted to use earlier!

“Sister Ning Xue, call the big cow next. She knows what to do!” Chen Hao said.

Only then did Ye Ningxue react. She quickly ran back to her room and took out her phone to call Tang Shirou…

Chapter 32 Ye Ningxue Was Caught

After receiving Ye Ningxue’s call, Tang Shirou immediately rushed back to the villa.

Ye Ningxue was her best friend. If anything happened to Ye Ningxue, she would probably feel guilty for the rest of her life. After all, as a policeman and a member of the Cangyun Criminal Police Brigade, she could not even protect her best friend. This kind of thing would really make people collapse.

When Tang Shirou returned home and found that Ye Ningxue and Chen Hao were sitting on the sofa safe and sound, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“This time… Thank you!” It was rare for Tang Shi to say something good to Chen Hao, but her tone sounded a little awkward. It must be because Tang Shirou had never said such things to others.

“It’s nothing. Sister Ning is so kind to me. How can I let her get hurt? It’s my duty to protect her!” Chen Hao waved his hand indifferently.

Listening to Chen Hao’s words, Tang Shirou helplessly rolled her eyes at Chen Hao. Her eyes were so white that they were extremely charming. It had to be said that beautiful women were always so attractive. Unfortunately, Chen Hao did not pay attention to Tang Shirou, and he did not even look at her.

Noticing that Chen Hao did not look at her, Tang Shirou suddenly felt angry. However, she had no way to get angry with Chen Hao. However, she could only vent her anger on the Edwards who was still lying on the ground.

“You b*stard! I didn’t expect you to sneak into China! I advise you to get all the information about the organization behind you out, or I’ll make you suffer!” Tang Shirou gritted her teeth and said. She didn’t get angry. She stepped forward and stepped on Edward’s finger.

Edward was lying on the ground in pain and shouted. In the end, Ye Ningxue couldn’t stand it anymore, so she asked Tang Shirou to take him away. Only then did Tang Shirou call in two policemen. They returned to Cangyun City’s police station together with likely Edward.

In a magnificent villa in Cangyun City, there were still many people who had not slept at this moment.

The area of this villa was also very spacious. Of course, compared with the big manor of the Ye Family, this villa was much smaller.

However, at this moment, there was a group of people sitting in front of this villa. If this group of people were in front of the citizens of Cangyun City, many people would not be unfamiliar with them. After all, they were all famous people in Cangyun City. Now they gathered together. It really made people wonder why they did not rest at night. There was still a group of people waiting here.

Yes, they were waiting. This group of famous people in Cangyun City were all waiting for one person.

The person they were waiting for was now in this villa.

Inside the villa, there were several maids standing in front of a big screen, holding clean clothes in their hands, waiting for the people behind the screen.

“Eldest Miss, all the hall masters are here!” A maid walked to the screen from the outside and said.

As soon as the maid finished speaking, there was a sudden sound of water behind the screen. It turned out that there was a wide bathtub behind the screen. Through the slightly transparent screen, one could see that the person behind the screen had an excellent figure, a perfect S-shaped curve, and the curves were well-shaped. The difference was huge. Compared with Tang Shirou, his figure was not inferior.

The maid outside the screen saw that the woman inside got up, so she quickly sent the clothes in her hand in and helped the woman put on all the clothes.

After tidying up, the woman walked out of the screen.

This woman’s appearance was not inferior to Ye Ningxue’s. It could be said that this woman was a perfect symbol. She had the hot figure of Tang Shirou and the amazing appearance of Ye Ningxue. Of course, if they were to compete, Ye Ningxue was better-looking, but this woman’s figure was enough to make up for this deficiency.

Her name was He Ya, known as the Holy Virgin of the underworld in Cangyun City. She was the daughter of the master of the Qingyun Gang in Cangyun City.

Although the Green Cloud Gang was a gang in Cangyun City, it had been actively turning over a new leaf in the past ten years. Now the Green Cloud Gang had been converted into the Green Cloud Group, and the Green Cloud Gang had also made use of the previous resources to enhance its own strength. It had now become a formal company.

However, because it had only been reformed for nearly ten years, there were still some things that could not be changed. For example, the Hall Chief System. Many of the high-level managers of the Green Cloud Group were Hall Chiefs who once managed the Green Cloud Gang.

He Ya walked to the outside of the villa, where there were many seats. Usually, when the weather was good, they would meet guests here.

Now He Ya was wearing a night robe with her collar slightly open, and her deep career line was looming. If she walked to the street, she would attract the attention of every man. However, no one here dared to raise their heads to enjoy this beautiful scene in front of them.

“Tell me! How is the matter going?” He Ya asked in a pleasant voice. At the same time, her beautiful eyes swept over many Hall Masters to observe their every move.

“First Miss… I screwed up what you told me!” A Hall Master answered first. If Chen Hao was here, he would have recognized her easily. This Hall Master was the bald man who had taken a group of people to surround Chen Hao and wanted to teach him a lesson. But in the end, he was scared away by Chen Hao.

He Ya didn’t react much when she heard that. She sat on the chair, and the maid beside her quickly poured expensive red wine into the goblet next to He Ya.

She picked up the wine, took a sip, and then continued, “Tell me, how did you smash it?” Her tone was very calm, indicating that she was not angry.

“We were all wrong. The guy named Chen Hao is definitely not an ordinary person. Before we stopped him that day, a group of people had already stopped him. This group of people was holding knives, and their strength was almost the same as ours. But even so, they were all beaten down by Chen Hao alone. He… he is just a person!” The bald Hall Chief recalled and said, “This boy is definitely not an ordinary person. I suspect that he…”

“Well, I know! Then you can’t be blamed!” He Ya was still not angry, but showed a very charming smile. “It’s an interesting boy. He has only been in Cangyun City for a few days, but he has already provoked so many people! In a few days, I will bring people to meet him in person. Well, next one!”

“First Miss…”

These Hall Masters began to report to He Ya about all the affairs that had happened in the past few days. Today’s Qingyun Group was under He Ya’s control. The power of the Qingyun Group was in her hands. Even if some of these Hall Masters were older than her, they had to report to He Ya respectfully because they all knew how crazy and horrible this woman would be when she became fierce!

On Chen Hao’s side, after the Edwards was taken away by Tang Shirou, Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue cleaned up the living room that had become chaotic because of fighting.

After a night of silence, Chen Hao did not continue to cultivate after returning to his room. Instead, he had a rare good sleep.

However, even though he was asleep, Chen Hao’s perception was still all over the villa. He was like a spider with a net all over the villa. He could sense any movement in the villa in the first place, even if he had fallen asleep.

When Chen Hao woke up the next day, it was already nine o’clock in the morning. Because it was the weekend, he didn’t have to go to work, so he didn’t wake up so early.

Chen Hao walked out of the room and was about to go to the bathroom when he suddenly stopped.

Looking at the empty table, Chen Hao instantly lost all his sleepiness!

“Something happened!” This thought flashed through Chen Hao’s mind.

Because in the past, Ye Ningxue had woken up relatively early. After she woke up, she would go to do morning exercises and buy breakfast. Whether it was on weekends or not, she would do so.

No matter how long Ye Ningchen practiced, he would not come back before nine o’clock. This was her habit. Chen Hao had already mastered it, but it was almost 9:30, but Ye Ningxue had not come back yet.

Chen Hao immediately opened his X-ray vision and looked upstairs at Ye Ningxue’s room. He found that Ye Ningxue was not in the villa at all. She had indeed gone out!

“Oh no! Those killers!” Chen Hao suddenly thought of something bad. Last night, he had made Edwards, but he was just a member of that mysterious killer organization. Edwards had told Chen Hao before that Chen Hao would be pursued by them endlessly and would kill Chen Hao’s relatives and friends. However, Chen Hao had never expected that this killer organization would take action so fast. It had only been one night and they had already taken revenge.

Around Chen Hao, he had no time to wash up and rushed out of the villa.

However, the city outside the villa was Cangyun City. This city was so big and the streets were complicated. It had been so long. It was not easy to find Ye Ningxue.

“Damn it!” Chen Hao cursed angrily. This was the first time that his calm heart had been broken since he came to Cangyun City. At this moment, he deeply felt that his cultivation was so weak that he felt helpless. He believed that if an expert like his master was here, there must be a way to find Ye Ningxue.

There was no other way. Under such circumstances, Chen Hao could only force himself to calm down. At the same time, he placed his perception to the maximum, and his X-ray vision was fully activated. He gathered True Energy under his feet and began to run wildly around the villa. He needed to fight for every second to find Ye Ningxue, because as long as he could find her one minute earlier, the possibility of her being hurt would be less.

When Chen Hao ran at full speed, his speed was really too fast. Many citizens only felt that a black shadow suddenly flashed in front of them and then disappeared. On this day, many citizens thought that they were dazzled. After all, they did not believe that such a moving thing at such a high speed would be a human being, which violated their world view.

While Chen Hao was trying his best to find Ye Ningxue, a van slowly drove into an old abandoned factory. Then the door opened, and a girl was tied up in it.

This girl was none other than Ye Ningxue. Looking at the white people around her who kidnapped her, Ye Ningxue panicked…

Chapter 33 Rescue

“A pretty girl!”

When the door of the van opened, a white man came over. When he saw Ye Ningxue, his eyes lit up.

This white man was a small leader of this group of people. He was temporarily in charge of the branch of their killer organization in Cangyun City. His name was landon. To be honest, on the first moment he saw Ye Ningxue, landon immediately felt amazed. Although he had seen Ye Ningxue’s photos before, when he saw her in person, he found that the real Ye Ningxue was much better than the photos.

Especially the current Ye Ningxue, her eyes were full of panic, her hair was a little messy, her hands were tied behind her back, and her mouth was covered with a piece of tape, which was enough to arouse the excitement of many men, such as Medicineston.

The man behind landen noticed his abnormal behavior and said in a hurry, ” admirable, the employer said that he needed to take this woman to him. Isn’t it a good idea to do so?”

“F*ck the employer!” Hearing this, competent was immediately enraged. “Damn employer, sooner or later I’ll get even with him. He actually provided us with false information. His opponent is so powerful that we lost a person for nothing. Although Edward’s strength isn’t very outstanding among us, how much energy and resources will it take for you to train a qualified killer?”

Hearing this, the people around them immediately became silent. Their organization was an extremely protective organization. As long as others dared to provoke this organization, they would be endlessly revenged by it. After the defeat of Edwards, it had already decided that they had a feud with Chen Hao. Then, no matter whether someone hired them to kill Chen Hao or not, they would take the initiative to take action.

So now, Yorkn didn’t care about whether the employer was an employer or not. On the contrary, he hated Sun Haoyu very much. He thought that it was because of the wrong information provided by Sun Haoyu that they lost the yeten.

After speaking, competent took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He then looked at Ye Ningxue. “Let me enjoy myself first. As for that kid called Chen Hao, I’ll deal with him after I’m done!”

After that, he got into the van and closed the door.

Seeing this, the surrounding killers left one after another.

Meanwhile, Ye Ningxue, who was in the car, was already filled with terror. When she saw landston walking into the car with an evil smile on his face, Ye Ningxue had already realized what he wanted to do.

“Beauty, to be honest, I have played with a lot of women in my country. Many of them are also very beautiful, but compared with you, they are really inferior. In the words of your country… Well… they are just like a ruined flower that has fallen into the willow blossom!” After he sat down, he was not in a hurry. Instead, he took out a bottle of red wine from the side. Only God knew why these people would put red wine in this car.

landon poured himself a cup of wine. After taking a sip, he quietly appreciated Ye Ningxue’s beauty with a goblet in his hand, as if he was admiring a piece of art.

“Your man, unfortunately, provoked us. There’s no other way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have ended up like this. So, if you’re resentful, then you can hate that man to your heart’s content. Of course, if you want to hate me, I can do it too! After all, I don’t care!” competent laughed arrogantly. Then, he put down his goblet and stretched out his hand toward Ye Ningxue’s collar.

Ye Ningxue immediately struggled with all her might. In this narrow space, there was no way for Medicineston to succeed for a while.

“D*mn woman!” competent was immediately enraged. He directly slapped Ye Ningxue’s face, causing her beautiful little face to instantly turn red and swollen.

On the other hand, landon seized the opportunity to grab hold of Ye Ningxue’s collar and prepared to tear off Ye Ningxue’s clothes.

At this moment, Ye Ningxue’s heart was filled with despair. She knew that she could not escape, but at the last moment, Chen Hao’s figure appeared in her mind.

“Chen Hao… I’m sorry!” For some reason, Ye Ningxue suddenly felt very guilty to Chen Hao at this moment. Perhaps she felt that her first time should be given to Chen Hao?

However, just as he was about to make another move, the door of the van was torn open.

Yes, it had been torn open. The door had already been locked when landen entered the car. The only way for people outside to open the door was to destroy it. Generally speaking, no one could destroy the door with only physical strength. But now, the door was torn open by a pair of hands.

It was as simple as tearing a piece of cloth. After the two hands easily tore the car door open, they grabbed land again and then directly threw him away.

“I’m Cao!” Ge open-minded cursed. Before he was thrown away, he turned his head and looked at him, only to find that the person who threw him away was actually Chen Hao.

At this time, Chen Hao’s face was gloomy, and his anger was piled up in his heart. If it weren’t for the fear of hurting Ye Ningxue, he would have smashed this van as well.

“Are you okay?” When he saw Ye Ningxue, Chen Hao, who was serious at the moment, showed a rare gentle look.

It was also the first time that Ye Ningxue saw Chen Hao like this. She couldn’t help but feel a little shocked and distracted. She even wondered if she was dreaming. After all, Chen Hao used to be a bystander who had nothing to do with others. He always had the same expression and showed no interest in anything.

But now, Chen Hao showed a gentle look at her, which made it hard for Ye Ningxue to believe that the person in front of her was Chen Hao.

In fact, even Chen Hao himself did not notice these changes. He became very anxious after finding out that Ye Ningxue had disappeared. He used all his abilities to quickly find Ye Ningxue. Finding a person in this big city was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Only God knew what kind of difficulties Chen Hao had gone through to find Ye Ningxue in such a short time.

Seeing that Ye Ningxue was safe and sound and did not suffer much harm, Chen Hao breathed a sigh of relief. In addition to his concern, he naturally showed such an expression on his face.

“No… nothing!” After Chen Hao untied Ye Ningxue’s hand, Ye Ningxue was finally able to speak. However, in the face of such a gentle Chen Hao, Ye Ningxue still felt a little embarrassed.

When she saw Chen Hao appear in front of her, Ye Ningxue’s nervous and uneasy heart immediately calmed down. Seeing Chen Hao, Ye Ningxue knew that she was safe. As long as Chen Hao was there, nothing could hurt her! It was also at this moment that Ye Ningxue realized that she had unknowingly regarded Chen Hao as her support.

However, Chen Hao’s gaze landed on Ye Ningxue’s reddened left cheek. He was instantly enraged.

However, Chen Hao still calmed down and touched Ye Ningxue’s face with his hand. At the same time, a wisp of True Energy of the heavenly doctor was transferred from Chen Hao to the left side of Ye Ningxue’s face. Ye Ningxue’s left side of her face immediately became swollen at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the pain quickly disappeared.

“Hey! It’s too early for you to be complacent!” At this time, the voice of land came from behind Chen Hao. “What you should not do most is to let a killer get away from your sight and control. I admit that you are very strong. Haha, but I don’t think you can be faster than a bullet!”

Hearing his voice, Chen Hao turned around and found that he was holding a pistol in his hand. The gun was aimed at Chen Hao, and his face was full of a proud smile.

“If you kneel down and apologize to me now, maybe I will give you a quick death and save you from so much pain. After all, we are the most against human resources with the best interests and the best support for our nation!” competent said proudly. In his opinion, now he was nearly ten meters away from Chen Hao. As long as Chen Hao made any move, he would immediately shoot. In his opinion, no matter how fast Chen Hao was, it was impossible for him to be faster than the speed of bullets. So at this time, competent as he thought he had already grasped the first chance, Chen Hao could only admit defeat.

“Really?” Chen Hao’s anger had been completely released. Although Chen Hao seemed to have saved Ye Ningxue at the last moment, Chen Hao knew that if he had waited for ten minutes, or even five minutes, Ye Ningxue might have been hurt. Therefore, it was impossible for Chen Hao not to be angry with Medicineston.

“Since you’re so confident, let’s see if it’s me or your bullet!” Chen Hao said. His tone was as cold as if he had taken it out of an ice cellar.

As soon as Chen Hao’s voice fell, he began to move. True essence gathered on his legs, displaying extreme speed.

landen’s pupils suddenly shrank. He really did not expect Chen Hao to be able to display such a speed. This was completely beyond the reach of an inhuman level. It was not something that an ordinary person could achieve. Even he, who was well trained as an assassin, was unable to endure such a speed.

However, the situation did not allow him to have time to think about whether Chen Hao was human or not. He immediately wanted to pull the trigger.

However, competent felt a sharp pain in his right hand. He looked down and found that the pistol had fallen into Chen Hao’s hand, and his right hand was directly twisted into a twist.

“Your speed is too slow, your reaction is too weak, and your strength is too weak. You want to kill me?” Chen Hao said disdainfully, and then he directly kicked on land on his face.

landon flew out with a face full of blood. Only now did he understand what a horrible thing had happened last night at Edwards…

Chapter 34 Will You Be Pregnant?


land heavily on the ground, accompanied by large mouthfuls of blood.

This was the most serious attack Chen Hao had ever made since he came to Cangyun City. Not to mention the arm which had been twisted into a twist, Chen Hao’s kick on his face had directly crushed one of his eyeballs. The bridge of his nose had been crushed, and many of his teeth had been broken.

On top of that, the huge force of impact came back and shattered many of the internal organs in his body. With this kind of injury, he would definitely die unless Chen Hao took action.

“You… you, you are a devil!” competent said, lying on the ground. At this moment, he finally understood how terrible Chen Hao was. It was not because of Chen Hao’s ruthlessness. As killers, they had seen all kinds of means and blood. The reason why they called Chen Hao a devil was that it had only been ten seconds since he started to move and now he had fallen to the ground. In these ten seconds, this was what kind of person was like. On second thought, it was impossible for an ordinary person to do that.

In fact, Chen Hao was quite kind in his heart. He even knew that a doctor should be kind. His master had taught him since he was a child that they were doctors, not demons who killed people. The greatest use of the inner Canon of heavenly medicine was to save people, not to kill people.

Therefore, no matter what kind of enemy he met, Chen Hao would always keep his bottom line. The purpose of dealing with the enemy was to subdue them and would not kill them.

But today, Chen Hao was really angry. Seeing that Ye Ningxue was caught by them and almost got hurt, Chen Hao couldn’t calm down the anger in his heart. If it weren’t for the fact that he still retained a little reason in his heart, Chen Hao would have beaten Medicineston into minced meat. It should be known that beating an ordinary person into minced meat was just a few punches for a cultivator in the Qi Refining Realm.

Speaking of the killers around them, they had already been dealt with by Chen Hao. They thought that it was because of their actions today, so everyone gathered here and waited outside. When Chen Hao came over just now, he directly knocked them down at the fastest speed. Some of them were unconscious, and some of them temporarily lost their ability to move. Compared with the fate of the others in York, they were better.

At this moment, when those killers who were still awake saw that their boss had been killed so easily by Chen Hao, they were even more frightened. They were all members of the same group, so they would naturally spar with each other. Therefore, they were very clear about the strength of landen, and they also knew the strength gap between them and landen.

However, the strongest among them, landston, was knocked down by Chen Hao. At this moment, they were already short of breath and did not know how long they could live. This made them clearly know how easy it would be if Chen Hao wanted to kill them just now.

Next, Chen Hao took Ye Ningxue out of the van and asked Ye Ningxue to call Tang Shirou.

On the other side of the phone, Tang Shirou heard that Chen Hao had subdued another group of people. This time, she could not help but feel a little angry and loving. After all, the people Chen Hao defeated were criminals. Chen Hao did this to protect the public security of Cangyun City. But in the past two days, Chen Hao had sent prisoners to them one after another. Just say that Guoen was an important criminal who was responsible for digging up the killer organization in Cangyun City.

Of course, this was all because Tang Shirou did not understand the reason why Chen Hao had already wiped out this killer organization.

Therefore, Tang Shirou, who had been working overtime and exhausted physically and mentally, was naturally a little angry with the fact that Chen Hao had caught the criminal. After all, it was better to let them rest for a day first. After all, not everyone could recover to their peak state after a night of rest like Chen Hao!

Soon, police cars with sirens came to this place from a distance. Then a group of special police officers got out of the cars fully armed.

When they saw the people lying on the ground, they were a little surprised, but there was no response. After all, they had seen Chen Hao defeat a group of people alone before. They were already numb to such a monstrous existence like Chen Hao.

“Wait… this man… Isn’t he the A-level wanted criminal?” A policeman suddenly shouted.

Hearing this, many policemen immediately walked over and found that it was true.

However, they were still shocked, because as they began to clean up these killers lying on the ground, they suddenly found out the wanted criminals one after another. This time, the group of special police realized that things were not normal.

This was a wanted criminal. He was different from the group of people that Chen Hao had knocked down last time. Those people could only be regarded as strong fighters. However, these wanted criminals were all recognized as dangerous people in the world. If they appeared alone, they could cause panic and needed serious treatment from the police.

But now, all these people were gathered together, but they were still no match for Chen Hao. They were all defeated by Chen Hao. Looking at Chen Hao standing aside, he was still like a normal person. This made these special police couldn’t help but want to know how Chen Hao did it.

Then the special police reported the situation to Tang Shirou, who was staring at Chen Hao.

Tang Shirou was shocked. She originally thought they were just ordinary gangsters, but she didn’t expect them to be a group of wanted criminals.

“These people are…” At this moment, Tang Shirou had no time to care about Chen Hao and caused trouble for them, so she asked directly.

“They are all a group of killers!” Chen Hao replied indifferently. He thought that no matter if they were killers, gangsters, or more powerful hatchet men than ordinary gangsters, they were all trash for Chen Hao.

“Hiss!” Tang Shirou immediately took a deep breath. “Such a group of killers are gathered in Cangyun City. What do they want to do? Where is their leader?”

Upon hearing this, Chen Hao pointed to the Faron lying on the ground like a dead dog in the distance. Seeing this, Tang Shi took a look at it immediately, only to find that lande had died. That was why she thought that the police would not be able to get any information about them gathering in Cangyun City from lande.

Thinking that such an important criminal had been beaten to death by Chen Hao, Tang Shirou immediately got angry. She immediately trotted to Chen Hao and shouted, “Do you know how important this prisoner is? How can you kill him? I know you are very strong, but it doesn’t mean that you can kill anyone at will, even if that person is an unforgivable criminal!”

Hearing Tang Shirou’s question, Chen Hao immediately turned his head and looked at Tang Shirou. Her eyes were extremely cold. Tang Shirou was shocked because she was the first to see Chen Hao’s cold eyes, and his eyes were still fixed on her.

“I don’t care how important this prisoner is. He wants to hurt Sister Ning Xue, so it’s so simple for me to kill him. As for whether I can kill him or not, if you don’t accept it, just attack me. If you can defeat me, I will let you deal with it!” Chen Hao’s tone was very cold, which made Tang Shirou stunned and didn’t know how to answer for a while.

“All right, all right, all of you stop arguing! I’m fine. That person is dead. If we keep arguing, it won’t change the result!” Seeing this, Ye Ningxue quickly came out to mediate the atmosphere. After all, the atmosphere between Chen Hao and Tang Shirou was really tense.

Tang Shirou was Ye Ningxue’s best friend, so Ye Ningxue naturally wanted Tang Shirou’s job to be easier. She also knew that Chen Hao had killed Medicineston because of her. If Chen Hao was allowed to enter the police station because of this person, Ye Ningxue would absolutely not allow him to. So what she could do was to persuade both sides to take a step back.

“Are you all right? If you’re not here, then we’ll leave first!” Chen Hao said. Then, without waiting for Tang Shirou’s reply, he directly took Ye Ningxue’s hand and left.

Watching Chen Hao leave, Tang Shirou suddenly felt a heartache. She thought about it carefully and knew that it was because of Chen Hao’s cold eyes. Although she often quarreled with Chen Hao in the past, it was very peaceful. Although Tang Shirou felt very angry when they quarreled, she would not hate Chen Hao because of this.

However, when Chen Hao gave her a cold look, Tang Shi suddenly felt a sense of strangeness. She felt that she had lost something very important in her heart, but she couldn’t tell what exactly it was.

“Did I go too far just now?” Tang Shi thought. When she thought of Chen Hao’s cold eyes, she felt a sharp pain in her heart…

“All right, all right! Don’t be angry! Shirou is in such a hurry. It’s okay. In fact, she is a very kind person. She is so excited for the safety of the citizens of Cangyun City!” On the way back, seeing Chen Hao’s gloomy face, Ye Ningxue could not help but persuade him.

“Yes!” Chen Hao nodded. However, his eyes were still looking out of the window. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Seeing that Chen Hao’s mood had not improved, Ye Ningxue suddenly stopped the car by the roadside. They were located in the suburbs of Cangyun City, and almost no one passed by here. It was also because of this that the killer organization would settle down here.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Chen Hao turned to look at Ye Ningxue and asked. He did not know why Ye Ningxue had stopped the car.

At this moment, Chen Hao suddenly felt a fragrance on his face, and then a trace of coldness fell on his lips.

Chen Hao was immediately stunned, and his originally indifferent face turned red in an instant. This big boy, who had been fearless since he entered Cangyun City, was now blushing.

A moment later, her lips parted. Ye Ningxue’s face was also flushed. She was about to speak when she burst into laughter because of Chen Hao’s words.

“This… will she be pregnant?” Chen Hao scratched his head and asked seriously…

Chapter 35 Little Miracle-working Doctor

When Chen Hao’s words came out, Ye Ningxue, who had been nervous and shy, immediately laughed out loud.

No matter how hard she tried, she never thought that Chen Hao would say something like that. Ye Ningxue had not expected this, and Chen Hao’s words directly made Ye Ningxue not know how to answer.

After holding it in for a long time, Ye Ningxue finally managed to say, “Don’t worry, I will be responsible for you!”

“No!” Hearing Ye Ningxue’s words, Chen Hao immediately answered with a serious face, “Even if you are pregnant, Sister Ningxue, you are pregnant. Don’t worry, Sister Ningxue. I will be responsible for you!”

Ye Ningxue was speechless for a while. She wondered what kind of education Chen Hao had received so that he would get pregnant after kissing her.

However, he didn’t know that all of this was taught by Chen Hao’s liar master. Although Chen Hao was a doctor, he had never received proper teaching, such as pregnancy. When Chen Hao was very young, Chen Hao’s master had always told Chen Hao that boys and girls would get pregnant after kissing, so he had been preventing Chen Hao from having too much contact with the girls at the foot of the mountain at the Taoist temple.

After all, when Chen Hao was young, he was very delicate and pretty, and was very popular with girls. Once again, he was almost taken home by girls to be his son-in-law.

In order to prevent such a situation from happening again, Chen Hao’s master used this method to deceive Chen Hao so that Chen Hao would not be so close to girls. However, he did not expect that this lie would affect Chen Hao for 20 years. Moreover, in the Taoist temple in the mountain, Chen Hao did not have any small videos. A small book was an unknown field for knowledge.

“Okay, okay! If you’re responsible, then you’ll have to be responsible for me in the future! You can’t provoke other girls anymore!” Ye Ningxue said seriously.

Chen Hao naturally nodded in agreement. As a man, the most important thing was to take responsibility!

Regarding Chen Hao’s mistake in knowledge, Ye Ningxue decided to take advantage of it. For the time being, she would let Chen Hao think so. When there was a chance in the future, she would teach Chen Hao the correct way of thinking. As for how long this opportunity would last, it would depend on Ye Ningxue’s own thoughts.

After that, Ye Ningxue drove back home and had a good rest.

After all, it was impossible for Ye Ningxue not to be frightened after experiencing such a thing. Although the moment when Chen Hao came out, the fear in Ye Ningxue’s heart had been completely eliminated, there were still some shadows in her heart.

As soon as she got home, Ye Ningxue relaxed. In addition, Chen Hao was beside her, so Ye Ningxue naturally relaxed completely. As soon as she relaxed, she felt tired. So after going upstairs to take a shower, she went to sleep in the room.

Chen Hao didn’t care, but he still put his consciousness in every corner of the villa. Then he sat on the sofa to cultivate, while protecting Ye Ningxue.

This incident had already alerted Chen Hao and made him understand that although his enemies could not deal with him, they could do something to his relatives and friends, just like this time. Just when Chen Hao was a little careless, Ye Ningxue was caught by the people of these killer organizations. This time, he was lucky enough to save Ye Ningxue quickly. Next time, no one could be sure if he was so lucky.

Therefore, Chen Hao had to put away his previous thoughts and focus on protecting the people around him.

The day passed just like that. Ye Ningxue only woke up at night. When Ye Ningxue woke up, Chen Hao had already prepared the food.

In the past, when they were in the Taoist temple, they were all made by Chen Hao. Although their cooking skills might not be as good as those of the chefs in hotels, they could still make delicious food. Ye Ningxue, who had been hungry for a whole day, was completely at ease and ate a lot.

After dinner, the two of them naturally stayed on the sofa and watched TV together.

Due to the incident in the car during the day, the relationship between Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue had improved by leaps and bounds. For example, Ye Ningxue was now in Chen Hao’s arms when she watched TV. If this had happened in the past, Ye Ningxue would have never dared to think about it.

However, nothing happened between them. After midnight, they went back to their rooms to sleep, and the night passed.

The next day, Chen Hao naturally followed Ye Ningxue to the jewelry shop.

Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue were not in the jewelry shop on weekends. Originally, only Ye Ningxue had the right to not go to work on weekends. But thinking about the relationship between Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue, even if Chen Hao did not go to work on weekends, no one could say anything, and it was useless.

Early in the morning, as soon as Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue got out of the car, they saw a group of people gathered in front of the jewelry shop, as if they were waiting for something.

Ye Ningxue frowned. She didn’t know what had happened, so she hurried over.

Just as Ye Ningxue and Chen Hao approached the group of people, the group of people suddenly became restless.

“Little magic doctor! Little magic doctor is finally here!” A man in the crowd suddenly shouted. Then this group of people directly rushed over and surrounded Chen Hao.

“Little magic doctor! I’ve been waiting so early in the morning!” The crowd parted. An old lady came over and said. At the same time, there was an 18-year-old girl beside the old lady.

When he saw the old lady, Chen Hao knew who she was.

This old lady was Yun Siqing’s grandmother, the old lady of the Yun Family in the Eastern Yang City. The last time she had a heart attack in the jewelry shop, it was Chen Hao who had treated her and cured her of her heart disease.

If Old Madame Yun hadn’t come out, Chen Hao would have forgotten about it.

At this time, Yun Siqing also cast her eyes on Chen Hao. Her eyes were full of admiration and love.

Ye Ningxue immediately noticed Yun Siqing’s gaze. Now she could say that she had confirmed her relationship with Chen Hao. Now Chen Hao was her boyfriend, while Yun Siqing showed her love for Chen Hao. How could Ye Ningxue feel comfortable?

Therefore, Ye Ningxue stepped forward and stood in front of Chen Hao.

Being blocked by Ye Ningxue, Chen Hao immediately became unhappy. She looked at the handsome man well, but suddenly a woman stood in front of her, and the woman was so beautiful.

Indeed, Yun Siqing was pretty. She was one in a million, but compared with Ye Ningxue, she was a little inferior. However, because Yun Siqing was younger than Ye Ningxue, she had a youthful and lively temperament. If they were compared, the attraction would be similar.

Yun Siqing looked at Ye Ningxue and was about to speak when she was pulled by her grandmother and walked toward Chen Hao…

Chapter 36 Invitation from the Yun Family

“Little magic doctor, thank you for helping me cure my heart disease last time!” Old Madame Yun said.

As soon as the words of Old Madame Yun came out, everyone around was shocked.

A lot of people had gathered here because of Old Madame Yun’s formation. Everyone gathered around to see what had happened. Even the people in the jewelry shop only knew that Chen Hao had saved the old lady. Obviously, the old lady wanted to repay their kindness. But they didn’t know that Chen Hao not only saved the old lady, but also cured her heart disease directly.

Not to mention anything else, just the words of curing heart disease could immediately cause everyone to be shocked. The effect of heart disease was already recognized as one of the incurable diseases in the world, but it could be cured by more than a minute of treatment in the hands of Chen Hao.

This time, those who didn’t know what had happened immediately asked the people around them. The people around also told them what had happened two days ago. For a time, the news that Chen Hao had cured the heart disease spread among the people around.

It should be known that those who could come to Ye’s Jewelry Shop were all good people in Cangyun City. These people had reached a level of money and material pursuit, so they were in good health. When they heard that Chen Hao could cure the heart disease, they couldn’t help but be moved. If the heart disease could be cured, then it was easy to cure other diseases.

Yun Siqing, who was pulled in front of Chen Hao by Old Madame Yun, also gave Ye Ningxue a provocative look, and then looked at Chen Hao with starry eyes.

Ye Ningxue was furious, but she suddenly thought about it. When she first met Chen Hao, he had no interest in a beauty like her at all. It seemed that nothing in Cangyun City could attract Chen Hao. If she hadn’t taken the initiative to kiss Chen Hao yesterday, his relationship with her wouldn’t have been so close.

Even if Yun Siqing showed her affection for Chen Hao, Chen Hao would turn a blind eye to it, unless Yun Siqing dared to kiss Chen Hao in public.

After understanding all this, Ye Ningxue was immediately relieved. Since Yun Siqing wanted to skin her, she would let her do it. She and a child would not be angry.

“It’s not a big deal. There’s no need to mobilize so many people!” Chen Hao said casually. For Chen Hao, it was really a small thing to treat a heart disease. The inner Canon of the Heavenly Medicine recorded more difficult and difficult diseases than heart disease. It was really difficult to treat those diseases. This heart disease? It could be cured by Chen Hao when he was thirteen years old.

However, they didn’t think so. In their opinion, it was already as difficult as reaching the heavens to cure heart disease. Seeing Chen Hao say so, they thought it was Chen Hao’s modest excuse.

“Little magic doctor brother, why don’t you come with me to the Eastern Yang City?” Yun Siqing suddenly said in a pleasant voice, which was like the sound of nature. “Our Yun Family has a big hospital in the Eastern Yang City. We can invite you to be the director of the hospital!”

Hearing Yun Siqing’s words, Old Madame Yun’s eyes suddenly lit up. Although she had never personally managed the affairs of the Yun Family, when she was young, she followed the old man of the Yun Family and ran around. Naturally, she was enlightened and had some businessman’s eyes. So at this moment, she suddenly thought that it was a great business opportunity to invite Chen Hao to the Yun Family’s hospital to be the director.

Even if Chen Hao’s method of curing heart disease was not revealed, even if Chen Hao was only in the hospital, it could bring a very high reputation to the hospital and make many people admire it.

More importantly, if those important figures wanted to invite Chen Hao to treat them, they would have to pass the examination of the Yun Family. In this way, the Yun Family would directly have a relationship with many important figures, and many important figures would owe the Yun Family a favor. At that time, the Yun Family would no longer be a provincial enterprise in the East Yang City. It would be easy for them to make a name in the province or even in the country.

Old Madame Yun instantly understood that if she could pull Chen Hao into the Yun Family, it would cause great changes in the Yun Family. Not to mention being a director for Chen Hao, even if Yun Siqing married Chen Hao, Old Madame Yun would be willing.

“Yes, Little Miracle-working Doctor. Why don’t you go to the Yun Family’s hospital to take up the position of the director! The East Yang City’s Ai People’s Hospital is the property of the Yun Family. It is the most well-equipped hospital in the East Yang City. As long as you are willing, the position of the director of the Ai People’s Hospital can be given to you now!” Old Madame Yun also said, “As for the treatment, I can give you a higher salary than the ordinary dean. The annual salary is 50 million yuan. What do you think?”

The onlookers burst into an uproar. Although they lived in Cangyun City, they knew a little about the Yun Family in Dongyang City. Maybe the Yun Family was not as good as the Ye Family, but not too bad. It was a family business that could compete with the Ye Family. Now the Yun Family in Dongyang City directly invited Chen Hao, and they even offered a salary of 50 million per year. With this salary, how many people couldn’t earn it in their lifetime, while Chen Hao could earn it in less than a year.

However, what Chen Hao did next shocked them even more, because Chen Hao actually shook his head. Although he did not say anything, this action had already made everyone understand Chen Hao’s decision.

Not to mention anything else, Chen Hao’s unhesitating refusal of 50 million was enough to shock many people. If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Hao had easily cured a heart disease, they would probably think that Chen Hao was a fool.

Seeing this, the old lady didn’t wait for Chen Hao to refuse. She said directly, “If the Little Miracle-working Doctor is worried that he will be very busy at that time, I can guarantee that the Little Miracle-working Doctor doesn’t need to treat him personally. We can’t interfere with your activities. You just need to register in our hospital. And in terms of salary, I can double it for you, 100 million yuan!”

“I… I’m not dreaming, am I?” Someone in the surroundings couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“Wake me up! pinch me hard. This dream is too absurd. My little mind can’t bear it!” Someone shouted, but then he screamed because the people around him directly pinched him until he turned red and purple.

Old Madame Yun’s words dealt a huge blow to these people. Being the academy head was merely a nominal title. Moreover, she did not intend to participate in any activities, which meant that she could go to work if she wanted to. If she did not want to go to work, she could not go to work. It totally depended on her mood! This kind of job was what many people dreamed of. Moreover, the salary was as high as 100 million yuan. What a big number! Even if Chen Hao only worked one day a year at work every year, he could easily get 100 million yuan. This kind of treatment immediately made countless people present envious and jealous. They could not wait to replace Chen Hao as soon as possible and instantly realize their dream of becoming a director.

Even Ye Ningxue was nervous at this time. A hundred million yuan was not enough to go to work, which was a great temptation for a person. Chen Hao, as a security guard in the jewelry shop, only had a hundred thousand yuan a month. Compared with the conditions given by the Yun Family, it was like heaven and earth. Although Ye Ningxue knew that Chen Hao had no pursuit of money, she still couldn’t help but feel nervous.

“No need!” Chen Hao once again said straightforwardly.

“What! Did I hear wrongly? What did he say?” Some people began to doubt their hearing.

“I… I hate you! Why didn’t such a thing happen to me? You don’t need it. I really need it!” Someone looked up at the sky and sighed.

“There’s no need! I don’t want to be a director, and I don’t have any pursuit for salary.” Chen Hao said again. The hearts of the onlookers were once again hurt by a million tons.

Old Madame Yun was also stunned. She had originally thought that it would be an easy task for Chen Hao to enter the Yun clan under these conditions. However, Chen Hao had completely exceeded her expectations. She had never expected that Chen Hao would remain unmoved under these conditions.

“Brother Little Miracle-working Doctor! What are you talking about? We will treat you very well! You don’t have to worry that someone will bully you!” Yun Siqing was also very shocked. She opened her mouth to persuade Chen Hao to stay.

Chen Hao shook his head and said, “No, it’s not necessary. The doctor is kind. It’s just a piece of cake for me to treat you that day. You don’t have to be so grateful. It’s just a piece of cake for me. You can leave now. The jewelry shop still needs to do business! Otherwise, you can come to the jewelry shop to buy some jewelry!”

As he spoke, Chen Hao pulled Ye Ningxue towards the jewelry shop. Everyone moved out of the way and looked at Chen Hao with complicated eyes.

Ye Ningxue heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, she was very happy. Although she did not know why Chen Hao was unwilling to go to the Yun Family, it was obvious that he preferred to stay with her. That was enough.

Therefore, Ye Ningxue took Chen Hao’s arm directly and turned back to give Yun Siqing a proud look. Then she followed Chen Hao into the jewelry store.

“A master… you are indeed a master. No wonder you can have such a state of mind! You are really a miracle-working doctor in the world!” Old Madame Yun looked at Chen Hao’s back and sighed, “Go back and check which jewelry shop is owned. I want to see if there is anything worthy of a miracle-working doctor here!”

“Yes!” The men of the Yun Family immediately began to give orders, ready to investigate the background of Ye’s Jewelry Shop.

After Chen Hao left, the people at the scene had also dispersed. However, at this moment, the storm on the Internet had just begun…

Chapter 37 Fame Rises

It was quiet on Chen Hao’s side, but the conversation between him and the Yun Family had been recorded by the onlookers.

Then, people posted this video on the Internet. In this impetuous era, when Chen Hao’s video was sent out, it directly caused an unexpected violent reaction.

Some people supported Chen Hao and worshipped him, who was not moved by money. After all, since ancient times, those truly capable people and extraordinary people did not care about money. Money was an external possession for them. What they pursued was their lifelong dream.

Some people supported him, and some people naturally objected. Some people thought that Chen Hao was putting on a show, thinking that he was creating hype. Some so-called experts immediately made it clear on their own Weibo. This video was obviously creating hype. It said that it was impossible to cure heart disease. They scolded this kind of hype, and even scolded Chen Hao as a quack.

There were also some people who were in a neutral position. Most of them were the media. These media didn’t care about whether the video was true or not. They just realized that it was a hot topic that attracted people’s attention and a lot of traffic. Therefore, many media tried their best to contact Chen Hao and wanted to interview him.

For a time, there was a storm on the Internet. Chen Hao had become an online celebrity. However, as the person involved, Chen Hao did not understand this. He did not have a mobile phone at all. He had been sitting in meditation all day long, or watching all kinds of difficult and complicated diseases in the Heavenly Physician’s Inner Canon. Chen Hao carried the Heavenly Physician’s Inner Canon with him. He had been reading the Heavenly Physician’s Inner Canon since he was 12 years old. But until now, he still had not finished reading all kinds of diseases recorded in the Heavenly Physician’s Inner Canon. It could be seen that there were so many inside the Heavenly Physician’s Internal Canon.

But thinking about it, even if Chen Hao knew what was going on on the Internet, he would probably ignore it. According to Chen Hao’s casual character, there were not many things that could disturb him. Instead of paying attention to the things on the Internet, it was better to accompany Ye Ningxue to watch TV dramas, although Chen Hao did not understand why Ye Ningxue would cry when watching TV dramas.

Regardless of whether Chen Hao paid attention or not, he was already a celebrity on the Internet, especially in the circle of some famous big shots.

These big shots knew the old lady of the Yun Family. The moment they saw her, they knew that this matter would not be false. After all, a large group of the Yun Family would not use this kind of thing to deceive people. At the same time, these high-level figures became active.

To be able to reach their status, money was no longer a pursuit for them. What they cared more about was their health. After all, as long as they were alone, who would not be sick at all? What’s more, when these big shots were young, they fought desperately for their lives to achieve their current achievements. What they paid was their health.

Sometimes, people were so contradictory. When they were healthy, they worked hard to make money. When they had a lot of money, they would spend a lot of money to cure themselves and find health.

What these big shots wanted most now was the health of their families. When the news that Chen Hao could even cure a heart disease spread, they were immediately moved. This was much better than those so-called big hospitals!

Now, Ye Ningxue received a call from her father.

“Xiaoxue!” Ye Yunlong’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Have you eaten yet?”

Ye Ningxue was confused. Although her father doted on her very much, he had never cared about her so much since she grew up. What happened today? “I’ve eaten it. What happened to you today?”

“Oh! I’ve eaten it! It’s great that I’ve eaten it! Is Chen Hao next to you?” Ye Yunlong continued.

Ye Ningxue was even more confused. Why was he looking for Chen Hao? After all, it had been more than a week since the last time Chen Hao had eaten in the Ye Family. Ye Yunlong had not asked about Chen Hao for more than a week. Why did he suddenly ask Chen Hao these days?

“Father! If you have anything to say, just say it! Why are you beating around the bush like this!” Ye Ningxue rolled her eyes charmingly.

“Haha! Okay, okay. Well, isn’t Chen Hao’s medical skills very good? I just want him to help me take a look at my body!” Ye Yunlong said.

That was right. Ye Yunlong had seen the video on the Internet. He had never expected that Chen Hao could cure a heart disease with such excellent medical skills. This time, Ye Yunlong was tempted. After all, he had cold legs for many years. If the weather was cold, his legs would hurt badly. He had seen many hospitals and even many Chinese medicine hospitals, but there was only one way to suppress it. It was impossible to cure it.

Now that Chen Hao’s superb medical skills had appeared, Ye Yunlong was instantly moved.

“I see! Then I’ll ask him!” Ye Ningxue was speechless for a while, but she was also secretly happy. After all, she had long known that Chen Hao’s medical skills were very excellent. Now that she saw that Chen Hao used his medical skills and made her father ask him for help, Ye Ningxue was naturally happy for Chen Hao.

“Also, Xiaoxue, I have a few good friends here. They have been sick for many years. Can Chen Hao show them too?” Ye Yunlong continued.

In fact, this was Ye Yunlong’s fundamental purpose. Just like what the old lady of the Yun Family had thought, she could use Chen Hao’s medical skills to treat many big shots so that these big shots would owe her a favor. In this way, it would be easy for her to do anything at that time.

Ye Yunlong also thought so. However, although Chen Hao had made a name for himself, he still lacked strong evidence. Therefore, Ye Yunlong invited some of his good friends. These people were all influential figures. If they were cured by Chen Hao, their reputation would be greater than it was now!

After speaking to Ye Yunlong, Ye Ningxue put down her phone and then nestled in Chen Hao’s arms. In Chen Hao’s arms, Ye Ningxue could always feel very comfortable. She could feel very happy both mentally and physically.

This was all because of Chen Hao’s True Energy of the Celestial Doctor. When Ye Ningxue approached, the True Energy that leaked out from Chen Hao’s True Energy would automatically enter Ye Ningxue’s body. It was able to constantly cleanse Ye Ningxue’s meridians. Naturally, it would make Ye Ningxue feel comfortable.

Later, Ye Ningxue told Chen Hao about Ye Yunlong’s request. Chen Hao agreed without hesitation. After all, Ye Yunlong was his father-in-law. Would he refuse her request? Moreover, it was just a piece of cake for Chen Hao. So they immediately went downstairs and drove toward the Ye family’s villa…

Chapter 38 The Treatment Center

Chen Hao followed Ye Ningxue to the Ye family manor.

As soon as he got out of the car, Chen Hao received a grand welcome from Ye Yunlong.

The people who came out with Ye Yunlong to welcome Chen Hao were all very influential big shots in Cangyun City. They could come out to welcome a person together. Not everyone could enjoy this kind of treatment, so it was not an exaggeration to say that it was grand.

For them, they didn’t care about putting on airs. Since they had reached this position, they naturally had deep shrewdness. They knew that a capable man like Chen Hao couldn’t put on airs when he asked for help. Otherwise, they would only become enemies.

“Chen! You’re finally here!” Ye Yunlong stepped forward and held Chen Hao’s hand.

Although Ye Yunlong treated Chen Hao well the last time they came to the Ye family manor, he was not as enthusiastic as he was today. Looking at his father’s appearance, Ye Ningxue was speechless for a moment, but she could only smile bitterly. After all, she knew that Chen Hao would not put on airs because of Ye Yunlong’s enthusiasm.

Ignoring what these people were going to do next, Ye Ningxue walked directly to her grandfather’s villa. Speaking of what was worthy of her concern in the Ye manor, it was Ye Ningxue’s father and her grandfather. When Ye Ningxue was very young, her mother died of illness. For Ye Ningxue, only her father and grandfather were her relatives. So now when she returned to the Ye manor, Ye Ningxue naturally had to visit her grandfather.

“Chen! Did Xiaoxue tell you why we called you here?” Ye Yunlong pulled Chen Hao into the villa hall and sat down.

The servant immediately came up and poured tea. Then, he was called out by Ye Yunlong to leave the villa. Now, only Chen Hao, Ye Yunlong, and a few big shots were left in the villa.

“Yes!” Chen Hao nodded. Then, he stared at Ye Yunlong’s face for a while and continued, “Uncle Ye, Primordial Yang has been a little exhausted these days. You’d better restrain yourself. Have you felt a faint pain in the kidney of your waist these days? That is the so-called kidney over!”

Chen Hao’s words caused everyone present to burst into laughter. Only Ye Yunlong’s face turned red and he smiled awkwardly beside them. As for anger, Ye Yunlong would not do that. Because the big shots present were all friends who had a good relationship with him. They all knew each other well, so there was nothing that they could not say.

As for why Ye Yunlong, who was already a widowed, still had a kidney deficiency. Men would always have that kind of kidney problem. Sometimes, when a young female secretary dressed sexily, she would naturally do something that adults would know. If you were not mature enough, you would know… Hehe, go face the wall!

However, everyone couldn’t laugh anymore. Because Chen Hao quickly swept his eyes over these people, and then said, “Uncles and uncles are almost the same. It’s better not to do too many things in the near future! After all, health is more important!” Although Chen Hao didn’t know what the so-called house affairs were, he once asked his master. His master told him that this was a game between men and women who had gotten married, but Chen Hao didn’t know how to play it. But since the inner Canon of the heavenly doctor explained this kind of disease in this way, Chen Hao just said so.

“Hahaha! Mr. Liu, I didn’t expect you to look so well-dressed. I didn’t expect you to be such a beast! Tell me, have you already eaten your little secretary?” Ye Yunlong, who had just been mocked by several people, began to fight back.

The middle-aged man called Liu was a bald man. He wore clean clothes and looked upright and kind. He didn’t look like a person who would go overboard. However, he couldn’t hide it from Chen Hao’s eyes. At this time, he directly revealed the little secret in Liu’s heart.

Old Liu blushed, but he still tried to argue that he didn’t do anything to his secretary.

However, Chen Hao was confused. He wondered why these people behaved like this, not because they had too many things to do. Why did they have something to do with eating people? Was Old Liu a monster?

Chen Hao quickly activated his X-ray vision to observe Old Liu and found that he was indeed a human, which made Chen Hao more confused.

“Ahem! Alright, let’s stop fooling around, Xiao Chen! Now, let’s see what’s wrong with our bodies!” Ye Yunlong suppressed his laughter and said.

In fact, Ye Yunlong was a little scheming at this time. After all, he only said that he wanted Chen Hao to treat them, but he didn’t say what kind of illness they had. This was to test Chen Hao and see if he was really as amazing as people said.

Chen Hao didn’t care. He went straight to Ye Yunlong’s side and grabbed his arm to feel his pulse. Then, he used his X-ray vision to check the condition of Ye Yunlong’s body. After more than ten minutes, Chen Hao had a general understanding of Ye Yunlong’s body.

“Uncle Ye must have some old legs!” Chen Hao said.

Ye Yunlong and the others present were shocked by his words because Chen Hao was right.

In fact, in traditional Chinese medicine, doctors needed to ask patients about their diseases when they were treating them. Even Chen Hao in the past could not avoid this process. But now Chen Hao had the X-ray vision and could directly see through the flesh and blood of the human body to see the internal situation of the human body. Therefore, Chen Hao could basically avoid asking about this process.

“Uncle Ye’s old cold leg was injured when he was young. His bones cracked and several nerves in his legs were hurt. Although the wound has been cured, the nerves can’t be cured. That’s why it looks like this!” Chen Hao continued.

In recent years, it was a statement of western medicine. However, in order to make the modern people understand it, Chen Hao naturally used this statement. In the Taoist temple where Chen Hao lived, there was more than one medical book of heavenly medicine, and there were all kinds of other books of Chinese medicine and western medicine. Before Chen Hao could start to read the imperial medical book, he read these books every day. Until he began to read the imperial medical book, he no longer needed to read these books.

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, Ye Yunlong, Old Liu, and the others were all shocked. After all, the result of Ye Yunlong’s diagnosis at the hospital was the same. The results were obtained after the hospital used various equipment for examination. They didn’t expect that Chen Hao could directly tell the cause of the disease after taking a look at it. Not to mention anything else, this alone was enough to prove Chen Hao’s ability.

“Then… can you cure it?” Ye Yunlong asked. He had given up the hope of curing his hidden illness, but Chen Hao’s appearance gave him hope again.

“It’s not a big deal!” Chen Hao casually waved his hand and then took out a silver needle. He then stabbed it into Ye Yunlong’s injured area. Then, the Heavenly Medical True Energy was injected into Ye Yunlong’s leg through this hollow silver needle.

Ye Yunlong immediately felt an itch in his leg. This was because his injured nerves were being repaired.

Another ten minutes passed before Ye Yunlong’s treatment was completed.

Then, Ye Yunlong stood up in surprise. This time, he felt more comfortable in his legs than ever before. He even knew that he had recovered from the hidden illness of many years!

The surrounding people immediately became excited when they saw this. All of them began to prepare to let Chen Hao give them a look and treat them…

Chapter 39 The Green Cloud Gang’s Invitation

Seeing that Chen Hao had easily cured Ye Yunlong’s old illness, Old Liu couldn’t sit still anymore.

Before the others could react, Old Liu rushed directly to Chen Hao and said excitedly, “Brother Chen, Little Miracle-working Doctor, please help me take a look!”

When the others saw that Old Liu had already made the first move, they couldn’t help but be annoyed that they didn’t react fast enough. But now that Old Liu had made the first move, they could only watch.

Chen Hao smiled and nodded. Seeing these people so happy, Chen Hao was also very happy. After all, as a doctor, he would naturally feel happy when he cured the patient.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry. I’ll cure them all for you today!” Chen Hao said, trying to comfort people.

Then Chen Hao began to feel Old Liu’s pulse, and then observed him with his X-ray vision.

Old Liu’s body was quite healthy, just a little problem. However, these little problems were related to his irregular schedule. As long as he changed his schedule, he could heal himself and did not need treatment. However, there was a problem that kept troubling Old Liu, which was his loss of hair.

Old Liu didn’t have a strong background. The reason why he was able to achieve his current achievements was that he had an inseparable relationship with his youth. Old Liu was engaged in the media industry. The video of Chen Hao, the little magic doctor, was also brought to Ye Yunlong and the others by him. Maybe it was because of his excessive brain. Old Liu was only about 40 or 50 years old, but he already had lost his hair in his eyes. He was nearly middle-aged, but he already had a sea head. Every time he looked at his loose hair, he was heartbroken.

Therefore, what Old Liu wanted Chen Hao to help solve today was also his problem of getting rid of his hair.

Chen Hao saw this problem at a glance.

For Chen Hao, solving this problem was much easier than treating Ye Yunlong’s internal injuries.

The reason why Mr. Liu took off his hair was that he was under a lot of pressure at work, and as he grew older, his hair fell into a rest period in advance. To put it bluntly, his hair was no longer long or slow. Therefore, Mr. Liu slowly formed a Mediterranean.

If it was in the hospital, this problem could not be treated. After all, this was because the human body had reached a certain stage. To put it bluntly, it was not a disease. How could the hospital treat it?

However, it was not a problem for Chen Hao. As long as he used the Heavenly Doctor’s True Energy and acupuncture to cooperate, the scalp cells that had stopped developing would stimulate their activity again, letting them continue to split and maintain their activity, then the problem of getting rid of the hair would naturally be solved.

This time, Chen Hao took out three silver needles, not because the treatment was more difficult, but because he needed more stimulating acupuncture points.

The silver needle pierced Mr. Liu’s head, and then the Heavenly Medical True Energy was injected into Mr. Liu’s scalp.

At first, Old Liu didn’t feel anything, but five minutes later, he suddenly felt that his scalp began to heat up, as if there was a hot stove on his head.

After another five minutes, Old Liu felt that his scalp was itchy. Moreover, his balding disaster area was particularly serious, and he couldn’t help but want to scratch it several times.

Therefore, when Chen Hao took off the silver needles and finished the treatment, the itching Mr. Liu directly grabbed his head.

It didn’t matter if he didn’t grab it, but it shocked Old Liu directly. Because a large layer of scalp suddenly appeared on the surface of Old Liu’s got rid of his hair. After the hair was shaved off, he immediately felt a kind of sting.

Mr. Liu knew how it felt. At this moment, he was so excited that he wanted to jump from the sofa to the ceiling. This was the feeling that he had been thinking about for countless days and nights. This was the feeling of stabbing when his hair was very short!

“All right, all right. Hurry up and wash your hair! Look at you, it’s like you haven’t washed your hair for half a year.” Ye Yunlong scolded with a smile, but he was also happy for Old Liu in his heart.

Mr. Liu did not care about his gratitude to Chen Hao and rushed straight to the bathroom. He had not been so happy for many years.

The others immediately looked at Old Liu with envy. Then another person came to Chen Hao.

According to Ye Yunlong’s introduction, Chen Hao learned that this man was called Zhang Tiankai, who was engaged in real estate in Cangyun City. Of course, his business could not be compared with that of the Ye Family, but in addition to the Ye Family, the largest real estate business in Cangyun City was probably Zhang Tian Kyle.

Zhang Tiankai’s problem was that he had had stomach problems for many years. This stomach disease had been with him since he was in high school. It could only be blamed for his irregular diet in high school, leaving such a problem.

Zhang Tiankai also went to many big hospitals to see it. He also used a lot of folk prescriptions, but they could only temporarily suppress it. It could not reach the purpose of curing the disease. After a period of time, it would happen again. Every time, it made Zhang Tiankai miserable.

Chen Hao immediately observed Zhang Tiankai’s body and soon found the reason why his stomach disease could not be cured for a long time.

That was because some of the self-protection tissue in his stomach had already died, which caused frequent damage to his stomach and caused him to feel pain.

Chen Hao still used acupuncture and treated Zhang Tiankai for more than ten minutes. After more than ten minutes, Zhang Tiankai suddenly felt an unprecedented comfort in his stomach. He even felt hungry. To be honest, it had been a long time since he had been so eager to eat like this.

After that, Chen Hao treated the last two people. They were Li Ran, the biggest chain supermarket boss in Cangyun City, and Wang Jianjun, the biggest nightclub boss.

Li Ran’s illness was a headache. Chen Hao found that because he couldn’t sleep well all year round, his nerves were greatly relaxed. When the treatment was over, Li Ran felt sleepy.

Wang Jianjun’s illness was his hearing. The cause of it was that he had worked too long in the noisy environment like the nightclub bar when he was young. His eardrums were damaged, so Chen Hao would naturally cure it easily.

There were five people in total. After more than an hour, Chen Hao cured all of them, but even Chen Hao felt a little tired after more than an hour of intensive treatment.

Therefore, Chen Hao walked out of Ye Yunlong’s villa and planned to take a break in the Ye family manor.

However, he did not expect that a maid would suddenly hit Chen Hao intentionally or unintentionally. When Chen Hao stood firm, the maid had already left in a hurry, and there was an envelope in Chen Hao’s hand.

Chen Hao looked down and saw the words “Blue Cloud Gang” on the envelope…

Chapter 40 He Ya

Looking at the envelope with the Green Cloud Gang written on it, Chen Hao couldn’t help frowning.

Chen Hao didn’t know much about the Green Cloud Gang before, but the last time he was surrounded by a group of people, he got some information about the Green Cloud Gang from Ye Ningxue.

If the Ye Family was the emperor of Cangyun City, then the Green Cloud Gang was the underground ruler of Cangyun City. On the surface, the Green Cloud Gang might not be a match for the Ye Family, but in the dark world, the Ye Family was inferior to the Green Cloud Group.

It could be said that the only force that could compete with the Ye Family in Cangyun City was probably the Qingyun Group.

However, the Green Cloud Group did not have much ambition. They just cleaned themselves up from the original underworld background and did not touch the core interests of the Ye Family. Therefore, over the years, the two sides had been peaceful and there was no contradiction between them.

But now, Chen Hao felt the power of the Green Cloud Gang.

The maid who had just sent the letter to Chen Hao was obviously a member of the Green Cloud Gang. The Green Cloud Gang had placed their own chess pieces in the Ye family’s manor unconsciously. Moreover, no one knew how many pieces there were, and how many pieces of the Green Cloud Group were in the management of the Ye family.

Although the Ye family’s manor seemed to be just an ordinary manor, the Ye family had done a good job. Moreover, every person working or living in the manor had been thoroughly understood by the Ye family. The Ye family did this to prevent their competitors from getting involved in the trap.

However, even so, the Green Cloud Gang and the Green Cloud Group were still able to get in touch with each other. It could be imagined how powerful the Green Cloud Group was. It was not difficult to explain why the Ye family, which seemed to have occupied the entire Cangyun City over the years, did not kill the Green Cloud Group, a potential competitor. Because once there was a competition between the two sides, both sides would definitely fight to the death. This kind of thing that hurt people and did not benefit themselves, as long as Ye Yunlong and the locals of the Green Cloud Group were not fools, they would not do such a thing.

After sighing, Chen Hao opened the envelope.

There was a piece of paper in the envelope. There were not many things written on it. It was just an address and nothing else.

Chen Hao didn’t even need to think about it to know that the Green Cloud Gang was inviting him to go to that place. As for whether they had set up an ambush there, that was something Chen Hao didn’t know. However, Chen Hao didn’t care if they had done anything.

Of course, Chen Hao chose to go. There was still a little contradiction between him and the Green Cloud Gang. The reason was that he had hurt several of the younger brothers of the Green Cloud Gang. Chen Hao was also very helpless about this. He could only say that the Green Cloud Gang was too protective of the younger brothers. Chen Hao only hurt them because of self-defense. In the end, they came to revenge again and again, although they had never succeeded.

But it was different this time. Chen Hao knew that after this time, the conflict between the two sides should be settled. The Green Cloud Gang was willing to expose a pawn in the Ye Family and send this letter to him, which showed that the Green Cloud Gang had attached great importance to Chen Hao. They did not send people to besiege him like before, but invited him. They had already felt that Chen Hao was not easy to deal with.

Chen Hao chuckled and walked out of the Ye family manor.

In fact, Chen Hao did not care much about the Green Cloud Gang. Not to mention offending the Green Cloud Gang, even if he offended the Ye Family, Chen Hao would have no fear. However, sometimes a fly would be annoying to you.

Chen Hao’s identity was no longer a secret in the Ye family manor. Many servants of the Ye family had already remembered Chen Hao’s appearance. After all, this might be the future son-in-law of the Ye family. They did not dare to neglect him.

Therefore, Chen Hao left the Manor of the Ye Family so easily. Without taking a taxi or anything, he directly used his True Energy to increase his speed. Then, he rushed to the place where the Green Cloud Gang invited him.

Ten minutes later, Chen Hao arrived at the destination. Although it took him ten minutes, Chen Hao had run from the south of Cangyun City to the north in these ten minutes. It could be said that Chen Hao had crossed Cangyun City in these ten minutes.

The destination was a building, an industry of the Qingyun Group. It was a nightclub. The outside of the building was decorated with splendid decoration. It could be seen from this that the interior was naturally not bad.

However, today’s building was a little deserted, and there were not as many guests as before.

In front of the building stood a row of female waiters, all wearing tight cheongsams, revealing their long legs and proud people.

When Chen Hao arrived here, these female waiters immediately bowed slightly and greeted him in unison. Obviously, they were welcoming Chen Hao. Tonight, the whole nightclub had stopped business and was specially used to welcome Chen Hao.

Chen Hao smiled, tidied up his collar, and then strode into the building with his head held high. Immediately, a hot waiter came to lead the way. However, because he stayed with Ye Ningxue and Tang Shirou for a long time, Chen Hao was immune to beautiful women. This waiter might be able to seduce many people, but in Chen Hao’s eyes, he was still far from Ye Ningxue and the others. He was not worthy of Chen Hao’s attention.

Under the lead of the waitress, Chen Hao came to the hall.

Now, the whole hall had been arranged again. All the tables and chairs had been moved away, leaving only one table and two chairs in the center of the hall. Around the hall stood a group of people.

These people all stood straight and looked straight, as if they were well-trained soldiers.

They were the most powerful group of Green Cloud Gang helpers and one of the trump cards of Green Cloud Group. All of them had received special forces training. Not to mention beating people, it was not a problem for them to fight directly on the battlefield. It could be said that they were a group of private soldiers.

With such a group of people standing here, even if they didn’t do anything, they would still release great pressure. Anyone who entered here would probably not feel comfortable.

However, Chen Hao was an exception. He still walked in casually and walked straight to the seat in the middle of the hall.

As he approached, a beautiful woman appeared in his sight.

This woman was He Ya, the eldest daughter of the Qingyun Group.

Now He Ya was sitting on the sofa with a glass of red wine in her hand. She looked at Chen Hao with a smile.

“You are young, but you are quite bold. You dare to go to the banquet alone. I thought that you would bring those people from the Ye Family with you!” He Ya smiled and said. After which, she gently took a sip of red wine…


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