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Chapter 21 Ye Ningxue’s background

When the stone-cutting master cut out the first jade of Chen Hao’s raw stone, everyone already knew the result.

Elder Wen’s and Sun Haoyu’s faces were as ugly as if they had eaten flies. Now, they didn’t care what kind of jade Chen Hao’s raw stone had produced. Even if it was the least valuable, or even if there was only a small stone, Chen Hao still won against Elder Wen.

“…You… you!” Mr. Wen was so angry that his face turned red. He pointed at Chen Hao and couldn’t say anything. He covered his chest with his other hand, as if his heart couldn’t bear it.

“It seems that I was lucky and won again. I think Boss Sun still remembers our bet, right?” Chen Hao smiled slightly, but he thought in his heart, “You want to play with me? I’ll kill you!”

“You deliberately tricked me! Since you want me to die, I will not let you go easy!” At this time, Mr. Wen suddenly roared wildly. Then he took out a knife from his arms and rushed straight to Chen Hao.

Seeing this, Chen Hao frowned and subconsciously pulled Ye Ningxue behind him. However, he didn’t know that Ye Ningxue’s heart was as sweet as honey because of his small action.

Looking at Elder Wen who was rushing over, Chen Hao directly kicked him. The young strong man was no match for Chen Hao, let alone this seventy-year-old Elder Wen. Even if Elder Wen was stronger than the other seventy-year-old men, he couldn’t be Chen Hao’s opponent.

Therefore, in the next second, Elder Wen flew out and fell heavily to the ground, unconscious.

It could be said that after this gamble with Chen Hao, Elder Wen had completely lost. He even lost all his efforts in his life. On the surface, he had only lost 50 million yuan to Chen Hao. However, many people knew that Elder Wen’s reputation, which had been running it for a lifetime, had become a joke. No matter whether it was Chen Hao who had won with the remaining raw stones he had picked at the beginning, or even if it was the last piece of jade that had not been carved out, it would all accompany him to death.

Some people with sharp eyes even saw the strength of Chen Hao from these two gambling games. Especially in the last game, they could see that Chen Hao obviously knew that there was no jade in that raw stone. But they still picked it up and looked at it carefully in order to lure Old Wen to take that stone. He took a piece of leftover material. Although there was only a little jade in it, it was a win-win situation.

“This boy… is playing dumb and eating tigers! He’s really good at playing tricks!” Looking at Chen Hao, who had a silly smile and an innocent look, everyone couldn’t help shivering. They subconsciously distanced themselves from Chen Hao, for fear that they would be cheated by Chen Hao and lose even their underwear.

However, at this moment, Sun Haoyu’s eyes suddenly lit up. Looking at Elder Wen lying on the ground, he suddenly raised his head and stared at Chen Hao with a meaningful smile on his face.

“Brother Chen Hao, isn’t it a good idea to hurt someone here?” Sun Haoyu said. At the same time, his eyes moved and he began to motion his subordinates to surround Chen Hao.

Chen Hao didn’t care, but Ye Ning, who was beside him, frowned.

“Boss Sun, what do you mean by this? This old gentleman did it first!” Ye Ningxue spoke in a pleasant voice. Even when she was angry, her voice was very moving.

Sun Haoyu was not afraid at all. He replied, “Nothing. I’m just talking about things. I lost to brother Chen Hao, but now brother Chen Hao has hurt someone in my Jade Cloud Pavilion. I have to discuss it with him now. After all, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of the guests!”

After that, Sun Haoyu waved his hand, signaling his men to start catching Chen Hao.

Sun Eterni had already realized that Chen Hao was not simple. Because all the people who were sent to deal with Chen Hao for the first time were beaten back, this time Sun Eterni learned a lesson. The people he called over were better than the last time, and their numbers doubled.

Of course, even so, these people were not a threat to Chen Hao. On the contrary, Ye Ningxue was very nervous because she was worried that Chen Hao would suffer losses.

“Sun Eternal, let’s see if you dare to touch his hair!” Ye Ningxue shouted loudly.

With Ye Ningxue’s shout, the gate of Jade Cloud Pavilion’s Area A was rudely pushed open, and then a group of people walked in.

“Let me see who didn’t give face to the Ye Family today and wanted to hurt the Ye Family in Cangyun City!” A vigorous voice came, and everyone immediately turned to look. When they saw the person coming in, they all shrank their necks. Even Sun Eterni, who was very arrogant just now, couldn’t help but turn pale in an instant.

The person who walked in was Ye Yunlong, the most powerful man in Cangyun City.

It could be said that in Cangyun City, Ye Yunlong was regarded as half a master. There were many industries in Cangyun City. Some of them were from the Ye Family, and some of them were shareholders. Even the directors had to give Ye Yunlong some face. Because once the Ye Family got angry, it meant that the G.D. in Cangyun City would decline by dozens of percent. This was not a joke.

Sun Eternal’s glory in the Jade Cloud Pavilion was nothing compared to Ye Yunlong’s.

“This… Don’t tell me that Ye Ningxue has something to do with the Ye Family! Isn’t she just the owner of a small jewelry shop… Wait! Ye’s Jewelry Shop! Ye’s Group! Ye Ningxue is indeed a member of the Ye Family!” Sun Eterni thought about it carefully and immediately understood everything. Thinking about how Chen Hao was Ye Ningxue’s subordinate, and how he had just gone against Chen Hao everywhere, it meant that he had been fighting against the Ye Family everywhere without fearing death! Thinking about it carefully, he was extremely scared. Sun Eterni’s forehead had gradually oozed bean-sized beads of sweat, and his back had been unknowingly soaked in sweat!

“Mr. Ye… Mr. Ye, you must be joking! In Cangyun City, who dares not give face to the Ye Family?” Sun Eterni rushed up to them and said. At the same time, he glanced at Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue from the corner of his eyes and felt extremely regretful. He secretly cursed in his heart, “Since you have such a big identity and background, why don’t you show it earlier? Is it fun to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger?”

However, what he did not know was that Ye Ningxue had never liked to reveal her identity and background, so only a small number of people in this circle knew Ye Ningxue’s real identity. If it were not for Chen Hao, she would not have used her background. But today was different. When today’s incident passed, everyone in Cangyun City would know Ye Ningxue’s identity.

“Hmph! I think you’re quite brave! There’s no need for your Blue Cloud Pavilion to continue operating!” Ye Yunlong didn’t give him any face and said those words on the spot. Upon hearing these words, Sun Eterni’s legs gave way and he almost fell to the ground…

Chapter 22 The Ye Family

With Ye Yunlong’s words, everyone present knew that Sun Haoyu was doomed.

Although Ye Yunlong and the Ye family would not do anything to Sun Eternal, Ye Yunlong’s words also meant that the Ye family did not welcome Sun Eternal. Then, those who had cooperated with Sun Eternal was either for self-protection or to please the Ye family. It would not depend on Sun Eternal’s cooperation. This time, Sun Eternal was finished in Cangyun City.

And the root cause of all this… Everyone turned their heads and looked at Chen Hao.

This boy was not very extravagant and even had no reputation in Cangyun City. He didn’t seem to want to be rich at all. In just half a day, two big shots fell because of him…

Everyone couldn’t help but guess Chen Hao’s identity. Some said that he was Ye Yunlong’s illegitimate child, some said that he was Ye Yunlong’s son-in-law, and some said that he was a distant relative. In short, after a few days of this incident, Chen Hao’s status had risen a lot in the eyes of the high-level figures in Cangyun City.

“Since there is nothing else, we should choose the raw stones next. I think Boss Sun still remembers the bet he made before!” Chen Hao broke the silence at this time, but it made the scene even quieter.

Even Ye Ningxue couldn’t bear it. After all, she knew that Sun Haoyu was finished. The Jade Cloud Pavilion was his last property, but Chen Hao still cut his wound. With Chen Hao’s powerful stone gambling ability, he could empty Sun Haoyu’s Jade Cloud Pavilion.

However, she still couldn’t bear it. Next, she and Chen Hao happily ran into the raw gemstone area to choose the raw gemstones.

Chen Hao would never be polite to Sun Haoyu. He had wanted to cut off his hands before. Chen Hao would never be softhearted to such a person who was hostile to him.

Looking at Chen Hao coming and going in and out of the raw stone area, Sun Eterni’s heart was bleeding. He had suffered a loss of blood today.

With his X-ray vision, there was no doubt about the result of Chen Hao’s selection of raw stones. After today, the Jade Cloud Pavilion’s area A would become a raw stone area that was even lower than that of the D area. Because most of the raw stones with precious jades were taken away by Chen Hao today. Chen Hao made the area A into a place where no one cared about it with his own strength.

After picking out the raw stones, Chen Hao didn’t need to think about the next thing. But next, he had other things to do, which was to follow Ye Ningxue back to the Ye family.

Along the way, Ye Yunlong looked at Chen Hao again and again. After all, he knew that the reason why his daughter was willing to expose her identity in front of everyone was entirely because of this boy. Ye Yunlong naturally wanted to see what ability Chen Hao had to make his daughter do this.

Chen Hao was neither humble nor arrogant. Even in the face of one of the most powerful people in Cangyun City, Chen Hao still maintained an indifferent expression at the very beginning. Not to mention anything else, Ye Yunlong had a better impression of Chen Hao just by his calm momentum.

“Chen, what’s your family doing?” Ye Yunlong asked.

However, before Chen Hao could answer, Ye Ningxue, who was standing beside him, suddenly blushed and glared at her father.

“Haha! I’m not doing anything big. I’m just practicing medicine passed down from my ancestors. I can’t compare to Uncle Ye!” Chen Hao was telling the truth, but in Ye Yunlong’s ears, he thought that Chen Hao was being modest.

After all, he had seen too many people in Ye Yunlong’s position. To be able to remain calm and composed when facing him, one’s status and background must have reached the same level as Ye Yunlong’s. Therefore, Ye Yunlong first thought that the background behind Chen Hao must be very powerful.

However, no matter how hard Ye Yunlong tried, he could not figure out which family or company in Huaxia.

The car finally stopped in a manor. This manor might be one of the most beautiful scenery in the whole Cangyun City. In Cangyun City, where every inch of land was gold, only the Ye Family could own such a wide manor. It could be said that even the nanny in the manor would have a feeling of superiority. This might be the so-called dog taking advantage of human power!

Chen Hao got out of the car and looked at the open manor. He couldn’t help looking at it again and again. He once again sighed in his heart that the rich people in the city were too good at playing.

At this moment, Ye Yunlong suddenly nudged Chen Hao with his elbow.

“What’s wrong, Uncle Ye?” Chen Hao asked in confusion, only to see Ye Yunlong motioning for him to look ahead.

Chen Hao immediately turned his head and saw several gray-haired old men and several young people standing in front of the gate of a villa. It seemed that they were waiting for Ye Yunlong and others.

“Did you see them take some people? Some of them don’t really support your relationship with Xue’er. But don’t worry, I’m on your side, but you have to perform well later!” Ye Yunlong said in a low voice.

Chen Hao was anxious. “Uncle Ye, Sister Ning Xue and I are not what you think!”

“All right, all right. I’m also from your age. There’s no need to pretend to be like me!” Ye Yunlong did not listen to Chen Hao’s explanation. Instead, he gave Chen Hao a meaningful look.

Chen Hao smiled bitterly in his heart. He couldn’t understand why Ye Yunlong was in such a hurry to push his daughter out. Was he afraid that Ye Ningxue wouldn’t marry him?

In fact, Chen Hao was right. Although Ye Ningxue still had a gorgeous face, she was not young anymore. However, she had not fallen in love with any man for the past few years, which made Ye Yunlong anxious. Now it was rare for Chen Hao to be so cared for by Ye Ningxue. It was very likely that he would let go of Chen Hao so easily.

Of course, Ye Ningxue didn’t know what they were talking about. This meant that she was already walking in front of the old man. She ran up to him and supported him. She didn’t know what he was talking about. The old man must be Ye Ningxue’s grandfather.

Then Chen Hao and Ye Yunlong also came to the gate of the villa. In an instant, several pairs of eyes swept over and fixed on Chen Hao. Several people even released their superior auras and stared at Chen Hao seriously.

If an ordinary person was faced with such a situation, he would be scared stiff. But who was Chen Hao? When he broke into the bears’ nest alone, the killing intent in the dozen or so bears’ eyes was much more terrible than those of these people. Compared with the bears, these people were nothing to Chen Hao.

These people were also surprised when they saw that Chen Hao was actually unaffected. However, if they were to know that Chen Hao was comparing them with the bear dog in his heart, they did not know if they would become crazy from anger.

Chapter 23 Show of Strength

On Chen Hao’s side, it seemed to be harmonious, at least on the surface. On Sun Haoyu’s side, it was not like this.

In Sun Haoyu’s office, the big boss, who used to be extremely glorious, was sitting on a chair with a gloomy face at the moment. The secretary, who used to accompany him to do anything, had already lowered her head and retreated to the side. There were still several people standing in front of Sun Haoyu. These were all his trusted subordinates. Now it was time for life and death. He had to call all these people over.

“What do you think we should do next? I’m afraid that there is no place for me in Cangyun City!” Sun Haoyu said in a hoarse and old voice, as if he had aged dozens of years in these few hours.

“Why don’t we leave Cangyun City? With our accumulated savings over the years, it won’t be difficult for us to open up a new world in other cities!” Someone suggested.

However, it provoked Sun Haoyu to slammed the table. “It’s easy for you to say. You can easily advance and retreat. After all, the Ye Family wants to deal with me. Now that I want to leave Cangyun City to develop, I’m afraid I can’t even take half a step!”

However, this subordinate, who used to whisper to Sun Haoyu, had changed his attitude at this moment. He raised his head and said, “Brother Sun, you took me out to earn money that year, so I have today’s achievements. But these years, I’ve already paid you back. Today’s disaster is coming. It’s not that I’m heartless, but I don’t want to follow your footsteps. I still want to live a good life, so don’t blame me for flying away in the face of disaster. Take care!”

After that, the subordinate, who was regarded as a confidant by Sun Eternal, turned around and left Sun Eternal’s office without even looking back.

“You…” Sun Haoyu was so angry that he couldn’t say anything. At this moment, he finally understood what it meant to be pushed by everyone. When he was in his prime, these people were more loyal than dogs. Now that he lost his power, they ran faster than anyone else.

After taking a deep breath, Sun Haoyu looked up at the crowd and said, “Who else wants to leave? I know I’m done. I don’t want to get you into trouble. If you want to leave, leave quickly! I don’t blame you!”

Hearing Sun Haoyu’s words, several people immediately moved. After saying goodbye to each other, they left one after another. In the end, only two people stayed…

“Good job!” Sun Haoyu’s face became even more gloomy. “It seems that these people don’t know. I’ve given them everything they have now, so it’s easy for me to get them back! A’Zhong, take some people and kill them all. I don’t want to see them again!”

As soon as the order was given, a man with a scar on his face immediately walked out of the office. It seemed that he had gone to carry out Sun Haoyu’s order.

The two people who stayed behind couldn’t help but feel their hearts skip a beat. In fact, they were hesitating whether to leave or not just now. They really didn’t expect that Sun Haoyu was such a cruel and merciless person. What they said just now was nonsense! It seemed that those who had left before couldn’t live past tonight.

The two of them were secretly glad that they had stayed. When they had survived, Sun Haoyu spoke again.

“Do you have any ideas?”

Hearing Sun Haoyu’s question, the two of them naturally racked their brains to think about it.

The last one said, “Mr. Sun, since the Ye Family doesn’t want to give you a hard time, why don’t you kidnap Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue and threaten them with them? Then you can leave Cangyun City. The Ye Family is in control of Cangyun City, but once you leave Cangyun City, what can they do to you?”

Sun Eterni pondered for a moment. “I’m afraid that Ye Yunlong, that old dog, would jump over the wall in a hurry and fight me to the death when he saw that I kidnapped his daughter!”

“Don’t worry, General Manager Sun. Everyone knows that Ye Yunlong dotes on his daughter the most. At that time, you might even be able to threaten him with Ye Ningxue’s help to get some benefits!” The subordinate spoke with all his heart. As for whether he could succeed or not, it was not what he wanted. If it was not because he was afraid that Sun Haoyu would send someone to kill him immediately, he would have left now.

However, he had already decided that after he went back, he would pack up and leave Cangyun City immediately. Through what had happened just now, he had already understood that Sun Haoyu could not rely on a person. Maybe he would be stabbed in the face.

However, Sun Haoyu didn’t think so. He was at the end of his rope now, and this was the only way he could think about it.

Therefore, Sun Haoyu directly called his men and began to order people to kidnap Ye Ningxue. He even considered Chen Hao, a powerful and capable person, who was twice as powerful as he used to be!

However, Chen Hao was much better.

Everyone had entered the villa together. There were many villas in the Ye family’s manor. Now, the villa they entered was completely used for entertaining guests.

Sitting in front of the table, the servants brought up all kinds of delicacies. Chen Hao was not afraid of them. He ate all kinds of delicious food, which made many people at the same table frown.

However, Ye Ningxue, who was used to it, didn’t care. Ye Yunlong was also smiling and didn’t care about these details.

“Ahem!” Just as they were eating, an old man suddenly cleared his throat. “Xiao Chen! What’s your family business? Is the headquarters located in that city?”

In fact, the main reason why this group of people suddenly came to dinner together was Chen Hao. Everyone had heard that Ye Ningxue, who had never used her family’s forces in the past, used her family’s forces for a man, so they had to come to see who Chen Hao was.

After all, even the Ye Family was not united. In terms of Ye Ningxue’s marriage, the Ye Family was divided into two groups. One of them thought that Ye Ningxue should marry another big family to improve the Ye Group’s business. The other group thought that Ye Ningxue’s marriage should be decided by herself and should not be a sacrifice to the family business.

The old man who spoke just now was a member of the marriage alliance. He was a grandfather of the Ye Family. Speaking of which, he was Ye Ningxue’s second grandfather. He had a lot of say in the Ye Family.

“Me?” Chen Hao didn’t care that the other party looked at him with contempt. “My family is a doctor. There is no headquarters in the headquarters!”

“How do you say… that you are not a disciple of a big family?” The old man narrowed his eyes, as if he had found a new continent. Some people around him were also excited, as if they had grasped Chen Hao’s weakness.

“I thought he was a disciple of some great family, never expecting him to be a commoner!” Someone began to mock.

Some people stared directly into Chen Hao’s eyes and scolded, “You are just an ordinary person. Do you think you are worthy of Ning Xue? You are not qualified to be the son-in-law of the Ye Family!”

Chen Hao was speechless at the reaction of these people. Since he entered the Ye Family Manor House, he had never said that he would be the son-in-law of the Ye Family. How could these people so firmly believe that he must have something to do with Ye Ningxue?

Chen Hao subconsciously turned to look at Ye Ningxue, only to find that Ye Ningxue’s face was a little pale.

In Ye Ningxue’s heart, she had some feelings for Chen Hao. Now that these people spoke of Chen Hao in front of her, her expression would naturally not be any better.

Looking at Ye Ningxue, Chen Hao suddenly had an idea. He knew that Ye Ningxue was very kind to him. Since he came to Cangyun City, he had been taken care of by Ye Ningxue. This made Chen Hao, who walked out of the mountains for the first time, very grateful to Ye Ningxue. Now that Ye Ningxue was unhappy because of these people, Chen Hao naturally had the responsibility to help teach these people a lesson!

Therefore, Chen Hao directly slammed the table and stood up. At the same time, he ran the True Qi in his body, and a strong momentum was directly released from Chen Hao.

The biggest difference between Chen Hao and ordinary people was that he was a cultivator. He was a cultivator. Anyone who stepped into the ranks of cultivators would have stepped into a new world. His vision was completely incomparable to that of ordinary people. That was why Chen Hao could remain indifferent to everything in the mortal world.

Once a cultivator released his own momentum, ordinary people couldn’t compare with him at all. Although these high-level figures of the Ye Family had a superior’s momentum, compared with Chen Hao’s momentum, they were just like ants and elephants.

The originally noisy hall immediately became quiet. The originally arrogant upper echelons of the Ye clan all lowered their heads at this moment and did not dare to look directly at Chen Hao. In front of Chen Hao, they felt that they were weak sheep. Chen Hao was a male lion or even a huge dragon.

However, it was at this moment that Chen Hao suddenly felt an imposing manner that belonged to a cultivator. It suddenly surged over from a short distance away and collided with his imposing manner. It was because of the confrontation of the two imposing manner that everyone felt a little better.

Chen Hao looked up and saw that it was a middle-aged man.

“He is also a cultivator. Interesting!” The corner of Chen Hao’s mouth was slightly raised. He thought in his heart…

Chapter 24 The Cultivators of the Ye Family

Before leaving the Taoist temple, his master once said to Chen Hao that not all cultivators lived in seclusion in the deep mountains and forests, working in the mortal city. There were also various kinds of rogue cultivators. They were either ordinary people who accidentally stepped into the Cultivation World, or cultivators who couldn’t stand the boring life went to the city to be extravagant.

Ever since Chen Hao had come to Cang Yun City, he had been paying close attention to everyone around him, hoping to discover the existence of other cultivators. After all, he was the only cultivator he had seen in so many years. His anticipation for the same kind of people had completely erupted after Chen Hao had discovered the Ye clan’s cultivators.

Ye Zhengfei was the Ye family’s practitioner. Ye Zhengfei’s surname was not Ye, but he had been a bodyguard of the Ye family since he was young. Later, the Ye family saw his loyalty and gave him a surname, which made him a member of the Ye family. However, compared with those who had the real Ye family blood, Ye Zhengfei’s status in the Ye family was lower.

Ye Zhengfei was also very surprised. Over the years, when he was a bodyguard of the Ye family, he followed Ye Yunlong to a banquet only to find another cultivator who was also a bodyguard. Since then, he had never met any other cultivators. But he did not expect that this seemingly ordinary young man was also a cultivator, and his cultivation was not lower than his!

Speaking of which, Ye Zhengfei’s path of cultivation had begun when he was twenty. He used to be a gangster and had no status or money in his family. He had not been to school for a few years and had no skills. However, by chance, he obtained a cultivation method. From then on, he became a monk halfway and embarked on the path of cultivation. He started cultivating at the age of twenty. No one taught him how to reach the Qi Refining Realm. It could be imagined how much effort Ye Zhengfei had put in.

However, looking at Chen Hao, who was younger than him and whose strength was at the same realm, Ye Zhengfei was shocked and a trace of fear rose in his heart.

He had once communicated with the cultivator he met before. The cultivator told him that the real cultivation should start from the age of twelve, and the person who started to practice at that time could have more achievements in the future. Most people, even those big financial groups, could not make their descendants cultivate. Only those cultivation sects, which were stronger than the financial groups, could make their disciples start to practice since they were young.

Ye Zhengfei was now in his forties. It took him 20 years to reach the Qi Refining Realm. Chen Hao, who was only 20 years old, had already reached the Qi Refining Realm. It could be imagined that Chen Hao must be from a cultivation sect.

This was also the reason why Ye Zhengfei was afraid of Chen Hao, because in his communication with another cultivator, he learned how terrible a cultivation sect was. A powerful cultivation sect, even the country, would be kind to them. When it came to the affairs of the cultivation world, its level must be much higher than that of the ordinary world. Although the Ye Family was very powerful now, once it encountered a powerful cultivation sect, it would only take a minute for the Ye Family to collapse.

Therefore, Ye Zhengfei was afraid that Chen Hao was a disciple of some powerful cultivation sect. Just now, he subconsciously released his momentum to fight against Chen Hao, but now he regretted it. He was afraid that he would provoke Chen Hao in this way and bring unexpected disasters to himself and the Ye Family.

However, if Ye Zhengfei knew that there were only his master and him in Chen Hao’s sect, he didn’t know if Ye Zhengfei would still think so.

Chen Hao didn’t care what Ye Zhengfei was thinking. Seeing his surprise, he directly rushed toward Ye Zhengfei.

He had never fought with people of the same realm since he was a child. When he fought with his master, he was often beaten up. Now that he saw that it was Ye Zhengfei who was in the same realm as him, how could Chen Hao bear it? As for the face of these high-level members of the Ye Family, Chen Hao would not care. As long as he was willing, these people’s life and death were in his hands. Chen Hao could decide their life and death, so how could he care about their face?

Chen Hao quickly approached Ye Zhengfei and then threw a punch at Ye Zhengfei’s face.

Ye Zhengfei, who had some scruples in his heart, did not dare to confront Chen Hao head-on. He directly moved away from Chen Hao.

Chen Hao frowned. He was a little unhappy, but he still went up again. This time, the Genuine Qi in his body gathered in his legs, which made his speed increase rapidly. In the eyes of ordinary people, Chen Hao had turned into a black shadow, and the speed of the naked eye could no longer capture Chen Hao’s figure.

“So fast! Is this the strength of a sect disciple?” Ye Zhengfei was secretly shocked. However, after receiving Chen Hao’s palm this time, he once again quickly left the distance between him and Chen Hao.

“What are you dodging? Come and fight me!” Chen Hao was unhappy. He stared at Ye Zhengfei and shouted, “Don’t worry. I won’t beat you up. What’s more, I’m a doctor. Even if I accidentally hurt you, I can still cure you!”

“This…” Ye Zhengfei hesitated, then gritted his teeth and asked, “You won’t ask your sect’s people to take revenge on the Ye family?”

Upon hearing Ye Zhengfei’s words, many of the upper echelons of the Ye family immediately turned from shock to silence. Because of Ye Zhengfei’s relationship, they knew more or less about cultivation. They naturally knew that in front of a powerful cultivation sect, the Ye family was as weak as an ant.

These people didn’t expect that Chen Hao was a cultivator before. If they knew that it was like this, they wouldn’t dare to slander and mock Chen Hao even if they had ten times the courage! Now hearing Ye Zhengfei’s words, these people also thought of the terrible consequences, and they regretted in their hearts that their mouths were so cheap. They couldn’t figure out the situation and scolded him.

“Don’t worry! My master and I are both doctors. We won’t hurt people casually. Besides, I just want to have a competition with you. It has nothing to do with my sect!” Chen Hao said.

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, everyone was relieved. Ye Zhengfei also breathed a sigh of relief. Chen Hao was not as arrogant as they thought. This was a good thing for them.

“Since Xiao Chen wants to compete with you, then you’d better compete with him!” Ye Yunlong spoke at this time. Speaking of which, he was also very nervous.

“Yes! Patriarch!” Ye Zhengfei nodded and accepted the order. “Brother Chen, this hall is very small. Why don’t we go out and have a competition? We can do whatever we want. What do you think?”

“Alright!” Chen Hao was naturally very happy that the other party had agreed to compete with him. He immediately walked out of the hall. After which, everyone also stood up and followed him out…

Chapter 25 The Battle

On a lawn in the Ye family’s manor, it was already full of people.

Those high-level figures were standing in the front, and they also wanted to see the battle between cultivators.

As for the servants of the Ye Family who surrounded the outer layer, some of them simply came to join in the fun, while others came to take care of those old men.

In the field, Chen Hao and Ye Zhengfei were ready.

Although Chen Hao’s Internal Canon of Heavenly Medicine was a medical book, he could enter the Tao with medicine and cultivate to be an immortal, but his fighting skills were not ambiguous. In that era when cultivators were at their peak, the world was not as peaceful and peaceful as it was now. There were knives and swords everywhere. Without some skills, how could he leave Jianghu? Therefore, if he wanted to become an immortal, the most important thing was to save his life. Therefore, the techniques of the Internal Canon of Heavenly Medicine were also not weak in fighting.

Chen Hao once again gathered his True Qi into his legs and then rushed toward Ye Zhengfei.

Although he had seen Chen Hao’s speed just now, when he saw it again, Ye Zhengfei had to praise Chen Hao’s speed again. At the same time, he envied the disciples of the sect like Chen Hao.

Only a rogue cultivator like him, who had become a monk halfway, could understand the pain without guidance. Cultivation was not like reading books, and mistakes could be seen very quickly. On the road of cultivation, sometimes it would take a few years or even ten years to make a mistake. In these years or even more than ten years, cultivation might not make any progress. What was more terrible was that those irreparable mistakes might completely affect his future achievements.

This was also the reason why rogue cultivators’ cultivation was generally not high, and they went astray and went berserk.

Even if there were only two small sects like Chen Hao’s, Chen Hao’s master was an expert in the Nascent Soul Realm, which could help Chen Hao avoid more detours on the road of cultivation. Moreover, the sect had not only cultivation methods but also various techniques, which could not be owned by rogue cultivators.

At the moment, Ye Zhengfei thought that Chen Hao had used some kind of technique to achieve such a fast speed, but he didn’t know that Chen Hao had just used the incantation in the Heavenly Physician’s Internal Canon.

After all, although Chen Hao was barely a disciple of a sect, his sect was probably the most poor one in all the sects in the Cultivation World. There was nothing else except for a book of the Heavenly Physician’s Internal Canon.

Seeing Chen Hao rushing toward him, Ye Zhengfei put away his thoughts and focused on dealing with the enemy. Having been a bodyguard for so many years, Ye Zhengfei had sharp eyes. At a glance, he saw that there was a flaw in Chen Hao’s lower abdomen. He directly slapped at Chen Hao’s lower abdomen.

Then when Ye Zhengfei’s palm hit Chen Hao, he suddenly found that Chen Hao had disappeared. The figure just now was broken like a piece of paper and then turned into nothingness.

“Oh no! This is just a residual shadow!” Ye Zhengfei’s heart tightened. He was about to rush back to defend himself when he suddenly found that Chen Hao was already standing behind him. His hand was still on Ye Zhengfei’s shoulder.

Although Ye Zhengfei had been a bodyguard for many years and had actual combat experience, Chen Hao had gone deep into the mountains since he started to cultivate. He fought with some wild boar, bears, and tigers. He was in danger several times and almost died. His combat experience was only a lot for Ye Zhengfei.

Ye Zhengfei rushed forward, twisted his body, and kicked Chen Hao’s head.

Although the battle between Ye Zhengfei and Chen Hao was just a collision of fists and feet, the Genuine Qi was injected into every punch and leg. The seemingly ordinary punch could even easily break through a steel plate.

Moreover, the fight between the two was carried out at an extreme speed. The onlookers could only see two black shadows flashing constantly. At the same time, dull sounds came out. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, no one would believe what had happened here. Not to mention anything else, just the speed beyond the normal human limits was already a fantasy.

“Well… not bad, not bad!” Although he couldn’t see the battle between the two sides clearly, Ye Yunlong still said happily at this time, “Xiaoxue! Xiaochen is very good! I think it’s better for you to find a day to set the marriage!”

“What are you talking about, dad!” Ye Ningxue glared at Ye Yunlong shyly, but she was very happy in her heart. Chen Hao had already entered her heart unconsciously. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was in love with someone. Now seeing that her father was very satisfied with Chen Hao, Ye Ningxue was naturally very happy.

“How long have you known each other?” Ye Yunlong asked again.

“No… less than half a month…” Ye Ningxue was also embarrassed. They had only known each other for less than half a month, but he brought her home. This was really incredible.

Hearing Ye Ningxue’s reply, Ye Yunlong was stunned. He could only mutter in his heart, “Are the young people nowadays so casual? Is this the so-called flash love?”

Fortunately, Chen Hao was a cultivator. Otherwise, if it were anyone else, Ye Yunlong would have been furious on the spot and directly thrown Chen Hao out.

While the two of them were talking, the battle between Chen Hao and Ye Zhengfei had already come to an end. While they were talking, Chen Hao suddenly dodged Ye Zhengfei’s punch. At the same time, he made a hand knife and directly chopped toward Ye Zhengfei’s neck. The speed was so fast that Ye Zhengfei had no time to defend.

Following that was a muffled sound. Ye Zhengfei’s eyes went black as he fainted and fell onto the lawn.

The high-level officials of the Ye Family couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw this result. They knew Ye Zhengfei’s strength, but when they fought with Chen Hao now, he was defeated in less than one minute and was directly knocked unconscious by Chen Hao. Then they looked at Chen Hao. Even his clothes were not messy. It could be imagined how easy he was.

“Is this the difference between small realms?” Chen Hao stared at Ye Zhengfei, who was lying on the ground, and murmured.

There were still small realms between cultivators, such as Ye Zhengfei. He was at the early stage of Qi Refining, while Chen Hao was already at the peak of Qi Refining. There were two small realms between the two. Originally, Chen Hao had never met someone of the same realm, so he did not have a deep understanding of the small realm. Now in the battle with Ye Zhengfei, he finally understood how big the gap between the two small realms was.

Then Chen Hao squatted down, took out a silver needle, and tapped it on Ye Zhengfei’s body a few times. Ye Zhengfei woke up from his coma…

Chapter 26 Stop

“I’ve healed your wounds!” Chen Hao helped Ye Zhengfei up from the ground. Chen Hao was not a rude person. He was only hostile to his enemy. Ye Zhengfei was not his enemy and had no hostility toward him. Chen Hao would naturally be polite to him.

“In addition, I’ve already cleaned up the hidden disease caused by the wrong cultivation method in your body. Later, I’ll give you a prescription. When you go back, you can boil these medicines and take them. A week later, the blocked meridians will be cleared!” Chen Hao continued.

When Ye Zhengfei heard Chen Hao’s words, he immediately looked at Chen Hao in disbelief.

Ye Zhengfei was well aware of the hidden illness in his body. Over the years, his realm had been limited to the Early-stage of Qi Refining. It was also because of this hidden illness that when Ye Zhengfei was young, he practiced blindly because he was in a hurry and did not find the correct cultivation method. In the end, he almost died. It was the Ye Family who saved him that made him come back to life from the edge of death. However, after that, he also left a hidden illness in his body. His meridians were blocked. His cultivation state had been stuck in the Qi Refining Realm and could no longer rush up.

But now, Chen Hao had cured his hidden disease. Just based on this point, Ye Zhengfei could say that Chen Hao was simply his biological parents. Only those who had stepped into the Cultivation World would understand that most things in the world were floating clouds. Only higher realms were the lifelong pursuit of cultivators. Even those who were intoxicated in the world had a dream of breaking through deep in their hearts.

“I… I really don’t know how to thank you. If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to me. I will try my best to help you!” Ye Zhengfei hurriedly said. After all, he had found many ways to cure the disease. He had visited many hospitals, but there was no way to cure it. Now that Chen Hao had easily cured him, he really didn’t know how to repay Chen Hao.

As for the higher-ups of the Ye Family, they had already lowered their heads and dared not speak at this time. They dared to be arrogant before, but now when Chen Hao’s identity and strength were revealed, these people had to swallow their words no matter how unwilling they were.

“Um, Xiao Chen! Can I still cultivate?” At this moment, Ye Yunlong quietly came over and whispered to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao took a good look at Ye Yunlong and replied, “Uncle Ye, unless there was already a cultivator or an expert who had left True Qi in his body to wash his meridians, there is no way for him to cultivate at his age!”

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, Ye Yunlong was immediately disappointed. After all, everyone wanted to have the ability in fantasy novels like cultivation. But what Chen Hao said next made him a little happy.

“But I can write some treatment prescriptions for Uncle Ye to prolong his life. Although Uncle Ye can’t cultivate, it’s not a problem for him to live for more than ten years!”

Ye Yunlong was overjoyed. There were only two things that ordinary people needed to achieve. One was the powerful ability of cultivators to fly into the sky and burrow into the ground, and the other was the long lifespan of cultivators. Although there was no way to cultivate, it was a good result for Ye Yunlong that Chen Hao could help him extend his life.

Then, Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue returned to Ye Ningxue’s villa.

Usually, Ye Ningxue would not live in the Ye family’s manor. Although the Ye family looked friendly on the surface, in such a big family, the internal struggle for power was very fierce and cruel. Therefore, the Ye family manor that many people dreamed of owned was very depressing and gloomy inside. The kind Ye Ningxue could not bear to see such a family fight with each other, so she simply did not live in the Ye family’s manor. She usually lived outside with Tang Shirou. Of course, there was now Chen Hao.

The car was driving on the road. Ye Ningxue, who was driving the car, glanced at Chen Hao, who was sitting in the passenger seat, from time to time. Her beautiful little face was red.

No matter what Ye Ningxue was thinking, Chen Hao was recalling the battle with Ye Zhengfei just now. Although it was an overwhelming battle, it was the first time for Chen Hao to fight with a cultivator of the same realm. He had gained a lot from this battle, so he was savoring it.

However, in the next moment, Chen Hao, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened them.

This startled Ye Ningxue, who was secretly looking at him. She thought that Chen Hao had found out that she was peeping.

“We are blocked!” Chen Hao suddenly frowned and said.

“Ah?” Ye Ningxue came back to her senses and looked ahead, only to find that the road ahead had been blocked by two cars, and there was a large group of people standing around the cars. “This… Why don’t I call someone now!” Ye Ningxue’s eyes were full of worry and nervousness.

Chen Hao shook his head. He told Ye Ningxue to stop the car after they got close. Then he got out of the car and asked Ye Ningxue to close the car window. Then he looked ahead.

“Who sent you?” Chen Hao asked. Just now, he had used his X-ray vision to observe and found that these people were all thugs. The last master did not come out.

However, the other party did not reply. Instead, he began to take out a bright watermelon knife and was ready to take action.

However, at this moment, another group of cars drove up from the back, and then a group of people got out of the cars and surrounded Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue.

“Oh, I thought we had to stop him ourselves. I didn’t expect that this guy would be stopped by someone. That’s good. Don’t worry! But this guy is really powerful. How can he offend people everywhere?” A bald man came out of the crowd with a cigarette in his mouth. He slowly approached Chen Hao with his men.

“Two groups of people?” Chen Hao frowned. Originally, he thought that the two groups were in the same group, but now it seemed that they didn’t know each other. After thinking about it, Chen Hao found that only Sun Haoyu and himself had such a big hatred to intercept him. But who was the second group of people?

“Brothers, since all of us are looking for the same person, we can be considered temporary allies. We need to move first and then arrive. Since you stopped him first, then you can take action first. I just hope that you can save his life so that we can teach him a lesson later!” The bald man shouted to another group of people. A scar-faced man in the other group nodded and then looked back at Chen Hao. Then he waved his hand and the group of people with watermelon knives rushed directly to Chen Hao…

Chapter 27 Killing Everywhere

Sitting in the car, Ye Ningxue saw a group of people rushing toward Chen Hao with sharp watermelon knives in their hands. Ye Ningxue’s heart was lifted in an instant.

If it weren’t for the fact that Chen Hao had promised her many times that nothing would happen, and she knew that Chen Hao was a cultivator, Ye Ningxue wouldn’t have let him get out of the car even if she was beaten to death.

But even so, seeing this situation, Ye Ningxue’s heart ached. Although she did not want anything bad to happen to Chen Hao, she could not help but close her eyes.

However, Chen Hao, who was standing in front of the crowd, showed no fear. If it were an ordinary person, he would have no miracle to face such a scene. The next second, he would definitely be cut into minced meat. This group of people was invited by Sun Haoyu, who knew that he had no way out in Cangyun City. kidnapping Ye Ningxue was his last chance of survival, and he was trying to fight back at the last minute. Therefore, the people he invited were all cruel and merciless. Moreover, they had received a death order. They would never show mercy to Chen Hao and would definitely kill him.

Therefore, when these people looked at Chen Hao, they all showed killing intent. These people were not gangsters. They were really thugs who dared to kill people.

“You don’t know your limits!” However, Chen Hao said these words in the face of this group of people. Immediately after, a dagger suddenly slid across his right hand.

As a doctor, there were naturally demonic knives in the process of practicing medicine. Chen Hao’s dagger was specially made, and it was much sharper than ordinary knives. Moreover, the blade was lighter. There was a small ring on the handle, which could quickly change the angle of the knife when inserted into it. This specially-made dagger was suitable for the patient to use and was more suitable for fighting.

With a turn of the dagger in his hand, Chen Hao held the knife in his hand and then rushed toward this group of people.

When these thugs saw that Chen Hao did not run away, but rushed toward them, they were shocked. But what shocked them more was Chen Hao’s speed.

When Chen Hao used his True Qi to increase his speed, the ordinary person had no way to observe Chen Hao’s whereabouts with his naked eyes. Before the group of thugs could recover from their shock, Chen Hao had already quickly approached the first person. Then, he waved his right hand and a cold light flashed. The tendons of the thug’s hands were directly cut off by Chen Hao. The knife in his hand fell to the ground with a clang. He also knelt down on the ground because of the pain and screamed in pain.

This was also the reason why Chen Hao kept him alive. Otherwise, with Chen Hao’s attack this time, he would have had a chance to directly cut off the man’s neck. Even if Chen Hao cut off the man’s tendons, it did not hurt his arteries or arteries. As a miracle doctor, Chen Hao was very clear about the structure of the human body. What’s more, he had X-ray vision. It was a piece of cake for him to avoid pain.

The first person was killed easily by Chen Hao, and then Chen Hao continued to rush to the second person. There was no doubt that the result would be the same. However, Chen Hao would not cut off the tendons of his hands, but the tendons of his legs. The person directly knelt on the ground and could not stand up at all.

It was said that death could be avoided, but death could not be avoided. This group of people rushed over aggressively to take Chen Hao’s life. Chen Hao naturally would not be polite to them. If they were not ordinary people, they would have already died. Chen Hao rarely killed these weaker people, unless they touched Chen Hao’s bottom line.

Amidst the miserable screams, this group of people fell down one after another. Although in the end, they all leaned against their backs to make defense, their speed could not keep up with Chen Hao’s. Everything was in vain. At this moment, in Chen Hao’s eyes, they were a group of sheep. If it were not for the life and death of this group of people, Chen Hao would have killed them long ago. In the final analysis, Chen Hao’s heart was still a little soft.

Ye Ningxue, who was sitting in the car, was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth. She watched as the group of people outside fell down one by one like harvested wheat. Although the scene was a little bloody and cruel, it still shocked Ye Ningxue. Although she was kind, it didn’t mean that she was kind to her enemies. She didn’t go down to make a knife or ask Chen Hao to kill them, which was already the greatest kindness to this group of people.

On the other side, in another group of people, when the bald man saw this situation, cold sweat immediately appeared on his back.

“Damn it, this guy is obviously not simple. He’s just good at fighting. Now even if the two groups of people come together, it’s not enough for him to warm up!” The bald man scolded, and then quickly turned around as if he were leaving this place.

This was a joke. The group of people on the opposite side couldn’t do anything to Chen Hao, not to mention that they didn’t have anything in their hands. Now the bald man knew that they had kicked the iron plate. Now he just wanted to leave as soon as possible. He wanted to leave as soon as possible when Chen Hao was still dealing with those people!

But as soon as the bald man turned around, he felt that his shoulder was grabbed by a strong palm.

“Since you’re here, don’t leave in a hurry. Let’s talk for a while before we leave. Wait for me! There are still a few people over there. I’ll come and chat with you after I’m done.”

The one who spoke was naturally Chen Hao. As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Hao disappeared from behind the bald man. The group of people continued to scream.

At this time, the bald man only felt that his legs were weak and his forehead was covered with cold sweat. The younger brothers around him did not dare to move at all. Now they could only pray that they had not attacked Chen Hao yet and hoped that Chen Hao would not use that kind of painful means against them.

In less than five minutes, the group of people summoned by Sun Haoyu was cleaned up, and they fell to the ground, wailing. Then Chen Hao signaled Ye Ningxue to contact Tang Shirou to end the matter, and he came to the bald man himself.

“Tell me! Who sent you? Although I have provoked some people in Cangyun City, there are not so many of them!” Chen Hao’s right hand was still rotating the special dagger. The cold light made the bald man feel that his eyes were stung.

“Hero! Big Brother… My name is Qi Qianzi. We have nothing to do with those people. It was the superior’s order that we had no choice but to come here. Hero, I hope you don’t make things difficult for us… To put it bluntly, we are just part-time workers. It’s really not easy! Besides, there are elders in the upper class and people in the lower class…” Qi Qianzi immediately cried out in tears.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Chen Hao interrupted the bald man. This guy was really good at nagging. If he didn’t stop him, he could tell him for three days and three nights. “Tell me who you are. At least let me know who wants to deal with me!”

“We… we are from the Green Cloud Gang… Last time, the people in our gang were beaten by you. The First Miss said that it would hurt our dignity, so she asked us… to come here to look for face…” Qi Qian said in a trembling voice. In fact, he really didn’t want to say it, but Chen Hao gave him too much pressure, so he had to say it.

However, Chen Hao really couldn’t remember what Qi Jian said about him hurting the people in his gang. After all, he had fought more than a hundred people in Cangyun City these days. How could he remember that those people were from the Green Cloud Gang?

“All right, all right. Go back and say something to your First Miss. If I, Chen Hao, hurt your people, I will apologize to you. But I hope you don’t bother me anymore! Well, you can go!”

After that, Chen Hao put away his special dagger and walked toward Ye Ningxue’s car. Seeing Chen Hao leave, Qi Qian and his men around him breathed a sigh of relief, and then quickly ran away…

Chapter 28 Save Her

“Chen Hao! Look at what you’ve done tonight!”

At night, as soon as Tang Shirou entered the door, she shouted at Chen Hao, who was sitting on the sofa.

Originally, Tang Shirou stayed at home well, but suddenly, Ye Ningxue called her and asked her to go out to deal with the group of people. There were so many people. Although Tang Shirou did not need to ask them one by one, she had been busy for nearly two hours even when she was dealing with things at the scene. When she saw the group of people, she knew that the decision was not made by Ye Ningxue. The only person who had the ability to cause such a scene was Chen Hao, a freak.

“Hehe! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry that you’re still so busy at night!” Chen Hao smiled and said awkwardly. Chen Hao was a little embarrassed that Tang Shirou was still busy at such a late hour.

As for how to deal with those people, Chen Hao would not pay attention to them. But he believed that it would not be difficult to deal with them. These people wanted to kidnap Ye Ningxue, and all of them were armed with murderous weapons. Chen Hao was defending himself. Moreover, as the daughter of the Ye Family, Ye Ningxue had been kidnapped. If it were not for Chen Hao, Ye Ningxue would have been kidnapped long ago. In order not to be blamed by the Ye Family, the police station in Cangyun City naturally had to do their best to deal with this matter. Not to mention that those people had been injured, even if Chen Hao killed a few people, this matter would not have much impact.

“You just torture me! I think you are seeking revenge for your personal gains!” Tang Shirou was so angry that the two big white rabbits on her chest were jumping wildly. But when she thought about it, she seemed to feel that her words were too ambiguous. She couldn’t help blushing again. After a snort, she hurried back to her room. She didn’t know whether she was angry or shy.

Just after Tang Shirou left, Ye Ningxue walked out of the bathroom in her sleeping gown. Ye Ningxue, who had just come out of the bathroom, still had a fragrant scent on her body. Her wet hair was very attractive. Even if she was wearing a loose sleeping robe now, it could not hide her impressive figure. Of course, compared with Tang Shirou, she was still a little bit inferior.

Ye Ningxue walked to Chen Hao’s side, and the fragrance immediately drilled into Chen Hao’s nose, making him couldn’t help but be moved.

“Thank you so much today!” Ye Ningxue said in a low voice. As she spoke, she lowered her head slightly. One could see that her fair face was a little rosy.

Chen Hao knew that Ye Ningxue was referring to what happened in the Ye Family today.

“It’s okay. Sister Xue, you treat me so well. I should help you vent your anger!” Chen Hao scratched his head and said with a smile. However, with a glance, he inadvertently saw Ye Ningxue’s white and tender skin on her loose collar. This made Chen Hao’s mind sway, and he couldn’t help but activate his X-ray vision.

Ye Ningxue’s pajamas quickly disappeared in Chen Hao’s eyes. This beautiful woman was once again exposed to Chen Hao.

“Then what my elders said today…” Ye Ningxue bit her lip and said in a low voice.

But before he could finish speaking, Chen Hao suddenly stood up and ran to his room. At the same time, he said, “It’s getting late. Sister Xue, you are also very tired today. Go to bed early!”

Looking at Chen Hao who was running away, Ye Ningxue suddenly felt disappointed.

“Doesn’t he have any feelings for me?” Ye Ningxue felt disappointed. She thought that she was good-looking and knew that she had a good temper. But she wondered why Chen Hao didn’t like her at all! Now he ran away directly. Did he want to avoid her?

However, when she thought of how Chen Hao had stood up for her in the Ye family manor today, Ye Ningxue felt that Chen Hao must have her in his heart.

“He must be shy!” Ye Ningxue thought. Then she was in a good mood and went back to her room while humming a song.

Chen Hao did run away because of shyness, but the reason for his shyness was somewhat different from what Ye Ningxue thought. Just now, when he saw Ye Ningxue’s plump figure, Chen Hao only felt that he was out of his mind and lost his mind. It was as if he was suddenly in a volcano furnace, and his mouth was dry. Chen Hao did not know what was wrong with him, but he knew that if he continued to stay here and continue to watch, something terrible would happen, so Chen Hao had to run away.

Although Chen Hao was sometimes extremely smart, in some aspects, he was really stupid enough to make many men sigh!

After returning to the room to run his True Energy and suppress the inexplicable throbbing in his heart, Chen Hao breathed a sigh of relief.

“Could it be that he was poisoned today?” Chen Hao was puzzled. He hurriedly used True Qi to check his limbs and bones, but found that he was still so healthy.

Chen Hao, who was puzzled, could only stop thinking about it. Then, he closed his eyes and began to condense his True Energy.

The next day, they arrived at the entrance of the jewelry shop in Ye Ningxue’s car. As soon as Chen Hao got out of the car, he was surrounded by a group of shop assistants.

The reason was that the raw stones selected by Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue in the Jade Cloud Pavilion had been delivered yesterday. After the stone-cutting master of Ye’s Jewelry Shop cut these raw stones, everyone immediately saw a lot of precious jades. Not to mention whether the jades were added or not, just these newly cut jades could be sold for hundreds of millions of yuan.

Everyone knew that this was all Chen Hao’s credit. After Ye Ningxue’s introduction, they had already known that Chen Hao had a unique talent for choosing raw stones. But now, seeing Chen Hao create such a miracle again, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

But at this moment, there was a sudden exclamation from the store, and then it became noisy.

Everyone immediately turned their heads and saw an old lady lying on the ground. A girl of about 18 or 19 years old was squatting beside the old lady and crying. There were people around calling. It seemed that something had happened to the old lady.

Chen Hao frowned and activated his X-ray vision.

Of course, this was not a peep. He directly saw through the old lady’s flesh and saw the old lady’s internal organs. At this time, Chen Hao immediately found that the old lady’s heartbeat was rapidly weakening. If it went on like this, the old lady would die in less than a minute.

The situation was critical. Chen Hao quickly walked over and squatted beside the old lady. He took out a silver needle and prepared to give the old lady treatment…

Chapter 29 The Way to dressed the Heart Swordsmanship

Chen Hao went to the old lady, who fell down, and then directly pushed away the surrounding onlookers.

“What are you doing! Don’t you see that there are patients lying on the ground here?” A gorgeous young man in a suit was immediately irritated and shouted at Chen Hao.

The girl kneeling beside the Old Madam also raised her head and looked over. Her tearful eyes made people feel sorry for her.

“Let me have a look. I am a doctor!” Chen Hao said to the girl. Obviously, the girl was the old lady’s relative. Although Chen Hao was a miracle-working doctor and he could definitely cure the old lady by himself, the premise was that he must get the approval of his family. If his family members refused to treat him, there was nothing Chen Hao could do.

The girl nodded pitifully. She had no choice. The old lady suddenly had a heart attack and fell to the ground. Moreover, she forgot to bring medicine when she went out. If the ambulance arrived, the old lady would probably die.

Chen Hao squatted down and took out a silver needle. Then he quickly tapped on the old lady’s acupoints.

The people around were immediately shocked. How could people who were used to western medicine know about this kind of ancient Chinese medicine? Originally, they thought that Chen Hao was going to take some rescue measures, such as health care. However, they had never thought that Chen Hao would take out a silver needle to give the old lady acupuncture.

“Nonsense!” An artistic youth with golden-rimmed eyes scolded him immediately. “Although I don’t know medicine, I know something about traditional Chinese medicine. What effect can this acupuncture treatment have on patients who need first aid? You quack!”

When the girl heard this, she immediately panicked and hurriedly pushed Chen Hao away, for fear that Chen Hao would kill her grandmother.

Chen Hao frowned. He glared at the golden-framed man before turning his eyes to the girl.

“Please believe me!” Chen Hao said, with determination in his eyes. Being stared at by Chen Hao, the girl subconsciously chose to believe in Chen Hao. Even she didn’t know why she suddenly trusted Chen Hao so much. But when she met Chen Hao’s eyes, she felt that she couldn’t resist at all.

In fact, what the golden-framed man said was not unreasonable. Acupuncture therapy was mainly for the treatment of the disease. It was impossible to treat an acute disease like heart disease with acupuncture that was not very effective.

However, Chen Hao’s acupuncture treatment was different from what people knew. Not to mention that Chen Hao’s treatment was a unique method recorded in the Heavenly Medicine Sutra, and during the treatment process, Chen Hao also used the Heavenly Medicine True Energy unique to the Heavenly Physician’s Inner Canon. Heavenly medicine True Energy was not so aggressive and aggressive for most True Energy, but it could achieve a very notable effect when it came to treating patients.

For example, when Chen Hao injected the Heavenly Medical True Energy into the old lady’s body, the old lady’s heart, which had been rapidly failing, was immediately stopped and even slowly restored to its normal state.

But that was not enough. After all, Chen Hao was using his True Energy to prolong the old lady’s life. Once Chen Hao ran out of True Qi, the old lady would inevitably die.

The only way was to cure the old lady’s heart disease. Only in this way could the old lady continue to live.

Therefore, Chen Hao used silver needles to pierce every acupuncture point of the old lady. At the same time, he used the True Energy of the heavenly doctor to clear the old lady’s meridians. He also clearly changed all the dead cells and blocked blood vessels.

The reason why the human body was sick was mostly because of the obstruction of the meridians and the aging of the body. The Heavenly Physician’s True Energy could help the human body cure the aging and dying body. At the same time, it could stimulate the human body’s acupuncture points with silver needles and activate the human body’s potential to achieve the purpose of curing the disease.

Although the human body did not seem to be very strong, it contained an extremely majestic potential within it. For example, if one was about to die, one would be able to completely activate all of one’s potential at the last moment of one’s life in order to achieve one’s final aim. However, at this moment, although one released the majestic human body potential, this potential did not obtain the correct guidance. It was unable to effectively repair one’s body. Moreover, one’s weak body would also have difficulty enduring this majestic potential for a long time. Hence, those who could recover would ultimately die.

Now Chen Hao was using silver needles to activate and release the potential in the old lady’s body, but not all of it was released. Only a small part was released, but it was more than enough to cure the old lady’s heart disease.

Ten minutes later, Chen Hao got up and the treatment was completed. At this time, the old lady’s face had gradually regained its ruddy color, and the pain on her face was also slowly fading away. Anyone who could see it would understand that the old lady’s situation had improved.

The gold-rimmed man suddenly felt extremely ashamed, but Chen Hao violated his knowledge. Looking at the old lady who had gradually recovered, the gold-rimmed man could only leave quietly. He was really too ashamed to stay here.

“This… thank, thank you so much!” The girl said, holding Chen Hao’s arm. Her eyes were full of gratitude. “My name is Yun Siqing. Thank you very much for saving my grandma! Well, you… what do you want to repay me? As long as it is something I can give you, I will give it to you!” Yun Siqing could see that Chen Hao had pulled her grandma back from the jaws of death, so she was very grateful now.

“It’s just a small matter!” Chen Hao waved his hand indifferently. He usually didn’t charge much for seeing patients. Sometimes, even if someone paid him to treat patients, he wouldn’t go to see them. Generally speaking, it mainly depended on people’s feelings.

Yun Siqing still wanted to say something, but the ambulance had arrived. These people did not know that her grandmother’s illness had been cured and thought that Chen Hao was just controlling her. So Yun Siqing quickly sent her grandmother to the ambulance and followed the ambulance to the hospital. However, when she left Ye’s Jewelry Shop, Yun Siqing still turned around and glanced at Ye’s Jewelry Shop and Chen Hao until the ambulance went away.

The matter was solved, but everyone couldn’t help but look at Chen Hao and discuss it. People in the jewelry store naturally knew that Chen Hao’s medical skills were very good, but these guests didn’t. But after this incident, Chen Hao’s excellent medical skills were immediately spread out. It was estimated that in two days, the people around would know that the little security guard of Ye’s Jewelry Shop was a little magic doctor!

Chapter 30 The Killer

“What!” In the First People’s Hospital of Cangyun City, a doctor’s office exclaimed, “Her heart disease has been cured! It’s absolutely impossible!”

The one who spoke was the director of the hospital. He held the medical record of Grandma Yun Siqing in his hand and questioned the doctor standing in front of him at the same time. “He is an old doctor who has a heart disease. There are all kinds of diseases in his hands, but have you ever seen a completely cured heart disease? Have you seen any medical book that has an example of curing heart disease?”

“But director, this old man did have a case of heart disease before, but when we checked her just now, we found that her heart function was very normal, even very normal. It can be said that her heart is as healthy as a forty-year-old person.” The doctor answered with grievance. He was very clear that what he said was very ridiculous. Whether in China or abroad, dealing with heart disease could only be maintained by drugs, so as to reduce the frequency of heart disease or to prevent it from acting out. But it was impossible to completely cure it.

But now, there were living examples in front of her. When the ambulance drove into the hospital, Yun Siqing’s grandmother had already woken up. When she was sent to the ward, she was as good as a normal person. She was even joking with her granddaughter. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, the doctor wouldn’t have believed such a thing.

“Impossible!” The director still didn’t believe it. “It must be hype. That old man may not have a heart attack at all. They lied that they had a heart attack in order to hype that person!”

The Director’s statement was reasonable. After all, if there was no strong evidence, there was indeed a suspicion of hype.

But what the doctor said next made the dean speechless.

“Director, I checked the patient’s condition. She… she is the mother of the head of the Yun Family in the Eastern Yang City… This time, she came to Cangyun City with her granddaughter to play…” The doctor said. Not to mention anything else, just this identity alone was enough to prove that this matter was not hype at all.

The Yun Family in Eastern Yang City had the same status as the Ye Family in Cangyun City. Was it necessary for them to hype themselves? There was even a big hospital in Dongyang City that was the property of the Yun Family. How could they do something that would ruin their future?

All kinds of facts were in front of him. No matter how shocked the dean was, he had to choose to believe this fact.

“Take me to have a look!” The dean said wearily. Although there was a way to cure heart disease, for the hospital and doctors, it was like the sound of nature. But it went against the dean’s outlook of the world for so many years, which made him very tired.

The doctor quickly led the way and led the dean to visit Old Madame Yun.

At this very moment, the Jade Cloud Pavilion was not peaceful.

In Sun Haoyu’s office, two badly beaten people knelt on the ground and begged for mercy, while Sun Haoyu sat on the chair with an angry face. Looking at the two people, he was so angry that he could not speak.

After taking a deep breath, Sun Eterni said in a low voice, “You are really loyal! You gave me a bad idea. Now, a group of people can’t deal with Chen Hao. Instead, they are all sent to the police station. It won’t be long before they find out that the person behind this is me. At that time, the Ye Family will be able to kill me in public!”

The two people kneeling on the ground were the two people who had paid attention to Sun Haoyu before. After they returned home that day, they hurriedly packed up their things and wanted to escape. However, they didn’t expect that Sun Haoyu had already arranged people to keep an eye on them. They caught them and gave them a good beating before they got on the plane. After that, they were dragged to Sun Haoyu’s office.

“Tell me! Give me a reason not to kill you. Anyway, I am going to die. I don’t mind taking you two down with me!” Sun Haoyu said fiercely. He knew his ending very well and was ready to do anything.

“Brother Sun… I, I know a killer organization. Why don’t we ask them to kill Chen Hao?” The man kneeling on the ground said in a hurry, spitting out blood.

Sun Haoyu looked at him. “Can you contact them?”

“No problem, you can contact him! You can contact him!” The man hurriedly opened his mouth, afraid that he would be beaten to death if he spoke too slowly.

Sun Haoyu nodded. “Then you’re still useful. As for you…” As he said this, he looked at another person and waved his hand.

Immediately, two thugs came forward and pulled the man out.

“President Sun! Brother Sun! Please spare my life! For so many years, Brother Sun…” The man’s voice suddenly stopped and was replaced by a short scream. Then a dull voice sounded. It seemed that something heavy had rolled to the ground.

The man who had not been dragged out hurriedly knelt on the ground, and his body was trembling. He knew what had happened outside. That guy might have been dead.

Sun Eterni got up, came to the floor-to-ceiling window, and looked out. Sun Eterni saw the beautiful manor of the Ye Family.

“Ye Family! Chen Hao! You forced me to do all this. Since you want me to die, I’ll go bankrupt and drag you down with me!” Sun Haoyu gritted his teeth.

An hour later, a phone call suddenly came from a dark room in Cangyun City, and then a white-skinned arm answered the phone.

“Well, I got it. I’ll pay you 30% of the deposit first. I’ll give you the full amount after it’s done!” After a short sentence in Chinese, the phone was hung up, followed by a pure English English. “Heen Wen, the task is here. I’ll send you the treatment later. Go and carry it out tonight!”

After staying in the jewelry shop for another day, Chen Hao and Ye Ningxue returned home together.

Tang Shirou had not come back yet. She was probably working overtime to interrogate those who were caught by Chen Hao yesterday. These people were obviously trained and washed their brains. It was indeed difficult to get information from them.

However, Chen Hao already knew who was their mastermind, but he was too lazy to deal with it now.

The dinner was naturally made by Ye Ningxue. It had to be said that Ye Ningxue’s cooking skills were very good. She was not inferior to the chefs of a star hotel. It was hard to imagine that a rich young lady could have such cooking skills.

After dinner, they went back to their respective rooms to rest. Chen Hao was meditating and cultivating as usual. But at this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes.

“Well… It seems that there is a big mouse!”


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