Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 9 I’m Not Someone You Can Bully

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 9 I’m Not Someone You Can Bully

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Chapter 9 I’m Not Someone You Can Bully

As she spoke, she kicked Chen Ming’s d*ck with full strength as if she wanted to beat him to death and make him infertile. 

Already unstable to begin with, Chen Ming, who was nearly 200 pounds in weight, screamed shrilly as he violently fell to the ground. With a dull snort, he fainted. 

Xin Ai jeered. “I told you I’m not someone you can bully. You didn’t believe me and dared to come after me. I’ll skin you alive!” 

She bent down to unbuckle his leather belt and then tied his hands with it. Then, she took off all his clothes and threw them into the toilet bowl. 

After that, she picked up a garbage bin, filled half of it with water, and then splashed it on Chen Ming’s face. 

Chen Ming shuddered as he regained consciousness. Before he could figure out what had happened, his face was already being smashed under a high heel. 

An icy voice rang out over his head. “I’m asking you for the last time, where is my sister?” 

Xin Ai calmly stared at Chen Ming, who was under her foot, as if she was looking at a dead pig. 

Now that Chen Ming was aware of his situation, he tried to shake off her foot but found himself unable to move. His hands and feet were tied up. He felt dizzy and the pain in his nether region drove him mad. He was naked and lying on the fragments of the broken vase一it was like rolling on a nail board. The vase fragments were embedded in his skin. The more he struggled, the deeper they went. 

It struck terror into Chen Ming’s heart. He never expected that Xin Ai, a seemingly gentle and weak woman, would dare to torture him this way. 

“I… I… told you I… don’t know. Xin Ai, you… don’t make trouble. I have good connections in this circle. You’ve offended me. I won’t go easy on you…” 

“You still won’t say?” 

“I… I really don’t know where your sister is. What do you want me to say? You… you’d better let… let me go now. Then I can pretend that nothing… happened. Ah…” 

Chen Ming let out a miserable cry and shivered like a sieve sifting chaff. He suddenly lost his voice because of the pain. 

Xin Ai tilted her head and her straight black hair cascaded down. Her exquisite face was pretty enough to distract people’s attention. She smiled and showed two rows of even teeth, looking pure but enchanting. She had removed her foot from Chen Ming’s face and was now trampling his phallus. 

She had been wanting to do that. Looking at Chen Ming contorted face, Xin Ai finally felt that she had vented her anger on him. 

“If you say nothing happened, then nothing happened? No, it doesn’t work this way. Didn’t you say that you wanted to sleep with me? Didn’t you say that you get hard just by looking at me? Didn’t you say that you want to teach me a lesson? Now show me how hard your d*ck can be!” 

“No… No, no… I… was talking nonsense. All of that was bullshit…” 

The sharp pain caused beads of sweat to roll down his forehead and his rolls of fat to shake violently. His face turned pale and his voice trembled. 

Xin Ai bent to pick up a sharp fragment of the broken vase and rested its tip against his neck, saying with a gentle smile, “Don’t worry. I promise to make you unable to sleep at night or get hard for a long period of time.” 

Chen Ming was terrified. Warm liquid suddenly burst out. He had peed himself! 

Xin Ai removed her foot in disdain, but she still kept the fragment against his neck, so Chen Ming did not dare make a move. 

“No, no… don’t, Xin… Xin Huan is missing… but I… really have no idea… I looked for her. She disappeared after she left the Cloud Club. I was drunk then, so I didn’t know…” 

Xin Ai ignored his answer. She pricked Chen Ming’s neck with the sharp fragment little by little. “You told me that I should sell my body if I can’t afford to pay the penalty and that with such a good-looking face, it will be a great pity if I don’t do business, right? I think it makes sense.”

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