Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 7 Don’t Bother Third Master Anymore 

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 7 Don’t Bother Third Master Anymore 

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Chapter 7 Don’t Bother Third Master Anymore

The following day, Jian Si came to visit Xin Ai with a bank card. 

“This has two million in it from Third Master. Don’t bother him from now on.” 

“No way. Do you think I am someone you can get rid of so easily? I want the Third Master, not his money. Do you think I’m so superficial.” As she said that, Xin Ai pulled the card out of Jian Si’s hands. “Password?” 

Jian Si’s mouth twitched. “Can your words be more inconsistent with your behavior? 

“Six sixes. Well, I’ve done what I came to do. Miss Xin, you better know your limits. I should get going.” 

Xin Ai said with a smile, “Brother Si, please wait. Let’s talk.” 

Jian Si took a step back subconsciously. When Xin Ai smiled, her eyes were shaped like two crescent moons and her innocent cheek looked pure and gorgeous. However, Jian Si was well aware that she was plotting whenever she wore such a smile. 

Jian Si responded warily. “What are you going to say?” 

Xin Ai patted Jian Si and said, “Bro Si, please tell me Third Master’s schedule.” 

Jian Si refused immediately. “No way. I’ll never betray my boss.” 

“Are you sure?” 


“You won’t tell me?” 

“Absolutely not!” 

Xin Ai sighed. “Then… don’t blame me.” 

Her eyes became sharp. She suddenly approached Jian Si and pointed at him, saying, “You’re an acquaintance of mine. If you don’t tell me his schedule, then I’ll carry a banner in front of your company and say that you slept with me behind his back…” 

Jian Si staggered back in terror. “You, you…” 

Xin Ai threatened him with a frosty look. “Believe it or not, even if Third Master no longer wants me, I’ve already been his lover for several days. If you sleep with his lover, do you think he will forgive you?” 

“You… You…” 

Jian Si stuttered for a while, but he was unable to utter a word. He was ineloquent, so it was difficult for him to argue with Xin Ai. Eventually, he simply turned and ran away in panic. 

Xin Ai shouted after him. “Bro Si, don’t forget. I’ll have a banner made today. Hurry… I can’t wait to get back together with Third Uncle.” 

Xin Ai waited anxiously for two days. On the morning of the third day, she woke up and found an invitation to a charity party lying beside the door. Someone must have slid it in through the crack under the door. 

Xin Ai picked it up with a big smile. 


At 9 p.m. that weekend, Xin Ai wore a rented dress and appeared at the entrance of Wandu Hotel. 

She showed the security guard the invitation and was immediately allowed to enter. 

The party was full of celebrities and plutocrats. The moment she walked into the hall, she saw several A-listers, heads of several big consortiums, and their ladies in full glamour. They all put on perfect masks. 

Xin Ai glanced at the crowd and saw that Jian Zechuan had not yet arrived. She sighed. “Right, a tycoon like him won’t come early.” 

The corners of her red lips lifted in a sneer. The people of the upper class were adept at acting一any one of them was qualified to take home an Oscar. 

Her sudden appearance caused a commotion. She was particularly eye-catching in a black strapless gown that displayed her flawless collarbone. Her snowy skin seemed so white in contrast to her black gown; it was as if it was shimmering. 

She had on slight smoky eye makeup and retro red lipstick, looking elegant but aloof. Her infinite charm contained an air of mystery that was fascinating. 

Not long after she walked in, two famous agents came up to her and gave her their business cards. 

Xin Ai accepted the cards politely and expressed her appreciation, saying that she would think about it and that she would contact them if she wanted to join them. 

When the two agents left, a voice suddenly spoke from behind her, causing Xin Ai’s face to change instantly. 

“Yo, is this Xin Ai? You’ve risen to the top now and can actually attend this party? Looks like you can pay the five million penalties for your older sister.”

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