Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 6 I Won’t Give Up

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 6 I Won’t Give Up

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Chapter 6 I Won’t Give Up

Xin Ai stomped and tried to grab at the door, saying, “Uncle Jian, you can’t treat me like this. You can beat me or punish me, but don’t abandon me… I can do whatever you want, and next time I will please you with any position you want.” 

Jian Si really wanted to cover his ears. It was so shameful to hear! 

Jian Zechuan’s face darkened. He pried her fingers off the door one by one and then he slammed the door shut. He said in a terribly icy voice, “Go.” 

The car drove away. Xin Ai hobbled after it for two meters while shouting. “Third Master, wait and see. I won’t give up. I crawled into your bed once; I can do it again… Just you wait!” 

The car windows were open. Hearing Xin Ai’s voice, Jian Si felt as if his values had been shattered. He glanced at Jian Zechuan through the rearview mirror一he seemed calm with his eyes closed. 

Jian Si was confused by Third Master’s behavior. “To give Xin Ai a check, do I really need to do it personally?” 

“He can throw a check at her now. Why is he taking the trouble to do that?” 

Jian Si hesitated for a while before he whispered, “Third Master, it’s dark outside. Miss Xin will be walking alone on the street. Isn’t it…” 

His boss gave no response. Jian Si reconsidered the idea of begging for mercy for Xin Ai. There was no need to look for trouble. 

Jian Si’s cell phone rang. Checking the Caller ID, he said, “Third Master, Jiang Chao is calling. It’s probably about him wanting you to fund his company.” 

Jian Zechuan replied with his eyes still closed. “Why did the Jiang family’s capital chain rupture?” 

“Two years ago, the Jiang family bid a high price for a piece of land planning to build an upscale residential area. They ran out of money, so it was not completed on schedule. Now the banks are pressing them for repayments and the homeowners are urging them to deliver the houses. The Jiang family is short of money. Do you want to help them?” 

“Of course, I want to.” 

Jian Si wondered, “Is Third Master this good?” 

His misgivings were soon cleared as Jian Zechuan icily said, “Help them go bankrupt as soon as possible.” 

Jian Zechuan’s voice was so cold it felt as if a chill had slowly invaded one’s body on an autumn night. Those who heard it felt chilled to the bone. 

“Ahem, okay…” Jian Si thought to himself, “I knew Third Master is not warm-hearted.” 


As she watched Jian Zechuan’s car disappear into the dark night, depression, loneliness, and hopelessness slowly crept into Xin Ai’s eyes. 

She had screwed up. She had cast away her dignity and pride to hook up with Jian Zechuan, but now everything was destroyed. 

She had not found Xin Huan yet, and now she got knocked out of the game by Jian Zechuan. She had no idea what to do next. 

The road that Xin Ai faced going forward was dark and seemingly endless. Even though the future was uncertain, she had to grit her teeth and feel her way in the dark. 

If she gave up, who would help her sister? 

There was no telling what dangers lay ahead, but she would go forward without hesitation. 

She saw no way to retreat, which meant she had no choice. 

Xin Ai firmly grasped her handbag. She had already decided what to do next, but now she had to think about how to get home. No taxi plied this particular stretch of road. 

Her high heels caused blisters on her feet as she walked. She did not see a single taxi, but several cars stopped and drivers asked her the price for a night. The more she walked, the more scared she became. A car had been following her for a while. She did not want to get into trouble before she found her older sister. 

Just as the car was about to speed up, a taxi suddenly dashed over and stopped by her side. A female driver, who looked honest and kind, asked, “Sister, do you want to take a taxi?” 

Xin Ai immediately climbed in, relieved to shake off the car behind her finally. It looked like she was not out of luck yet after all.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Nice, lucky the driver is not a bad person and she can find her sister without bowing down to this tird master, really i understand that she thought this is a good idea but i dont think so, tying to find her sister by putting herself in the hands of dangerous men is a bad idea ?

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