Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 5 You Don’t Want Me?

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 5 You Don’t Want Me?

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Chapter 5 You Don’t Want Me?

Xin Ai was thrown into the car and her head knocked against the door with a bang, which drove her to let out a painful cry.

Covering her head with her hands, Xin Ai immediately picked herself up.

Jian Zechuan bent to get into the car, but the roomy car suddenly became cramped. The air was mixed with the smell of cool liquor, which made Xin Ai’s heart pump fast.

Jian Zechuan kept silent so that Xin Ai did not know how to react. She was clear that what happened just now pissed him off, but in order to find Xin Huan’s whereabouts, she had to hook up with Jian Zechuan, so she needed to placate him.

Xin Ai gingerly moved toward Jian Zechuan. Seeing that he did not stop her, she became bolder, putting her hand on his chest and scratching him gently.

“Third Master, I went to the Cloud Club because I missed you. You haven’t called me since you left yesterday. I… I’m afraid that you won’t come again, so… I’d like to try my luck. Unexpectedly, I was so lucky… Third Master, we’re destined to meet again, right?”

Jian Zechuan removed Xin Ai’s hands with his two fingers and cast her a frosty glance, saying, “You’re afraid?”

This woman would never tell him the truth.

Just now, she broke into their room. At sight of him, she subconsciously tried to escape as if she feared to be caught by his eyes, which contrasted with her excuses.

Xin Ai nodded and responded, “Yep, yep, I was very worried when you did not call me. And I can only rest easy unless I see you…”

Jian Zechuan considered her with a meaningful smile and gave no response. His deep black eyes seemed to say, “Go on, tell more lies. Let me see how far you can go.”

Xin Ai shook Jian Zechuan’s arms slightly and stared at him with a pitiful look. “Third Master…”

Nevertheless, it was useless for Jian Zechuan. Xin Ai gritted her teeth and intentionally prolonged the last syllable of her words, saying coyly, “Uncle, don’t be mad at me…”

Holding the steering wheel, Jian Si’s hands trembled.

Jian Zechuan’s mouth twitched. “Hehe, uncle…”

The next moment, an icy voice rang out over Xin Ai’s head. “Jian Si, throw her out.”

Xin Ai was terrified and hooked her arms through Jian Zechuan’s, saying in a panic, “Third Master, Third Master. It’s my fault. I should not come to see you behind your back. I apologize to you. Sorry, but… You really don’t know how charming you are. I can’t contain myself, so I’m here…”

Jian Zechuan grabbed her wrist and took her hands off him. He would never believe what she said.

Xin Ai got into a panic and explained. “Uncle, you don’t know that you’re like a book. Once I read you, I want to sleep with you. I can’t restrain my desire for you.”

Jian Zechuan’s face fell before the car came to a halt.

The car door was opened. Xin Ai was thrown out like a sandbag. Her knees hit the hard ground and bled. It was so painful that she almost cried out.

Jian Zechuan looked down at her as if he was staring at a feral cat. He opened his cold mouth and uttered cold words. “I’ll ask Jian Si to pay you.”

Xin Ai turned pale. Covering her knees injuries, she rose to her feet laboriously. “Third Master… you… don’t, don’t want me?”

She stood there, as slim as the tender willow in the early spring which swung in the breeze. Her red eyes were full of tears. She looked delicate and charming.

Jian Zechuan glanced at Xin Ai’s injuries with his cold eyes, saying, “From now on, don’t show up in front of me.”

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