Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 4 I’ll Get Out of Your Sight

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 4 I’ll Get Out of Your Sight

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Chapter 4 I’ll Get Out of Your Sight

Xin Ai felt as if her scalp was about to be torn off. It was so painful that Xin Ai almost burst into tears. “Let me go…”

Jian Zechuan frowned. “Noisy; kick her out.”

Jian Si nodded. Stone-faced, he walked toward Xin Ai. “You are disturbing Third Master, get out right now.”

Xin Ai’s hair was still in Jiang Chao’s grasp. She knew that her plan had failed, so she was willing to leave the Cloud Club. “Okay, okay… I will leave immediately.”

Xin Ai’s voice was trembling because of the pain.

Jian Si stared pointedly at Jiang Chao. “Mr. Jiang…”

Jiang Chao’s mouth twitched slightly. He could have dragged Xin Ai out with him, but meeting Jian Zechuan was a rare opportunity for him. His company needed money, and he wanted to ask Jian Zechuan for help, so he had to stay here even though he was reluctant. “Third Master, this girl, can I…”

He caught Jian Zechuan’s glance and became too scared to say anything. He immediately changed the topic and bowed to Jian Zechuan. “Sorry… Sorry, Third Master. I’ve bothered you…”

Xin Ai was brought out by Jian Si. She felt relieved. She raised her head, looked at Jian Si, and said, “Third Master, he…”

“Do you know how we deal with people who sneak into the club without membership cards?”

Xin Ai clutched her chest and pretended to be sad. “I… I am here for the Third Master, don’t you know that?”

Jian Si didn’t seem to have heard what she said as he continued speaking. “Those people, now…”

Xin Ai raised her hands and interrupted. “Well, well, I know. Every time we talk, we’re not on the same wavelength. Next time… next time, I won’t do it again.”

She hadn’t expected to encounter Jian Zechuan. Now her plan had failed. If she wanted to find some clues, she needed to enter this club. She had to get a membership card from Jian Zechuan.

Xin Ai complained in a low voice, “It seems that I should blame Third Master. Isn’t it because he is too stingy? If he had given me a membership card, I would not have had to sneak in. Am I not his lover? Every time he came to my place, he enjoyed himself, but then he would put on his pants and leave. It always left me wondering what he was thinking…”

Jian Si could not hold back his embarrassment. “Enough. Do you really think Third Master will forgive you this time?”

Xin Ai touched her face and looked at him with a pitiful expression. “Come on, Si Bro, help me say something good to Third Master.”

Jian Si’s cheek twitched. He had seen many things, but he had never seen such a shameless woman. He signaled to the two security guards and said, “Drag her out…”

Every day, the security guards drove away quite a few people, so they treated Xin Ai the same way, rudely dragging her out. Jian Si could not help but say, “Watch it.”

The two security guards were stunned. Xin Ai turned and stared pathetically at Jian Si. “Si Bro, you can’t treat me like this. How could you be so heartless?”

Jian Si was petrified. This woman, she… she wants to set him up?

The security guards immediately understood. “The woman has a relationship with Si Bro?

Xin Ai sniffed and said, “Si Bro, at the very least we…”

“At the very least what?”

A low and charming voice rang out. They heard footsteps coming closer and closer. Xin Ai and Jian Si went pale.

In Jian Si’s mind, he had really been set up by Xin Ai.

“Thid Master…”

Jian Zechuan wore a faint smile and stood in front of Xin Ai. “Say it.”

He glanced at Xin Ai’s left wrist. He knew how tender her skin was一a simple poke would leave a mark. A noticeable round mark was on her wrist where Jiang Chao had grabbed her. It had not recovered so that it might be bruised.

Jian Zechuan’s eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed.

The security guards released Xin Ai, who gingerly whispered. “At… at the very least, we know each other, so… so…”

Jian Zechuan’s eyes looked too cold, so Xin Ai wanted to escape. She continued, “I’m… sorry, I’m sorry about today. I’ll leave; get out of your sight.”

Xin Ai’s slender waist twisted as she ran away, looking very attractive. Jian Zechuan’s expression became icier. “Jian Si.”

Jian Si caught up to her in a few steps.

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