Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 3 All Men Will Fall At Your Feet

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 3 All Men Will Fall At Your Feet

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Chapter 3 All Men Will Fall At Your Feet

Sometimes, a good-looking face could help remove all obstacles.

Nowadays, everyone was preaching that appearance represented justice.

Xin Ai caressed her face and said, “This face is enough.”

If she was not pretty, Jian Zechuan would not have noticed her, let alone have sex with her.

Xin Ai undid her hair band and cascades of black hair fell over her shoulders. She smiled at herself sweetly. Whenever she wore such a smile, her sister had always said, “As long as my Little Ai wants it, all  men will fall at your feet.”

Back then, Xin Ai had been bashful. Her sister would never have thought that such an introverted girl would do this thing.

Outside the washroom, Xin Ai leaned against a wall and watched people pass by as she picked a target.

Her eyes narrowed when she saw a drunken man.

“This one.

“It’s not his lucky day.

Xin Ai slowly moved toward the man. When she was close, she stretched out her foot and tripped him.

As the man violently fell to the ground, she showed an uneasy appearance and gently said, “Sorry… I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Like f*ck, you didn’t…” The drunk man cursed and tried to pick himself up. However, when he saw Xin Ai’s face, the expletives stopped.

Xin Ai was wearing a blue and white dress. Under the faint light, she looked shy and graceful, like a green lotus blooming in the night.

Her black hair and red lips were attractive. She stood there with a delicate and adorable look. Everyone would go into ecstasy with just a casual glance from her.

Upon seeing Xin Ai, the drunk man almost drooled at the mouth. He cried out in infatuation. “My pretty girl…”

Xin Ai retreated in terror, but the drunk man chased her.

“Pretty girl, stop running… let me cherish you tonight.”

Xin Ai, who was pretending to be panic-stricken, led the man upstairs and broke into the target room.

The rooms in the Cloud Club had four levels: Wind, Flower, Snow, and Moon. Wind Rooms ranked lowest while the Moon Room was number one—it was the only one.

The club staff she bribed had told her that this was Wind Room No. 3.

Xin Ai pretended to intrude into the room in a panic. The moment she entered, the room went silent.

Quickly assessing the situation, Xin Ai shivered and thought it was a bad day. There were so many people. How could she search the room? When she noticed the man sitting at the center, she was so scared she almost knelt on the ground.

“Damn it. Why Jian Zechuan is here? He… he…”

Xin Ai went pale as she bit her red lip. Her slim body trembled and her eyes became red. With both hands, she tightly gripped the hemline of the school uniform she was wearing. Her fair, slender legs looked so delicate that it would break with a pinch.

This time, she was not faking it. She was really terrified.

She was not worried that Jian Zechuan would teach her a lesson—she was afraid that he would dump her.

Xin Ai swallowed while she forced herself to calm down. Jian Zechuan had told her that they were strangers in public, so she had to pretend to be unacquainted with him.

The eyes of all the men in the room were glued on her. Her sudden appearance had stunned everyone.

Xin Ai wanted to run away immediately, but she was playing the role of a delicate girl today. She had to hold back her terror and say with a tremor in her voice, “Sorry… I… I… will go now.”

Jiang Chao pushed aside the woman in his arms and rushed to hold Xin Ai’s left wrist. “Little sister, don’t run. Since you’re here, we’re friends now. Come and drink with your brothers.”

Jiang Chao was an infamous playboy in Ming Du. He changed lovers more frequently than he changed underpants. The moment he saw Xin Ai, his eyes almost bulged out. Compared with this girl, his previous lovers seemed commonplace.

Xin Ai felt disgusted to be touched by him and wanted to kick his leg, but because she had to keep up appearances, she could not do that.

She was pale as she responded. “Let me go. I can’t drink. I just entered the wrong room.”

Jiang Chao grasped her wrist tightly and turned to ask, “Third Master, is she your new waitress? Give me a price. No matter how much the cost, I want this girl.”

Everybody looked over at Jian Zechuan as he was the leader.

Everyone else faded into the background. He was like a deity with a halo so brilliant that no one could ignore him.

No one dared to sit by his side. Jian Zechuan held a glass of whisky and shook it with his slender fingers. His lips were slightly red as he raised his eyes and glanced at Xin Ai. “No.”

Xin Ai knew that Jian Zechuan would not help her. He had told her that they were strangers out of bed. If they met outside, she was not allowed to talk to him or even look at him. Otherwise, she would be kicked away.

Xin Ai bit her lip with a flicker of helplessness in her eyes, but her expression aroused desire in the others. She shook her head vigorously. “You heard it. I’m not the waitress… I’m not. Let me go…”

“You’re not? That’s even better. How about being my lover?”

Jiang Chao had begun lusting for Xin Ai the moment he saw her. He undid his precious watch valued at 300,000 RMB, stuffed it into Xin Ai’s hands, and then fumbled around in his pocket and took out a credit card, saying, “If you follow me, I promise you an extravagant life.”

The other women in the room were envious of such treatment. They gritted their teeth and clenched their fists, staring at Xin Ai in indignation.

Xin Ai threw the stuff away and said, “I don’t want those things. Just let me go… you’re hurting me…”

Jiang Chao kept his arm around Xin Ai’s waist, leaned toward her and sniffed. “Nice… Baby, don’t be afraid. I’ll cherish you. I’m sure you won’t want to leave me if you come with me tonight.”

Being in the man’s arms, Xin Ai felt uncomfortable. Jiang Chao smelled awful because of the unpleasant mix of alcohol and women’s perfume. Xin Ai felt her stomach churning. She was about to vomit.

Unable to stand it anymore, Xin Ai tried to shove Jiang Chao away. “You… piss off…”

Jiang Chao had actually been pushed away! After living a life of debauchery it was no wonder he was too weak to withstand a push.

Xin Ai was a bit surprised, but she reacted quickly and turned to escape. Jiang Chao was embarrassed and furious. “Where the f*ck do you think you’re going?”

As Xin Ai touched the handle of the door, her hair was pulled and she was dragged back by force.

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