Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 2 I Don’t Want To See Her

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 2 I Don’t Want To See Her

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Chapter 2 I Don’t Want To See Her

Having rested for a while, Xin Ai finally dragged herself into the bathroom.

When the warm water enveloped her body, Xin Ai felt herself start to recover.

Three days ago, she had officially become Jian Zechuan’s lover. No, maybe that was just what she thought. For that man, she was a shameless bitch.

However, she was desperate, and climbing Jian Zechuan’s bed was the only thing she could do for her older sister.

Xin Ai’s sister, Xin Huan, had signed with Orient Star Media and became an entertainer last year. One month ago, she went missing. Xin Ai had called the police, but till now she had not gotten any news.

Xin Ai had turned to Xin Huan’s manager, Chen Ming, hoping to find some clues about her sister. However, Chen Ming had not been worried about her sister and instead claimed that Xin Ai had to pay 5 million for damages if Xin Huan did not show up.

Xin Huan was her only close relative. Xin Ai still remembered that when they met one month ago, Xin Huan had happily told her, “Little Ai, our company arranged a good role for me. When I make my mark, I’ll earn a lot and give you a better life.”

However, that turned out to be the last time they saw each other.

Having heard no news from her sister and with continuous harassment from Chen Ming, Xin Huan was forced to choose the most dangerous path: becoming Jian Zechuan’s lover.

Orient Star Media was an entertainment company affiliated with Jian Zechuan’s group. Cloud Club, where her sister was last seen before disappearing, belonged to Jian Zechuan.

Therefore, Xin Ai thought that becoming his mistress would be a shortcut to find Xin Huan.

She had finally succeeded, but she did not know whether she was doing the right thing.

At this point, she had to stay with Jian Zechuan long enough to use his power and discover the truth about her sister’s disappearance.

Xin Huan was her only relative. She had to find her, dead or alive.

Sooner or later, she swore she would find her sister and kill those who had bullied her.

Jian Si was standing in front of the elevator. Seeing Jian Zechuan coming toward him, he stepped forward. “Third Master.”

Jian Zechuan went straight into the elevator and said, “Keep that woman away from me. I don’t want to see her for two days.”

Jian Si lowered his head and responded. “Okay.”

He smelled a faint scent from Jian Zechuan and guessed it was the woman’s aura.

The woman had just been the Third Master’s lover for three days, but every time he came to her room, he stayed for a long time.

Jian Si had thought Xin Ai would stay by Jian Zechuan’s side longer, but he was wrong.

No one could see through Third Master.

No woman could control him.

The following night, Xin Ai wormed her way into the Cloud Club.

This was the most exclusive private club in Ming Du. Anyone who wanted to enter had to show their membership card, and these cards were not something money could buy.

It was a place full of power, money, beauty, and desire, so it had a reputation as a money-consuming club where people came to go on a bender and spend lavishly.

The police told Xin Ai that Xin Huan had come to the room called Wind No. 3 in the Cloud Club, but they were unable to search the club because of the Jian family’s influence. Jian Zechuan was powerful in Ming Du.

Xin Ai wanted to sneak into the room and see whether she could find something useful even though it was very unlikely.

Standing in the washroom, Xin Ai raised her head and saw herself in the mirror. It brought to mind a single word—vase!

Even if she was not knowledgeable or cultured, she would be able to seduce any man because her beauty alone was sufficient.

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