Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 12 What A Prude!

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 12 What A Prude!

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Jian Zechuan was surrounded by a group of people, who were adulating him with fake smiles.

Xin Ai took her bag and tried to make her way out of the crowd. She didn’t dare to speak with Jian Zechuan in public, because he said they had to pretend black strangers outside. She couldn’t break this rule, or Jian Zechuan would leave her no chance to climb his bed.

However, before she almost made it, the crowd suddenly spread out, and Jian Zechuan came toward her.

Everyone stood on both sides as if they were welcoming their most distinguished king. Only Xin Ai, who stood in the middle, looked like a fool.

Xin Ai looked at Jian Zechuan getting closed, and her heart beat crazily. But… the next second, Jian Zechuan passed over her as if he didn’t see her.

Xin Ai’s eyelids twisted. She bit her lip and glanced at Jian Zechuan’s back. “Phew! What a prude man! Even though he looked noble, he was a hungry wolf when they were in bed.”

“I could seduce you for the first time and I will seduce you for the second time. You will get used to it.”

The temperature seemed to reduce ten degrees as Jian Zechuan walked by. Xin Ai rubbed her arms and was going to find a place to eat something. She had to wait for an opportunity to take action.

Several women walked by her and one of them hit her shoulder deliberately.

“Who do you think you are. How dare you to seduce the Third Master?”

Xin Ai felt hurt and she snorted. She walked toward the woman who was talking with two successful men, holding a glass of champagne.

Seeing Xin Ai, both the men widely opened their eyes.

Xin Ai put her hand on the woman’s shoulder, and said as if they were familiar, “Sister, how can you hide here. I have been looking for you for a while.”

When the woman looked up and saw Xin Ai, her face turned very ugly at the time. Xin Ai smiled and approached her before she could say something. “Sister, can we talk privately?”

“Yes, I am over-confident. I want to seduce Jian Zechuan. I… am more beautiful and younger than you. Do you have a husband? Or a boyfriend? Believe it or not, woman like me can hook up your man only by benting my finger.”

Looking at the woman’s mouth twitching because of anger, Xin Ai became sprightly and pinched the woman on her waist.

“Don’t scream and don’t be angry. They will ruin your elegance. Your gaffe here will make you a laughing stock!”

Xin Ai loosened her. “Sister, I have friends over there and I am leaving.” She smiled at the two men sweetly. “Brothers, have fun.”

The girl’s delicate innocence made people itch inside.

Before Xin Ai went far, she heard the voices of the two men, “Since when you have such a friend. Introduce her to us.”

She picked a seat to sit down and took out her mobile phone to send a message to Jian Si: Fourth Brother, give me a chance.

She wait 5 minutes and no one answered her. Xin Ai saw from distance that Jian Zechuan was talking to the organizer of this charity dinner, and Jian Si was standing behind him.

Xin Ai continued texting: Fourth Brother, if you don’t answer me, I will yell in public that you are a cheater…

Before she sent the message, someone stood in front of her.

“Where is your owner? How come you are here alone?”

Xin Ai’s hand trembled and she almost dropped her phone. She looked up and saw Lu Jincheng standing in front of her, looking at her phone with his peach eyes.

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