Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 11 The Girl Looked More Glamorous

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 11 The Girl Looked More Glamorous

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There was a viral joke on the Internet saying that Lu Jincheng’s smile was able to trigger a tsunami faster than the butterfly effect.

Although it was a joke, people could imagine how charming his smile would be.

It was a pity that Xin Ai was in no mood to enjoy such a smile. She clenched her fists so tightly her nails almost pierced her palms.

Lowering her head and biting her lip, Xin Ai put on a bashful look. She rubbed her hair in an attempt to conceal her panic before she responded with a smile, “Sorry, Mr. Lu. It’s just a private affair. You know, some people… have a peculiar habit. It’s… out of my control.”

“Looks like you do have a special taste.”

“Right, if it’s not special, how could it be called a peculiarity? Sorry, I have something to do. I gotta go. Mr. Lu, just keep smoking here.”

Xin Ai turned to leave, yet when she was about to take a step forward, Lu Jincheng suddenly grabbed her hand and drew her back, saying, “It does not seem good for you to leave like this, right?”

“Let me go.” Xin Ai shook off Lu Jincheng’s hands before she shot him a wary glance. Did he want to blackmail her with this?

Xin Ai had worshiped this movie star, but now she realized that she had been blinded by his appearance over the past years.

Lu Jincheng suddenly reached his hand toward Xin Ai. She was so scared that she staggered backward. However, there was no room for her to retreat. In an instant, she was forced to stand against the wall.

Lu Jincheng placed his arm to the left of Xin Ai’s head, staring at her face with interest.

Xin Ai said furiously, “Mr. Lu, you’re the Movie Emperor. You’d better not do something that will destroy your reputation.”

Lu Jincheng looked at Xin Ai from head to foot for a while and then smiled. “What a pretty neck! It isn’t good for it to get stained by dirty things.”

As he spoke, he rubbed somewhere behind Xin Ai’s left ear with his index finger and then showed it to her. There was blood.

Seeing his finger, Xin Ai immediately took out a tiny mirror to check her neck. “It must be Chen Ming’s blood. I touched it and accidentally got it on my neck.”

Lu Jincheng responded warmheartedly. “There’s no more. Everything else is clean.”

Now that she was unable to fool him by feigning ignorance, Xin Ai decided to change her strategy. She suddenly pushed Lu Jincheng and threatened him angrily. “Mr. Lu, you make a living through acting. Going around the entertainment circle, where good and evil are mixed up, you should know better than I do not to look at what should not be seen and not to gossip about what you should not say, otherwise…”

Lu Jincheng asked her with a curious expression. “Otherwise what?”

Xin Ai gritted her teeth and said, “Otherwise my master will stifle your acting career.”

“Who is your master?”

“You’ll know when you get banned.” Xin Ai said before turning and running away.

 Lu Jincheng saw her fleeing back and a smile spreading across his face. He took out his cellphone and opened a video clip that he had just shot through the crack between the door and its frame.

In the video clip, a girl in a black gown trampled a man underfoot, looking vicious and heartless. The scene should have sent a chill down his spine, but instead, Lu Jincheng thought the girl looked more glamorous.

Lu Jincheng couldn’t stand the numerous people who asked to take photos with him or have his autograph, hence, he had come here for a quiet smoke.

He never expected to come across such an amusing affair.

It was more interesting than dealing with the people downstairs. He pushed the door and stepped into the men’s room after watching the video.

Ten minutes later, he walked out and hung a sign that said “Under Repair” on the door.

Xin Ai hurriedly returned to the banquet hall and saw Jian Zechuan, who always stood out in a crowd.

Even though she had just bumped into Lu Jincheng, who was a perfect prince charming, she was still amazed by Jian Zechuan’s appearance一the man was peerless in this world.

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