Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 1 His Madness

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 1 His Madness

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Chapter 1 His Madness

Xin Ai bit her lip, not daring to open her eyes. The man violently slammed against her body as if intent on pounding her into pieces. She panted for breath, letting out a fitful moan that added a charming glamor to the night.

Xin Ai could not believe that such a beautiful man, who seemed reserved and self-controlled on the surface, had turned into another person. No, he was not human but a wolf hungry for sex.

She did not dare open her eyes nor make a sound because she knew that Jian Zechuan disliked hearing her voice or seeing her eyes. He hated her—the bitch who had used all means to crawl into his bed.


As the sensations became clearer and clearer, she realized that her body could not bear his madness.

Suddenly, she felt someone squeeze her neck tightly with almost enough power to break her neck.

Xin Ai grabbed Jian Zechuan’s wrist as she opened her mouth like a fish on dry land struggling to breathe and survive.

Jian Zechuan’s frosty voice rang out above her. “You did your best to seduce me. You wanted me to f*ck you, right? Now that I’m doing this, you make an unpleasant face. Who are you trying to fool by pretending to be chaste?”

His actions became even more violent. Xin Ai tried to shake her head, but the intense sensation of suffocation stopped her.

Just as Xin Ai thought she would die on this bed, Jian Zechuan suddenly stopped and relaxed his hold on her neck. The storm had passed.

Xin Ai clasped her throat and coughed with her eyes closed, inhaling a mouthful of air that was filled with a lewd aura.

She heard a sneer and then the weight on her body was lifted. It was over for the night. Xin Ai felt relieved.

Jian Zechuan walked into the bathroom, not bothering to close the door. Soon, the gurgling of water was heard. Xin Ai thought he probably did not want to stay another second and smell her scent on his body.

The sound of water ceased and Jian Zechuan came out. Xin Ai heard a rustling sound and knew that the man was putting on his clothes.

He buttoned up his shirt with his slender fingers. In the light, his hands seemed translucent like white jade.

After fastening the last button, Jian Zechuan put on his coat. He transformed into an elegant and ascetic man. There was a faint sneer on his exquisite face, and his pitch-black eyes looked deep, like a black hole devouring everything.

He threw a cold stare at the woman on the bed. Half of her face was buried in the pillow, and she was motionless, appearing to be asleep.

There were love marks all over her naked body, showing just how crazy the encounter had been.

The sheet covered her waist, making her more alluring than when she was uncovered. Her jade body was particularly provocative.

Jian Zechuan undid the last button at his neck that he had just fastened. A dangerous light flashed in his eyes.

He stared at Xin Ai as if he was looking at his enemy.

Xin Ai’s body tightened, sensing his stare. It was bone-chillingly cold.

After a while, she heard the door closing. Jian Zechuan had left. Xin Ai finally relaxed her body and slowly opened her eyes.

The physical pain and mental suffering tortured her. It was as if it was going to tear her apart.

A cheque for 500,000 was on the table. It was for her sexual services.

This was what she got after trampling her dignity underfoot and dropping everything, but it was not what she wanted.

Xin Ai crawled out of bed. The moment her foot touched the ground, she fell to her knees. The pain between her legs made her cry. She gritted her teeth and rose to rummage through the drawer. After finding a sheet of contraceptive pills, she took one and popped it into her mouth without water. The bitter taste spread in her mouth.

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