Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 8 I Haven’t Killed You Yet

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 8 I Haven’t Killed You Yet

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Chapter 8 I Haven’t Killed You Yet

 Xin Ai froze. She slowly turned around and saw Chen Ming’s disgusting face that she really wanted to smash. 

She still remembered what he had said the last time she went to him. 

At that time, she had sworn that if she ever became powerful, she would definitely not let this man off. 

Xin Ai lowered her head and a flicker of cold light appeared in her eyes. She picked up a glass of champagne beside her and responded with a smile. “Mr. Chen must be joking. While I would like to rise to the top, well… there’s just no means.” 

“No means? What a coincidence! I have the means, and we can team up with each other.” 

Xin Ai replied in a positive tone. “It’s such a coincidence that we should meet here. How about we find a place to sit and have a chat?” 

Chen Ming looked at her lasciviously look and said, “Well, there are few people over there. It’ll be a good spot for a chat.” 

Xin Ai smiled and shot him a glance that was enough to turn half of his body to jelly. 

Chen Ming had long been coveting Xin Ai. Ever since Xin Huan went missing, he had been trying to get Xin Ai. Now he thought he had found the perfect opportunity. 

A pretty girl like her would be a powerful weapon一it would help him solve many problems. 

Chen Ming deliberately led Xin Ai to a men’s room in a secluded corner upstairs. 

Everyone had come to the Wandu Hotel with their own agenda. Therefore, everyone was gathered in the banquet hall and only a few went upstairs. 

Upon closing the door, Chen Ming impetuously tried to embrace Xin Ai. However, she had been prepared for it. She leaned to one side and dodged successfully. 

Chen Ming’s eyes were practically glued on Xin Ai’s body. “Xin Ai, what do you think of what I told you last time?” 

Xin Ai tucked her hair behind her ear and glanced at the vase on the washstand. “This five-star hotel sure is nice. Even the porcelain vase in the washroom is top-grade and the roses were flown in from abroad. It’s like money is being burned everywhere. From what I hear, this hotel belongs to Jian Zechuan.” 

Xin Ai responded slowly. “What’s the rush?” 

Chen Ming was practically drooling. Xin Ai’s beauty radiated an air of seductive charm. Her eyes were shining brightly, and her red lips were pouting slightly. Every movement she made stirred up his desire. 

He rubbed his hands together and said, “Baby, you may not be in a hurry, but I am. You, little evil spirit, have made me unable to sleep!” 

Xin Ai held back the urge to vomit. She tilted her head and looked at him. Her radiant face looked innocent and gorgeous as she responded. “Really?” 

“Really, really. Just looking at you makes me hard…” 

The corners of her mouth lifted up in a smile. Xin Ai replied in an erotic tone. “Hehe, looks like you’re telling the truth.” 

She motioned with her index finger and said, “Come here!” 

Chen Ming thought Xin Ai was compromising. His eyes lit up and he took off his coat immediately, saying dirty words. “I knew you were a little vixen. I’ve been seduced by your coquettish aura. I’ll teach you a lesson today…” 

His eyes turned red with excitement at the thought that he would be able to f*ck this tender girl. He loosened his tie and pounced on her impatiently. As he was about to touch her shoulder with his hands… Bang! Something broke on his head. 

Chen Ming froze. Soon, he felt warm liquid streaming down his head. 

As he raised his hand to touch the liquid, which felt sticky and warm, he saw his palm stained with blood. 

Chen Ming’s face immediately became fierce. He staggered dizzily, saying, “Bitch… you… dared… hit me.” 

Xin Ai loosened her grip on the intact half of the vase and it fell to the ground. Bang! It smashed into pieces. 

She responded with a smile. “Yes. So what if I hit you? I haven’t killed you yet.”

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    That was good ? serves him right, for being a scum, i dont know how the sister keep with him, really, the two are dumb, he’s a scum, and in any way would he be a good bussiness partner ?

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