Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 10 You Wouldn’t Dare Piss Off My Owner

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Love You from the Depths of the Stars-Chapter 10 You Wouldn’t Dare Piss Off My Owner

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Chapter 10 You Wouldn’t Dare Piss Off My Owner

Chen Ming shuddered violently. He clearly felt the sharp porcelain fragment stabbing deeper and deeper into his neck. Worrying that it would penetrate his throat the next moment, he pleaded, “Miss… I… was talking nonsense. You’re merciful, so don’t be mad at me… And, and… I was telling the truth. I originally… wanted Xin Huan to sleep with Mr. Zhao from Qiming, but she firmly refused. Then her cell phone rang. I saw her face… go pale. Then… then she intentionally poured some wine on herself and took the cell phone, saying that she needed to powder her face, but she never returned…” 

Xin Ai’s eyes became cold as she asked. “Who called her?” 

“I have no idea. I didn’t put a bug on her cell phone. I… I’m not lying. I can… give, give you the key to the cabinet in her dormitory. You can check… and, and… I’ll give you her deposit. Miss, spare… spare my life…” 

Xin Ai gave no response and looked into Chen Ming’s eyes for five minutes, but she was still unable to tell whether he was telling the truth or not. Compared to such a sophisticate in the entertainment circle, she lacked experience. 

However, she did not have the time to interrogate him anymore. She had to go and meet Jian Zechuan. Xin Ai looked at the time and thought, “It’s getting late. I have to go.” 

She said in a frosty and threatening tone, “You’d better have told me the truth, otherwise, sooner or later I will kill you.” 

Chen Ming shook his head and replied. “It’s true.  It’s all true… No lies.” 

Xin Ai threw the porcelain fragment away, grabbed Chen Ming’s socks and stuffed them into his mouth. Chen Ming cried and begged her to release him. 

“No way. I can’t let you go now. You’ll stay here tonight.” 

After washing her hands with liquid soap, Xin Ai shook the beads of water off her hands and came over to Chen Ming. She stomped on his face and said, “Of course, don’t even think about how to take revenge on me.” 

She flicked her hair and stooped to look at Chen Ming, saying clearly, “Because I’ve been sold. You wouldn’t dare piss off my owner.” 

Having dealt with a dead dog like Chen Ming, Xin Ai let out a sigh. She could not wait any longer. The longer her sister was missing, the greater the danger. She was running out of time. 

She could wait, but Xin Huan could not. 

“Jian Zechuan, whatever it takes, I’ll hook up with you today.” 

Walking out of the men’s room, Xin Ai was surprised to find someone leaning on the door. She felt a tremor in her heart. She paused and gripped her handbag. 

The man in a smoke blue Armani suit leaned against the wall, holding a lit cigarette with his slender fingers. The smoke made his face indistinct. 

Nevertheless, Xin Ai was able to catch his peach blossom eyes, which seemed full of deep feelings at all times. 

He glanced at Xin Ai and flicked the ash from his cigarette. Xin Ai recognized him and could not help but tremble, but she immediately collected herself and flashed a joyful smile toward him, saying, “Are you Movie Emperor Lu?” 

Lu Jincheng was the hottest male star in the entertainment circle, the youngest male star to win the three most influential awards for Chinese Movies, and had achieved international fame. Ten years after his debut, he was still hot. 

Xin Ai was one of his fans, but now that her deed was exposed in front of her idol, she was unable to think of anything but how to deal with the matter at hand. 

Lu Jincheng was slender and 1.8 meters tall. The suit made him look taller and more handsome. 

His face appeared feminine, but he was not a sissy. He went over to Xin Ai and said in a playful tone, “Miss, have you finished your work inside?”

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