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Life With You-Chapter 8 Here Comes the Wolf

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Chapter 8 Here Comes the Wolf

She promised the President she would deal with the donation. Easier said than done.

When she went to the Haiwei Group to find Qiao Zhisheng on the first day, the receptionist did not allow her to go upstairs because she had not made an appointment.

Then, he did not come home for several nights. She was left with no choice but to ask for leave. She waited on the first floor of the Haiwei Group from morning to night. For three days, she failed to encounter Qiao Zhisheng. A week passed, and she did not even get to touch the hem of Qiao Zhisheng’s clothing.

It wasn’t a good idea. The President had called her yesterday to ask about her progress, she lied and said that they were talking about it.

It wasn’t because she had a great and kind heart and wanted to help out the needy that she was doing this. Actually, three months ago, when Song Yuanqing was still in position, he had promised Song Xi that she could apply for the relief fund of the government in three months. Therefore, Song Xi had told Dongdong to come after three months. Unexpectedly, things were still there, but the people were now different.

She had experienced a desperate setback, but she could not disappoint a six-year-old child and sentence him to death in the process.

Many people in the hospital like Ren Shuang were waiting to see her and her family become a laughingstock. Song Xi was betting everything on performing this operation for Dongdong. She wanted to show her courage with her action. She wanted everyone to see that even if Song Yuanqing was not around, she was able to do what she said she would do.

As the old saying goes, a cornered beast will do something desperate. Now that she had been driven into a corner, she had a sudden flash of inspiration.

In the first month after Song Yuanqing’s incident, accidents frequently happened to her. Whenever something was going on around her, someone would rush out from nowhere to protect her. These people were bodyguards arranged by Qiao Zhisheng for her. Over a long period, the people acting behind the scenes might have realized that someone was protecting her. Thus, she had lived in peace for the past two months.

She did not know if there was any bodyguard around her now.

It was dark outside. Song Xi came out with a security guard who locked the door. As before, she had failed to see Qiao Zhisheng. She walked down the steps silently. When she reached the last few steps, she gritted her teeth, stomped her feet, and fell to the ground.

Her chest hurt from the impact, and she could hardly bear the pain. Song Xi had fallen down the stairs sideways and closed her eyes. She was not sure if any of Qiao Zhisheng’s assistants would come to help her.

As time went by, she kept lying on the ground and almost fell asleep. Finally, she decided that if nobody came after 10 seconds, she would get up on her own.

Ten, nine, eight…

In her mind, she counted down from ten to one and then from one to ten. When she was sure that there was complete silence, Song Xi opened her eyes and saw nothing in front of her. She got up and gasped for breath through her nose, scolding herself for being an idiot.

She got up to leave in despair while rubbing her chest. As she turned around, she saw a man standing two steps away from her. She got a fright, gasped in horror, and jumped back with wide eyes.

When her eyes fell upon the man, she almost choked to death. Unexpectedly, it was Qiao Zhisheng himself!

She had no idea where he had come from and how long he had been standing there. At the moment, he was expressionless, with only sarcasm and disdain in his eyes. He said with his thin mouth, “Do you think the game ‘Here Comes the Wolf’ is fun?”

Song Xi finally steadied her breath. When she saw Qiao Zhisheng, she was not as happy as she thought she would be, but she was instead nervous, uneasy, and even inexplicably fearful.

They looked at each other. As she slowly came to her senses, Qiao Zhisheng became impatient. He coldly said, “I sent someone to your side not to watch you do monkey tricks. Don’t play the game too much, lest you risk your life needlessly someday.”

As he finished speaking, he turned around to go. Song Xi quickly shouted. “I need to talk to you.”

Qiao Zhisheng kept walking. With his long legs, he was now three meters away with just a few steps. Song Xi knew that it was only a fluke that she was able to trick him into coming out this time and that it won’t happen again. Such a chance must not be missed. She ran to keep up with him. She dared not pull him but tried to follow him as far as possible. She talked while walking. “Can you give me ten minutes? I have something to tell you.”

Qiao Zhisheng looked steadily forward. He was now close to the car that was parked near a street up ahead. The guards had opened the car door and were waiting for him there.

Song Xi looked at his face as she said, “Five minutes or even three minutes. Give me a little time. I promise that we can get along well in the future.”

Qiao Zhisheng suddenly stopped and Song Xi almost bumped into him. She stood still and they look at each other once again.

He meaningfully said, “Get along well?”

Song Xi nodded seriously. Qiao Zhisheng said cynically, “Have you ever seen those who use coercion and those who are coerced get along well with each other?”

Song Xi knew what he meant. She held back her discomfort and said sincerely and softly, “I’ll say it differently. I hope you can listen to me and that you won’t be disturbed after seeing me.”

With an indifferent expression, Qiao Zhisheng did not look at her and walked forward. Her heart immediately sank. Then he said, “Get in.”

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