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Life With You-Chapter 7 Hospital is Also Benefit-oriented

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    Han Chunmeng opened her eyes widely and replied. “Ren Shuang, you’ve spoken too rudely. The patient is only six years old and has a serious congenital heart disease. He will die without surgery. You’re also a doctor. Where are your medical ethics? How can you disregard a human life just to oppose Song Xi?”

    Lifting her chin, Ren Shuang said with great arrogance, “Shut up. How can you interrupt while we are arguing? Who do you think you are? You’re just a resident doctor. All you know is that the patient in Bed 3 suffers from serious heart failure. Do you know the disease, and can you cure it? If the disease can’t be cured, who will be blamed for it? Is it you, Song Xi, or the hospital?”

    Han Chunmeng flushed with anger. Song Xi remained calm and coldly said, “She doesn’t know the disease, but I do. You dare not treat the disease, but I dare. If anything happens, I will bear the responsibility.”

    Ren Shuang hated seeing Song Xi’s innate self-confidence.

    She was extremely angry but she laughed and said with a snort, “What a tone! Does your current ability match your courage? Do you think that your father can still handle everything for you?”

    Han Chunmeng was very angry but Song Xi was surprisingly calm—like the calm before the storm.

    After several seconds, Song Xi spoke lightly but acridly. “You keep talking about my father as you open and close your mouth. My father was capable of holding the post. Even if something happened to him, it’s something you’ll never experience in your entire life. Don’t talk so casually about my father. You’re really bad to strike a man when he is down. If you question my skills, I will test the treatment on you first. I don’t mind stitching a beautiful bow on your mouth.”

    Song Xi looked so serious that Ren Shuang dared not retort but instead opened her eyes wide. She went into a trance for a moment. She thought Song Xi would really dare to do so if she can make that claim.

    The nosy bystanders had had enough and began to persuade them to talk less.

    Three women were enough drama, what more a room full of female doctors.

    As they were chattering, a man’s voice came from the door. “Xiao Song, you came so early?”

    Upon hearing this, everyone looked toward the door. Soon, someone said, “Good morning, President.”

    The President nodded lightly and only smiled at Song Xi. “As they say, you are a model. Now, I believe it. There’s still some time before work. Are you free now?”

    Everyone looked at Song Xi meaningfully and wondered why the President was suddenly so warm toward her.

    Song Xi nodded and went up to the office along with the President.

    He spoke in a bureaucratic tone for a while and then said, “Xiao Song, I’ve criticized the Vice President severely. How could he do this to you? Even if he was doing it for the good of the hospital, he should not have taken you out to drink and socialize. I heard that you were wronged. I must apologize to you. I had no idea. Otherwise, I would have definitely prevented it from happening.”

    Song Xi had grown up in the bureaucracy from childhood. She could tell the true from the false just by listening to the first ten words. She laughed grimly but did not do it out loud. She coldly said, “Let bygones be bygones. I volunteered to go there.”

    The President praised her sensibility and then changed the subject. “I heard that Qiao Zhisheng from Haiwei Group promised to donate ten million RMB to our hospital. When the Vice President told me, I did not believe it. I said that he must have heard it wrong given his age. You were also present. Is it true?”

    Song Xi nodded expressionlessly, “Yes.”

    The President immediately laughed and spoke to Song Xi in a consultative tone. “Our hospital has never dealt with the Haiwei Group. I am putting you in charge of this project. It is more important than three papers for professional title appraisal.”

    The implication was particularly obvious. Song Xi was about to hand in papers for professional title appraisal.

    It is better to give some benefit before making a man do a difficult thing. In this way, even if he wants to refuse, he will weigh gains and losses.

    Honestly speaking, Song Xi did not care about the professional title appraisal. She looked at the President whose smile was benign. “President, I have a small request.”

    What the President feared most was that she would have no conditions. If she had a request, the thing could be settled through discussion. He immediately replied. “Tell me.”

    Song Xi said, “I want to perform an operation for a child who has tetralogy of Fallot free of charge. His family is very poor, so I hope the hospital can support me.”

    The President answered without hesitation. “I heard of that matter from the director of the cardiac surgery department. It is good that our doctors are charitable and capable. It should be encouraged. What’s more, Haiwei Group’s donation is for charity. It’s a deal: the money will first be spent on this child.”

    Speaking is an art, especially between intelligent people. Song Xi came out of the President’s office and stood still absent-mindedly. She was a doctor; she wondered when she began to act like a businessman making deals.

    On second thought, she immediately felt relieved.

    Living is not easy. If it’s easy, someone must have shouldered your responsibilities. Song Yuanqing had protected her for many years. Fortunately, she had not completely become a flower in a greenhouse, otherwise, the flower would have long since withered away after three months of buffeting.

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