Life With You-Chapter 4 Before You Beat a Dog, Find Out Who Its Master is.

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Life With You-Chapter 4 Before You Beat a Dog, Find Out Who Its Master is.

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Chapter 4 Before You Beat a Dog, Find Out Who Its Master is.

    With a muffled “Ah,” Chen Hao raised his hand to cover his left brow bone. Song Xi was standing less than two meters away from him without any fear in her eyes. Instead, there was deep-rooted disdain and anger.

    Around five seconds later, he moved his hand and opened his right eye. There was blood on his palm. Anger filled his heart as he gnashed his teeth and cussed. “F*ck.” He immediately ran toward Song Xi.

    Song Xi didn’t dodge nor escape because her mind had gone completely blank. Just as everyone was about to try and stop him, a streak of light flashed in the air. It rose and then fell, smashing right into Chen Hao’s face. He felt a hot, stinging pain, unable to even make a sound as he gasped instinctively. When he came to his senses, he looked down and discovered a cigarette butt at his feet, still burning with a golden red glow.

    A lot of smokers were in the room, but only one man had dared to throw the cigarette at his face…

    Chen Hao looked across the table without thinking and saw Qiao Zhisheng, still calm and touching the edge of a crystal ashtray intentionally or unintentionally with his long fingers.

    Everyone held their breath and dared not speak.

    Chen Hao was exasperated as wrath rose to his forehead. However, when he looked at Qiao Zhisheng’s indifferent eyes, he choked down his anger and said with a fake smile, “Brother Sheng, did you drink too much? You throw so far.”

    Qiao Zhisheng remained calm and relaxed. “Do you have any complaint?”

    Chen Hao’s face turned grey. He was still a somebody in Ye City yet Qiao Zhisheng had thrown a cigarette butt at his face in public. Chen Hao had given him a way out to avoid embarrassment, but he refused to take it. If this were to spread, how could Chen Hao show his face in society?

    “What do you mean?” Chen Hao stopped smiling, and the atmosphere became oppressive.

    Qiao Zhisheng did not even bother to look up as he said, “Don’t hit a woman in my presence.”

    As understanding finally dawned on him, Chen Hao became even more disgruntled. He spoke enigmatically, “Bother Sheng, you really have a tender heart for the fair sex. I was gonna hit my own woman. Why would you feel distressed?”

    Qiao Zhisheng shifted his deep eyes to Song Xi and stared at her pale face as he opened his thin mouth. “Are you his woman?”

    Although she had drunk a lot of wine, Song Xi was particularly clear-minded. She liked neither Qiao Zhisheng nor Chen Hao, but if she had to choose one…

    “No, I’m not.” Her lips moved. Though her voice was not loud, it was very clear.

    The corners of Qiao Zhisheng’s mouth curled because the result had met his expectations. Chen Hao was sullen as he harshly glared at Song Xi.

    Qiao Zhisheng rose up, moved toward Song Xi, and grabbed her waist, intending to take her away.

    The expression on Chen Hao’s face was indescribable. He could not let it go. In a low voice, he said, “Are you short of women? If you need a woman, I will find someone for you. I like Song Xi. How can you take her away? You’re embarrassing me.”

    Upon hearing this, Qiao Zhisheng stopped and turned to look at Chen Hao. “Do you want to save face?”

    Chen Hao declined to comment as he raised his eyes slightly and stared at Qiao Zhisheng who was taller than him by half a head.

    Today, he was being forced to rebel. For one thing, he had always liked Song Xi, and he could not let her go just like that. For another, Qiao Zhisheng had just put him down in public, and a lot of people had witnessed it. If he did not say anything, he would have no place to stand in Ye City.

    The room had a strong smell of gunpowder. The war was about to start.

    Everybody saw Qiao Zhisheng reach for the crystal ashtray on the table in a leisurely manner, but no one thought he would suddenly smash it on Chen Hao’s head the next second. In an instant, the ashtray broke into two. One half fell to the ground while the other half remained in Qiao Zhisheng’s hand.

    Dizzy from the blow, Chen Hao was only able to let out a muffled groan. Before he could respond, Qiao Zhisheng had pressed the other half of the ashtray against his neck and pushed him against the wall.

    The sharp edge of the broken ashtray had carved a bright bloody line on Chen Hao’s neck. Meanwhile, his head had started bleeding.

    Qiao Zhisheng remained calm as he looked at Chen Hao who had a pale face and contracted pupils. He gently asked, “Do you want to save face?”

    There was a stabbing pain on his neck, and Chen Hao did not even dare take a breath because any touch brought even more pain.

    Pain keeps people awake. He deeply regretted challenging Qiao Zhisheng. With his back against the cold wall, Chen Hao dared not shake his head, but he answered with a frightened face. “Sheng, Brother Sheng, I was wrong. I drank too much and talked nonsense. Don’t take it to heart!”

    The big room was so quiet one could hear a pin drop. Qiao Zhisheng eventually broke the silence as he enunciated. “I fancy her. Before you beat a dog, find out who its master is. Do you understand?”

    “I do, I do.” Chen Hao repeatedly said.

    Everyone thought Qiao Zhisheng had gotten so angry because of a beauty, but Song Xi turned paler than Chen Hao when she heard his words.

    Qiao Zhisheng just compared her to a dog一a dog he keeps.

    After several seconds, Qiao Zhisheng withdrew his hand. Then, he casually threw the broken ashtray onto the table with a loud “bang.” He dragged the numb Song Xi and went out, completely ignoring the pale-faced people behind him who were feeling as if they had just escaped from the gates of hell.

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