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Life With You-Chapter 3 Only For Humiliation

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Chapter 3 Only For Humiliation

    Despite Qiao Zhisheng’s sardonic words, the Vice President felt like it was manna from heaven. He immediately stood up and raised his glass. Excitement and joy were evident on his face. “Mr. Qiao, I really don’t know how to thank you. Cheers to you. Thank you for your contribution to the medical cause.”

    Qiao Zhisheng maintained his lazy posture as he looked forward with cold eyes and smoked a cigarette languorously.

    The Vice President stood still with his glass raised for some time. Nobody at the table dared to answer. Not knowing whether he should drink or not, his old face became flushed.

    Qiao Zhisheng didn’t really care, and neither was he embarrassed. He simply took another drag on his cigarette and then suddenly said, “Why am I treated like this? Do I give less money or look worse than others? Why do I not deserve a woman’s toast?”

    Everyone finally understood that Qiao Zhisheng had taken a fancy to Song Xi.

    The Vice President awkwardly turned his head slowly toward Song Xi, and Chen Hao’s facial expression changed. A few seconds later, he removed his arm from Song Xi’s shoulder.

    Understanding finally dawned on the Vice President. If Song Xi were to accompany Chen Hao to drink, Chen Hao will merely reduce the price by several percent. On the other hand, Qiao Zhisheng had promised to donate ten million RMB. It was pretty clear to him who was more important.

    “Doctor Song, don’t just stand there! Mr. Qiao is right. Hurry and give him a toast.”

    With a vacant expression in her eyes, Song Xi felt as if everyone at the table was treating her as if she were a barmaid. She was not a PR Lady but a doctor.

    Knowing her temper, the Vice President was afraid that she would lose her cool, so he lowered his voice and said, “We can use the extra money to build a rescue fund to help more people in need.”

    As the old saying goes, “hit the snake at the seven-inch point.” Song Xi’s seven-inch point was that she was a doctor, so she wanted to alleviate the suffering of as many people as possible.

    Her throat moved slightly as she stood up and raised the glass of wine that had been ready to toast Chen Hao to Qiao Zhisheng instead. She said softly, “Mr. Qiao, thank you.”

    Qiao Zhisheng lifted his eyes and looked up at the red-faced woman. With a flickering smile, he said, “Doctor Song must have majored in social science rather than medical science. You’re flexible and can change to fit the situation. If someone offers more than ten million RMB, will you immediately raise your glass to someone else?”

    The atmosphere was stifling for everyone. No one knew what Qiao Zhisheng was thinking. He was deliberately making things difficult for Song Xi, but then again, he was willing to open his wallet and support her hospital. He had clearly said he was going to spend ten million.

    Even Chen Hao caught on late. He was puzzled about when Qiao Zhisheng had taken a fancy to Song Xi.

    Song Xi’s face turned red and white as she held the glass. There was a dull pricking pain. Qiao Zhisheng had not touched even a single finger of hers yet she felt as if she had been slapped a thousand times.

    With extreme sadness, she wished that everything was just a nightmare and that everything would be back to the way it was when she opened her eyes. She would still be that carefree girl and never meet the man who she cannot afford to offend, Qiao Zhisheng.

    As they waited for Qiao Zhisheng who had now been silent for a while, Song Xi and the Vice President were forced to hold their glasses and stay still. As he caught sight of Song Xi looking down slightly as if her soul were outside her body, the Vice President began to feel guilty about insisting that she come tonight.  Had he not done that, things might have gone differently.

    He was a man, after all, and had been honored as a master for several decades. He secretly gritted his teeth and stomped his foot. With a smile, he said to Qiao Zhisheng, “Mr. Qiao, you must be kidding. Xiao Song is the best doctor in our hospital一”

    Before he even finished speaking, Qiao Zhisheng gave him a cold look and interrupted him with a heavy voice. “Do I know you well? Why would I be kidding you?”

    Seeing Qiao Zhisheng’s cold eyes, the Vice President was almost frightened enough to throw his glass away. He had never seen Qiao Zhisheng before, but Qiao Zhisheng was well-known in Ye City. There was a popular saying among the citizens: It’s better to offend the King of Hell rather than Qiao Zhisheng.

    Qiao Zhisheng now looked unhappy, so everyone in the room felt danger.

    As tonight’s dinner host, Chen Hao, could not keep quiet, unlike the others.

    He grinned at Qiao Zhisheng and said, “Brother Sheng, you don’t want to bother yourself arguing with the likes of them. They stay in the hospital every day, so they have become stupid.”

    Having said that, he turned his head sideways and spoke to Song Xi in a deep voice. “Go and make a toast to Mr. Qiao. Why are you still standing here?”

    Song Xi was completely motionless. Qiao Zhisheng had uttered those words, so how could she endure humiliation and drink the glass of wine? Why would she listen to Chen Hao?

    Seeing this, Chen Hao became furious. He abruptly pushed her and loudly said, “Didn’t you hear me?”

    Caught off guard, Song Xi staggered and spilled her wine.

    Chen Hao frowned and had a look of disgust in his eyes as he swore. “Do you still think you are the deputy mayor’s daughter? I gave you face so you were able to sit here. If I hadn’t, you would be worse than a PR lady.”

    When he was done speaking, everyone at the table had different expressions. Qiao Zhisheng looked indifferent but he glanced at Song Xi secretly.

    Song Xi stood with her back to Chen Hao. She stopped for more than three seconds before abruptly turning around and then forcefully throwing her glass at Chen Hao who was in his seat. No one thought that she would do such a thing, however, it was now too late for them to do anything but show surprise.

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