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Life With You-Chapter 2 Spending Gold in One Throw

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Chapter 2  Spending Gold in One Throw

    If she drank the glass of wine in front of Qiao Zhisheng, she will never be able to hold her head up again.


    Just as Chen Hao leaned toward Song Xi, a cold male voice was heard in the room. It wasn’t loud but it was easily heard over the noise, effectively silencing everyone.

    Song Xi’s heart skipped a beat. Chen Hao paused and looked over to the source of the sound.

    Qiao Zhisheng put out his half-finished cigarette on the crystal ashtray beside his hand and exhaled a cloud of smoke through his thin mouth. He had a pair of fox eyes so beautiful that it blurred the man-woman divide. His eyes were full of freezing irony and burning ridicule. He unhurriedly said, “I may be ignorant, but does the doctor work as a PR lady concurrently?”

    As he finished speaking, Song Xi felt all her blood rush to the front of her head. Her blood was surging.

    She could not utter a single word or even look at him.

    Nobody dared answer, so he continued speaking. “Or, is the PR lady driven to the wall so the PR lady has to work as a doctor?”

    The Vice President, who was over 50 years old, was red-faced as he lowered his eyes and said nothing.

    The room was quiet for several seconds until Chen Hao finally smiled fawningly and replied. “Brother Sheng, I guarantee that she is really a doctor. She is my woman.”

    Before Song Xi knew what was happening, he had placed his arm around her shoulders. She shuddered and instinctively pushed him away with unconcealed deep disgust in her eyes.

    Things were about to get lively.

    Everyone in the room had strange looks on their faces. Song Xi had obviously come here to ask Chen Hao for help, so what the hell was going on with her? How dared she embarrass him like that in public?


    Qiao Zhisheng snorted with cynical laughter. There was something cold and sinister on his handsome face. He opened his mouth slightly. “What’s this? Based on Doctor Song’s reaction, it seems like she has something to say.”

    The expression on Chen Hao’s face changed several times because Song Xi had not given him face in public. Everyone else held their breaths, but Qiao Zhisheng seemed unconcerned. The important thing was, Chen Hao dared not blow up in front of Qiao Zhisheng. He swallowed his anger and forced himself to smile. “Brother Sheng, sorry to make you laugh. She is thin-skinned. Furthermore, she is hot-tempered because I have spoiled her.”

    As he spoke, he put his arm around her once more and then forcibly held her shoulder as he asked with a seemingly gentle smile, “Brother Sheng is asking you if you have anything to say.”

    Song Xi felt a sharp jabbing pain on her left shoulder. She may have pushed Chen Hao too far this time, otherwise, he would not have laid such a heavy hand on her. Her face was flushed not because she had drunk too much wine but because Qiao Zhisheng, who was sitting across the table, was looking at her.

    Her mind had turned to mush, but in heart, it was very clear一she knew that Qiao Zhisheng wanted to see her make a fool of herself. Well, she would not let him see that.

    In front of everyone, she slowly tilted her head up at Chen Hao as her lips turned up to smile at him. “Didn’t you want to drink cross-cupped wine with me? Are you deliberately trying to change the subject?”

    Seeing Song Xi’s vivid expression as she charmingly looked up at him, Chen Hao’s mind was unsettled. He had pursued her for a long time, but she was always standoffish and even dismissive toward him. If her family had not experienced an upheaval, would he even be able to put his arm around her shoulders?

    People may say he was taking advantage of her perilous state or exploiting loopholes, he didn’t really care. He liked her, and as long as he can get her, he did not care about losing millions of yuans.

    He had been smiling warningly, but as soon as Song Xi smiled at him, Chen Hao was captivated and he relaxed his hold. With a smile, he said, “Let’s drink. As long as you propose a toast, I will drink even if it’s poison.”

    Song Xi felt his grip loosening but there was still a lingering ache in her shoulder. “How could he give me a dried date after a slap? Does he think I’m a three-year-old?”

    Song Xi lifted up her glass again while Chen Hao insatiably pulled his chair closer to her. He held her by the shoulder with one hand while holding the glass with the other hand. They were ready to drink.

    A wild gleam flashed in Qiao Zhisheng’s pitch-dark eyes, but, in an instant, it had changed into a playful look. He opened his mouth once more to interrupt them.

    “How much is your batch of equipment?”

    The thought of drinking wine with Song Xi had made his heart skip a beat, so Chen Hao became agitated as he was interrupted once again. However, the person who had spoken was Qiao Zhisheng, so he had to stop and not show any impatience. He answered seriously. “Their hospital has a great demand, so the complete equipment will cost seven or eight million yuan.”

    No one knew why Qiao Zhisheng suddenly brought this up. Everyone, including Song Xi, secretly looked at the expression on his face.

    Qiao Zhisheng lit another cigarette and then leaned back in his chair. He slowly and lazily said, “I’ve been thinking of doing something charitable lately, but I didn’t know what to do.  Since this is the case, I’ve now decided to donate to the hospital.”

    Everyone was confused and unable to comprehend. Qiao Zhisheng took a drag on his cigarette and then blew out a stream of white smoke from his thin mouth. He spoke softly once more, clearing everyone’s confusion. “I will help the hospital buy the medical devices with ten million RMB.”

    His words startled everyone. Song Xi’s eyes flashed in surprise一it was certainly beyond her expectation.

    The Vice President was the first to take a sidelong glance at Qiao Zhisheng. With a tentative smile, he asked, “Mr. Qiao, are you serious?”

    Qiao Zhisheng did not even raise his eyes as he answered coldly. “Do I look like I have drunk too much?”

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