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Life With You-Chapter 12 Enemies Are Destined to Meet

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“Go inside, why are you all standing here?”

Qiao Zhisheng finally spoke. Hearing this, Ren Lina invited only Jiang Jiayi to come in and enthusiastically took her inside.

Qiao Zhisheng glanced at Song Xi secretly, but the latter looked normal, like still water, as if she was already accustomed to it.

The house was huge. After passing through the living room, they arrived at the dining room. Jiang Jiayi put the sweet and sour fish on the table with the other dishes. Ren Lina smiled at Qiao Zhisheng and said, “Look, these are all your favorites, and they were all made by Jiayi.”

Qiao Zhisheng asked, “Where’s Dad?”

Ren Lina answered. “He is resting in the inner room. Go say hello to him. He is not feeling well today and will not come out for dinner.”

After Qiao Zhisheng left, only the three women were left in the dining room. In comparison, at the moment, Song Xi felt that Qiao Zhisheng was not so annoying after all. At the very least, when he was around, she was not this embarrassed. At this point, she felt she would be wrong whether she sat down or remained standing.

Ren Lina did not even look at her. The Qiao family all knew why Qiao Zhisheng married her, so Ren Lina had a poor impression of her.

Song Xi was trying to come up with an excuse to hide in the bathroom but before she could speak, Jiang Jiayi said something from her side. “Song Xi, come to the kitchen and help me cook?”

Song Xi looked back at her with a faint expression. Just as she was about to refuse, Ren Lina opened her mouth and said, “Wash your hands before you do the cooking.”

She had to swallow her excuse and say, “Okay.”

After washing her hands, she stepped into the 40-to-50-square-meter kitchen. Looking around, Song Xi only recognized a rice cooker and a microwave oven. She’d seen the other things before, but she did not know what they were.

However, Jiang Jiayi, wearing an apron, could not stop annoying her. “Song Xi, can you deal with the vegetables? Help me out.”

Song Xi had no idea how to deal with the vegetables until she saw the nanny, who was cutting something, stop and look at her.

Under the doubtful gazes of everyone, Song Xi walked toward the chopping board and looked down. There were some big raw chicken wings on the chopping board and on the plate beside it.

Jiang Jiayi said, “Cut the chicken wings with the knife. I’ll make coke chicken wings. Zhisheng has liked this dish since he was young.”

Her main point was that she had known Qiao Zhisheng since childhood, but Song Xi only cared about how to cut the chicken wings.

Seeing Song Xi’s hesitation, Jiang Jiayi leaned in and said exaggeratedly, “What’s wrong? You don’t know how to use the knife, do you? ”

Song Xi didn’t respond but Ren Lina, who was standing behind her, looked even more disgusted.

Jiang Jiayi showed off her knife skills in front of Ren Lina. When she finished, she said to Song Xi, “It seems that your father has spoiled you. Now that he is no longer around, you will be so pitiful.”

She sighed as she spoke. Song Xi could not take this. Taking a cue from Jiang Jiayi’s tone, Song Xi asked naively, “Doesn’t your family even have a nanny? Or did your father want to groom you to be a cook?”

Hearing this, Jiang Jiayi’s words were stuck in her throat.

Speaking out to help her, Ren Lina replied. “Different families have different ways to teach their children. Some spoil their children while some care for their over-all development.”

With her back turned against Ren Lina, Song Xi pretended not to hear.

Beaming with pride, Jiang Jiayi immediately turned to Ren Lina and smiled. “Aunt Ren, you should both go out. I’m afraid that Song Xi will be nervous and do worse if you are here.”

Facing Jiang Jiayi, Ren Lina’s expression became amiable. She answered with a smile. “Okay, we’ll go out. If you need something, call us any time.”

Jiang Jiayi watched Ren Lina and the nanny walk out of the kitchen. When only she and Song Xi were left, her face suddenly changed. While cutting the chicken wings, she smiled and said, “What kind of friend of Zhisheng are you? Why do I feel that you came uninvited?”

Song Xi said in her heart, “I am his wife!”

But she could not say that. While playing with a seasoning box, she calmly replied. “Since you have such a good relationship with his mother, go and ask her.”

Hearing the response, Jiang Jiayi became even angrier. She wanted to pick a fight, but after some thought, she smiled and said, “We haven’t seen each other for a while. Why didn’t you wear the earrings you bought last year?  Are you afraid of being too ostentatious and having a bad influence on your father’s case?”

Song Xi’s face did not change as she said, “It wasn’t meant for wearing. They are collections.”

Jiang Jiayi rolled her eyes, and then she deliberately lowered her voice and then said in a mysterious tone, “I heard that your father is being investigated because someone reported corruption under his real name. If so, all the valuables in your family should be checked. The earrings will be permanently collected, won’t they?”

Song Xi lowered her head to look at the seasoning box while Jiang Jiayi’s smiling face remained close. She was silent for a few seconds and then she mockingly said, “Hares can pull dead lions by the beard. Your father just got promoted and you’re already so overbearing that you’ve forgotten when your family bowed to us?”

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