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Life With You-Chapter 10 Routine at the End of the Month

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Chapter 10 Routine at the End of the Month

Song Xi stepped out of the operation theater and went to the lounge. Halfway there, she saw Han Chunmeng scolding several nurses. They were all ashamed, especially when they saw her coming over. They were obviously flustered.

Song Xi went over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Glaring at the nurses, Han Chunmeng immediately pulled Song Xi forward. Song Xi asked, “Why did you quarrel with them?”

Han Chunmeng pulled a face as she said, “I overheard the gossips making idle talk and saying you were with Chen Hao.”

Song Xi remained calm and said unconcernedly, “Don’t trouble yourself with them. If you try to reason with them, it will only piss you off.”

With eyes wide open Han Chunmeng asked, “People in the hospital are gossiping about you and Chen Hao. Aren’t you angry?”

Song Xi thought Chen Hao might not dare appear in the hospital anymore because he had been scared off by Qiao Zhisheng. Her life might actually become peaceful and quiet.

As she was thinking about this, the cellphone in her pocket rang. Song Xi took it out and saw a strange number. The last few numbers were exactly the same一the cellphone number’s owner must be extraordinary.

She swiped to answer and then spoke into the phone. “Hello.”

“I’m downstairs.”

After her initial surprise, she realized that it was Qiao Zhisheng. She instinctively stopped and walked a few steps to one side with the phone.

She lowered her voice and asked, “What’s up?”

Qiao Zhisheng answered, “It’s the end of the month.”

Song Xi suddenly remembered.

She had to accompany Qiao Zhisheng to his parents’ home on the last day of each month. It was their family rule. She had been very busy at the hospital these past few days, so she had forgotten all about today.

“Oh, okay, wait a moment. I will change and then go down at once.”

Qiao Zhisheng hung up directly.

When the call ended, Han Chunmeng came over and asked, “Who was that?”

Song Xi replied. “A friend.”

Then, she continued, “I will not have dinner with you tonight. I have to go ahead.”

Han Chunmeng asked, “Was it my uncle’s friend?”

Song Xi did not look at her but said, “Mmm” casually.

She did not mean to lie. Actually, Qiao Zhisheng had made clear from the start that their marriage was a secret一it could absolutely not be disclosed to others. Even if they were found together, they could only admit that they were friends. He had set this condition before helping her.

Song Xi immediately changed her clothes and went downstairs because she knew Qiao Zhisheng did not like waiting. She looked into the distance and saw a black Bentley Bentayga across the street. Then, she trotted toward the car, opened the door, and sat in the back seat.

As the door closed, Song Xi hesitated to greet Qiao Zhisheng who was sitting in front of her. He coldly said, “Do you take me as a driver?”

Song Xi looked dull for a moment before belatedly answering. “Sorry.”

With that, she opened the door and assumed a posture to get off.

Qiao Zhisheng suddenly started the car and Song Xi was spooked into leaning back and closing the door.

Although the car had already moved forward a few tens of meters, Song Xi was still filled with apprehension, glaring at the back side of his head. She said to herself, “Could he not tell me before driving?” She was so angry that her face turned red.

However, it was quiet in the car一after all, she did not dare to say anything. When she had been quiet for several seconds, her anger gradually subsided.

Last time, she had exerted great effort to come to terms with him. Thus, she hoped that they would not confront each other with daggers. “Calm down, calm down. Just think of him as a bad-mannered driver.”

It was not the first time that she sat in his car. As usual, they did not speak the entire way like mutes. One was driving while the other was thinking. They said nothing until the car drove into a quadrangle courtyard一the only place in Ye City where people could live in private.

Qiao Zhisheng parked the car at the gate and Song Xi unfastened her seatbelt. He went to the rear of the car and opened the trunk, which was filled with many boxes and bags of tonics. Song Xi stepped forward and carried some of them, saying with a little embarrassment, “I’ve been too busy in the hospital recently, so I forgot our appointed time and forgot to buy presents.”

Qiao Zhisheng did not even look at her and said coldly, “We’re just going through the motions. Don’t waste money on the props.”

He then moved his long legs and walked ahead.

Song Xi was sent off with a flea in her ear. She secretly said to herself, “I don’t have to explain. Anyway, his parents don’t like me. They will not care what I bring.”

She followed Qiao Zhisheng and entered the courtyard. Every step she took made Song Xi feel stressed. As she recollected the past two experiences, she became very embarrassed. If she had a choice, she really did not want to come here.

Moving forward 20 or 30 meters, Song Xi and Qiao Zhisheng arrived at the door of the main house. The door was not closed, so Qiao Zhisheng reached out to pull the door. Song Xi stood beside him as she changed her shoes while squeezing out a reluctant smile. She was waiting for him to call out “Mom,” after which, she planned to smile apologetically.

Perhaps having heard something, a beautiful middle-aged woman came out of the living room. She looked like Qiao Zhisheng, especially her pair of fox eyes. When she smiled, she looked around charmingly. Although she was almost 50 years old, she looked very beautiful.

Song Xi grinned stiffly, slow to realize that Ren Lina could not possibly be smiling at her.

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  1. BlackBelliedLotus says:

    And I thought the parents would like her. Ugk. ???‍♀️

    • Tsuru says:

      Yeah… I dislike it even though it’s original by trying to do the contrary of the cliche. I can already picture drama brewing miles away. Before i had high expectations for this series, wanting to see them married and maybe loveydovey showing their villainous side to everyone else but sadly looks like it will be long until they are in love with each other. Even though i didn’t read it i think it will be just like Trial Husband.

      In fact my happiness was at full power at the beginning seeing ML teasing his (possibly future if not already) wife and him being tyrannical against his love rival. And dropped to 0 in later chapters because they were cold to each other. Sure it’s hard but for now FL doesn’t look like she is trying to be friends with ML despite what she said.

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