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Life With You-Chapter 6 A Homeless Dog

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Chapter 6 A Homeless Dog

    Song Xi was well aware that their marriage was based on the undisguised fact that he was threatened by her father to ensure her safety. After all, they had never met each other before, and their lives had not intersected.

    Who would be happy to be forced to marry an abjected deputy mayor’s daughter? Not to mention someone like Qiao Zhisheng.

    Song Xi understood this and would ordinarily not provoke him. Instead, she had decided to sincerely wait for Song Yuanqing to come back. This was the only thing she could do. However, she never thought that she would meet Qiao Zhisheng in the Guangde Building tonight, and she never thought that he disliked her so much that he would say that she was a dog in public.

    Although he was not present back then, they had actually gotten a marriage license. At that time, she took a picture of herself and then Yuan Bao put their photos together. She had thought they were in a conjugal relationship, however, it turned out he thought of her as a homeless dog that he was forced to adopt and become master of.

    He did not care who she was with一Chen Hao, Li Hao, or Zhang Hao一as long as it was not done in his presence.

    When Chen Hao was about to beat her, he said before you beat a dog, find out who its master is.

    Since when did she lead a life worse than a dog’s?

    Tears rapidly trickled from her eyes. In the quiet night, Song Xi sniffled gently, giving voice to her grievance with sobs. She dared not cry because this was Qiao Zhisheng’s place, not her home.

    She dried her tears, stepped out of the car, and entered the villa quietly. Qiao Zhisheng had not kept a light on for her. She was too lazy to turn on the light. She lit her way with her cellphone and went up to the third floor.

    When she passed through the second floor, her hairs stood on end because Qiao Zhisheng lived on that floor. She never thought that a day would come when she would live under another’s roof. She thought she would never have to lower her head. In only three months, she was defeated by reality. Now, she had become a woman who was pressed from all sides but can survive in the crevices.

    In her saddest moments, she thought of Song Yuanqing. As long as she was all right outside, he had something to look forward to inside. She did not want him to worry. He had supported her for so many years, now, she wanted to return the favor.

    Back in her room on the third floor, Song Xi did not turn on the light. She did not want to see the strange environment she had been living in for three months. After taking a bath, she hurriedly lay in bed and forced herself to go to sleep as quickly as possible so that she can leave when she wakes up after a sound sleep.

    Early the next morning, Song Xi went to the hospital. A nurse from the cardiac surgery department did not greet her as usual but instead rushed over in panic upon seeing her. With a frown, the nurse said, “Doctor Song, you finally came! Go and have a look. Doctor Ren and Doctor Han are quarreling!”

    Upon hearing the name of Doctor Ren, Song Xi could not help frowning. She hurried forward with the nurse.

    When she reached the door of the doctor’s lounge, Song Xi heard a loud, high-pitched female voice. “Han Chunmeng, who do you think you are? Don’t think you are a special person as long as you flatter Song Xi. Let me tell you, Song Xi’s father has fallen from power and she is unable to even fend for herself. How can you count on her? Ha, your name is the best interpretation of your life. Keep dreaming!”

    Song Xi pulled a long face. The nurse beside her was very embarrassed and did not know where to look.

    With a “thump,” Song Xi opened the door and entered.

    Ren Shuang and Han Chunmeng were not the only doctors in the room. At a glance, Song Xi could see that most people were standing beside Ren Shuang while Han Chunmeng stood alone.

    Everyone’s faces changed when they saw Song Xi. Han Chunmeng hurried up to her and urgently said, “Xiao Xi, you finally came. I just wanted to call you. Ren Shuang insists on letting Dongdong complete the discharge formalities.”

    Upon hearing this, Song Xi became more sullen. Dongdong was her patient.

    She looked at Ren Shuang who had not changed from her light pink ruffled Chanel skirt into a doctor’s uniform. Song Xi asked in a deep voice, “Since when did you become the boss of the cardiac surgery department?”

    Song Xi and Ren Shuang were the two gorgeous beauties of the hospital. They were not only beautiful but also capable. They were fellow apprentices of one and the same master in the college but their relationship was particularly poor.

    As Song Xi finished speaking, Ren Shuang immediately snorted. “Ha, I’m not the boss, but neither are you. Is the hospital named Song? Do I need to ask you who gave you the right to let a person who can’t pay all the hospitalization expenses live here for half a month?

    “Your father was the deputy mayor, so you were able to do as you pleased in the hospital. It is important to know your own limitations. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you really want to put on airs, you can wait for your father to be reinstated.”

    Speaking of this, Ren Shuang deliberately paused for a while. She then continued with a particularly nasty expression, “It’s at a far distant date. By the time the child’s heart is ruined, your father might not have even been released yet.”

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