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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 9 Winged-Serpent

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Chapter 9 Winged-Serpent

An hour later, Junior Brother Su emerged from the narrow crevice along the stone wall. His face was still flushed from the alcohol and as he glanced at the underground river, his spirits lifted at the thought of how he would soon become good mates with Song Tianxing. 

Once he had Song Tianxing on his side, leaving the Dark Ice Cave only be one of the benefits he would enjoy. As long as he gained Song Tianxing’s favor, he might even receive a recommendation to become a disciple of the inner gate. 

Now that he thought about it, he should really be grateful to Lin Fei. Otherwise, with Senior Brother Song’s status and power, he would have no use for somebody like him. 

It was now down to how he performed. So what if Lin Fei was an inner gate disciple? Lin Fei would have to obey his orders too! 

In the next few months, he planned to assign Lin Fei tasks which including cleaning the latrine pits and digging mines, so by the time Senior Brother Song returned, Lin Fei would be begging for mercy. 

“Hm? Where did he go?” As Junior Brother Su suddenly realized that Lin Fei was nowhere to be found, some of his tipsiness left him. Damn, did something really happen to him?  He had seemed confident in front of his junior brothers earlier but Lin Fei was after all an inner gate disciple. The sect would take note if anything happened to him, then he might really get into trouble… 

Junior Brother Su hurriedly walked along the river… 


A monster with four wings and a serpentine body emerged with a loud splash from the underground river. 

“Damn!” Junior Brother Su turned pale and immediately sobered up in his fright. This was a Winged-Serpent, one of the most terrifying monsters which resided in the underground river. It was savage and violent and thrived on drinking blood. It moved at incredible speed due to its four wings so if its victim reacted too slowly, it would suck the victim’s blood dry. 

Damn, didn’t the Winged-Serpent typically build its nest on Eagle Cliff downstream? What was it doing here?   

Junior Brother Su muttered a curse at his bad luck. He could not be bothered to figure out what the Winged-Serpent was doing here and immediately turned to flee, suddenly hating the fact that he was only born with two feet. 

However, the Winged-Serpent’s speed was matchless amongst the non-shapeshifting monsters. This was not something an outer gate disciple like Junior Brother Su could contend with. In a blink of an eye, the Winged-Serpent was right behind him and Junior Brother Su could smell an odious stench behind him. He could even hear the hissing sound of its tongue… 

“I’m doomed…” 

Junior Brother Su regretted his decision to come here. If he had known the Winged-Serpent lurked here, he would have never come to the underground river. He really hadn’t been thinking straight – he should have retired for the night after getting drunk, why did he insist on patrolling the underground river? Now that he had run into the Winged-Serpent, he was as good as dead… 

As Junior Brother Su went deathly pale, a ray of sword radiance came from behind him. 

“Ah?” Junior Brother Su turned and saw the sword radiance gently circle the Winged-Serpent’s body…. 

Even before Junior Brother Su could react, fresh blood splattered and soon after, a hideous head was sent flying through the air… 

Then, the Winged-Serpent landed lifelessly on the ground with a loud thump. 

The sword radiance which seemed to appear from nowhere did not disappear after killing the Winged-Serpent. Instead, it continued to fly for a few dozen meters before it landed in the hands of a young man. 

Junior Brother Su immediately recognized the young man who killed the Winged-Serpent with one sword as Lin Fei. 

“You!” Junior Brother Su stared at Lin Fei in disbelief. He had thought that Lin Fei would not be able to last three days here before begging for mercy and food. Never in his wildest dream did he think that this young man could kill a Winged-Serpent in a single move. 

How was that possible? 

Although the Winged-Serpent was merely a monster soldier, its combat strength was much stronger than an average Foundation Realm cultivator. How could this young man kill the Winged-Serpent so effortlessly? 

Wait a minute… 

The events earlier quickly flashed through his mind – sword radiance, blood splatter, and a head… 

That’s right, the sword radiance… 

Junior Brother Su finally figured it out. The sword radiance earlier had been incredibly powerful and could kill the Winged-Serpent after circling it just once. This was not something a Foundation Realm cultivator could have produced. 

Unless it was with the help of a magical artifact! 

Not just any artifact but a magical artifact of Hidden Talisman Class! 

Only if it had above 18 layers of magic and a Hidden Talisman had already developed within it could this magical artifact have the ability to kill a Winged-Serpent! 

“I can’t believe he has a Hidden Talisman magical artifact…” Junior Brother Su was astonished. He was even more surprised about this discovery than when he saw Lin Fei kill the Winged-Serpent with one sword earlier.. 

Junior Brother Su’s face turned pale at this discovery. In the past, after an outer gate disciple named Luo Yuzhen had an extraordinary adventure in the Misty Mountains and obtained a Hidden Talisman magical artifact from the ancient ruins. After the headmaster heard about this, he took in Luo Yuzhen as his last disciple. Everyone in Swordsmanship-seeking Sect knew this for a fact. 

Luo Yuzhen was now the top disciple of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and was widely regarded as the successor to the headmaster in a hundred years… 

If the word got out that Lin Fei had obtained a magical artifact in the Dark Ice Cave, he might become the second Luo Yuzhen. Then, as the outer gate disciple who sent him to die in the underground river, Junior Brother Su would be crushed under Lin Fei like an ant. 

There was too much injustice in this world… 

Since he joined Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, it had taken him many years to become an outer gate disciple. However, since he could not build his foundation, he remained stuck at Dark Ice Cave. This might seem like a carefree life but he knew that it was nothing compared to the Senior Brothers who could soar through the skies freely on their swords. 

He gave Lin Fei a second glance… 

Lin Fei was only a few years younger than him but now that he possessed a Hidden Talisman magical artifact, once he left the Dark Ice Cave, his future would be bright. It did not matter that he was from Alioth Peak; if an elder was willing to take him in, the headmaster might even be tempted to take another disciple. 

If only I were the owner of this magical artifact… 

Oh yes, if only it were me! 

An idea suddenly formed in his mind. 

That’s right, even if Lin Fei possessed this Hidden Talisman magical artifact, he was still stuck here in the Dark Ice Cave. If he could think of a way to steal this magical artifact from Lin Fei undetected, he might even become the second Luo Yuzhen in a few years! 

“Lin Fei, how could you?” Finally, Junior Brother Su clenched his jaw as he came to a decision. His face grave as he said, “How dare you set a monster on your fellow disciple?”

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