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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 7 Underground River

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Chapter 7 Underground River

Hundreds of miles east of Alioth Peak lay a nefarious and dark icy leyline. It was said to be located directly underneath the Nine Serenities and the dark ice evil qi that seeped out from the cracks on the ground transformed the surrounding area for dozens of miles into an icy and snowy world. It later became known as one of the three main prisons of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and was used to punish the disciples who flouted the sect rules. 

Song Tianxing carried the Elder’s talisman and together with Lin Fei, they traveled past the snow land before finally arriving at an underground palace which was located thousands of feet below surface level. 

It was extremely cold within the underground palace and thick layers of ice covered the stone walls. The area all around was covered with snow and ice with no end in sight. As the wind blew, bitterly cold air cut through the faces like knives. Although Song Tianxing was protected by his elder’s talisman, he could not help but cup his hands together to breathe hot air to warm himself as he walked along this icy world. 

“JUnior Brother Lin, we’ve arrived. Isn’t the scenery great?” 

Song Tianxing’s hands might have been frozen stiff but he was nonetheless in a rather jovial mood. 

After having been with Heavenly Punishment Peak for more than ten years, all the offenders he had sent to this place had basically walked out crying. 

“Greetings, Senior Brother Song.” As the duo entered the underground palace, they were greeted by several disciples standing guard. They all looked to be around 20 years of age and their leader clearly recognized Song Tianxing. That disciple had shot Song Tianxing a fawning smile when he spotted them. 

This wasn’t surprising either… 

A large majority of those who were assigned to guard the Dark Ice Cave were outer gate disciples who had been with the sect for around two years. When the time came to strengthen their foundation, their master had taken a look around Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and found the Dark Ice Cave a suitable location. Therefore, he had assigned these disciples to the Dark Ice Cave. Naturally, these disciples would rarely have the chance to encounter a Heavenly Punishment Peak disciple such as Song Tianxing who had been conferred with real authority. 

“Junior Brother Su.” Song Tianxing nodded. He vaguely recognized Junior Brother Su as the leader of this batch of disciples who had been assigned to guard the Dark Ice Cave. Apparently, he had joined Swordsmanship-seeking Sect ten years ago and had been assigned to the Dark Ice Cave eight years ago to strengthen his foundation. Unfortunately, he had not managed to successfully strengthen his foundation and as a result, he had never left his position at Dark Ice Cave. Song Tianxing guessed that his master might have even forgotten that such a disciple existed. 

Although Junior Brother was unsuccessful in his cultivation, he excelled in observing others. He had received Song Tianxing warmly each time he arrived at the Dark Ice Cave and completed the tasks which had been assigned to him without fail. Song Tianxing was more than happy to hand Lin Fei over to him… 

“This is Junior Brother Lin from Alioth Peak. The headmaster had personally ordered for him to be sent here after he beat the young Celestial Master from Celestial Master mansion up. Please take care of Junior Brother Su.” 

“Yes, yes. Don’t you worry, Senior Brother Song.” Junior Brother Su nodded as he bowed in acknowledgment. 

“Alright, Junior Brother Lin, I’ll be making a move first. I’ll visit you in a few days if I find the time to do so.” 

After Song Tianxing left, the other disciples guarding the Dark Ice Cave also departed. Only Lin Fei and Junior Brother Su remained in that area. 

“So you are Senior Brother Lin…” The deference and servile flattery Junior Brother Su had displayed in front of Song Tianxing was now replaced with scorn and derision. “As a disciple of the inner gate, you might not be familiar with the rules here, so let me tell you, the first rule is that you are not allowed to escape. As an inner gate disciple, I’m sure you know that escaping from the Ice and Fire Caves would warrant severe punishment…” 

“Furthermore, since you are currently still waiting to be sentenced, during your time at Dark Ice Cave, you would have to take care of your own meals here. I’ll assign a few tasks to you in a moment. If you are unable to complete them, you would probably have to go hungry. Do you understand?” 

“Oh?” Lin Fei was not surprised at Junior Brother Su’s attitude at all. He smiled and asked, “What kind of tasks would I be assigned to?” 

“Don’t worry. As an inner gate disciple, I will spare you from the tough labor of mining or shoveling… ” Junior Brother Su clearly understood what Song Tianxing had meant earlier by ‘taking good care’ of Lin Fei. He thought for a moment and said, “How about this? Recently, we have received reports of monsters appearing in the underground river. We were unable to defeat them so I thought that Junior Brother Lin would be a suitable candidate to guard the underground river. All you have to do is to kill ten monsters a day and you may exchange these monsters for food. What do you think?” 

“Sure.” Lin Fei agreed immediately. Since Junior Brother Su sought to earn Song Tianxing’s favor, he knew that he would not have it easy here at Dark Ice Cave. Even if he rejected the task of guarding the underground river, Junior Brother Su would then come up with other ways to make him suffer. It was easier to accept this task. After all, he had visited this underground river many times in his past life… 

“Alright, since you have no objections, this shall be your task. All you have to do is to produce ten monster claws every day and you would be able to exchange them for food. I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll leave you here.” 


After Lin Fei watched him go, he finally sat down and dug out the defective magical glazed lamp from his pocket and said, “Thank goodness I snatched this from my master. I’d better think of a way to repair it and then I’d be able to face the monsters in the underground river.” 

Lin Fei was an ordinary mortal in his past life and the risk he undertook in tricking the Emperor of the Black Abyss was not something an average person could fathom. He had been pursued to the point where he had nowhere left to hide and managed to evade his captors by escaping to Dark Ice Cave. Therefore, Lin Fei was familiar with the underground river. 

The nefariousness of the Dark Ice stemmed from its connection to the Nine Serenities and Yellow Springs. It was extremely cold and dark and seeped through the cracks to form the snowy land which was the Dark Ice Cave. Furthermore, a trace of death qi from the Yellow Springs had also seeped out and after fusing with the Dark Ice, it ultimately formed a cold and filthy underground river. Many monsters sprung forth from the underground river and if not for the fact that these monsters were all born with defects, which made the chances of the underground river birthing a Monster King extremely low, these creatures would have caused unimaginable chaos. 

Nonetheless, despite the fact that there were no Monster Kings, the monsters which lived within the underground river were extremely terrifying. When they appeared in packs, those who were only at Peak Foundation Realm were not its match at all… 

By assigning this task to Lin Fei, Junior Brother Su was not expecting him to accomplish it at all. His motive was for Lin Fei to go hungry which would then please Song Tianxing the next time he visited. 

Unfortunately, Junior Brother Su was not aware that Lin Fei possessed a defective magical lamp. Neither was he aware that after the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect was annihilated in Lin Fei’s past life, Lin Fei had spent an inordinate amount of time researching weapon refinery. Thus, the depth of knowledge Lin Fei possessed would be beyond the comprehension of someone such as Junior Brother Su. How else could Lin Fei have perished alongside the King of the Black Abyss since he was just a mere mortal? 

When that old Taoist priest brought out this magical item, Lin Fei could tell that this item was defective purely because of the old Taoist priest skills. The materials used were not defective at all, so a good refiner would be able to extract these materials and recreate a magical artifact which was at least of Hidden Talisman Class. 

Hidden Talisman Class weapons would have the combat strength equivalent to that of an Essence Cultivating Realm cultivator. If Lin Fei possessed such a weapon, he was sure that he would have a 50% chance of crushing the monsters in the underground river. 

As for the other 50%… 

“I’ll have to make use of the death qi from the Yellow Springs found in the river…” Lin Fei picked up the sword on the table and left the hut to re-enter the icy underground palace. 

This place truly lived up to its name as one of the three large prisons of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. This place was cold to the bone which even made breathing difficult. Lin Fei had to activate his vital spirit to resist the mind-numbing chill. Since the underground river was located hundreds of feet under the underground palace, Lin Fei spent more than two hours before he tunneled out from a narrow crevice in the stone wall and found himself in front of a roaring river. 

“After so many years, this stupid place is still as cold as ever…” Lin Fei complained as he activated his weak vital spirit again. He did not have a choice as he was now within the vicinity of the underground river, which meant that the chill here contained traces of Yellow Spring death qi. As though the chill was not enough, the air here even contained a high level of toxicity. If he did not activate his vital spirit to protect himself, he would be killed instantaneously. 


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