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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 6 Glazed Lamp

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Chapter 6 Glazed Lamp

“Just…just you wait!” A few Alioth Peak disciples warned him harshly, then hastened after the young Celestial Master who rolled down the mountain path. 

Lin Fei smiled. “You’ll probably have to head into the Dark Ice Cave by then…” he thought to himself. 

While these thoughts were running through Lin Fei’s mind, the gate to the yard located in the middle of Alioth Peak finally opened. 

A Taoist priest of about 70 years of age, clad in a grey robe walked out of the gate. His robe was filthy and no one knew when was the last time it had been washed. He held a defective magical glazed lamp in his hands. One look at it and it was obvious that this was the result of the research he pulled an all-nighter for. 

After he came over, that old Taoist priest did not enquire after the young Celestial Master but instead asked Lin Fei awkwardly asked, “Uh, do you have three or five Spiritual Stones to lend your master? I’ll pay you back in a few days…” 


Lin Fei almost spat out a mouthful of saliva and after standing in a daze for a few seconds, he finally carefully replied, “Master, I’m not sure if you remember but you had asked for my last Spiritual Stones just last afternoon…” 

“Is that so?” Obviously, this had slipped the old Taoist priest’s mind, but he only paused for a moment before changing the topic. After all, he was already an expert at this. “I am aware of the events earlier. You were not wrong but the Celestial Master mansion is very powerful, so if they do come after you, I might not be able to save you. Shall I send you away from the peak to lie low for the moment?” 

“Ah?” Lin Fei was confused. Damn, old man, did you pick up the wrong script by accident? How could your attitude change so quickly? 

Anyone else would be more than willing to lie low. After all, it was only a matter of time before the group from Celestial Master mansion departed. Once they left, this whole matter would die down. Why would the sect punish their own? This would be much too inhumane… 

The problem was that this was not what Lin Fei wanted… 

He had stood up for someone in the middle of the night and even kicked the young Celestial Master off the peak only be sent off the peak to lie low? What a joke… 

“What’s the matter? Are you not willing to go?” After the old Taoist priest did not receive a reply, he assumed that his disciple felt aggrieved. “You don’t really have a choice. I’m not powerful enough to save you if those from Celestial Master mansion come after you…” 

“No, no…” Lin Fei thought that this old Taoist priest was veering further and further away from his initial plan and was afraid that that man would suddenly declare that he would protect him in a fit of righteous anger. Then, all his efforts would have come to naught. He quickly interrupted the old Taoist priest, “Master, this was not my intention. I’m afraid that if I leave the peak in an effort to lie low, the Celestial Master mansion would constantly be hounding Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. If the sect ends up deducting your Spiritual Stones for the month because of this…” 

“Ah…” A look of pain flashed across the Taoist priest’s face after Lin Fei’s reminder. He stood in silence for a long while as though he was contemplating whether he should save his disciple or his spiritual stones… 

“Furthermore, Master…” Lin Fei quickly added when he noticed that his master was wavering, “Once I leave the peak, it would be some time before I return. If you require Spiritual Stones in the future…” 

“You’re right…” The old Taoist priest nodded his head repeatedly, in full agreement with his words. “As I approach the critical moment of my research into a Great Way of weapon refinery, I do realize that the Spiritual Stones I have on hand are often inadequate. I do require more of that but have you really thought this through? Celestial Master Zhang loves his son dearly and the headmaster will definitely not protect you in order to appease him, so you will probably end up suffering…” 

“This isn’t the first time you’ve run out Spiritual Stones, why did you have to couch it in such a polite manner…” Lin Fei thought. 

Of course, he did not show his disdain in his response, “Why don’t you send me to the Dark Ice Cave for a few days? After those from Celestial Master mansion have left, the headmaster would be able to let me out of the cave. I could also use this time to quietly meditate on the 10,000 Sword Skill…” 

“Alright, in that case, I have nothing further to add. Go pack your belongings and I’ll send for someone from Heavenly Punishment Peak to come and get you.” The old Taoist priest said. He shot Lin Fei a glance and continued, “However, since you’re about to head to the Dark Ice Cave, it would probably be dangerous for you to be carrying your valuables with you. Why don’t you hand them over to me for safekeeping?” 

“…” Lin Fei rolled his eyes. “Master, the clothes I’m wearing is worth a few coins. Do you want them too?” 

“Alright, alright…” The old man hesitated for some time but ultimately, his conscience got the better of him and he decided not to strip his disciple of his clothing. He shook his head regretfully and raised his hand to release a ray of sword radiance that shot toward Heavenly Punishment Peak… 

Not long after, someone from Heavenly Punishment Peak arrived. It was none other than Lin Fei’s enemy, Song Tianxing. 

Song Tianxing’s eyes were as red as a rabbit, probably due to the fact that he had spent hours poring through the books in Hidden Sword Tower in hopes of exposing Lin Fei’s lie. When he saw Lin Fei, his eyes were already so red that they could not turn any redder even at the sight of his enemy… 

“Hello, Senior Bother Song. What a coincidence.” Lin Fei greeted him with a smile. 

Song Tianxing was enraged by Lin Fei’s smile. Damn it; he should have known that everyone from Alioth Peak was a bad apple from the way their master behaved. How could he have fallen for the lie that the Yangwu Sword could overcome his Ghost Spirit Slash? He had stupidly spent an entire afternoon in the Hidden Sword Tower poring through the Yangwu Sword manual until his eyes were red and as a result? Where did it say that the Yangwu Sword could overcome his Ghost Spirit Slash? 

As fresh animosity piled onto their old grudges, Song Tianxing gnashed his teeth in anger. 

“Haha, yes, Junior Brother Lin, what a coincidence…” Song Tianxing felt that karma truly existed in this universe just by looking at the bastard in front of him. This punk had humiliated him earlier this afternoon at the Hidden Sword Tower but now he was in the hands of Heavenly Punishment Peak after attacking the young Celestial Master. According to the headmaster, he was to be shut in the Dark Ice Cave while awaiting his punishment… 

Let’s see how arrogant you can be after that! 

Song Tianxing had already formulated a plan. After he returned, he would volunteer to guard the Dark Ice Cave and then, he would beat this bastard at least three times a day and would not stop until he cried… 

That’s right! This was what he would do! 

Song Tianxing could not wait to put his plan into action. He hurriedly bid the old Taoist priest goodbye and started to urge Lin Fei to hurry up. “Junior Brother Lin, go pack your belongings. Shall we leave soon?” 

He deliberately emphasized the word ‘leave,’ hoping to scare this bastard… 

He didn’t expect that Lin Fei would be more anxious than he was! 

“It’s okay. There is nothing much to pack anyway. Let’s go!” 

“Ah?” Song Tianxing was unable to figure out what was wrong with Lin Fei. He had been with Heavenly Punishment Peak for ten years but had never seen a disciple who had made a mistake to be so anxious to leave. He almost blurted out a warning, “Hey, you’re going to the Dark Ice Cave as part of your punishment. This is not an excursion, so do you understand the gravity of the situation?”   

“Oh, right…” Lin Fei was already halfway out when he suddenly remembered something. He quickly turned back and looked at the defective magical glazed lamp in the hands of the old Taoist priest. “Master, I’m sure you no longer have a use for this, right? Why don’t you give it to me as a souvenir?” 

He did not even wait for his master’s response before he took it and left.

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