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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 5 Man of My Word

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Chapter 5 Man of My Word

This was how the genius who was born with a Moonlight True Body and had started a war amongst the elders in a bid to win her discipleship, ended up in Alioth Peak. Not long after she joined, her rabid fans bestowed her with the title of ‘Fairy of Alioth Peak.’ 

Coincidentally, her yard happened to be next to Lin Fei’s, so he had seen people coming to pester her on several occasions. Her admirers were all Swordsmanship-seeking Sect’s rising stars and there were even several true disciples, but they were all coldly rejected. He was surprised to see that she had now even attracted the attention of the young Celestial Master. She must be extremely charming… 

This young Celestial Master must have had a few drinks for he was currently standing outside her gate shouting, “Junior Sister Qiu, I’m the young master of Celestial Master Mansion. Would you like to have a few drinks with me?” 

“Senior Brother Zhang, you’re drunk…” Several disciples of Alioth Peak tried to stop him when they saw that he was getting out of hand. 

“I’m not drunk!” As the young master of Celestial Master mansion, Zhang Zhengchang had lived life without ever facing rejection. His eyes bulged as he pointed at the Alioth Peak disciples, “All of you, get Junior Sister Qiu out of her yard to share a few drinks with me!” 

“You’ve had a bit too much to drink, Senior Brother Zhang. Shall we send you back to rest?” 

“Who needs rest? I want Junior Sister Qiu to drink with me. You….the rest of you; bring some wine over!” 

The commotion outside Qiu Yuehua’s yard dragged on for some time and Lin Fei yawned as he watched the ruckus outside. He thought something had happened but it was the rich dandy from the Celestial Master mansion creating a scene after having too much to drink. 

“He had interrupted my sleep…” Lin Fei’s lip curled and he decided to continue to sleep. 

As for rescuing the damsel in distress… 

What a joke. She was a genius with an innate Moonlight True Body, why would she need rescuing? 

She would be able to teach him a lesson anytime… 

Just as he was halfway back to his room, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. 

Damn. Why am I in such a hurry to go back? Wasn’t I planning to find a way to get myself to Dark Ice Cave? Now that such a great opportunity has fallen into my lap, why should I not take it?   

Lin Fei stopped and stared at the young Celestial Master in the distance. “Today is just not your day…” 

“Who is disturbing my sleep?” 

The moment Lin Fei spoke, the group immediately looked over. When they saw that it was Lin Fei, several tipsy disciples of Alioth Peak tried to stop him. “Senior Brother Lin, why have you not gone to bed at this hour? The person over there is Senior Brother Zhang. You have probably heard of him, right?” 

This disciple had spoken rather diplomatically but the underlying threat was clear. In simple terms, he meant, the person is over there is the young master of Celestial Master mansion who has been responsible for all the recent unrest at Swordsmanship-seeking Sect but no one, even the true disciples, dared to take him to task. If you know your place, you should head back into sleep and not find trouble for yourself… 

Unfortunately, he did not know what Lin Fei was here to create trouble for himself. Before that disciple had even completed his sentence, Lin Fei had already strode over and stood in front of the yard. He looked appraisingly at this young master of the Celestial Master mansion and said, “You’re Senior Brother Zhang, right? It’s a little too late for you to be causing such a ruckus here at Alioth Peak, don’t you agree?” 

“Who the hell are you?” Zhang Zhengchang had already been humiliated once by Qiu Yuehua, so when he saw that yet another oblivious fool had come asking for trouble, he was incensed. ‘Look here. In case you didn’t know, I am the young master of the Celestial Master mansion and no one across the entire Swordsmanship-seeking Sect has dared to oppose me; so why can’t I visit your Alioth Peak? Let me tell you; I am here to invite Junior Sister Qiu to have a drink with me so if you have nothing to do with this, get lost before I lose my temper!” 

He did not expect Lin Fei to be even more arrogant than he was! 

“I don’t care who you are. Alioth Peak has its own roles. If you continue being so unruly here, I’ll kick you off the peak!” 

“Damn!” Zhang Zhengchang suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air. After twenty-odd years as a rich dandy, this was the first time he encountered someone even more arrogant than he was. Incensed, he raised his hand to slap Lin Fei, “Try kicking me off the peak if you have the guts to do so!” 

Zhang Zhengchang did not use his vital spirit for this slap. In fact, the thought of exchanging blows with Lin Fei did not even cross his mind. He would usually leave such tasks to his cronies since for a man of his status; he could easily focus on being a pretty boy. He only meant to humiliate Lin Fei with this blow… 

Then, he saw a look of glee flash past Lin Fei’s eyes… 

Wait, glee? 


Zhang Zhengchong wondered if this man truly was a fool… 

Before he had even made sense of it all, he felt a sudden, sharp pain on his face and he was then sent flying. He only came back to his senses after he was airborne. Goddamnit, someone had kicked me in the face. Not only that, he sent me flying with that kick. 


There was a muffled sound and silence fell across the entire Alioth Peak. 

Everyone stared at Lin Fei in astonishment, including the young master of the Celestial Master mansion. He could not believe what just happened to him. 

“I can’t believe someone would actually ask me to kick him off the peak…” A while later, Lin Fei’s voice finally shattered the silence. He flicked the dirt off his shoes and slowly walked toward Zhang Zhengchang. 

“How dare you kick me!” The young Celestial Master was enraged and he glared at Lin Fei. “Do you not know who I am? I am the young master of the Celestial Master mansion and my father is Zhang Ziran. I will make you pay one day; you will experience something a hundred times, even a thousand times worse than what you have done today.” 

“Okay, now I’m scared.” Lin Fei said even as he drew closer to Zhang Zhengchang. 

As he drew closer to the young Celestial Master, the young Celestial Master could not help but shrink back when he saw Lin Fei’s nonchalant expression. 

“What….what…what are you trying to do?’ 

“Nothing, I’m just kicking you off the peak.” 



A second dull smack could be heard in response to the young master’s question. 

He was sent flying again… 

“Didn’t I tell you earlier? I said that I would kick you off the peak if you continued to be so unruly here. I’m a man of my word…” 

“…” The young Celestial Master was speechless from rage. This man must be insane. How could such an insane person exist here in Swordsmanship-seeking Sect? Did this man not know that my father will come after Swordsmanship-seeking Sect if he attacks me? Does he not fearful of the fact that his sect would be punished? No, I am an important person and will one day inherit the Celestial Master mansion. I can’t be killed by this crazy man. It doesn’t matter if he does but I die, there would be no successor left to the Celestial Master mansion!       

No, I have to give in to him! 

“Wait, wait, Lin…Senior Brother Lin, right? Let’s have a civil discussion; there’s no need…ah!” The young Celestial Master had not thought that there was a need for violence but before he could complete his sentence, Lin Fei kicked him for the third time and he was sent flying yet again. After he landed heavily on the ground, he finally stuttered out the second part of his earlier sentence, “Don’t….don’t kick my face.” 

“Senior Brother Lin, Senior Brother Lin…” The astonished Alioth Peak disciples finally reacted. “Senior Brother Lin, there’s no need for violence. Let’s talk this out…” 

“Oh?” Lin Fei stopped for a moment. 

“Senior Brother Lin, we are all young men. There’s no need to use violence in a fit of anger; why don’t we all sit down and talk this out. Let’s all be friends. I’m sure what Senior Brother Zhang would not be too angered by what has just happened…” The disciple who blurted out those words was probably so nervous that he was babbling nonsense. 

“Is Senior Brother Zhang such a magnanimous person?” 

“Yes, yes. Senior Brother Zhang has always been magnanimous and would definitely be angered over such a small matter. Senior Brother Lin, shall we let this matter go now?” This disciple added nervously as though he didn’t truly believe what he was saying. He took another breath and continued, “You’re the pride of our master and have a bright future ahead. There’s no need to step on the toes of the Celestial Mansion in a fit of anger. Celestial Master Zhang has been a guest of our sect the past few days, so what if you get into trouble or receive a scolding from the headmaster? Why don’t you take a piece of advice from your Junior Brother, don’t give up on your bright future in your moment of anger..” 

“You’re right..” Lin Fei said as he looked admiringly at his Junior Brother. This person must have been really imaginative to string ‘disciple of Alioth Peak’ and ‘bright future’ in the same sentence. 

“Senior Brother Lin, I’m glad you agree…” That disciple of Alioth Peak let out a sigh of relief at Lin Fei’s words. “It was so difficult trying to reason with an insane person,” he thought to himself. 

Before he even finished thinking to himself… 


There was yet another dull thud and this time, the young Celestial Master was sent flying for dozens of meters. This time, he landed on the mountain path and screamed out in pain as he rolled down the mountain. 

“Damn!” Those Alioth Peak disciples gasped and they looked at Lin Fei as though he had lost his mind. The disciple who had been trying to persuade Lin Fei to back off looked like he was about to cry. Trembling, he pointed at Lin Fei and said, “How…how could you do that? The Celestial Master mansion would not let you off!” 

“I feel that I should be a man of my word…” Lin Fei’s lips curled. He could not be bothered with this so-called Celestial Master mansion for he had sensed that there was an almost undetectable wave of vital spirit coming from the central yard of Alioth Peak… 

His lousy master was about to make an appearance…

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