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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 4 Young Celestial Master

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Chapter 4 Young Celestial Master

It sounded pretty good… 

On second thought, it was easy to see where the problem lay. Sword skills could not be cultivated in a matter of days. It would take a few months to even gain proficiency of a beginner-level technique such as the Yangwu Sword. 

Since it would take this long to cultivate the Yangwu Sword, it would take years and even decades to master more complex and profound sword skills. Regardless of a cultivator’s lifespan, one could not waste it all on the cultivation of sword skills. 

Therefore, the majority of those who chose to tread this path would find that they would improve extremely quickly during the initial stage and would advance to the next stage every one to two years. Whenever they battled with others, they could use a multitude of techniques and defeat their opponent once their opponent let down their guard. However, as they progressed, the number of techniques and the level of complexity of the various techniques would increase which would result in their next breakthrough taking years to come. At this stage, they would find that their peers would have surpassed them one by one. This was a feeling that only one that had been lived through the same experience could empathize with. 

“His 10,000 sword skill is a little troublesome but now that he has built a solid foundation, it is too late to change…” Lin Fei’s head hurt at the thought of the number of swordsmanship techniques he would need to cultivate. What should he do? Should he abandon everything and start all over again? That would be a little risky since he would risk whatever foundations that had already been laid out which might land him in the same situation as his past life, unable to break past the Qi-cultivation realm for life. 

Oh yes, in his past life… 

Lin Fei’s eyes lit up as he suddenly remembered that he had left something at the Dark Ice Cave. If that item still existed, his issue with cultivating the myriad of swordsmanship techniques required by the 10,000 swordsmanship technique could be easily solved. He could even have the ability to completely transform the 10,000 sword skill… 

However, heading into Dark Ice Cave to retrieve that item would be dangerous… 

Even if the path ahead would be treacherous, Lin Fei ultimately decided to take the risk after some thought. He did not have much of choice now that his predecessor had left such a mess for him to clean up after. 

“I wonder if my lousy master is still awake..” Lin Fei took a quick look outside and saw that the yard nearby was brightly lit. It seemed as though his lousy master hadn’t changed and was still researching the way of refining weapons late into the night… 

How very studious of him… 

Lin Fei’s face broke into a wry smile at the thought of his lousy master. 

He really seemed to have run into a spate of bad luck.. 

Wasn’t it bad enough that his previous master had banished him to Hidden Sword Tower overnight? He didn’t expect that he would encounter an even lousier one in this life! 

There was a joke that circulated around Swordsmanship-seeking Sect with his lousy master at the center of it all.. 

Once upon a time, the headmaster had chanced across a bottle and when he had opened it, a fiendgod appeared. The fiendgod had recognized the headmaster as its benefactor and offered to grant him a wish. The headmaster was elated and gave the fiendgod a name list which contained all the enemies of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. He asked the fiendgod to eradicate those names mentioned but after looking at the list, the fiendgod finally responded that this task was too difficult and asked for the headmaster to change his wish. 

The headmaster had thought for a moment and ultimately agreed that his earlier wish would have been too tough for the fiendgod to accomplish. Therefore, his next request was to ask the fiendgod to find a way for Divine Luo Empyrean to stop immersing themselves in refining weapons and focus more on training their disciples… 

The fiendgod had scratched his head and then asked for the name list… 

This was just a joke but Lin Fei’s master was truly something else… 

Despite his status as the elder of Alioth Peak, he had emptied whatever his master had bequeathed him and accumulated a lot of debt outside. As a result, none of Alioth Peak’s disciples dared to leave the peak for fear of running into one of his creditors. 

Strangely, he was always the most enthusiastic each time it came to the disciple selection process every three years and would end up taking in many disciples. 

He did that not because he wanted to impart his knowledge to more people but because the sect would naturally allocate more resources to the elder who took in a larger number of disciples. He could then easily take some of it for himself. 

In any case, his predecessor had been a victim of his master’s misappropriation of resources. He had to buy his own elixirs and mine his own spiritual stones. Lin Fei suddenly realized what his predecessor had chosen to cultivate the 10,000 swordsmanship technique as his foundational technique. He must have been too poor to choose and thus could only select something that was unpopular. 

His predecessor had led such a tragic life… 

“I’d better find a way to instigate my lousy teacher to send me to Dark Ice Cave. If I continue staying here, I’m afraid he might try to sell me one day…” 

While Lin Fei was in deep in thought, he heard a sudden commotion outside. 

“Why are there visitors this late?” Lin Fei was a little surprised. Except the creditors, most people would not be willing to visit Alioth Peak since this was a place publicly acknowledged within Swordsmanship-seeking Sect as having bad fengshui. No one wanted to visit for fear of ending up with bad luck. 

What could be going on now… 

It seemed as though there were more than two people from the ruckus they created. 

Lin Fei opened his doors and stepped into his yard. 

He saw that there were roughly five to six people gathered outside his neighbor’s yard and of which, four to five were Alioth Peak’s disciples. He did not really recognize the remaining person and when he heard the rest address that person was ‘Senior Brother Zhang,’ he assumed that that person was a disciple of one of Alioth Peak’s elders. 

As he drew closer, Lin Fei finally recognized him… 

Wasn’t this man Zhang Zhengchang? 

He was the only son of Celestial Master Zhang and the young master of the Celestial Master mansion. He, together with Celestial Master Zhang were visitors of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect these few days and no one had anything good to say about this person. He had caused trouble everywhere he went and no one dared to discipline him for fear of getting into Celestial Master Zhang’s bad books. Everyone at Swordsmanship-seeking Sect could not wait for this troublemaker to leave… 

This troublemaker had now set his eyes on Lin Fei’s poor neighbor, the cold yet wildly popular Fairy of Alioth Peak! 

The Fairy of Alioth Peak was rather famous around Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. Several elders had exchanged blows with each other while fighting for her to acknowledge them as her master. Born with a Moonlight True Body, Swordsmanship-seeking Sect had not encountered a genius like her for centuries and thus, all the elders longed for her to be their disciple. 

During that period, several elders had tried all means to obtain her favor, including offering up favors and exploiting connections. Ultimately, in an attempt to break the deadlock, they had finally approached the headmaster. 

The headmaster did not appoint any one of them as her master but had instead sent her to Alioth Peak. These elders all wanted to walk out. After all, everyone knew what kind of place Alioth Peak was. How could they send a genius such as this maiden to Alioth Peak? Wouldn’t this be the ruin of her? It was like sticking a lovely flower on a heap of cow-dung. Not just any cow-dung, but an extremely poor cow-dung. 

Finally, the headmaster had only uttered one sentence. 

“The Gathering of True Disciples would be held this year…” 

These elders stopped kicking up a fuss since there was truth to his words. Qiu Yuehua, with her innate Moonlight True Body would definitely rank amongst the true disciples. After three years of mourning, she would be free from the clutches of Alioth Peak. Then, this would be their chance. 

There was no need for them to get so worked up about it now…

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