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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 2 Yangwu Sword

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Chapter 2 Yangwu Sword

“How dare you still try to wriggle your way out of this?” 

“Oh, Senior Brother Song, as a disciple of Heavenly Punishment Peak, you should know that you would need evidence before making any accusation. Since you have accused me of peeking at the swordsmanship manual of ‘Ghost Spirit Slash’, may I ask if you have actually witnessed me doing so?” 

“You were clearly holding the swordsmanship manual in your hand when I entered!” 

“Oh…” Lin Fei said as though everything made perfect sense. “So do you mean that if I held the swordsmanship manual in my hand, I must have snuck a look at it? Therefore, since I carried my master’s command token last month when I went to Yue Continent, I must have been coveting the position of Elder of Alioth Peak?” 

“Excuses, these are all excuses!” 

“In actual fact, I had successfully completed seven sect missions last month and as a result, I have contributed enough to earn a chance to select any swordsmanship technique within this tower to cultivate with the exception of the Three Slashes and Five Wonders. Therefore, I did not sneak in here as you said. Senior Brother Song, you have made a mistake. As for why I held the Ghost Spirit Slash manual in my hands, I accidentally knocked it off its shelf when I walked past and had only just picked it up. Do you mean to say that you have never bumped into anything by accident?” 

“You…” Song Tianxing found that he was left completely speechless! 

“Furthermore, it is not that difficult to overcome your Ghost Spirit Slash….” 

“What?” Song Tianxing thought he was hearing things. 

“Why, do you not believe me?” 

“Of course not!” 

“If you don’t believe me, we can try…” 

“Ah?” Song Tianxing was stunned. Where was this guy trying to get at? 

“Senior Brother Song, weren’t you saying that I had snuck into Hidden Sword Tower to find a way to overcome the Ghost Spirit Slash? So, if I manage to overcome your Ghost Spirit Slash with my Yangwu Sword from Yuheng Peak, would that be proof of my innocence?” 

“Yangwu Sword?” 

Wasn’t that the beginner level sword skill of Alioth Peak? 

Song Tianxing suddenly thought that he was hearing things. 

After some thought, he decided that he was not hearing things after all.. 

The only thought left in his head was, this punk had to be kidding! 

Song Tianxing was not exaggerating for any other person who heard Lin Fei’s words would have had the same reaction. 

The thought of using the Yangwu Sword to overcome a ‘Three Slashes Five Wonders’ swordsmanship technique was as hilarious as saying that an ant could defeat an elephant. If someone could actually do that, then all those disciples of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect who were jostling for a place in the inner gate should just give up altogether and buy themselves a Yangwu Sword! 

“You….Did you hit your head somewhere?” Song Tianxing immediately regretted saying those words, for it made him look weak. However, it was just too bizarre. The Lin Fei in front of him seemed like a completely different person. He looked completely inscrutable. 

“If you don’t want to, I’m going to leave…” 

“Stop!” Song Tianxing stopped trying to figure out what was wrong. He had gone through so much trouble to catch Lin Fei in the act. If he gave up this chance to send Lin Fei to face the wall in reflection, wouldn’t it be a complete waste of his efforts? 

I don’t care whether your brain has been damaged, there is absolutely no way of your Yangwu Sword having the ability to overcome my Ghost Spirit Slash. All I want is for you to be defeated in one move, just like the previous time. Even if you have something up your sleeve it is too late for that now. Song Tianxing thought to himself. Nonetheless, he was still worried, so he tacked on one more sentence. 

“You can’t go around saying that I have bullied you.” 

“Of course not.” Lin Fei was now impatient to begin. He drew his sword and pointed it downwards, then nodded at Song Tianxing. “Give it your best shot.” 

“You arrogant prick!” Pointing one’s sword downward was the stance a senior took when training a junior disciple. Didn’t that mean Lin Fei did not take him seriously? 

There was a sudden flash of sword radiance in the dimly lit Hidden Sword Attic. 

This was one of the 13 moves of the Ghost Spirit Slash – Yama Slash! 

Song Tianxing had used the same move to defeat Lin Fei in one move shortly after cultivating it. However, this time around it was more powerful than the last, its sword radiance was just like shining silk with a tinge of blood. This was the sign of the essence of the Ghost Spirit Slash… 

Truth be told, Song Tianxing himself was very pleased with his swordsmanship this time. He was only truly adept at three moves of the 13 moves of the Ghost Spirit Slash, including the Yama Slash. However, when his condition was good, he could only produce a slash like that 30% of the time. 

The moment he produced this move, he knew victory was his. 

Lin Fei did not even activate his vital spirit and casually slashed out with his sword… 

To Song Tianxing, Lin Fei looked like he was courting death. Even senior brothers of Essence Cultivating Realm might not be able to directly block this blood Yama Slash, let alone someone like this punk. He must truly not fear death to act in such a careless manner. 

Song Tianxing was not even sure if he should continue to attack. After all, this was Hidden Sword Tower and although he was the disciple on guard, it would not look good on him if he killed someone… 

He thought for a moment and ultimately decided to not withdraw his attack. Why should he withdraw his attack, when this punk was so irritating? He would make full use of this opportunity to teach this punk a lesson and put him in his place once and for all. At the very least, he would make a concession by not activating his vital essence. This punk should be able to escape with his life, right? 

If this punk got injured…Well, it was a common occurrence during friendly battles amongst peers.. 

Wait, what was that? 

As all sorts of thoughts raced through Song Tianxing’s head, he suddenly noticed that his sword radiance had started to scatter. In that instant, Song Tianxing thought he was seeing things. 

What was going on? 

Then, Song Tianxing finally saw that a sword radiance had appeared out of nowhere and sliced into the blood Yama sword radiance. This sword radiance twisted and turned slowly but after it sliced into the blood Yama, all it needed to do was to twist slightly and the blood Yama was shattered into pieces. 

“Damn!” Song Tianxing knew that things were going south but it was now too late for him to switch to another move. He could only watch helplessly as the strange sword radiance shook gently after destroying his blood Yama, and the hand that held his sword became unsteady. There was a loud clang as his sword fell to the floor. 

Silence fell upon the Hidden Sword Tower. 

“You…you did not use the Yangwu Sword!” Song Tianxing finally blurted out after a full 15 minutes, his face flaming red. 

“Imperishable Noble Spirit, that was one of the 36 moves of the Yangwu Sword. Senior Brother Song, if you have never learned this, you may choose to take your time to read through the manual here. It is not part of the ‘Three Slashes and Five Wonders’, so even if you looked at it, no one would accuse you of secretly learning it.”Lin Fei said, then sheathed his sword and strode out of the Hidden Sword Tower. 


“Impossible, you’ve got to be kidding. Imperishable Noble Spirit, is it now? Wait till I find it, I will expose your lies…” Song Tianxing muttered bitterly as he rummaged through a pile of swordsmanship manuals, all alone in the Hidden Sword Tower. 

After Lin Fei left the Hidden Sword Tower, he soon forgot about this incident. The fact that he had used the Yangwu Sword to overcome the Ghost Spirit Slash was not even worth mentioning to him. 

During his time at Hidden Sword Tower, he had seen many genius Senior Brothers who would use the Yangwu Sword to achieve even more astonishing feats. Overcoming the Ghost Spirit Slash with it would be nothing to them. Those who were a little more brazen had even attempted using the Yangwu Sword to go against the Heavenly Tribulation. Unfortunately, they were all lost to the Black Abyss, along with Swordsmanship-seeking Sect…

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