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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 10 Nightfork Ghost

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Chapter 10 Nightfork Ghost

“Ah?” Lin Fei was someone with quick reflexes but Junior Brother Su’s sudden outburst had taken him by surprise… 

Soon, Lin Fei noticed that Junior Brother Su’s gaze was pinned on his sword and the greedy glint in his eyes was unmistakable. 

So, that’s why… 

After Lin Fei figured out the reason, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry… 

He shouldn’t have been surprised. After he had killed the Winged-Serpent in one move,  Junior Brother Su must have assumed that this sword was some kind of treasure… 

Unfortunately, he could not just tell Junior Brother Su that this was merely an ordinary sword and the only reason why he could kill the Winged-Serpent so effortlessly was because of his extraordinary sword skills… 

“I’m warning you, don’t assume that you are free to do as you like just because you possess a magical artifact. Attempted murder of a disciple on duty is a serious crime. I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself if you hand over your sword. Then, I’ll close an eye to this matter…” 

“Junior Brother Su seems to have taken a shine to my sword. If you like it that much, you can have it. I still want to eat…” Lin Fei said with a smile and tossed his sword over. “I’ll leave you with a word of warning. We are now at the lower reaches of the underground river and this place is brimming with monsters. I’ll not be able to protect you without my sword…” 

“You don’t have to concern yourself with me…” Junior Brother Su hurriedly drew the sword and held it happily in his hand. He took a closer look at it and was so pleased that he simply could not put it down. He did not take Lin Fei’s words seriously at all. Now that he possessed a Hidden Talisman magical artifact, why would he need anyone else’s protection? As long as I don’t run into monster soldiers, I’d be able to kill them all with one slash of this sword… 

“Alright, now that you have obtained my sword and I’ve accomplished my mission, shall we head back? I’ve worked the entire day and am feeling a little hungry.” 

“Yes, let’s head back…” Junior Brother Su was trembling slightly with excitement now that he had a Hidden Talisman magical artifact. He did not care whether Lin Fei had accomplished his task; he cradled the sword in his arms as though it was a precious treasure and practically floated as he walked. He even wished for monsters to appear just so that he could test how amazing this Hidden Talisman magical artifact was. 

In the end… 

Junior Brother Su’s wish was granted… 

They were just about to leave the lower reaches of the underground river when a Nightfork Ghost burst out of the river, attracted by the scent of humans. 

The Nightfork Ghost was not really a ghost and was named as such because its hideous and savage appearance resembled a malicious ghost. It had a pair of wings behind its back and held a steel fork in its hand. There was a huge fleshy growth which welled up from the top of its forehead and this made its hideous appearance even more terrifying. 

The Nightfork Ghost’s loved feasting on the human heart and liver. Furthermore, it did not like to eat it raw and so it would dig out the heart and liver of its victims, use its fork to pin them down, breathe out fires from the netherworld to cook them before slowly savoring the dish. 

Normally, Junior Brother Su would have fled without a second thought. The Nightfork Ghost resided in the lower reaches of the underground river and was a monster which was closest to shapeshifting. Thus, even Peak Cultivating Qi Realm cultivators would avoid them like the plague. The most terrifying thing about them was that their victims all died extremely tragically so no cultivator would willingly want face this monster unless absolutely necessary. 

However, things were clearly different today… 

He had a Hidden Talisman magical artifact! 

Exactly how powerful could a Hidden Talisman magical artifact be? 

Back then, Luo Yuzhen had just attained Qi Cultivation Realm and had used his Hidden Talisman magical artifact to defeat seven experts of Late Cultivating Qi Realm from Spiritual Sword Sect. He might still not be able to attain Foundation Realm but now that he had a Hidden Talisman magical artifact, why would he be afraid of a Nightfork Ghost? 

“Hm? This is a Nightfork Ghost…” Lin Fei exclaimed in surprise. “Oh, Junior Brother Su, this Nightfork Ghost is not an easy one to deal with…” 

“What do you mean?” Junior Brother Su was feeling extremely proud of himself and did not take heed of Lin Fei’s words. “Senior Brother Lin, as an inner gate disciple, how could you be so cowardly in front of a Nightfork Ghost? How is that befitting of your rank?” 

“Ah, do outer gate disciples have such a strong sense of responsibility…” 

“Alright, if Senior Brother Lin is afraid, please stand further away. I’ll walk you back after I’ve killed this Nightfork Ghost.” 

Junior Brother Su did not retreat but instead, he charged forward and slashed out with his sword. 

In that instant, a ray of sword radiance burst forth. This was the most powerful move he had learned, which the ‘Self-Sacrifice to Feed Hungry Tiger’ move from his Seventeen Path Self-Sacrifice Sword. This move emphasized that there was no room to return once the sword had been sent out. He was not sure whether he had imagined it but Junior Brother Su thought the sword radiance he produced was much stronger than usual. 

The power of this Hidden Talisman magical artifact was truly extraordinary… 

Unfortunately, the Nightfork Ghost did not agree. 


There was a sharp crack as the Nightfork Ghost’s steel fork pierced through Junior Brother Su’s sword radiance, shattering it effortlessly. Then, it sprung up strongly from the underground river whipping up huge waves in the process. It jumped dozens of meters high and raised its steel fork high as it bore down on Junior Brother Su. 

“How could it be so powerful?” Junior Brother Su turned a little pale. However, he still comforted himself, thinking that all would be well as long as he held his Hidden Talisman magical artifact. 

Therefore, he was not too flustered and merely took a step back. He then injected his vital spirit into the sword. 

As he did so, Junior Brother Su thought he glimpsed a ray of light running through the sword. That’s right; this was probably a sign that the Hidden Talisman magical artifact was about to show its power… 

Junior Brother Su grew more confident and he looked at the Nightfork Ghost with a little more arrogance. How dare a small little Nightfork Ghost dare to display such ferocity in front of me? Now that I have a Hidden Talisman magical artifact, all I have to do is to activate my vital spirit and you will be easily destroyed… 

“Die!” Junior Brother Su suddenly activated his vital spirit. 


What was happening… 

Why did this Hidden Talisman magical artifact not even react after he activated his vital spirit? 

Junior Brother Su was beginning to lose his cool. He hastily retreated while injecting even more vital spirit into the sword… 

Then, he heard a loud crack as though something had shattered. 

Unfortunately, by this time, Junior Brother Su no longer had the energy to see what had shattered for the Nightfork Ghost’s steel fork was already bearing down on him. All he could do at that moment was to hurriedly raise his sword to meet it. Then, there was a loud clang as the steel fork slammed heavily against his sword. 

This was an attack from the strongest monster amongst the monsters who had yet to shapeshift while Junior Brother Su was merely a cultivator who had not even attained Foundation Realm. How could his strength even compare? He was sent flying and flew for more than 33 meters before he landed heavily on the ground. He coughed up large mouthfuls of blood and his face was as white as a sheet. 

The scent of human blood caused the Nightfork Ghost to be even more excited. It rushed over with its steel fork and used its arm which was covered in fur and scales to rip open Junior Brother Su’s clothes… 

“Ah!” Junior Brother Su cried out. “Senior Brother Lin, help! Help!”

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