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Chronicles of the Kingdom of Heaven-Chapter 3 – Lethe Water

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Chapter 3 – Lethe Water

As he recalled the past events over the last hundreds of centuries, Lin Fei soon found himself on the first floor of Hidden Sword Tower. He did not leave immediately but expertly turned down a corridor and entered a room which was completely filled with bookshelves. 

This place was just like the one in his memory – it did not contain any swordsmanship manuals but was filled with all kinds of miscellaneous journals. 

Lin Fei took a quick look and found that he was not familiar with the books on the shelves. It was clear that after that calamity that had befallen Swordsmanship-seeking Sect many centuries before, their legacy was left in tatters. This was probably how an entry level swordsmanship technique like the Ghost Spirit Slash earlier on the third floor was now known to be part of the so-called ‘Three Slashes and Five Wonders’. 

This showed that all the expert-level swordsmanship manuals had been lost during the calamity and now all that was left was just the barely even scratched the surface of what Swordsmanship-seeking Sect had once been. 

Lin Fei grew even more curious as to the events that followed after he had died along with the King of the Black Abyss. What exactly happened to Luofu Universe, what had ended the calamity, who had continued the legacy of Swordsmanship-seeking sect….He might just be able to find the answers to his numerous questions amongst the books here. 

Lin Fei moved from one bookshelf to the next and soon selected a few books, including historical journals, travel diaries, extraordinary tales, historical romances and so on. From their brand new book covers, it was clear that these books were all rather unpopular and might not even have been touched after all these years. 

Four hours later, Lin Fei shut the last book he was reading, a travel diary. His face was a little pale since he just discovered that things were a lot worse than he imagined. Over the past thousands of centuries, many things had been destroyed and consequently, many things had changed。 

First, Luofu Universe had undergone many changes. When that travel diary had mentioned the Ice-Floe Sea, it had used the term ‘Land of the Far North’ to describe it. In actual fact, Lin Fei was sure that the Ice-Floe Sea was not the northernmost point of Luofu Universe. Past the Ice-Floe Sea was the vast plains of Eternal Night Grassland, home of the Night tribe. 

A long time ago, the Night tribe would send their best young man to train at Swordsmanship-seeking Sect every century for a period of ten years before returning to the tribe. When Lin Fei had still been at Hidden Sword Tower, he had a few nasty encounters with a young man of the Night tribe. He later heard that this person had gone on to inherit the throne and was crowned the new King of the Night tribe. 

North of the Eternal Night Grassland was a famous city – Neverwinter. Before Swordsmanship-seeking Sect had been absorbed by the Black Abyss, it received news that the Green Lotus Sword Fairy had slashed the Prince of Hell in one move. He wondered what had become of the Green Lotus Sword Fairy… 

In any case, Lin Fei clearly remembered that there was still a vast world to the north of the Ice-Floe Sea, so why had the Ice-Floe Sea become known as the land of the far north according to that travel diary? 

It was not just the Ice-Floe Sea, but according to that travel journal, almost the entire Luofu Universe had changed. According to his rough estimates, approximately two-thirds of the entire Luofu Universe had disappeared… 

What could have happened? 

Lin Fei browsed through the books on the bookshelf one at a time until he finally found something interesting on a record of gods and monsters. 

The contents of the book were not of interest since they were mostly farfetched invented tales, but there was something of note that was mentioned in the book. It mentioned that countless centuries ago, there was a battle that lasted thousands of years. Blood flowed like the river and all living organisms were destroyed and even the immortals and demons of the nine heavens and ten realms were not spared. Ultimately, the entire Luofu Universe disintegrated into many parts and the Luofu Universe Lin Fei now found himself in was just one of the many parts that once made up Luofu Universe. 

Lin Fei remained silent for a while after he read the book. 

“I wonder what is this Luofu Universe like now…” 

It was already turning dark by the time Lin Fei left the Hidden Sword Tower. He walked along the path he had walked by a thousand times before and arrived at Alioth Peak. He easily found his way to his own lodging based on his predecessor’s memory and after he closed the door to his room, he brewed himself a pot of tea and stared blankly into space… 

Everything still felt very surreal to Lin Fei. It was as if everything he had been through was already written in the stars or there was a mysterious force at work. He had time-traveled, rose again from the dead and yet still found himself a disciple of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect so many centuries later. 

“Alright, since I’m alive again, I should do all the things I did not manage to accomplish in my past life…” Lin Fei was not one to dwell too long on something. If he could not make sense of something, he would rather not dwell too long on the matter. He dismissed all his doubts and started to familiarize himself with this new body 

It was great coming back to life again… 

The body his predecessor had left him with was an ordinary one and he was only considered relatively wealthy. However, compared to his past life, at least this time, his meridians functioning normally. This meant that he would be able to cultivate and things would go smoothly if he could cultivate 

He might even be able to cultivate his ordinary body to attain true body realm. 

Back then, before his master had entered the depths of the Black Abyss, he had bequeathed the seven secret vaults of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect to him. Unfortunately, he spent the next thirty years treading on thin ice and ultimately perished alongside the King of the Black Abyss. He had spent an unimaginable amount of effort during those 30 years but had still failed to find a chance to open the seven secret vaults. 

He had not expected that what he had failed to do in his past life would now be a sudden windfall to his current self. 

Lin Fei clearly remembered that there was only a jade bottle in the third secret vault which contained lethe water. His master had obtained it from the netherworld and had paid a large price for it. 

His master had not said anything then, but Lin Fei knew that his master had wanted to use the powers of the lethe water to give him a new body and solve the defect with his meridians. Unfortunately, the reality was, the defect with his meridians was not curable at all even with the lethe water. Thereafter, his master had stored the lethe water in the third secret vault. 

The lethe water might not have been able to solve the defect in his meridians but its ability to grant the drinker with a brand new body had the power to change one’s destiny. If he drank it, it would be enough for Lin Fei to freely choose from the 18 heavenly bodies, or if he was luckier, his body might even evolve to its primitive form to transform into one of the nine primitive forms! 

“I can’t believe this kid had chosen the 10,000 Sword Skill as his foundation skill. Was he trying to kill me?” Swordsmanship-seeking Sect’s cultivation method differed from the other sects in that it placed a particular emphasis on using a sword to overcome 10,000 magic arts. Therefore, very few people within the sect cultivated anything other than swordsmanship techniques. Whenever disciples of Swordsmanship-seeking Sect battled with others, regardless of the magic arts their opponent used, they would still retaliate with a slash of their sword. 

Lin Fei’s predecessor had chosen to tread down a different path and thus selected the 10,000 Sword Skill as his foundation skill. 

This was where things got tricky. The basis of the 10,000 Sword Skill emphasized using one sword to produce 10,000 sword skills and using one sword to contain tens of thousands of sword skills. This differed vastly from the methodology of using one sword to overcome 10,000 magic arts. 

Those who chose to cultivate this skill had to cultivate all kinds of sword skills. The more sword skills one cultivated, the higher one’s level of mastery of this 10,000 Sword Skill would be. The ultimate goal was to cultivate one’s body as a cauldron to refine 10,000 swords as one being and transform into a Pure-Yang Sword Body, unleashing 10,000 kinds of skills with one sword.

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