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A Rural life in the 70s-Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“My mother gave birth prematurely… That is the car of the project that was on duty in the hospital. They helped me to bring my mother and my brother back… I have to heat the kang for my mother, so I can’t continue talking to you anymore. Please come later when you are available…”

Autumn hung a strip of red cloth over the fence door. After greeting her neighbors, she closed the door and hurried into the house.

She just took a glance at the presents given by Wu Haigang. There should be some milk powder and white sugar in the weaved bag, and wheat flour in the other bag. These things were precious in the villagers’ eyes. Once her grandmother or her youngest aunt saw them, they would take everything and leave none for her…

Since she was alone at home, she’d better hurry and find some place to hide them.

In the weaved bag, there were two bags of milk powder and two bags of brown sugar. In the other bag, there was no white flour. It was rice… Autumn weighed it and found there were over 10 kilos!

She carried the bags into the house. However, when she walked around to look at the room, she found it so empty that she could not even find a place to hide the food.

The next moment, she raised her hands—the bags were gone and her hands were empty, leaving only the two shallow marks on the back of her fingers, showing her that the milk powder, brown sugar, and rice had existed. It was not her imagination!

For a moment, she was stunned. Then she tried to reach out with her palm up, saying in her mind, ‘Milk powder!’

With a flash, a bag of milk powder appeared in her hand!

“Take it back!” The milk powder disappeared! Nice! It was very nice.

She tried once again, ‘Rice!’

Half a bag of rice fell on her palm, and it successfully dragged Autumn onto the ground. “Hey… my hands are broken!”

Right! She could try the healing skill. ‘Healing! Healing! Healing!’

Unfortunately, although she had recited it several times, the scratches on her palms were still oozing blood, burning in pain!

It turned out that she could only repair objects and it didn’t work for injured people! Fine, she could not be too greedy!

Since she had found a proper method for hiding the rice and milk powder, Autumn swung her hands and ignored the small scratches on them. She took a bowl out of the cupboard as well as half a bowl of rice to prepare the porridge. She could heat the kang while cooking the white rice porridge for her mother. It was soft and easy to digest, plus it was more nutritious than corn paste.

When she took the rice out, she heard a loud yelling at the door. “Is anyone home?”

‘It’s my grandmother’s voice!’ Autumn was terrified, subconsciously hiding the rice bag and the bowl of rice in her hand, back in her space.

Looking at her empty hands, Autumn quickly walked over to her grandmother who was coming toward the house! Her mother had not known that Summer had been taken away by her elder aunt. Otherwise, she would be more anxious… She had to be calm and comply with the quarantine after birth. She could not cry and be sad!

Walking out of the room, Autumn saw both her grandmother and her youngest aunt, Wang Aiqiao who was following behind!

She suppressed the anger in her heart and put on a smile. She said in a happy voice, “Grandma, aunt, welcome. I have good news to tell you. My mother delivered a boy.”

“Tsk, it’s perfectly normal that women give birth. It is not rare,” Wang Aiqiao said, while curling her lips in dissatisfaction.

Autumn’s grandmother patted her little daughter and said with an indifferent face. “She finally has a son. It’s not easy!”

She was mocking Song Xiulian, who had two girls first!

Autumn ignored her and added, “Grandma, my mother gave you a grandson this time. Should you bring eggs for her quarantine? I remember that you cooked two eggs for my third aunt every day, when she was doing hers!”

“Hey, are you claiming credit for her? We have no hens; how can we give you the eggs?” Wang Aiqiao said bitterly as she pushed Autumn and went straight into the house. “People say that a jeep sent you three back with a lot of good things. Where are they? Only half a bag of milk powder? Have you hidden them?”


Autumn caught up with her when the bag on the table had been opened by Wang Aiqiao. Several pieces of clothes and her brother’s diapers had been tossed to the ground. Wang Aiqiao already held the bag of milk in her hand.

Autumn screamed inside her heart. How could she forget this large bag of milk powder!

Almost at the same time, Autumn rushed up, grabbed the milk powder bag, and ran out of the house. “Aunt, this is for my little brother. You can’t take it. If you do, my brother will starve to death…”

While shouting loudly, Autumn ran outside the gate.

Their house consisted of two old shacks which used to be the cowshed of the production team. Since Autumn’s grandmother disapproved of the marriage between Song Xiulian and Wang Limin, she did not prepare a room for the two to live.

To the east were the houses of Autumn’s elder uncle and grandmother.

It was originally a six-story house. After the separation, the courtyard wall was divided into two, each with two wing rooms.

Autumn’s elder uncle’s wife, Wei Hongmei, was a plain-spoken woman who disliked her overbearing mother-in-law, but she was kind. In the previous life after Song Xiulian died, Wei Hongmei looked after Autumn for a good while, until Wang Limin returned.


Autumn’s grandfather was usually a man of few words, but he was proud. As Autumn shouted, she ran out of the house and headed to the east.

As expected, Wei Hongmei walked out of the house with a frown. While sending her youngest son Wang Chenghe to get his grandfather, she walked toward Autumn and said, “Autumn, what happened?”

“Aunt Hongmei!” Autumn gasped, reaching out to hold her arm. She grievously said with red eyes, “Aunt Hongmei, my mother gave birth prematurely…”

“Well, I just heard about it. I am going to see your mother!” Wei Hongmei said to her.

Autumn nodded and said, “Don’t worry. My mother and my brother stayed in the hospital for two days and they are better now… My youngest aunt wanted to grab my little brother’s milk powder as soon as she entered my house… I was able to buy half a bag of milk powder because the president of the hospital signed a certificate for me. It’s in short supply. Seeing as my mother has no milk, she wants to starve my brother.”


Originally, Autumn didn’t want to cry until she remembered the tragic deaths of her mother and brother in her previous life. She felt sorrow and indignation, and her tears unknowingly overflowed her eyes. She cried out loudly!

Wei Hongmei hadn’t said anything yet, before Wang Aiqiao caught up to Autumn. Autumn immediately hid behind Wei Hongmei and no longer talked about it. She was crying sadly.

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