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A Rural life in the 70s-Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Autumn thought while consciously returning to the laboratory.

The situation was critical, and the blood test type was done faster. In less than ten minutes, the blood types of five young men had been tested.

“The wounded is type A, but none of you are type A! Your blood cannot be used.”

Type A? Hearing this, Autumn opened her eyes widely.

She was very excited and took a few steps forward. She tried to calm her voice and said, “Aunt Hu, do they have type B?”

Hu Qiuju looked at Autumn surprisedly and immediately understood her meaning. She nodded and replied, “There are two!”

Autumn’s eyes were as bright as stars, and her face was full of joy. She said, “Then they can take my blood. My type is A!”

The five young and strong men were worried and going to call more people to test blood when they suddenly heard the little girl. They all turned to her simultaneously. They could not believe the fact; such a little girl would actually let the doctor take her blood?

Hu Qiuju was both distressed and touched. She explained this to youngsters. After learning that Autumn’s initiative to donate blood was because of her mother, they could not help but sigh. The two men, whose blood was type B, agreed to donate blood immediately. Autumn also insisted on donating 300cc of her blood.

Autumn respectfully bowed to the two men who gave blood to her mother, pressing the needle puncture with her hand. “My thanks to both of you, uncles… I live in Sanhe Village, and my father’s name is Wang Limin. He is also working on the project! Which village do you live in and what are your names? I will let my father thank you after he comes back.”

“You are Wang Limin’s daughter? He is blessed to have such a good girl like you!” The man who was taller praised Autumn, but he did not mention his name. He just waved his hand, jumped onto the tractor, and hurried back.

The injured child had lost too much blood. The 300 cc of blood provided by Autumn was not enough. He needed more. They had to hurry back and find more people to test blood!

In any case, the problem of Song Xiulian’s blood transfusion had been solved. As for the remaining two enthusiastic people, Autumn had to inquire about their names slowly.

Seeing the tractor leaving, Autumn turned around, heading to the tent where her mother lived. Just after a few steps, her sights turned black and lost consciousness.

Dazedly, Autumn had a vague recollection of a dream. Her mother’s blue bowl was not broken, and she was holding it in her hands in good condition… ‘Hey, this blue bowl was once broken and was fixed by an artisan.’ After that, the little copper feet were gone… However, the smooth bowl in her hand was as good as new!

“Autumn, Autumn…” Someone called her name and awakened her from her dreams.

Opening her eyes, Autumn saw Doctor Hu’s gentle face.

“Auntie Hu, I…” Autumn struggled to get up from the bench until Hu Qiuju stopped her.

“Child, you just donated blood and should not move. It’s normal to faint. Here, I made you some glucose water. Drink it and lay down for a while; you won’t faint again!” While speaking, Hu Qiuju handed an enamel jar to her.

Autumn took a sip from the enamel jar. The glucose water was slightly sweet, not cold or hot which was tasty… From last night, she had not taken any food or water. The glucose water tasted like syrup for her.

After drinking up the glucose water, Autumn felt much better. She stood up and went to wash the used jar at the entrance.

This action impressed Hu Qiuju. Everyone liked clean and diligent people. Not to mention that Autumn was just an eight-year-old child; it was even rarer.

“I feel much better, thank you, Auntie Hu!” Autumn handed the clean tank to Hu Qiuju and thanked her.

Hu Qiuju did not take the jar. Instead, she stuffed the jar with half a bag of glucose powder and then gave it back to Autumn. She smiled, then flicked her unkempt pigtails and said, “This is for you.  You need to add some nutrients. I heard that you don’t have tableware. You can use this jar… If you need something more, you can come to me. I will be here for two days.”

Song Xiulian did not have any milk, and the half-pack of glucose was just what she needed. She could feed the premature baby with it. The jar was also useful… So she did not turn down Hu Qiuju’s kindness. Holding the jar and glucose, she gave Hu Qiuju a deep bow.

In front of the ward tent, the curtain was lifted from the inside before Autumn walked in. Aunt Yuhua walked out so quickly that she almost knocked into Autumn. She said, “Why are you standing here… Come on, your mother woke up!”

“Oh!” Autumn said happily and followed Aunt Yuhua into the tent.

Song Xiulian was awake. There was a glucose bottle hanging above her bed, but transfusing her with blood instead. As the blood was transfusing into her body, her cheeks looked better.

“Autumn…” Song Xiulian’s voice was dry and hoarse, but she seemed stronger than before.

She didn’t give it much thought before, but now, Autumn felt very excited—she lost her mother early in the last life. Her mother was absent in all her life’s events. After a few decades, she once again could look at her mother’s soft eyes and holding her mother’s hands, truly feeling the slightly rough warmth.

“Mother…” Autumn cried out, putting her mother’s hand on her cheek, and her face was full of tears.

“In this life, I must keep my mother alive…”

After the infusion and the blood transfusion, Song Xiulian felt much better, and her temperature had dropped down. Autumn gave her some glucose water and went to the cafeteria to get two pieces of cornbread and a cabbage stew. Song Xiulian ate a bowl of hot soup and a piece of cornbread.

Grandma Wang smiled and said, “It’s good to eat. The more you eat, the better you will be!”

Autumn was also very happy. She said to Song Xiulian, “Mother, you should eat more and get better soon so that we can go home!”

Autumn could not help but think of her sister Summer. In the previous life, after Summer was taken away by her Elder Aunt, she cried every day and became ill after two or three days. She had a bad fever and had streptavidin injected. Then she developed drug-induced deafness. Originally, Summer loved to talk, but because of her disability, her language function gradually degraded, and finally lost all her language ability.

However, Autumn was confident in this life, since she had saved her mother and her brother. She could definitely be able to bring her sister back and keep her sister’s hearing!

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