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A Rural life in the 70s-Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The outpatient treatment room also worked as an office and a doctor’s lounge. It was a temporary military tent. When Autumn came over, there were no wounded. A male doctor with a stethoscope was washing his hands while two female doctors were doing some cleaning.

After listening to Autumn’s request, the doctor with the surname Qi said coldly, “I will go see her later… you can go now!”

Then he put down the towel and went inside. He said to the two nurses, “You have to clean up here… There will be wounded people coming over later…”

Seeing that Doctor Qi was going into the compartment inside, Autumn was anxious and quickly said, “Doctor Qi, could you please check on my mother now? She is having a bad fever…”

Doctor Qi turned around and frowned. He yelled impatiently, “You… didn’t I tell you I’d go see her later?”

“What is it?” An old man in his fifties lifted the curtain and walked out from the tent.

Doctor Qi avoided the question and said, “President Zheng, you have been busy all night. Go to have a rest. I’ll take care of this.”

As if Autumn had met her savior, she rushed to the doctor. Last night, it was him, who sent someone to save her mother and younger brother!

She bowed at President Zheng, “Grandpa President, I am Autumn, who looked for your help last night. Thank you for saving my mother and my brother.”

Hearing this, Zheng Qiushi could not help but reveal a look of appreciation. “A seven or eight-year-old little girl called for help in the middle of the night. She saved her mother and her premature brother… and she is also grateful… Well, she is clever and smart! It is extremely rare!”

He helped Autumn up and said with a smile, “I am a doctor. Saving your mother and your brother is my job. You don’t have to thank me!”

Autumn immediately said, “Grandpa Zheng, I am here to call for help today!”

“Oh, well, let me guess… Is there anyone waiting to be saved?” Zheng Qiushi really had a good impression on this little girl, and he was in a good mood to make a joke.

“Yes, please go to check on my mother… she barely ate a little breakfast in the morning, and she is having a fever…”

“A fever?” Zheng Qiushi stopped smiling and became serious.

At this time, because of the limited sanitary conditions, the puerperal fever after childbirth was still relatively common… Any serious case without timely treatment might cause deep infection or even sepsis. It was common for rural women to die from puerperal fever.

Doctor Qi whispered, “President Zheng, a low postpartum fever is also a common phenomenon.”

“Hmm…” Zheng Qiushi nodded in agreement.

Seeing that he agreed with Doctor Qi, Autumn could not help but clench her fist and became worried that he would not go to see her mother.

Autumn was about to say something until she heard Zheng Qiushi. “The low postpartum fever is a normal reaction, but the girl’s mother gave birth in the wild. The probability of being infected is much greater, so we’d better be careful… I am going to have a look!”

After that, he said to Autumn, “Girl, take me to see your mother!”

Autumn finally sighed with relief, and her face revealed a big smile, “Thank you, Grandpa Zheng!”

Hearing this, Doctor Qi stood still in shame for a while and then he went to follow them.

After the examination, Zheng Qiushi diagnosed that Autumn’s mother indeed had an infection. He immediately told the nurse to give her an intravenous supplement and took a blood sample test… The result indicated that she was anemic and had lost too much blood during her childbirth, so her hemoglobin was extremely low. She required a blood transfusion.

The problem was that they had to find blood donors with the same blood type for temporary blood collection!

Zheng Qiushi asked, “Autumn, where are the rest of your family?”

“Her family?” Autumn felt very sad, but she did not show it. She shook her head and stepped forward. She said under Zheng Qiushi’s disappointed eyesight, “Grandpa Zheng, please take my blood!”

Doctor Hu, who was responsible for blood collection, disagreed and said, “How old are you? You are too young to donate blood… Besides, this is not according to regulations!”

Everyone knew that blood donations were basically limited to healthy young adults. An eight-year-old child with such a thin and obviously malnourished body could not donate blood.

Autumn glanced at Dr. Hu gratefully and said, “I don’t have anyone at home… besides, I heard that the mother and daughter’s blood types should be the same. I can give my blood to my mother, right?”

“That’s not true. They just have a bigger probability of matching.” Zheng Qiushi subconsciously corrected Autumn’s words. Then he said to Doctor Hu, “Test her blood type. If it matches, then uses her blood.”

Since Zheng Qiushi was the president of the hospital and a trustworthy medical authority, after hearing this, Doctor Hu had to do a blood test for Autumn.

After a few minutes, the test results came out: Autumn’s blood type was A, and her mother Song Xiulian’s was type B. The blood did not match; Autumn’s blood could not be used. Doctor Hu reported the results and inwardly felt relieved.

Looking at the little Autumn, Zheng Qiu really felt sorry for the girl. Then he reminded her, “Little girl, you have to try to contact your family as fast as possible… Do you have any aunts or uncles? You’d better tell them. They most likely have the same blood type as your mother!”

Autumn thanked Zheng Qiushi and Doctor Hu. She walked out while thinking, ‘The condition of my maternal grandfather must be bad. If I tell them about the blood transfusion… they would be worried. I cannot do that at this moment.”

While she was hesitating, a tractor rushed in. Four or five young men carrying a young man jumped out of the tractor while shouting, “Doctor! Doctor, please save the child…!”

Autumn stepped aside and watched the group of people rushing into the doctor’s treatment tent! She did not have a good look at their faces. Instead, she only saw a blood stain on the ground after they passed. She was shocked!

After a while, four or five young and strong men walked out with Doctor Hu, heading to the laboratory. Doctor Hu said while walking, “Take off a sleeve of the jacket and show me an arm!”

Would this be a preparation for testing the injured child’s blood type?

Autumn thought for a while, turned back and went to the gate. Suddenly she turned around because she thought of something: there must be someone who has the same blood type as her mother. Could they give her mother some blood?

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