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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 Three in One!

“Yundong, come on. I want to ride it one more time!” Su Chan’s voice sounded as sweet as sugar candy with honey, but Li Yundong laid on the lawn and could not stand up while shaking his head, no matter what she said.

Seeing this, Su Chan had to take out her weapon. She said with a greasy voice, “Master, I want more!”

Li Yundong covered his face with his hand and cried out, “I am done. I will die if we take it another time! I can’t get up!”

Seeing that Li Yundong really couldn’t sit up, she stretched out to pull Li Yundong up. After Li Yundong sat up, she said, “Get up. How can you do this? You said you would accompany me to play. I haven’t been satisfied yet.”

Li Yundong said to Su Chan with a painful face, “My little girl, you have rode the space shuttle eight times, the roller coaster thirteen times, the big turntable twenty-one times, and the rapids adventure thirty-two times… I, I really can’t afford it. From the morning to the afternoon, we haven’t had lunch. Aren’t you tired?”

Su Chan would not give up. “I am not tired at all!”

Li Yundong screamed and fell heavily on the grass. “I am tired! Since ancient times, there is only a tired cow and no over-cultivated land!”

Hearing out the mystery, Su Chan laughed. She went to pat Li Yundong with reddish cheeks, “Nonsense, what are you talking about?”

Li Yundong held her waist with a smile. “Chick, come over. We have played so many rides, but we haven’t sat on the grass yet!”

Su Chan laughed and jumped aside. “Phew! Get up. If you don’t want to play, let’s go. I am starving!”

Li Yundong fell on the grass with his arms and legs outstretched. He said shamelessly, “No, I would rather die!”

Su Chan bit her lip while blinking her eyes. She took a piece of grass and scratched Li Yundong’s face. She smiled and said, “Are you gonna get up or not?”

Li Yundong acted like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water and said, “No. I am a man and I have to keep my word!”

As they were playing on the grass, many people were attracted by the handsome boy and charming girl. Hearing the conversation between them, people all laughed.

Su Chan felt helpless under their gazes. She dropped the grass and knelt beside Li Yundong and said, “What will make you willing to get up?”

Li Yundong smiled secretly in his heart, but his face looked calm and sincere. “Look how you tortured me like this. You tell me how you’re going to make up this up to me.”

The little girl looked at him and tentatively said, “I will give you a massage?”

Li Yundong categorically refused, “No! That’s not enough! Never.”

Su Chan pouted and said, “Then I will carry you back!”

Li Yundong was very surprised. “Can you carry me back?”

Su Chan said, “Don’t look down on me!”

Li Yundong extended his hands and smiled, “Well, today, you are carrying me back! I am so proud!”

Su Chan didn’t say anything. She took Li Yundong on her back and easily stood up.

Li Yundong said in amazement, “Oh, you made it? Good!” He wanted to make trouble for Su Chan, so he deliberately tried to push down.

Li Yundong had refined Qi, and as his breath went down, he was heavier than a thousand pounds. Although Su Chan was also a cultivator, she could not withstand such mischief, so she immediately faltered.

Su Chan walked to the side and laughed loudly, “Hey, don’t move. I can’t walk!”

The surrounding tourists saw such a little girl actually carrying a big man like Li Yundong, and they all laughed. Someone with their girlfriends pointed at Li Yundong and said, “See, this is a pure man. She is a good wife. You should learn from her!”

These girlfriends listened to this and pulled their men’s ears. “What? Get down and carry me!” They sounded so skillful and obviously, they had developed a habit.

The men who had been in a relationship for a long time had to carry their women. The girls all made faces to Su Chan when they passed by Li Yundong.

“Hey, they have passed us!” Li Yundong, as a big man, who was carried by a girl, shouted shamelessly.

Su Chan also echoed, “Don’t make trouble. I am falling behind!”

Li Yundong laughed and stopped moving. He waved his hand as if he was handling troops, and said, “Charge. If we fall behind, you will starve!”

The tourists heard this and they could not help feeling cold. “He is too shameless. Is she a child bride? He is deflowering!!”

Hearing this, Su Chan suddenly felt anxious. She rushed forward and ran faster than the men carrying the women. A little girl carrying a big man astonished people along their way home.

Su Chan ran very fast with Li Yundong on her back all the way. After a while, she left everyone behind them. Li Yundong laughed and patted Su Chan’s head. “Okay, let me down. Or they will hit me!”

Su Chan was a little child who loved playing games. She didn’t know she had shocked people. She giggled, “I won. I am the best!”

Li Yundong pinched her nose gently. “Well. You are the best! In order to reward you, I will buy you ice cream!”

Su Chan smiled. “Yeah, I want to eat the ice-cream cone I ate last time!”

Li Yundong said with a smile, “Ok, wait for me here. I will be back soon.”

Su Chan hesitated, “Ah? You are going alone?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Are you afraid that I will abandon you? The shop is just over there, stupid girl!”

Li Yundong pointed at McDonald’s which was not far away. Su Chan finally felt assured and waved to Li Yundong, “Then hurry!”

Li Yundong smiled and left.

Su Chan stood there, smiling sweetly. She looked at Li Yundong intently. Every day with this boy was always so happy and exciting. It would be painful to be without him for a second.

The little fox was innocently standing at the exit of the park. Her beauty attracted the people around her. A man in a suit fell love with Su Chan at first glance and rushed to the flower shop next to the amusement park. He bought a bunch of flowers and came to Su Chan, holding the flowers in his hands. “Beautiful lady, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Can you accept my flowers?”

The little girl received flowers from others for the first time. She looked at this man in puzzlement, “Who are you?”

The suited man immediately pulled out a business card and smiled. “This is my business card.”

The little girl didn’t look at it. She looked at the man in front of her and asked, “I am asking you, who are you? Why do you give me this?”

The suited man wore Versace and Vacheron Constantin and looked like a self-proclaimed elite who felt very good for himself. He touched his whole collar and wore a perfect smile. He said, “Look at this, you will know who I am and what I am doing.”

The little girl nodded, took the business card and had a look. There were a few golden glittering characters on the business card: Rongwei International Financial Co., Ltd. Chairman, and CEO.  Hearing the little girl read his name and position word by word, Rong Guo felt that the eyes around him seemed full of praise and surprise. As the little girl read, he looked around and lifted his jaw. After she finished reading, he looked so proud as if he was saying, “Come on. Come into my arms, little beauty!”

Visitors aside were also watching the scene which had shown countless times in the real world: the contest between money and love.

How many women in real life eventually abandoned love and chose bread? How many big-waisted tycoons showed their pride to people with money-oriented girls in their arms?

Rong Guo had conquered many beautiful girls with his business cards and money. In his view, there was no woman in the world who couldn’t be bought with money and fame!

Therefore, his smile was so proud and incomprehensible.

However, Su Chan’s words made his smile disappear.

The little girl asked naively, “What is a chairman?” Hearing this, the surrounding tourists all laughed. 

Rong Guo’s eyes twitched, and he said inwardly, “Is this girl kidding me?”

When he looked at Su Chan, he could tell that the girl wasn’t pretending. He was very surprised, “No way. Is there such a simple girl in the world? How rare! I must get her!”

Rong Guo patiently explained to her what the chairman and CEO were. After that, Su Chan seemed to understand and said, “Oh, you are both the boss and the shopkeeper! Hey, you should say it straightly!”

Then she patted the shoulders of Rong Guo with her hand and said, “Are you a trader? Good, you are both an owner and shopkeeper. You are very capable!”

The surrounding tourists all laughed.

Rong Guo thought in anger, “She called me a trader! Too terrible and too vulgar! How dare she humiliate me?”

He was annoyed, but he could not show it on his face. He smiled in an ugly way, “You, you can’t say that.”

Rong Guo suppressed his anger and said, “My company is a multinational financial investment company with billions of financial investments, which differs from an owner or a shopkeeper.”

Su Chan did not understand and asked, “Oh? What do you do?”

Rong Guo proudly showed off and said, “Me? I didn’t do anything. I rarely work in the company…” He wanted to say that he rarely worked, but he was afraid that Su Chan would look down on him and felt that he was incompetent, so he hurried to add, “Well, basically, I do gold investment, fund investment, or currency investment!”

Su Chan looked surprised and said in a fantastic look, “Can you do it all? Everything?”

Rong Guo showed a sorrowful look as if he was seeking failure. “Yes, there is nothing I can’t do. I am swamped every day and make hundreds of thousand yuan in a second.”

Su Chan sighed, “Ah? Then you are doing all the work of the owner, shopkeeper, and waiter? Three in one? Are you not tired?”

The people around laughed off their heads.

Rong Guo was so depressed that he stared at Su Chan and said inwardly, “Does this girl deliberately tease me?”

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