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Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home Chapter 80 (Part 2)

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Chapter 80 The Moment of Life and Death (II)

When Li Yundong climbed to the fourth floor, he suddenly saw a black shadow falling above him. He had no time to think and immediately reached out, catching the black shadow in his arms.

He rolled in the air, adjusted his balance, and slammed his feet on the ground like a falling meteor.

The people downstairs exclaimed at seeing this.

Kris and Tom both widely opened their eyes. “Jesus Christ, is he okay?”

Ding Nan thought that she was for sure going to die. She did not expect that someone could catch her mid-air and land on the ground from the fourth floor without being hurt.

Ding Nan stared at the boy in front of her who had big eyes and a straight nose. His lips were compressed and his eyebrows looked like two sharp swords.

Wasn’t this Li Yundong, the person she once humiliated?

Why did he save her?

Ding Nan, who had been shocked, had forgotten the most crucial question: how did he save her?

The vast majority of people present here had generally ignored this point, and they all felt shocked and admiration for Li Yundong’s courage to jump in the air to save someone.

Ding Nan’s gray world turned into a colorful one. She looked at Li Yundong slyly when she was filled with shame. She grabbed Li Yundong’s arm and cried out.

Li Yundong had no other thoughts going through his head when he saved her. He was determined at that time. But after that, he became somewhat helpless by the crying girl.

He was about to speak something to comfort her when suddenly heard people around him exclaim.

Li Yundong looked up and saw Zhao Yujian point at Zhou Qin with the gun and stand on the edge of the rooftop.

Zhao Yujian looked at the girl who could still keep calm under the gun. She was so beautiful and charming. He secretly thought, “She must be a beauty like Baosi (a famous beauty in ancient China)[1]. It is a pity that I am not King You of Zhou who played the princes for just a smile of her. In her heart, I am definitely a loser.”

Zhao Yujian said with a smirk, “You are really malicious to kill your best friend.”

Zhou Qin slightly turned her head away. It seemed that she still had a little kindness in her heart and could not face this bloody fact. She looked very sad and said, “I don’t have friends, and she is not my friend.”

Zhao Yujian was stunned by Zhou Qin’s words. He gasped for a while and was about to talk when he suddenly heard someone shouting at him from the direction of the stairs of the roof. “Zhao Yujian, calm down!”

He turned his head and saw that the school leader, President Ke, and some others were watching him nervously.

The school leaders who went to the rooftops were scared when they found the girl in front of Zhao Yujian was actually Zhou Qin!

For they knew the background of this girl!

If this girl died in the school, they would face a horrible storm.

Thinking of this, these soft-legged school leaders struggled to step forward and shouted in a near pleading tone, “Zhao Yujian, please calm down. Everything can be negotiated!”

Seeing them approaching him, Zhao Yujian immediately pointed at them with the gun and shouted in horror, “Stop, don’t come over!”

Zhou Qin saw Zhao Yujian move his gun away from her and he was so close to her, she suddenly had a very bold idea!

She rushed to him, grabbed the hand with the gun, and tussled with him.

At the entrance of the rooftop, the school leaders quickly ran forward. Zhao Yujian saw them close and became very tense, so he pulled the trigger. With a booming sound, a teacher yelled and fell to the ground. The teachers around suddenly trembled. They all crawled on the ground and could not move.

Zhou Qin became bold and tough. She sneered and said to Zhao Yujian, “You have no bullets!”

Zhao Yujian stared at Zhou Qin desperately and complicatedly. He did not know either to admire the courage of this girl who knew to resist at this critical juncture, or to praise her calmness.

Zhao Yujian suddenly grinned and said, “Then let’s die together…”

Then, he grabbed her, and jumped off without hesitation!

The teachers on the rooftop looked at Zhou Qin’s figure disappearing little by little and suddenly lost their minds. At this moment, they seemed to see that their future and pursuits of life had become fragmented pieces and their houses, cars, children, and wives were all doomed.

Li Yundong saw two figures fall off the roof and his pupils suddenly shrank. He broke away from Ding Nan’s cuddle and quickly rushed to one of the figures, catching it in his arms with both hands.

At this time, the sun hung high in the air. The glare of the sun made Li Yundong unable to distinguish the identities of these two figures and decided to just pick one of them.

Li Yundong could catch Ding Nan because he had adjusted his center of gravity. His energetic and powerful thigh bones and muscles supported the momentum of their weight and gravity.

How powerful his thighs and arms were!

This huge impact suddenly crashed into Li Yundong’s body this time. Even though he had become stronger with the help of the gold pill, his arm was dislocated in an instant. But fortunately, he fell to the ground which took off some force off of him.

When Li Yundong fell to the ground, a muffled sound was heard at the same time This was the terrible sound of something hitting the hard concrete floor. The splashing blood caused a wave of screaming.

Right away, people found that the person caught by Li Yundong was a girl with long black hair and the one who fell on the ground, twitching and spitting blood… was Zhao Yujian.

 [1]Baosi: https://baike.baidu.com/item/%E8%A4%92%E5%A7%92/432391?fr=aladdin

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